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"Near-telepathy" experiment

Posted Jan. 4, 2014 by kevala in Community Groups

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commented on Feb. 7, 2014
by Jim Centi



Hi IONs community! I'd like to try an experiment, and I wanted to know if anyone is already doing such an experiment, or would be interested in participating. I thought this audience would appreciate the idea.

Goal: Create a tactile language paired with a conversation protocol for exchange to create a 'near-telepathic' experience with an emphasis on heightened disclosure and honesty.

Proposed Means:

Tactile language based on English phonemes. Language to also include key categories and qualifiers such as emotional responses and highly frequent topics of thought to reduce time to exchange most pertinent and most volatile (rapidly changing) information.

Protocol to be focused on exchanging emotional and thought processes through a self-induced hypnotic state during "conversation". Protocol will outline a standard method of exchanging first physical and emotional information, and then proceed into thought exchange.

- Language to use fingers, as seen in "deaf-blind" tactile languages
- Emphasis on speed for highest frequency emotional, topical, and phoneme occurrence in standard social exchange
- Protocol to include self-hypnosis scripts to allow adaptation and confidence in practitioners, as well as to provide a 'quick learning' toolset for memorizing the sequences used in the language
- Protocol to include spheres of disclosure (allows a 'truth language' framed by personal decisions of disclosure or non-disclosure depending on the desired sensitivity of the exchange)

I thought it would be both an interesting experiment in thought exchange, an experience of 'near-telepathy' for the impatient, and an engaging approach at direct and candid social interaction. If anyone would be interested in trying this out with me, let me know! If a project like this is already progressing, I would also like to avoid reinventing the wheel.

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    Jim Centi Feb 07, 2014

    Hi Kevala

    Further to my two previous comments……

    I have come up with something that ties into my comments relative to Mysticism in the topic with a long title authored by Live4theMystery.

    There has been no response to those comments and I am concerned that they may go beyond what is appropriate for this forum.

    In the event you are interested in pursuing this with me, read my six relatively short comments in that topic and get back to me……..Jim

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    Jim Centi Feb 06, 2014

    Hi again kevala,

    I was remiss in saying in my previous comment that I would also be interested in your reaction to this emerging paradigm.

    Take your time in responding, I've been contemplating this for a couple of days and still haven’t come with anything worthy of a comment......Jim

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    Jim Centi Feb 06, 2014

    Hi kevala,

    I don’t know if you read the article in the New Yorker relative to a group of respected scientists promoting that plants are capable of “cognition, communication, information processing, computation, learning, and memory.”


    The quote in parenthesis above is taken from the last sentence of the third paragraph of the article.

    It would appear that within this emerging paradigm there is some form of telepathy going on that doesn't require either language or a brain.

    This emerging paradigm may augment your interest in telepathy and also the interest in telepathy within the science of IONS.

    I would be interested in what Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at IONS has to say about this.

    Thanks for this topic…..Jim

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    YoungThinker Feb 06, 2014

    Although I only read the abstract at the beginning, it looks like this is an experiment done where the tactile sense was used to augment speech.


    I still personally think that a purely tactile language would be closer to 'telepathy'. Still looking into some other things that have been done with this.

    I'd be interested to hear what direction you were envisioning this language going. Therapeutic, social, professional...? I'm very interested to hear more of your thoughts on this experiment.

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    YoungThinker Feb 06, 2014

    I'm terribly sorry that it took me so long to get back to you about this!
    I think that the two biggest issues that you would have to address with this experiment would be as follows:
    First of all, assuming that the language is made and taught to the individuals involved, if there was a mistake made while communicating with the language, that would disrupt the flow, and this would make the idea of near telepathic communication crumble on the spot. I say this because the only way for communication to seem truly telepathic is for the individuals involved to not even realize that there is a medium through which their thoughts have to travel between each other. Touch is the quickest method to communicate and as such is the best sense to use for this experiment, but the problem rises, as I said, when a mistake is made in the language. As soon as the mistake is made, and the 'speaker' has to go back and correct what they were trying to communicate, then both individuals are made aware of the medium they are communicating through. This would ruin the feeling of communicating telepathically.

    The second problem that I can see, especially with a language where you are communicating EXACTLY what you are thinking or feeling as you are thinking and feeling it is ethics of using this language. For example, if the language was being used as a form of therapy, and the patient says something, and the therapist responds exactly as they are feeling, it could be very damaging to a patient that could already possibly be in a bad place in their life. The sheer amount of truth that would come with this form of communication would have to be considered before two individuals would be allowed to speak to each other.

    I'm not able to get onto the IoNS website as much as I would like, but this discussion is very interesting to me. Is there a way that we could personally message each other, and I could send you an email that you could contact me at?

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    alackley Jan 19, 2014

    Kevala, I really enjoy this idea! Though I would like to see a sample script

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    kevala Jan 14, 2014

    Young Thinker, I think intensive counseling is definitely a good target area. Recreation, communication, and therapy are all neighbors in the psyche, so this makes a lot of sense. What do you foresee as the largest flaws in this form of application, either from a technical or preferential perspective?

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    kevala Jan 14, 2014

    Jim Centi and NoetPoet, I love you both, and appreciate your comments. Thank you for your encouragement, questions, challenges, and insights! I appreciate all of it, and it helps me to formulate a better approach when I get a diverse set of perspectives. I promise to take each sincerely given comment or question an equally sincere consideration, and I am certain it will help me in what I am trying to do. I can only hope each of you will continue to post your thoughts, despite differences in viewpoint - it is only through this communication that I can reach out to you, and likewise you to me, so I hope you will keep engaging me with your experience and knowledge. I know it is difficult to post when you know someone else will dissent or contradict your point of view, but courage in this combined with compassion for even those who disagree is what changes the world.

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    YoungThinker Jan 09, 2014

    As a current Communication Studies student at university, this is a particularly interesting topic. As you mentioned, one difficulty would be the actual learning of the language. Not only this, but the creation of this language itself could pose a problem. Think of the range of emotions that you have as a human being, and then imagine trying to translate these into a working language.
    As for applications, perhaps as a form of intensive counseling..? This would present the opportunity for an individual to quickly and fully explain their feelings on a situation, and if extensive planning were used in advance, could be tailored so an individual could receive the most beneficial response from their therapist. Again, this poses some obvious, and deep-rooted flaws...
    Interesting concept for an experiment.

  • NoetPoet Jan 09, 2014

    "There are – at last count – two participants in these discussions that are either consciously playing the role of devil’s advocate or are unconscious devotees of a rapidly growing obsolete paradigm."

    So advocating for science and reason is like advocating for the devil?

    "I definitely will not respond to anything written by the two representatives of the primitive paradigm previously mentioned. In my opinion, they should either be ignored or viewed with compassion as laggards to the emerging reality."

    And yet *I'm* the one who gets called condescending! Which "primitive paradigm" would that be, by the way? The same primitive paradigm which made possible the computer and internet that you are now using to rubbish said paradigm?

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    Jim Centi Jan 09, 2014


    Another way to experience something similar to telepathy is to detach from these Discussions for a while, buy a bag of the best weed available in your area and after using a bong for a few weeks return to discussions.

    Kevala, I have not yet attempted to follow the protocol you suggest related to language and yet, I view you as a – for lack of a better term – “soul mate”. There are a few others in this forum who share that space, with varying degrees of affinity. Perhaps, this is a form of telepathy.

    There are – at last count – two participants in these discussions that are either consciously playing the role of devil’s advocate or are unconscious devotees of a rapidly growing obsolete paradigm.

    I sense that there will be those who view my recent relationship with a bong to be worthy of criticism. From my deepest level of self and with a high degree of sincerity I say to them - stick your conservative beliefs up your ass!

    I don’t know if I will be participating in these discussions regularly or not – so if you or anyone else responds to me - do not expect an immediate response.

    I definitely will not respond to anything written by the two representatives of the primitive paradigm previously mentioned. In my opinion, they should either be ignored or viewed with compassion as laggards to the emerging reality.

    Best wishes,

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    kevala Jan 09, 2014

    I can also see it being useful for emotional therapy, allowing a patient to more directly express themselves, but that may be facilitated easier through other means without the complication of learning the language.

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    kevala Jan 05, 2014

    I'm also surprised that those pursuing the theory of intention and belief as an impact on matter, and the development of telepathy in the human brain, would not have already tried this. By allowing ourselves the experience of 'telepathy', we would naturally be more open to the experience of direct mental connection. We do have machines that can produce some of this affect, but the experiencers are naturally aware that they are not in control of this, and that the machine is facilitating the communication. By creating a near-telepathic experience, it seems to me we would be allowing a far greater degree of control, and would thus allow the participants to expand their repertoire of control on both a conscious and subconscious level. It's like the training wheels we put on bikes - allow the child to try pedaling, get the feeling for it, and it will help develop the natural muscle control and balance required.

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    kevala Jan 05, 2014

    I imagine, if it works as intended, that it would be a great medium for exchanging ideas with instant, direct feedback. I think it would be conducive to brainstorming.

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    kevala Jan 05, 2014

    I'm most interested in it as an experience of "full-featured" communication. I think it would add a dimension to conversation, and would also, if used with a protocol for minimum disclosure and honesty, give the participants an empathy experience. I think it would be both enjoyable and useful in exchanging ideas and information in a setting that allows participants to have a higher degree of confidence and trust. I also think it would provide interesting feedback on the nature of our thought processes when they are conceptualized at a conscious or semi-conscious level for rapid communication.

  • NoetPoet Jan 04, 2014

    What applications would near-telepathy of the sort you describe have?

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    kevala Jan 04, 2014

    A related question: Why would you want to experience telepathy with one or more other human beings? What would you exchange? What would be most important? What would you NOT want to exchange or experience in a telepathic communication?

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    kevala Jan 04, 2014

    Oops, that should be IoNS, not IONs.

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