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Telekenesis (sort of)

Posted Nov. 7, 2010 by Jchand in Community Groups

commented on Nov. 29, 2010
by gangstaajoe



I don't mean to brag, but I seem to have some bizzare abilities. I cannot MOVE things, but there are other things I seem to be able to control and influence. I first noticed this ability back in the winter of 1998. I noticed that I was able to control the way the snow fell oustide my apartment window. This kind of freaked me out and amazed me. Since then, I have learned to expand this ability to apply to other things - all kinds of wierd stuff. I've stopped my strobe light (I like to sometimes put on music and have a strobe light going, at night) COLD, there are some games I have played in which I seem to be able to CONTROL what happens - for example, pinball - I've played pinball many times on a computer I used to have, and it just seems like I have the ability to WIN THINGS. I don't even have to know how the damn pinball game works - I just WIN THINGS (if I try). It's like my consciousness is tied in with the game in a way that just lets me..win things, somehow. There was a game I had on the same computer, years ago, called "Penny's Arcade", and part of this game involves flags that move fowards and backwards, I was was able to make them do either at my will. Then there is Farmville (which I love) - you can go to your friend's farms and help out, and sometimes get a "mystery egg". I can get a mysetery egg and damn time I want to! I just DO it somehow. There were some little wind-driven decorations around my apartment complex that someone had put out there, and, yeah, I could make the wind make them go clockwise or counterclockwise. I just can't actually MOVE THINGS, unless the wind is a factor. There there is tv and radio reception. I seem to be able to mess up the picture on tv a lot of times. I can control radio reception as well (and sometimes even volume). I've played darts many a time with a friend of mine, and it's funny becuase I just JINX him - that is, I mess up his accuracy, just with my MIND! There is also something I call my "quarter trick" (and this was one of my first applications of this ability) - I seem to be able to make a quarter turn up heads or tails when tossed. I don't know HOW I do it - I just do it, as if reality were some PART of me, almost in the same sense that our limbs are part of us and we can control them. Oftentimes I can influence wether or not I win a raffle, for instance. There is also compact discs - I can make them skip if I want to, and sometimes (if the cd is not TOO messed up), I can control them so they DON'T skip. For real! In general, I seem to be able to control probabliites pretty well. I don't have complete control over things, but w/ certain things it just seems like I do (like influencing wether or not someone will let me bum a cigarette from them). And there is wierder stuff yet - stuff that i won't go into becuase it's TOO wierd, and you would think I'm NUTS! I've really only showed these abilities to one friend of mine - I showed him how I could influence the Penny's Arcade game. And there is other stuff in my life - stuff that EVERYONE seems to be able to do (but no one talks about this stuff) - like just KNOWING, before I go to a bathroom, for instace, wether or not someone is in there. Or, I might be in a conversation with someone, thinking about something that has NOTHING to do w/ the conversation at hand, and then, the next second, whoever it is I'm talking to will mention what i just thought of. There is so much stuff like that, that happens to all of us, that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT! My father has had some premonitions in his life - interestingly enought they seemed to correspond to parts of his life in which he was most focussed on his business - he would have a very real "dream", about some horrible diaster, then wake up the next morning, turn on the tv, and there it was! There was also a friend of my family's, who's name was Pheward Young, who had a horrible dream one night in which he was murdered. He told my dad about this dream the very next day, then went home, and was murdered that night! One thing that probably LOST of people have that no one talks about either is the ability to know if someone is walking up behind you - I know several people, myself included, who have this ability. I have my own pet theory about such things - I believe that evolution created consciousness (what better way to ensure the ongoing replication of DNA than to make something that WANTS to eat, live, and reproduce, instead of say, some robot-like creature with no consciousness?), and that, due to necessity, there is some wierd stuff that consciousness "allows". It's just something about how complex our minds and brains are, I think, that makes wierd aspects of consciousness possible. I personally do NOT believe in God - I've seen to many negative aspects of life for me to EVER believe in God anymore, and, also, I know too much about science. I just think that consciousness is so complex, the way it was made by natural selection, that certain things are just POSSIBLE. Anyway, yeah, somehow I seem to have some bizzare ablities. Personally, myself - I've never had a premonition about anything, though I have had "dreams that come true", but it's always just stupid, boring stuff. If asked to, I'm sure I could replicate every "trick" i have mentioned. I've just never talked about any of this stuff w/ anyone, except for one friend of mind. One thing I DON'T seem to have control over, right now in life, is getting a freakin' JOB! I've applied to bazillions of places, and have been working like mad to get one, and I was thinking that perhaps my ablity to influence things could make things go my way in the job sense, but it hasn't worked out. Anyway, do any of you guys have such abilities?

  • gangstaajoe Nov 29, 2010

    Yea for me it is wierd i can dream one night about work then a week later at most I end up doing what exactly i dreamt about or my other unusal thing is that whenever i am near a T.V in my house i can now and then effect/or affect whichever the reception some of the time it is weatehr but there are times when i come out of the basement and the T.v picture is no longer clear. i also have the ability to judge people good/bad and put myself in theit shoes and see their point of view to an extent.

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    BALAJI BHARADWAJ Nov 24, 2010

    I recently read The Lost Symbol and got interested into Noetic Science.
    What interests me is the border between 'spirituality' and 'mental illness'. I do believe in the 'super'natural. [The very term supernatural is prejudiced. It is merely hidden human potential. Labelling it supernatural sounds like you are suspecting it of being pathological.]
    Experiences of JChand are amazing. We all have experienced this at some point of time in our lives - though not as consistently or as frequently. That you feverishly pray for one thing/ or 'will' one thing and it does happen. I am interested in reading articles and studies of Institute of Noetic Sciences on these topics. Please guide me someone.
    In schizophrenia, patients have the eerie experience of their thoughts being known to other people against their will as if it is being braodcast out of their heads without any control. There is also additional disturbance of their daily behaviour like sleep disturbances, agitation and aggresion at times, altered appetite, occassional mood changes, delusions that they are being harmed in some way by people. Which is clearly pathological.
    I am interested in studying the boundary between Psychiatry and Noetic Science (where delusions and hallucinations actually merge into ESPs, 'Inner Voices' and intuitions).

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    Jchand Nov 13, 2010

    I was thinking that I'd get lots of responses saying that you guys don't believe me. I'm glad that didn't happen. Interesting to hear what others have had to say about such things. One other thing I recall - from childhood - is my first and only "out of body experience". I don't know if it was real or not - could have been a dream, but I remember coming out of my body, and floating through the wall of my room, into the "guest bedroom" next door, and seeing a picture of myself from when I was a baby on a piece of furniture in there. This, for some reason, freaked me out, and so I zoomed back through the wall and back into my body. Really I don't know if this was real or not, but no one had ever told me that such things were possible - I had never heard, so far as I know, of such things as "out of body experiences". There's another wierd thing from when I was a kid - and I think this NOT real, but it's interesting nonetheliess (I think it was just some fun thing I made up though) - it was like I could send part of my consciousness out, and it would be like a boomerang - it would say, circle around the block and come back to me, and then I could see what it had seen. I guess it COULD have been real, but really I don't think so. Pretty clever thing to think of, even if it wasn't real. I also have some wierd memory of being visited by aliens when I was about 6 (though this could have been a dream - not sure if I really believe in aliens) - they had me out in this part of the house we lived in at the time, sitting in front of the tv, and they were doing something with my hair - hard to describe what it was exactly. The thing that makes me think it COULD have been real was that, on tv, while they were doing whatever to my hair (I thought that perhaps it may have been to relax me - putting me in front of the tv), there was a show about aliens, and though I didn't know what "ironic" meant back then, I recall thinking how ironic that was. Anyway, kind of a different topic, but interesting nonetheless. Really, I'm not sure if I believe that one either though.

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    RavenMurphy43 Nov 11, 2010

    I wanted to add also that I am a person who cannot conform to the so called "norm" of every day life nor societies perception of what a "normal" human being is. I have never been a follower, do not believe in God or gods of any sort. I've always had this strong sense of wrong and right. I refuse the thought of being anything other than who I am. I have wondered for many years where I fit in, so to speak. Doctors are so keen on labeling a person mentally ill and keeping a person under constant medications..in my opinion it is to shush us because they cannot expand their limited views on the human brain and it's capabilities. I spent 6 years of my life listening to doctors while my abilities were shoved into the background. I tried so many times to communicate how I felt to my doctors and they repeatedly silenced my concerns.The powerful medications they had me taking were snubbing out the most active parts of my brain. It was very hard on me. One day....I woke up and said..ENOUGH. fired them, stopped doing what they told me was best for me and now have become myself again.....even stronger than I was. The abilities that I had repressed are in full force once again and I am so grateful. I truly missed who I was and experienced a major loss when the things I had known for so many years seemed non existent. Just because certain so called professionals think they have all the answers does not mean they do and to label a perfectly normal, intelligent person like that is pure stupidity.

    Can't wait to share more with you all.

    Be Well....

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    RavenMurphy43 Nov 11, 2010

    Wow, I have found a place where I can share my "gifts" as my mother calls them. I have searched so long to find a place just like this. And actually my mother was reading a new book she purchased and asked me if I had heard of Noetic Science. Looked it up and found this website.

    I have so much on my mind that I have experienced most of my life....where to begin. Ok, wise comment about "predicting" things or their outcome. I have had those and other abilities since the age of four. Like for instance..knowing when someone was coming over, knowing when a certain person was about to call, knowing to call someone, knowing what song would play next on the radio, visions where a future event is revealed, seeming to be able to affect the outcome of a certain simple event, knowing a person is, in a sense, good or bad upon just meeting them, knowing a person is sick or about to meet their demise, sending thoughts to a person or knowing what a person is thinking about or just instantly sensing a color/shape associated with their thoughts and being able to reach into a bag full of objects and instantly knowing the color or exactly what it was....there are so many instances where these things have happened and up till now I did not realize fully what the reason was. It makes sense to me now what my mother had told me when young. She told me that perhaps I use both sides of my brain. Learning new things comes easily to me and I found my education boring because I felt I was not challenged at all.

    I am so very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to hearing more from all of you here. I really want to explore all these things that occur in my mind and fully, for once in my life..understand WHY. Oh thank you for having this place...a place where I am not labeled insane or weird for my abilities.

    Be Well......

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    ThecircumpunctApocolypse Nov 10, 2010

    Well Jc I'm going to start up by saying that which you have described I believe is inherent in every human being; but some like yourself have a more keen ability to access it. I to have had experience with your elegantly description of "The Quarter Trick" but personally i do not believe that we have the ability to manipulate its outcome rather we have the ability to predict it.

    Personally I have meditating for a little over a year now, and one of my most insightful "vision" came a week or two before my birthday cruise. I envisioned a female that I had never seen before standing in the corner of an enclosed space, with some sort of spotlight on her; Somehow i knew how this female felt about herself psychologically, I wrote and drew her features in this notebook and pretty much made it an after thought. On the second day of the cruise on the way to return to my stateroom lone and behold I saw this woman in the elevator, just how i described her in my vision, tanned skin, dark hair and being beautiful without knowing or realizing she was beautiful and even more fascinating was the amount of detail in which I saw this vision. Since then I've learned to trust everything I get to see and chuck it up to practice.

    But like I said earlier I believe we all have this literal "untapped" abilities within us but we need to nurture and progress our abilities and as well as share it with others that are like minded (which this seems to the best place for). Now in regards your ability to manipulate the things around you that also has to do with the power of Thought. Thoughts though most people don't realize it can change the world around you. Like you described in your post as well as in the book by Dan Brown "The Lost Symbol".

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