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Books for Meetings

Posted Oct. 5, 2010 by gbhill in Community Groups

commented on April 19, 2011
by cprize



Note: Unlike the "Literature--where do I start" thread, this one is intended as a resource for Community Group and Program Coordinators looking for recent books of possible interest to longtime as well as new members.

A book I heartily recommend for group discussion is eco-philosopher David Abram's new /Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology/, an exploration of the intimate yet largely unconscious relationship between our bodies and the earth. It is a long-awaited sequel to his award-winning /The Spell of the Sensuous/ (1996), in which he explored the sensual foundations of language and how, perhaps due to increasing use of phonetic alphabets, we have lost the ability to commune with the natural world.

  • cprize Apr 19, 2011


  • desertrose Apr 14, 2011

    Adam - Dream Healer

  • desertrose Apr 12, 2011

    Mutant Message Down Under - Marlo Morgan

  • desertrose Apr 07, 2011

    Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken

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    goldenwings Mar 28, 2011

    The True Dynamics of Life by Mike Robinson www.mikerobinson.eu.com

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    QuantumOcean Mar 14, 2011

    A new book that is a great survey of some of our favorite discussion items in noetic science is Jeffrey A. Marks' "Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality."

    This is a groundbreaking book that unlocks the deeper secrets behind what we are, and are capable of, when tapping into our Soul’s abilities. Find out how you organize individual and global reality, or how your Soul functions within the context of Time. Casting aside ancient belief systems, Your Magical Soul is an intellectual romp by a left-brained skeptical medium and paranormal researcher who takes a tour through his right-brained psychic experiences in combination with an examination of the findings of scientists in the fields of quantum physics and consciousness research to create a new understanding of a very old topic: the Soul.

    The author has an introductory video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxdXoOqUN0Y

    And the book can be found on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and at the publisher AragoPress.com.

  • Jerry Kays Nov 10, 2010

    Some years back I attended some local meetings of IONS members ... hoping to interest them in a book that I wrote ... the few that I spoke with though, and explained it to, never really seemed interested ... it sure made me wonder about some folks ...

    The wonder, because though everyone there, (it was a very large group, around 60 folks or more), all claimed to be seeking the spiritual truths, some even thought that they had them ... yet when I presented my book just about that ... and based upon personal experience of all things ... it did not seem to matter to them.

    I get notices still of their meetings where they bring in "healers" and all kinds of people with "supposed credentials" (in the business of "selling" something) .. and typically, the greater the hype the more interest ... it is as if they all just want to stay connected with the current "rage" ... which is more about the seeking path involving like thinkers ... rather than really finding ... all wanting to compare "notes" with each other over the latest "finding" ... as long as the finding was "known" and popular with the "crowd" ... what think you folks on that (?) (my book is all about truth, and even free for download) ...

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    gerabene Oct 17, 2010

    Can recommend the book "Evolution of Mind" written by Dr. Vijai S Shankar

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    gbhill Oct 09, 2010

    /Secrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi/ by Gopi Krisha (http://www.secret-teachings.com/)

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    gbhill Oct 09, 2010

    /The Tao of Chaos/ and /Double Bubble Universe/ by Katya Walter, Ph.D. (http://doublebubbleuniverse.com/)

  • frequencytuner Oct 08, 2010

    Beezelbub's Tales, Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine,The Kybalion, The Hermetic Arcanum, The Emerald Tablets, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Tao Te Ching, Philosophy of Freedom, The Allegory of the Cave, The Golden Veres of Pythagoras, Zohar, Vedas, Avesta, Teachings of an Initiate, The Cosmic Doctrine, The Rosicrucian Mysteries.

    These will suffice many lifetimes of discussions.

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    gbhill Oct 05, 2010

    There is information about Abram's books and work on his Alliance for Wild Ethics website at http://www.wildethics.org/.

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