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Mind melding

Posted Dec. 27, 2010 by heavenlyflower in Community Groups

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commented on Jan. 12, 2011
by VulganoBrother




I am searching for like vibration/consciousness people. Has anyone here experienced the sense of other being self and self being other? Where your feelings and mind start to meld together into a sense of infinite space? It is just like a sea of consciousness, but it's not empty, it still has sensation but it is of love or bliss. It's like both people need to mirror this sense back to each other and it can also happen at a distance from my experience. it's like both peoples minds are totally still and present and they realize that each person and all of reality is contained within them. I really need to meet people who understand this. can you let me know.


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    VulganoBrother Jan 12, 2011

    I know what you are talking about, and this melding of minds is a common phenomenon amongst musicians of all genres. Successful freelance players and "springers" (substitute players who get called in after all rehearsals have been completed and have to play a concert by sight) possess this to an amazing degree, as do jazz musicians. It can be learned, but as yet know of no way to teach it other than playing a melody instrument (percussionists will lead themselves to trance) and improvising with another player. Each player will try to find harmony out of discord or discord out of harmony and both have control over tempo and relative loudness and magic happens, followed by laughter.

    The other way I know of to bring this state about is being in love with another person.

  • Larry Davis Jan 01, 2011

    yesIwe do it all the time get in touch Larry at noeticstudent@centurytel.net and join a gruop in india and the usa

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