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Animal Therapy and Noetics

Posted Nov. 29, 2010 by musicsfx in Community Groups

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commented on Feb. 14, 2011
by Dagmar187



We are all inclusive beings, and include various ideas in our discussions. I would like to suggest communication with animals as a viable and healing source to discuss in noetic science. My interaction lately with hawks and llamas here in Vista/Oceanside/Carlsbad, California pushes me to believe that these beings have a lot to say to us. We must listen to them. Their communication is not just based on "instinct". (This scientific bent came from the 1880's nature and nurture arguments, which diverted us from animal communication studies and biomedicine perusal.) Not only are animals used as possible messengers from other dimensions, in my opinion, they have the ability to heal the human mind through their communicated intentions and their daily examples of companionship with the Earth and us.
To celebrate this and many things, we (Steps For Recovery newspaper) are having a Second International Earth Day Llama Walk in Los Angeles on April 22, 2011. I will keep you posted with pictures from around the world of our four-legged, furry, intelligent friends as we approach the event. I need your ideas on development of this event as an International outcry for World Peace, Global Climate Adjustment, and recognition of animals as leaders and companions in our struggle to live and fully enjoy our time in this dimension, this multi-verse. More later. Please chime in. Thank you so much. -Melody

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    Dagmar187 Feb 14, 2011

    All your comments about our animal friends touch my heart very deeply.
    About 15 years ago I found a 3 months old Rottweiler on the street, and as noone claimed him, my husband and me decided to keep him. He grew very fast, got very big, and my then very ego dominated personality started a competition with my Rottweiler. I knew nothing about dogs, but I thought I could do it. I got stressed, my Rotti got more stressed. Before I go on, I have to point out that I never hit him, ever! I just yelled a lot (and that was bad enough). One night, my Rotti wasn't "listening" again, I looked at him with tears in my eyes, and noted that he was actually panting. I totally collapsed, held him in my arms and just cried and told him I was so sorry. I could have sworn that he sobbed with me, and then there was that deep sigh from him and he was calm, and so was I. From that night on, we had a different relationship. I felt such a deep love for him, and he trusted me more. We walked together every morning for an hour, for the next 6 years. When he got cancer several years later, I slept on the floor with him, and he quietly passed away in my arms. The loss of him literally ripped part of my heart out, and I felt the pain and the love so intensely. I did not even feel so fully when my mother passed away. My beautiful Rotti was the one who taught me how to truly love, give, forgive and accept. I will always remember his beautiful eyes! 7 years ago I got another Rotti, and a Staffi, and another dog, and my relationship with dogs (and I believe all animals) is one of mutual respect, love and friendship. I now volunteer at the Animal Welfare League every week, taking dogs for a walk.
    Today I take notice when the mood of my dog changes, and take a look at myself. I also notice that they get sad when I am sad; they are silly when I am silly, and they love to listen to relaxation music.
    When I spell DOG backwards and get GOD, I am in total awe!

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    junglepaul Dec 06, 2010

    i totally agree, animals for me are more inteligent than most humans, they have mastered telepathy and body language to perfection. horses for example can read the aura and or the mind of a human. i have taught humans techniques to work on animals, for about 10 years now, leading me to these conclusions. when a horse looks at a person entering into the horses "space" the horse literally asseses the persons abilities, intentions and level of work before the person has even laid a hand onto the horse. dogs and cats also do the same but not to the extent of the horse. all animals have the ability of healing and or passing of messages, dolphins are really good at healing humans. read the animal medcine book of jamie sams for the native american traditions of animals, you might find it interesting. Paul

  • gangstaajoe Dec 01, 2010

    i agree as well on the concept of animals because to an extent it is proven that animals have helped the elderly cope with broken hearts or being alone as wells as if you are sick they generally stick around more. i also heard about something to the effect that a purr of a cat is a low enough requency to match the healing ability of humans.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Nov 30, 2010

    Dear Melody, I agree. There is much to be learned from the birds and animals. A good book that gives
    information on how they are trying to share their medicine with us is: "Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical
    Powers of Creatures Great and Small" by Ted Andrews. Everything is a message, what direction they are moving
    or flying, how many in a group, (like do three birds keep flying to your left side?)...Everything has consciousness,
    so everything has its own language and way of speaking. We all just need to observe respectfully and pay attention.
    Once we can look at the world around us symbolically we can receive great amounts of healing information!
    With every encounter with birds, animals, humans, (insects, trees, stones..etc.)...there is a lesson to be learned!
    Thanks for bringing this to our awareness. be well, love, Gretchen Grace a fellow student on Planet Earth....

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