A premonition about the tsunami

Posted March 11, 2011 by marcusantonio91 in Community Groups

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Last night I dreamed that I was in a city and a tidal wave was coming toward it. The people had charged me with stopping it. I tried and tried but in the end I was engulfed. This morning I turned on the radio and low and behold I heard that a tidal wave had struck Japan. I am wondering if anyone else had this experience, or had a bad feeling that something had happened. I know I must sound like a delusional whack job but it was a rather strange feeling.

  • NoetPoet Jan 26, 2014

    No they don't.

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    RealityOverScience Jan 26, 2014

    Same for the rest of what you've suggested.

    My posts around the boards already directly address and clearly answer everything you're asking, in detail. :)

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    RealityOverScience Jan 26, 2014


    Addressing your first post as I pop in here... Again, I must say, "do the work" presented in the Consciousness 101 thread, because you clearly haven't. If you were working on those, you would by now actually be *experiencing* the answers to your questions, from the Universe itself, and from your very own heart and soul!

  • NoetPoet Jan 24, 2014

    "As for what I am suggesting in my Consciousness 101/How to... thread, if you're not yet ready to *do (that) work,* that's okay."

    I'm about as ready to "do that work" as I am to run off and join the Moonies.

    "But others are, including lurkers, scientists among them, and my responsibility is to them, and to the people they serve."

    I daresay you've just pulled that straight out of your behind...

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    RealityOverScience Jan 24, 2014

    I'm sorry you think I'm avoiding you. I am incredibly busy and can't be here so much at the moment.

    When I get a chance, I'll be back.

    As for what I am suggesting in my Consciousness 101/How to... thread, if you're not yet ready to *do (that) work,* that's okay. But others are, including lurkers, scientists among them, and my responsibility is to them, and to the people they serve.

    Consciousness is not transferable. I can only be a guide. The Universe itself made that rule.

    Awakening is a profound journey, a very complex and daunting one, and it's sitting right there, step by step...the most extraordinary opportunity! I sincerely hope you don't miss out.

    Wanna win the lottery, ya gotta buy a ticket! :)

  • NoetPoet Jan 22, 2014

    I had a feeling you’d avoid my questions, tell me to “do the work” and plug your thread. Maybe I’m psychic after all ;)

    Before I comment on your “work”, let me make something absolutely clear: I have refrained from making critical comments on your thread and will continue to do so as a courtesy to you. It would have been nice if you’d reciprocated this courtesy by not befouling my quantum physics thread with your nonsense, but in retrospect I can see how that was an unrealistic expectation.

    Now, about your “work”: after reading your thread, it is clear that the “work” which you claim leads to a deeper understanding of reality is nothing more than amateurish pop-psychology, with a few references to Eastern mysticism thrown in as part of an ill-conceived attempt to give the whole thing an air of legitimacy. Your “work” is little more than an elaborate exercise in auto-suggestion and consolidation of one’s own preconceptions and psychological baggage. At *best* it might encourage a person to pursue more useful forms of introspection which lead to greater insights into their own thought processes; at worst it will cause a person to lead him/herself down the garden path of their own delusional fantasies about the nature of reality. In any case, it will not bring a person one iota closer to understanding the fundamental nature of reality as you have claimed.

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    RealityOverScience Jan 22, 2014

    Consciousness 101.

    Do the work...of the sages.

  • NoetPoet Jan 22, 2014

    “There's no "hocus pocus" going on in the Universe, just Higher (than convention can process) Physics that get assigned all sorts of labels and "stories people tell themselves," individually and/or collectively, as they try to understand and make sense of those inescapable Physics.”

    I hate to break it to you, but talk of “Higher Physics” IS hocus-pocus!

    “When they know/realize better, they do better. The most important thing is not to get lost in unconscious convention's (and its equally unconscious scientists') stereotyping or (often derogatory) dismissals of "strange" phenomena, but rather to keep an open mind as you move/grow toward their answers.”

    “Strange” phenomena are not stereotyped or dismissed by scientists; rather, scientists like to rule out simple and well-understood explanations first. If such simpler explanations can’t be ruled out, then there is no good reason to conclude that a more unusual explanation is correct. It is important to keep an open mind, but it is also important not to automatically and immediately believe everything claim you come across.

  • NoetPoet Jan 22, 2014

    “ Many people connect, after an event has occurred, that they saw bits and pieces of it, but they didn't define those as such at the time because while that pre-info/physics legitimately was there, relative to the event's approach, they had no (Conscious) reference point to apply or make sense of it/them.”

    …and here you make extra sure that your claims about premonitions are unfalsifiable. Of course it’s easy to say that a dream/vision you had predicted a certain event AFTER the fact of that event! People do this all the time, e.g. AFTER 9-11 all these people came out of the woodwork claiming they had premonitions of the attacks, but prior to 9-11 NO ONE claimed to have had a premonition that the terrorist attacks were about to happen. Also, human memory doesn’t work like a video recorder: every time you recall a memory you change it by adding or subtracting details. Thus people tend to unknowingly edit their own premonitions after the event so that the details of the premonition are more compatible with the event itself.

    And lets’ not even get started on how useless and cruel it is to either a) actually predict part of a tragic event, or b) claim that you’d predicted it afterwards, yet also claim that you were unable to “apply or make sense of” your prediction when you had it!

    “That in no way dismisses the legitimate physics, which inescapably flows through EVERYONE, everything, pre-event, like it or not!.... With Consciousness, there's just soooo much more Physics available, and experience with those Physics, to detect and recognize, in detail, the imminent event.”

    Yes it does discredit it actually. Your talk about capital “P” Physics and capital “C” Consciousness is empty semantic hand-waving.

    “So, it's kinda like cable TV. Some people just get more channels than others, but they pay a much higher price for that to happen.”

    Yeah, and like cable TV most of those “channels” broadcast nothing but crap!

  • NoetPoet Jan 22, 2014

    “Regarding premonitions in dreams, when an event is imminent, the energy of its approach inescapably travels through everyone and everything as it nears manifestation, but most people remain unaware of what is happening.”

    What ‘energy’ is this exactly, what are its specific properties? *How* exactly does this energy travel through everyone and everything? And can you cite any independent research or scientific evidence that this energy exists and behaves as you describe?

    “However, when you (generic) fall asleep, you lose the convenience of your defense mechanisms that block out parallel realities ignored when you're awake, similar to meditation, and that "allows in" the higher and lower energies (parallels), as well as the ability of the then more balanced brain to process them, as best it can.”

    People do tend to lose their critical thinking faculties when they experience altered states of consciousness. But what exactly are these “parallel realities”, and what makes you think that they are anything other than fantasies dreamt up by the subconscious mind? Can you identify or offer suggestions as to what specific neurological processes are occurring when these “parallel realities” are being accessed? Those defence mechanisms you speak of are not merely a matter of convenience; they are crucial to a person’s capacity to make sense of and function effectively in life.

    “For some, that more balanced processing accurately detects bits and pieces, at least, if not every detail (depends on your overall higher Consciousness level) of the imminent event.”

    …and in one sentence you’ve managed to make your claim about premonitions unfalsifiable! What you’re effectively saying here is that even if just *one* detail of a person’s dream/vision matches up to a future event, then that person must have accessed these mysterious energies! And if no details match up it just means that a person’s Consciousness level isn’t high enough (what does that even mean anyway?).

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    RealityOverScience Jan 21, 2014

    I had written the following recently, in another thread:

    Regarding premonitions in dreams, when an event is imminent, the energy of its approach inescapably travels through everyone and everything as it nears manifestation, but most people remain unaware of what is happening. However, when you (generic) fall asleep, you lose the convenience of your defense mechanisms that block out parallel realities ignored when you're awake, similar to meditation, and that "allows in" the higher and lower energies (parallels), as well as the ability of the then more balanced brain to process them, as best it can. For some, that more balanced processing accurately detects bits and pieces, at least, if not every detail (depends on your overall higher Consciousness level) of the imminent event. Many people connect, after an event has occurred, that they saw bits and pieces of it, but they didn't define those as such at the time because while that pre-info/physics legitimately was there, relative to the event's approach, they had no (Conscious) reference point to apply or make sense of it/them. That in no way dismisses the legitimate physics, which inescapably flows through EVERYONE, everything, pre-event, like it or not! It's natural for folks to recognize and apply "a feeling" they had, or synchronous** clue or telling dream retrospectively. With Consciousness, there's just soooo much more Physics available, and experience with those Physics, to detect and recognize, in detail, the imminent event.

    (**Simultaneity is relative!)

    So, it's kinda like cable TV. Some people just get more channels than others, but they pay a much higher price for that to happen.

    There's no "hocus pocus" going on in the Universe, just Higher (than convention can process) Physics that get assigned all sorts of labels and "stories people tell themselves," individually and/or collectively, as they try to understand and make sense of those inescapable Physics. When they know/realize better, they do better. The most important thing is not to get lost in unconscious convention's (and its equally unconscious scientists') stereotyping or (often derogatory) dismissals of "strange" phenomena, but rather to keep an open mind as you move/grow toward their answers.

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    leahb926 Jan 20, 2014

    Hi Marcus,
    Not sure if you are still logged on here or not, but I saw your forum come up when i was looking into premonitions on google. I wanted to share my story with you about the tsunami/earthquake in Japan. This is not the first premonition of a disaster that came true that I have had. I had a premonition of the earthquake in Japan the night/morning it happened. I believe I matched up the times afterwards, and it had happened right around the time I was dreaming (give or take 5 hours). Not sure if it was the Tsunami or earthquake that actually occurred during my dream. I was standing on top of a sandy mountain...it seemed sort of like it was man-made. Anyways, I think i was by myself and the mountain was right next to the ocean. I was looking at the ocean and felt worried, and then a large earthquake hit while I was on the top of this man-made like mountain, and the mountain quickly evened out up to the shore of the ocean, from such a strong earthquake.

    Some thing woke me up from my dream which was absolutely freaky, and possibly irrelevant to my premonition. My phone rang in the middle of my dream/premonition and woke me, I looked at the number on my cell, and it was a very weird combination on numbers (45-324-33-76-677) or something like that (those numbers are fake i do not remember them at alll) I answered my phone... I think it was 330 am?? This oriental female was screaming in a foreign language, I told her I could not understand but she was so scared and screaming something non-stop. So i fell back asleep, with an eerie feeling. I realized afterwards this woman may have been speaking Japanese, since the disaster matched up with the time and all. I could easily be wrong.
    Like you, a friend in the house told me in the morning that there was a large tsunami from an earthquake in Japan. The look on my face was frozen with confusion but some fear. I dont think you're a whack job for having that experience. Wish I knew why we had this experience in the first place, but hey, its an interesting conversation for sure.

  • NoetPoet Jan 05, 2014

    Actually, there’s an interesting idea for an experiment: Monitor hundreds or thousands of people from a representative cross-section of global society, and see if there is any significant increase in the incidence of certain kinds of dreams amongst them in the days and weeks leading up to a major natural event or accident, e.g. an increase in the incidence dreams about flooding/tidal waves across the sample in the lead up to a tsunami.

    Setting up an experiment like this would be challenging: you’d need to monitor the dreams of a large number of people on a daily basis over a period of several years; these sample members would have to be from all walks of life and all parts of the world in a manner representative of the global population; and ideally none of the sample members should have any direct or indirect knowledge of or contact with each other either during the monitoring phase, nor should any sample members have had any in/direct knowledge or contact with each other at any point before the monitoring phase. This experiment should not monitor dreams for premonitions of deliberate human-caused events because it would be too easy to contaminate the sample by either overtly or covertly setting up an expectation in sample members that such an event was about to happen e.g. a war which is widely speculated about in the media before it breaks out.

    It might be possible to relax some of the above parameters and still get useful results. For example, you could just make sure that sample members had no contact with each other during the period of the monitoring phase, and perhaps the sample could just be representative of the population of one country or a handful of countries.

  • NoetPoet Jan 05, 2014

    Dreams about floods and being overwhelmed by tidal waves are quite common. Considering that there were about 7 billion people in the world that time, it would not be improbable if hundreds or even thousands of people around the world had flooding/tidal waves dreams the night before the March 2011 Japanese tsunami.

    It would be interesting to know how many others details of your dream also turned out to match the events of the March 2011 tsunami, e.g. were you in a Japanese city in your dream? If other details of your dream did not match what happened, or contradicted what happened, then why should you only focus on the part of the dream which turned out to be an accurate prediction?

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    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    Conspiracy theory?

    I detect these events months/years in advance, simply in the natural physics (nothing whatsoever "psychic"), but I haven't seen anything in those physics to suggest conspiracy as suggested. That information would have mathematically, inescapably, been present in the physics, as well. It wasn't!

    Events such as earthquakes, etc., manifest from collective energies that simultaneously flow through all beings. EVERYONE can find within themselves the superimpositions of those events, as they approached.

    Japan and Indonesia have long histories of earthquakes and tsunamis, and Japan was shown to have warning signs, literal ones, from folks from their own history, pleading with them to protect themselves from those events, from their own experiences with them throughout history.

    So, conspiracy theorists would have to reconcile their accusations with historic consistencies.

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    katialeitao2004 Nov 02, 2013


    I had no idea, I just picked it all up.
    The thought, the emotion of the people, the sense of tragedy, the tsunami, that it was not natural.

    I consider that the fact I drew it against the planet, as seen from space, might mean that this project was somehow planned from that perspective, for as a human that is not a perspective I would normally have, and in my drawing I am looking at the thing from space, as if the planet and its control was dealt with from a remote point in space.

    Not too far, just from space.

    I perceived that it was detonated from there and that perhaps it was done not from a machine only, but that life in that position, sentient life, wether human or not, had considered that result from there, or would effect that result from there.

    I have not been able to confirm this point at all. Probably never will. but since all my other points were ACCURATE, I have little reason to doubt, myself my final perception.

    This is not imagination it is true to me, and I will try to post here the you tube videos that show what I mean and what I found.


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    katialeitao2004 Nov 02, 2013


    This was December and I went home from london where I live and was doing the course, to Portugal, my native country, for teh Christmas Holiday.
    I was doing a course in Kensington and Chelsea College.

    Within a day or so of abandoning London and my piece, I hear in the news what happened in Indonesia, and I recall seeing on tv a father in the waters, walking, with a dead child in his arms howling at the skies...begging God for mercy.
    I recognised the emotions immediately...

    The wave...
    I begun to wonder and to look at what else there had been in my work that could have meant anything and what this was all about.

    I realised then, that I had 'fine tuned'.I had tuned in. I for a moment even wondered whether I had created those thoughts and wether the thoughts materialised....I

    I decided that that was not the case. And if it had not been me, someone else had had the concept of a tsunami, clearly, before it happened. I PICKED up the idea.

    Just like you can hear a song you can see a thought. Just like you can tell it is not you who is singing, you can also tell that a thought is not yours.

    ( have done this with a few people. I pick up their thoughts. Not often though. It is not under my control yet, it just happens, very rarely).

    Someone had thought it. I am sure that this was not an accidental tsunami, is what I am telling you, and that it was considered and I grasped it, the concept, before they executed it.

    After the most recent one in Japan and in fact only just a day or two ago, I begun to investigate this closer and I googled a search that led me to a journalist that considers exactly the same, but about Japan, and he shows you on video by an individual highly specialised in seismic science, telling us that the readings of that 'earthquake' do not mimic any of the patterns known in science, that it was an anomaly....unprecedented...unnatural...
    Then the journalist tells you that this guy was never seen again...

    But he shows you the expert telling us, and showing us what the readings of (natural) earthquakes look like always, there is a pattern, and what this one looked like.

    It does not even remotely fall into the pattern.

    My intuitive perception- that an Evil plan had taken place, and that atomic fission under the Ocean had caused this artificial earthquake, started to make sense.

    I looked up the internet to see whether anyone else had spoken about this possibility and I found sufficient data on it to be satisfied that I am not alone in my understanding. The British have been doing that since 19340's.

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    katialeitao2004 Nov 02, 2013

    Hi there everyone.

    I have experienced something different, if similar.

    In 2004 I was doing a course in art, and I decided to work on waves. i drew blue waves on white paper, n black paper, with the help of water soluble crayons with white, and so on.

    At some point however, I decided something rather unusual: as I was experimenting with 'negative drawing' that is, drawing on black paper means one has top draw with a lighter than black colour, so I grabbed some nibs, and, instead of ink, I sued bleach created the effect of burning the black into a brown/golden brown colour.

    What was weird was that suddenly, I moved from the subject of waves which had been going on for weeks - oh and planets... and the twin towers, and I suddenly was drawing with bleach, these figures.
    They were human, naked figures, much like 16th C drawings would be like if more simple, of course, but they were somewhat anatomical, in that the ribs, the bones and so on would show.
    I watched as my hand drew on 'automatic' these figures just sprung into the paper, or better, I carved them out of the paper as if they already existed.

    Now what is particularly bizarre is that I am watching this, as it happens, but that the figures, each one of them, small, and many in the black card, all seem to be in states if desperation....

    One was on his knees begging for help, with his hands to the sky...
    My hands were drawing shapes that represented emotions...

    (Later I realised I was, through drawing, translating emotions, which were not my own, but were about to take place).

    I thought this as just a phenomena of drawing- art does funny stuff to you, one becomes far more sensitive and perceptive and more capable of accepting realities I suppose, but I was unsure of what this was all about.
    I didn't worry at all.

    But I had painted a portion of the universe, with a close-up of a planet or two, one was supposed to be earth, then a massive wave over it , in space, as these parts were like thoughts, they merged and so on as they do in our minds, as ideas. These were painted into an MDF board of say 1.5 by 2m, and what is interesting that I, unable to do the drawings I had done in paint , simply plastered the black paper board drawings onto the NDF painted board. I glued the card onto the board. (cont.)

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    MarkDanielMcQuillen Mar 31, 2013

    As I'm thinking more about the dream, I'm wondering if the location might have been somewhere in the Middle East. Perhaps Israel.

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    MarkDanielMcQuillen Mar 31, 2013

    The structure I was climbing to get away from the oncoming wave was cement, whitish gray, and tiered.

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    MarkDanielMcQuillen Mar 31, 2013

    Just want to share that I dreamed about a tsunami March 31, 2013 in the early hours of the morning. Wanted to put it out there in case it may be precognitive. In the dream, I was at a resort with a friend when I noticed the waves looked strange then I shouted that we needed to get to higher ground. We ran away from the shore and climbed a structure as we were overtaken by water.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 23, 2011

    I did not dream the tsunami. Instead, I had 2 weeks leading up to it when I heard the word "JAPAN!" over and over again. The same thing happened before the riots broke out in Egypt. I kept hearing "EGYPT!" It's not enough information on which to take action.

    I felt 9/11 coming, but did not hear it or know what it was. Before 9/11, as I would do my weekly planner, I could not see that Monday. I do a thing where I visualize boxes --one for each day of the week ahead of me. I, then, try to fit known events into the appropriate box--dinner with friends, Friday 7pm., gamelan music practice, Monday, 6pm... etc.,... Beginning the Wednesday prior to 9/11, I could not see that Monday. Inside me, anxiety grew as I approached that Monday and still could not see it. I knew something was going to happen, but had zero idea what it would be. I assumed it would be the loss of a loved one or a terrible accident. I could make out the outlines of the boxes after that Monday, so knew I would still be here, but knew that some CATACLYSMIC SHIFT would occur that Monday, and it did.

    So, we feel the fabric of the universe as something takes hold of it to tear it. So, it was for you with the tsunami dream.

    Why do we feel it? Well, time is just a fiction of sorts, so we know all things simultaneously. Also, a friend once said that, like boats moving in water, as things align to bring an event into occurence, they push out energy ahead of them, like the water forced to move by the boat's bow. If you are listening to the universe, you will get some sense of what is coming.

    This is part of why working towards a peaceful & compassionate world is so important. We feel everything occurring in the universe. Imagine the energy of a tranquil planet. Imagine how much we could accomplish.

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 21, 2011

    well i'm 19 now, so I wonder what the chances are of me seeing my 200th birthday in this life

  • cprize Apr 20, 2011

    @fallensoul... you have little understanding of the value and spectrum of use of dreams. You want me in the same breath to tell you that we will stop death from happening too? Not today. But within a generation or so you will start to see people living to 200+ years. You want other solutions, then use your dreams and invent them. Humanity will thank you either with awards or income. The solutions you create will be in the range of your skills and knowledge, obviously it will include solutions for many of the diseases which plague us, including cancer. Most of our ailments stem from consuming things to excess which work against our health. Show me the dreams of anyone with a disease or ailment and in many cases within a month I can give you the answers as to what the problem is and how to solve it. The method isn't new. It was what our present medical system was built on 2300 years ago... but they corrupted and lost it. Now they barely know it existed.

    I could tell you that 'Deep Impact' and 'Armageddon's' astronomic threats will be solved with a technology challenge at hibots.com We can do only a handful of things to solve that: avert, divert or avoid covers most of the options. To divert astronomic threats that are falling towards our sun (and we are on their path) we require the technology. Nukes won't do, too many risks.

    @marcus... Dreams use many means to inform us of future events. Some within moments, others in 1000's of years. It is up to us to write them down so we can collect and apply the analogical information in them so they can be used preemptively to avert untimely death and other serious consequences. Use this http://www.pacificway.org/lessoninrecall.pdf and write out the dream in as much detail as you can recall. Lives are at risk. Your dream will add to the volume of evidence which can be applied to save the untimely loss of lives.

  • Fallensoul Apr 20, 2011

    cprize: You may be able to save people from avoiding death for time being, but death will still come. You cannot stop death, or the tsunamis or other natural distastes that will occur in the future. You may be able to dodge the bullets of material nature, but at the point of death, no-one escapes. As sure as death. So your idea of saving lives is at best a temporary quick fix -- an extension of ones life in the same body. What about the person when he dies and reincarnates again and has to undergo similar or worse sufferings? Have you really saved them? Perhaps we should be putting our energy into finding out why do natural disasters and death threaten us in the first place!

    Even if we philosophically understand that we are not a material being, but a spiritual one made of consciousness, why are we accepting material bodies in the first place. We are forced to give up the present material body and accept other ones in an endless karmic cycle. So rather than providing symptomatic treatment, a real doctor wants to get to the root of the disease and eliminate that. Eliminate death, old-age, disease and rebirth -- the root cause of my distress. That is really saving lives, because the effect is permanent. It may only be a temporary relief to be able to extend a persons life sentence in prison, but free the reformed person from prison is real welfare work.

    Our modern scientists are trying very hard to eliminate our sufferings, but being limited in their understanding of reality are unable to come close to any success. Cancer, Aids etc. One day a cure may be available, but then the next deadly disease will prop up. Why is there disease?? With this kind of inquiry there is scope to help yourself and others. This is the responsibility of the human form of life -- to enquire about the real problems of life and make a real solution of it. Other forms of welfare may help the person temporarily, but they will again have to suffer in the future, so is it of any real value??

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 20, 2011

    Well the thing is, before I had the dream, I thought precognition, telepathy etc was nonsense or at the very least the evidence was anecdotal, now I realise it's real, I had to sleep to wake up if you know what I mean

  • cprize Apr 19, 2011

    If you know that dreams show us the future, and that the Sendai tsunami had already happened by the time you wrote that. How will you use the information that there is another tsunami going to hit Japan? You are charged with stopping the loss of lives in it. www.godofdreams.com is being readied to get many people who have foreseen such things to preempt the loss of lives in the next tsunami (in the middle of May).

    It will take you and many others who have had dreams about another tsunami to incite people at risk to save themselves from it.

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    gaines Apr 12, 2011

    My daughter MImi who does not have a T V and does not listen to the news, was taken aback when I phoned her the morning after the earthquake/tsunami and asked her if she had heard. She was stone silent for a moment and then said, "When I woke up this morning I said to Reynald (her husband), I had a horrible dream, last night! I dreamed a tsunami hit PCH (Pacific Coast Highway)! ". I was amazed.

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    on10sec Apr 08, 2011

    Wow, I am so happy to find this discussion site! Regarding the Japan earthquake, I did not have a precognitive dream about it, although I have had them in the past. I live in California on the west coast. Years back, I can remember "feeling" like we were going to have an earthquake somewhere, and it does not necessarily mean in California. To best describe this "feeling" I get before a large earthquake, the only thing to say is I will feel a little lightheaded at times, and have moments throughout the day of "did I feel something?" The strongest "feeling" I get, as I try to describe it here, is inside my whole body, it feels like opposite ends of a magnet are being tried to be put together - remember as kids when we tried putting two same sides of a magnet together and there is a "force field" pressure where you can't put them together? This is how I feel inside before an earthquake. Unfortunately, they have come true. I will go no further back than 1989 for an example. I left work and stopped by the grocery store. As I was putting my groceries in my car, all of a sudden I felt lightheaded, the two magnets being put together thing, with this overwhelming sense of dread and immediately knew a lot of people had been hurt or died. As I felt this horrible feeling, my mind immediately tried to "talk me out of it" by thinking "this is craziness, that is an awful thing to think," dismissed the thought and drove home. As I was bringing my groceries into the house, I turned on the tv and the big earthquake had hit - in San Francisco! I stood there watching the news in disbelief even though I had known. This happens all the time. I have even confided in coworkers and some family about the way I feel before an earthquake; it scared one co-worker so much that she told me to never tell her again - we had a medium sized earthquake several cities away and we rocked and rolled at the company within hours of telling her how I felt. The week leading up to Japan's quake, I was a mess, could not concentrate, had the magnetic feeling inside me again and constantly told a friend that "it's coming, not sure where or when, but it'll be soon and it's going to be a big one." I was on the phone with this person the evening the earthquake hit and watched in disbelief, but of course knew "this was why I had been feeling like I had. It is so hard to trust your intuition and "feelings" about things. At the expense of sounding like a complete idiot, what I wrote is absolutely the truth! As I have grown older, I am more use to these things, I understand them more, but still wonder about the "whys." Any answers out there for me?

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    nichole1220 Apr 08, 2011

    About a month before the earthquake I had 2 dreams that could have possibly been promonition dreams. The first one...I remember a bunch of us running as fast as we could in a state of panic. I remember at one point looking behind be and seeing masses of people coming behind me and behind them was this huge wall of water. I remember thinking, how could this wall of water be here, we are not close to the ocean or shore. I finally reached this house and as I got in I could see a man ouside running that looked like he was going to get swept up by the water, so I and another who was with me ran out and we each grabbed one of his arms and pulled him before it took him.

    The second dream...I was on the beach that had a dirt cliff right behind it. Basically you had to climb down the cliff to get to the shore. I remember looking out at the ocean and saw this huge wave coming and thought...oh no this doesn't look right. At that moment others saw it too and in a panic everyone started to frantically climb up the cliff. I remember using my hands to grab onto roots or rock and mud to move faster up. I got to a safe point and good see others not making it. The wave hit and took many with it and the cliff was no longer and everything was flatened.

  • Anonymous Icon

    wildswan222 Apr 04, 2011

    Greetings to all. My name is Colleen and I'm new here. I heard the word 'noetic' used last night for the first time and knew I had to look into it further. So, this is where I landed...this site, this thread... I live on the coast of California where I now sleep "dressed" every night...just in case. The very first thought I had upon hearing the news of all the dead fish washing up in Redondo Beach was: earthquake. Selfishly I, of course, worried that it would happen here. A couple of days later, I just happened to be awake watching t.v. right after the earthquake hit in Japan and watched the tsunami in real time. I felt my heart seize inside of me as I realized just how massive a life-changing event this was going to be. In my mind, I believe those fish "knew" and were making a bee-line (so to speak) outta there. And I found it no coincidence at all that my life and the life of many others around me were in simultaneous chaos.

    But last year I did have a tsunami dream that was pure premonition, even if it wasn't literal, that I feel compared to share here...(especially to combatfoo2000) Simply put, I opened the door and watched a colossal wave coming at me from a very short distance. I could only think to close the door and stand firmly against it. I could feel the force as it hit the house and the wetness as it seeped through, but it never actually "took" me. Four days later, my best friend, soul mate, and fellow whack job, Craig, died. He lived in Scotland and his ashes were scattered over the Firth of Forth from the Forth Road Bridge. He was the only person on earth that I felt truly connected to. We met in 2002 as a result of my searching to find the voice that haunted me since my youth (He was the lead singer of the band Lowlife.) We spoke every day for hours, having eye-opening conversations and exchanging ideas that nobody else could fathom. Since his passing, he's given me two messages: "It's going to be hard" and "I'll be waiting for you." Seems I've just been lost and uninspired since he left. So, do I think he directed me here? I won't say no just yet...

    Thanks for inviting me in...I'm gonna have a little look around...

  • MarcusTAnthony Mar 30, 2011

    I do beleive that mass consciousness events can affect dreams. However the truth is that natural disasters are common motifs in dreams. Earthquakes represent destablisation, loss of control, rapid overwhelming change. Floods and tsunamis represent waves of emotional energy which are about to burst through into consciousness (or are threatening to). Tornadoes often represent dark psychic energy, or calamity that is on the horizon.

    There are nearly 7 billion people in the world. Many millions will dream of an earthquake tonight. That does not necessarily mean they are premonitions.

  • desertrose Mar 15, 2011

    OMG!!! Yes, I did. I have been dreaming for weeks now that I was on a beach and somehow or the other a city with bulidings etc was right on the beach and sudenly the waves came and covered the city and then when the waves withdrew and dirty snow was left in its place. It bothered me for some time after I heard about the tragedy but I have come to believe that I was probably picking up on the Earth's energy. "A great disturbance in the Force".
    I have been sending Reiki to Japan as I am a Reiki practioner and urge everyone to do so if they practice Reiki or just prayers and/or meditation or any form of Light work to raise the vibration there.

  • Sunshadow Mar 15, 2011

    I've not had a dream about this tusnami, I don't think. But I very recently had a very powerful dream about a tsunami and I was caught up in it. In the dream I realized that there was nothing I could do but relax and ride the wave...in the end, it deposited me down into--of all things!--a children's playground! It was a powerful dream for me personally.

    Re: the prophetic nature of the dreams and of the changes to the earth, I believe there is great wisdom in moving from the coastal areas and earthquake prone areas as we near the huge planetary alignment of 2012. To me, if nothing else, the planetary forces will undoubtedly cause signifcant geological activityand the fallout from it (no pun intended) may be overwhelming. It's something I *feel* is a truth and yet, we cannot relocate everyone or everything, including these reactors and oil refineries, etc. We will, indeed, simply have to "ride the wave" and see what comes of it.

  • frequencytuner Mar 12, 2011


    A video to illustrate more precisely.

  • Theoldman Mar 12, 2011

    I was thinking on your topic when an idea about premonition, dreams, and folding space/time came together for me. I think we can agree we are all in a field or web of life (particles in a wave). I like to use visualization, so imagine that field to be like a piece of window screen spread out in front of you. The points where every cross in the fibers of the screen occurs, is a place where a human being stands. All the fibers that cross on your right side are people/events you will encounter in your future, all those to your left represent people/events who you have met in your past. The present moment being under your feet where your fibers cross into this reality.

    A serious event is going to occur somewhere on the planet, say the most recent disaster in Japan, or the one in Indonesia, or the 911 event. Going back to the metaphor of the screen, you introduce an event as per the Japan quake, and you represent that event in this metaphor as a heavy glass ball or sphere, completely transparent - dropped on the screen or "field of life". The screen sags deeply under the "weight " of the glass sphere (weight of human suffering) folding inwardly in all directions. Remembering the original description of the field - all the nodes to your right are future and all on your left are past, the screen folds so much that these nodes or crosses in the field or screen are touching - almost.

    When you lucid dream or have prophetic visions you enter a state of ecstatic awareness and your sense of space/time is altered. The lucid dreams are "so" real, the smells, sounds and colors. The prophetic visions are crystal clear as to events yet to occur. I postulate that as in the example of the glass sphere dropped onto the screen materiel, the future and the past can "fold over the present moment of awareness", hence giving you a glimpse in either direction. A significant event that effects millions of us world wide, such as the recent horrific events, would metaphorically be a global sized glass ball folding the screen or field of creation in space/time. The future and past folding over the present moment world wide, where many have had these dreams/visions/awareness. This internet is allowing us to confirm this view of our field of "schemes". The practitioner of the path of Sha'man for example, is aware of these folds and moves through the notion of space/time or folds in the field of Creation to serve those that call through the "field" of relationship. Blessings:)

  • frequencytuner Mar 12, 2011

    Interesting relation to prophets and the gods. It is so true and applicable today as well. Case in point: natural disasters. Most people are uneducated and oblivious to natures harmony and rhythms, we are taught in school about the economy, industry, society, but fragments of the natural cycles. Being out of tune with this larger understanding of reality easily allows us to be mislead and misinterpret everything that happens in nature - because we do not know any better. We were taught that the "Gods" were angry and wrathful and strike fear in your heart if you anger them. True, but only in an allegorical sense.

    The facts are that our planet is in constant motion and there is a flux (high and low points that energy is constantly shifting between). The 4 elements of old represent of course the "Gods", each having a dual nature (Yin and Yang) making a total of 8. These 8 were sprung from one source, the "One" that is both Male and Female together, creating the classic pantheon of 9. The derivatives of this are endless, but the core concept is as follows. Fire - for example - is the "Will of the Gods" that is responsible for purification and providing the seed of life and rebirth. Think of Aries or Thor. Fire as manifested is a tool that can be used for whatever the intentions of the creator of that fire. Think of a forest fire created by the cycles of nature. It is cleansing the land for new life to be reborn. This is a natural process for nature to evolve (continue the cycles of life, death and rebirth). Now consider a wood burning fireplace. It is created by man to provide warmth, light and to cook. Now consider the smokestack of an oil refinery. Now consider a volcano that releases internal pressure and vents life giving gases to the air, water and earth and reshapes the face of the planet. In addition, after the release of this pressure the mantle and crust of the earth is allowed to shift to fill the void, generating earthquakes.
    The point is, the forces of nature have long been referred to as "the Gods". Not only do they refer to global and cosmic scale forces, but also to the mind that generated them. The planet is a direct reflection of our own bodies and thus a reflection of the cause and effect patterns of our very thoughts.
    On a side note, BP did drill into a volcano last year and lied, prosecuted and covered it up saying it was an oil well leak. That event wreaked havoc on the eco systems of the entire planet as well as the natural harmony of the planet itself. Imagine a set of balance scales with a bunch of different sized water balloons balancing on the two sides. They will shift and move as necessary sustain the balance. Now, pop one of those balloons.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Kerian Mar 11, 2011

    Dreaming in some cultures is considered as a message from the Gods. The best example of this being the dreamtime of the Australian aboriginals and the Atman of the Hindus. Perhaps the best known example to us in the west are the biblical stories where God visited the prophets in their dream. Assume that a dream is sent as a message from the Gods, then precognitive dreaming is as a warning finger stuck up by the Gods to those who receive the message. Possibly the divine use some earthly beings as messengers. The recent catastrophy in New Zealand and the magnitude of the earthquake in Japan at least show that - agreeing that the Gods have their hand in it - the Gods are displeased with the way things are happening on earth.
    These kinds of catastrophies are not new. What we can learn from the book of Mozes is that the ruler of Egypt did not follow the will of God until the wrath of God struck his firstborn son. A prophecy? Only time will tell.

  • frequencytuner Mar 11, 2011

    I determined that the BP 'oil leak" last year was actually uncontrollable drilling into an underwater volcano that leaked the gases into the ocean, not oil, toxic gases and chemicals like sulfur. Marine life was turning up dead en mass and a friend of mine mentioned that he saw on the news yesterday about fish dead in a marina in California. I thought Ring of Fire, volcano erupting - or artificially de-pressurized by humans (BP), tectonic plates shifting after a massive underwater eruption in the ring of fire, the pacific plate shifting against another one because of the void where the pressurized gas once was caused a massive underwater earthquake (just like the last tsunami) and a tsunami results.

    This is a different type of premonition. I can feel the pulse of the earth.

  • Anonymous Icon

    kat0286 Mar 11, 2011

    I was shocked and scared when I saw the news this morning. I have been dreaming of a tsunami and large scale destruction, highways and roads being cracked and demolished. I've been dreaming of drowning, being underwater, cities underwater. This was last week, and I actually posted a dream here on Gaia's Dreams (in the research tab) a couple days ago, about the destruction and labeled it predictive/natural disaster. So when I saw that the devasting earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I was shocked. So you're not alone. In Gaia's Dreams they actually research collective natural disaster dreams prior to disasters happening. Wow, I still can't beleive it.

  • Anonymous Icon

    combatfoo2000 Mar 11, 2011

    Interestingly also - on the day off 9/11 I was off to go to the docs for an appointment at 11am and saw the footage on tv, I thought it was a movie, it wasn't until I was at the docs and that he mentioned it that I realised it was for real, I was at the docs for a DNA sample to be taken re a paternity test to see if the son I had with my ex partner was biologically mine,about a month later it turned out he wasnt mine so the events on that day were either a coincidence or a warning of further upset ahead in my life as 6 months prior my niece was murdered.

    So the conclusion's I Come too are precognitive dreaming is real or there is a butterfly effect that affects each and everyone one of us proving we all need to take some extra responsibility in our daily lives not only for ourselves but for each and every other person around us.

    The last memorable dream which could involve precognition is the collapse of the forth road bridge in fife,scotland.

    The traffic was held up and it was a bright sunny summers day coming out from rosyth and all of a sudden I could hear screaming and I could see water spray splashing high in the air and I then saw the edinburgh end off the bridge had disappeared and I realised the bridge had collapsed, I was safe but what bothered me was the people in front weren't and there was nothing I could do except stay where I was and not budge no matter how many drivers behind me were blazing their horns,I couldnt move forwards and I couldnt move backwards.
    I was not the only person to have that dream,a girl at work had the same dream under different circumstances but it was still about the forth road bridge collapsing, this was two years ago but it struck us as odd that we experianced the same thing.
    To throw a spanner in the works I am not sure which bridge was affected as their is another one planned to be built soon, although at the time off the dream there was only one bridge so one would have to assume this is the one that is most concerning that being the original forth road bridge, makes me think of the mothman prophecies and I shudder to think so lets hope it never comes true.
    Interestingly neither of us work for the same company anymore so it could have been a precursor to that, but however I still work in Edinburgh.

    I have dreamt of a smaller tsunami type event but in the forth estuary and have had it in multiple versions of the same thing, however that could have been a precursor too other emotional events that have taken place in my life.

    I dont want the forth road bridge event to come true but I have a hell of a feeling on this one.

  • Anonymous Icon

    combatfoo2000 Mar 11, 2011

    You dont sound like a whack job at all, I didnt dream about the japan earthquake but have had other dreams some of which I Posted on the ATS website (above top secret) http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread660276/pg8 in response to a prophetic dream someone had about a month back, I will copy and paste it, if you think you are a whack job I must be a bigger one so I do this with risk but remember these are my dreams and there are loads more, but I was thinking earlier about the one thing that links everybody on this planet which struck me like a thunderbolt when I realised what it was - water, its all around us and inside everyone of us and when you break it down into its elements, well enough said.
    My dreams some of which are below are copied and pasted for your amusement and any other discussion, I hope this discussion draws more people in.
    I dont claim to be psychic although my grandmother was a medium and I am not hijacking anyone elses threads for my own gratification but if information can be shared into the bigger scientific community to help further research then I will share it and you have given me the opportunity by opening up the discussion. I only happened on this site because of a comment someone else left inviting the op to record his dreams which was the gaia website where dreams are analysed so within reason I guess I was led here (twilight zone theme plays) but in all seriousness it seems like a good oulet for my experiances also.


    Big up to you op, I remember reading this back in feb and mentioned it to the wife this morning that a prediction had been made so no surprise to see your thread getting hits.

    Precognitive dreaming definately exists, it has happened three times in the past to me the first was me speaking to a woman at the local shop, a person I had never seen before and we made lengthy eye contact, I was 14 at the time back in the 80's about 1986 roughly, the dream bothered me a wee bit then I forgot about it until I went to work the next day in the same local shop, about 2 hrs into my shift I was on the till serving and could not beleive my eyes when the same woman I had dreamt about the night before came up next in the line waiting to be served, I was simply Blown away.

    The second was a dream about a ship sinking in the sea with a black front, a ferry specifically, then the zeebrugge ferry disaster happened for real, the third was a plane crash I cant remember which exactly and I am not going looking either. I can also recall the invasion of Iraq and remember dreaming off the shots being fired and bombs dropping and hearing what no one else could hear that being the screams of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people around me being killed. I would rather not off heard it but hey ho someone has too.

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