Time : Are we growing older, faster?

Posted Oct. 15, 2011 by ProtectiveAngel in Community Groups

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commented on Nov. 24, 2012
by psychologist



Somehow it seems as we grow older, time seems to speed up.

Time is measured on Earth by a world clock and correct me if I wrong, keeps in line by the Earths magnetic field.

Is it possible that the the human mind can detect this faster time, because the universe is still accelerating faster as it expends?

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    psychologist Nov 24, 2012

    Have you ever had time stop? Have you ever lost your concept of time?

  • slowlygetnthar May 24, 2012

    Gerryt, I agree with you that we can slow and speed up time, unless we are too anxious to focus on it. Lately, when I have had heavily scheduled days to get through, I do exactly what you are describing. It lowers my stress level, considerably, and lo & behold, I do have time to get EVERYTHING done, plus feel happy!

    What an apropros remark to dustproduction!

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    Jim Centi May 22, 2012


    Small Penis Syndrome Excerpt:

    “While they have an inflated sense of self-worth, they are generally devaluing and dismissive of others.”

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    dustproduction May 21, 2012


    You are externalizing your internal experience by saying "is."
    And you never answered the question. "Can you rewrite the entire statement without the word "is" in it?"

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    gerryt May 20, 2012

    Time is another boundary that we can chose to use - slow it down or speed it up as necessary. And then when we go into dreamtime you'll notice there is NO time. So it is something that is there to understand and make use of as part of this reality. If you don't care - then nothing changes - but when you work at it - you can modify it as you wish. Simply try it - with simple things first. There are no qualifications necessary.
    Slow the day down so that you can get everything done. Speed up the day so the boring things pass sooner. Chose you words of command carefully and it will work out as you say.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 29, 2012

    Frankly, I think parts of me are growing older faster than other parts. What does THAT mean?

  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    The perception of time is fascinating. Many agree that we seem to perceive our experience of time as if time were occurring faster as we age, but since our temporal time experience is merely a perceived thing, we may never know for certain.

    Equally fascinating is your comment on the universe expanding and possibly doing that faster. I'm not sure how one is supposed to reconcile the universe, being a name for everything that exists, with the concept that this universe is expanding into something else. This space, place, or void that the universe is allegedly expanding into, must either already exist as part of the universe, or it must be being created at ever-increasing speed and concurrently with the expansion of what already exists, which begs the question, what lies beyond this space, place or void that the universe is expanding into?

  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    It is you, that is saying "I think" something is. I do not want to impress any sense of obligation for you to accept what information I have expressed. You also have access to the knowledge that resides within your inner self. That "universal" knowledge is of the same origins as what resides in me.

    Things exist. Indeed, all things exist. All things are, therefore each thing is. I cannot change what is, neither can I reconcile what is with what you think it "should be". I am not different than you, inasmuch as I have no special declarative authority regarding what is, or what is not.

    Like you, I can only observe what is expressed as the many individual things within all things that are expressed as the known universe (or as the Creation). It is the thing that evidences itself. All things provide ample proof that each of them is. Communion with your inner self, will reveal all these things as they are.

    Universal knowledge is not mine, nor is it ever truly possessed by anyone, it is proven to reside within each of us equally, and it is only accepted by those willing to seek it from itself. I only hope that by my sharing, you will be tempted to commune with your own inner self, and in so doing you may also come to experience the fullness of the peace and the joy of knowing these things.

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    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    @ Parker

    Can you rewrite the entire statement without the word "is" in it?

    You are not the sole declarer of what "is." Time is....man is....creation is......
    The deception of language occurs when the qualifier gets left out.
    You are saying, "I think time is.... I believe the creation is..."
    This makes it personal, as it should be, and not the universal.

  • parker Apr 01, 2012

    Man is expressed as he was created, as he is. Man does not know the manner of his creation until he surpasses time. Knowledge surpasses time, because time is of knowledge. Knowledge surpasses the man that you are. Because knowledge Created time and man. Thus knowledge surpasses you, and it surpasses time because you are of the same knowledge that time is of. You must become knowledge, to surpass time. And you can.

    The Creator is knowledge, and knowledge is an expression of the Creator. The Creation is of the knowledge, thus the Creation is from the knowledge, and the Creation is the knowledge, in the expressed form. Time was, and is, expressed by the Creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge. Man was, and is, expressed by the Creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge.

    Time is of the knowledge. Man is of the same knowledge, thus knowledge is relative, to both man and time. Knowledge is relative and knowledge is the key to Creation. Man and time are subjective expressions of knowledge, thus only knowledge is relative.

    You must look beyond time and beyond man to find knowledge, as knowledge is expressed. When you perceive the expression, you find relative knowledge, and you become relative knowledge. When you become knowledge, you surpass time and you surpass that man which you are; because you have found Creation.

    Creation is time, and time is Creation expressed, and time is of the Creation, thus knowledge is not far from time, because time was Created by it, and of it. Creation is you, and you are Creation expressed, and you are of the Creation, thus knowledge is not far from you either, because you are Created by it, and of it.

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    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    We are certain grower older longer. Is it the illusion that living speeds up?
    In relative terms one year to a 1 year old is 100% of its life. To a person 100 years old, a year is 1% of their life.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 17, 2012

    Well, the 2004 Indonesian earthquake did shorten our day 0.0000027 seconds. Hmmm...did we feel that?

    I have wondered if the tendancy towards increased freneticism is due to us sensing the accelerating expansion of the universe--or is it cultural??? We tell ourselves we have less and less time enough so that I think we believe it. A common mantra is:
    I don't have enough time in a day...
    over and again...gee, then, we say time is speeding up?

    What if we have a different mantra: there is time for everything....calm down...love is coming for us all...?

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    Thedeafening Oct 16, 2011

    I don't know much about time, but I have the understanding that is just what a clock reads. Although I do notice that my days go by much faster, but that could be my 4 classes a day with no work schedule. Perhaps some biological clock in us is feeling the direct movement of the universe and distorts our mind.

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