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WHAT is it with trippy things?! Feel like I'm missing a point here (not trying to sound vague)

Posted Nov. 27, 2011 by Jchand in Community Groups

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WHY is it that fractals are so damn trippy?
WHY is it that hallucinogens can give you fractal-like visions and whatnot?
WHY is it that those programs (I think you know the ones I mean) - like the ones that come with windows, that you can watch with your music, that mess with the mind - WHY do they seem to give you slight consciousness expansion.
Again, I'm not trying to sound vague, but I think there is just some POINT here. Maybe there is something specific ABOUT consciousness, like we all know what infinity means, or something.
I've done acid once in my life, and though I never had any fractal-like visions, I did have the most amazingly deep experience of my life.
One other time, when I smoked weed, the next day, I looked at the water at my parent's lake-house, and saw the sun shining on it, and it MEANT infinity to me. Like it had meaning or something.
I don't do any drugs anymore. Sometimes I smoke marijuana. Anyway, I just feel like there is some point here. Something I'm missing about consciousness or something. Why is it that fractals, like I said, are so damn trippy? I don't mean to be really vague, but anyone have any thoughts?


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