Do our thoughts have the power to heal?

Posted Aug. 10, 2010 by IONS Staff in Big Questions

commented on Feb. 25, 2015
by NoetPoet



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Do our thoughts have the power to heal?

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Do our thoughts have the power to heal? What do you think?

This video features Marilyn Schlitz, President of IONS, and Edgar Mitchell, astronaut, scientist and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in an excerpt from the feature length film "The Living Matrix - The New Science of Healing" by emaginate.

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  • NoetPoet Feb 25, 2015

    From http://www.bbc.com/news/health-31145601, "Woman 'cured by lucky DNA mutation'":

    "A woman with a rare disease has been spontaneously cured in an event so improbable doctors say it is the medical equivalent of a lottery win. The woman in her 50s, who is not being named, was plagued by warts and infections as part of "WHIM syndrome" - caused by a defective immune system. But US doctors say a fluke DNA mutation, reported in the journal Cell, effectively cured her in her 30s. One doctor said the odds of it happening were "astronomically low...

    "The cure was traced back to a mutation in a single cell in her bone marrow. An event called "chromosomal shattering" in which a part of the DNA is rearranged led to 164 genes being lopped out of her DNA. Crucially this included the mutated one that was causing the problem.
    If this had happened in a muscle cell it would have made no difference to her. But it took place in a stem cell that manufactures immune cells.
    That cell was able to gradually take over the bone marrow and was the starting point for a new immune system that could get into the bloodstream."

    Very interesting…we know that lifestyle factors can induce epigenetic changes (i.e. changes in gene expression) in people. But this appears to be a whole new level of natural genetic modification. I think it would be a very fruitful endeavour to further explore how the mind can induce not only epigenetic changes, but even changes such as the aforementioned “chromosomal shattering” in key cells within the body.

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    Essence Feb 10, 2015

    Those who want to Understand the Power of Thoughts must Know the origin of All Thoughts.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jan 26, 2015

    "Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die." Is that the saying?
    The better question is, "What makes us ill, what do we need healing from?" Ourselves?

  • Anonymous Icon

    IntelligentAnimation Jan 26, 2015

    A more difficult question to answer would be whether or not medicines can heal us.

    The very fact that a placebo works is reason enough to know that our thoughts have an impact on healing.

    Conscious intelligence is what heals us, not any medicines. Medicines generally only relieve symptoms while the natural healing takes place. There are also antibiotics, but eventually our microbial enemies will evolve immunity to any antibiotic, so it is a hopeless effort in the long term. Remember, viruses and harmful bacteria are intelligent agencies that also are striving to survive, but at our expense.

    If you really want to know what is doing the healing, the healers are the intelligent cells within us, working together to maintain the body they themselves build and operate in a cooperative effort. Their consciousness and ours seem to be interconnected, so yes, our thoughts can improve the function of our cells. So I guess I agree with Parker on the matter of healing.

    In this regard, yes, our thoughts can heal our bodies, albeit somewhat indirectly.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Imagination Jan 26, 2015

    Do our thoughts have the power to heal? Yes (my view). X-ref: Myrtle Fillmore, Charles Fillmore, Mary Morrissey, others. Myrtle Fillmore said, for her, it took two years for wholesome thoughts to heal her.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 22, 2014

    Two small problems:
    1) sample size
    2) "Qigong research:
    The 18 reports that we have investigated (PubMed) reveal nothing about how external qi works. We will look at that later"

  • Anonymous Icon

    okhpen Jun 22, 2014

    Why not? Information can be converted into energy. Perhaps the following links help.

    Information-energy equivalence in qigong: reviewing Dossey and Schwartz’s “Therapeutic Intent/Healing Bibliography of Research” in light of Pang Ming’s Three Levels Theory of Matter

    How qigong works

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Jun 15, 2014

    iDo our thoughts make us ill, or more susceptible to too illness?
    Perhaps in limited ways. Stress, which is mental to a large degree, alters body chemistry, putting us at a higher risk for illness.

    So then the reverse may be true. But the language of the question, "power to heal" is steeped in "magical thinking" and no pure science.

  • NoetPoet Jun 07, 2014

    "There is no self to heal. but i've never really noticed doctors spend all day healing themselves, missing the point ?"

    You'd actually have to make a point in the first place in order for me to miss it.

    "Perhaps is it possible to heal a broken mind is more your interest and the answer to that might be leave it alone and it will fix itself. Natures tendency is to effect the best repair possible."

    What do you mean by a "broken mind"? Leaving ailments to fix themselves and then taking credit for it - that sounds like alternative/prayer-based medicine in a nutshell!

  • Hellseer Jun 06, 2014

    There is no self to heal. but i've never really noticed doctors spend all day healing themselves, missing the point ? Perhaps is it possible to heal a broken mind is more your interest and the answer to that might be leave it alone and it will fix itself. Natures tendency is to effect the best repair possible.

  • NoetPoet May 17, 2014

    very easy to effect some repairs with Bodichitta. If one tries to direct it to one's own end that doesn't really work, it's called altruistc intent because one doesn't have any vested interest in where the healing or energy goes.

    Why shouldn't directing healing thoughts to one's own end work? How is one's own self any less worthy of healing than someone else? Is it ever really possible to have altruistic intent? And if you can't control where the healing or energy goes, then how do you even know that you were actually responsible for it anyway?

  • Hellseer May 17, 2014

    very easy to effect some repairs with Bodichitta. If one tries to direct it to one's own end that doesn't really work, it's called altruistc intent because one doesn't have any vested interest in where the healing or energy goes.

  • James Davis Apr 21, 2014

    dustproduction wrote:
    "Is there a difference between feelings and emotions?"

    I noticed that the words "Emotions" and "feelings" are widely used to described the same or nearly the same experiences.

    But "feeling" is also used for less subjective or more obviously physical sensations.

    dustproduction wrote:
    "Is there a difference between out conscious and unconscious thoughts feelings and emotions?"

    I'm thinking the unconscious ones run very deep and are apt to be far more than we imagine.

    Best Thoughts,


  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 20, 2014

    Is there a difference between feelings and emotions?
    Is there a difference between out conscious and unconscious thoughts feelings and emotions?

  • James Davis Apr 19, 2014

    The mass of humanity lives mainly in emotions, and "thoughts," not so much. Yet humanity is burdened by various illnesses. So it is not "thought" that is responsible.

    I'm thinking thoughts have some healing power, but more importantly, emotions. It is the emotional state that so often is potent in healing or hurting us. And behind these there is an energy flow that gives the thought or emotion its power.

  • NoetPoet Jan 05, 2014

    In my opinion, our thoughts have the power to heal by changing our behaviour and lifestyle, and they have the power to heal by helping us get our bodies into a relaxed and focused state which allows the body to heal itself at optimum efficiency. Our thoughts definitely have the power to help heal many psychological illnesses, indeed this is the whole basis of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

    I think there is a lot to be said for the power of suggestion in healing, and my sense is that mainstream medicine does not give the power of suggestion the respect it deserves. Apparently the Kahuna priests of pre-Christianised Hawaii were very good at using the power of suggestion to heal (see "The Secret Science Behind Miracles" by Max Freedom Long, http://www.sacred-texts.com/nth/ssbm/ ).

    I also suspect that the "Phantom Limb" phenomenon which is experienced by amputees might be able to be used in regenerating missing limbs in humans. However I have no evidence to back up this claim.

  • Anonymous Icon

    wbilly3814 Dec 05, 2013

    I have a text which describes a unique definition for consciousness that I am making avilable to all IONS members for free. It is 800 pages of Quantum Theory, the history of it, most particularly where and how the idea that consciousness plays a role in 'painting the universe into being' came from, and how it got lost along the way, bringing about speculative approaches to Quantum Physics that exclude consciousness from the equations altogether, even mocking the idea.

    It is a great history lesson in Quantum Theory and Physics mellowed down to the lay reader's ability to fully grasp.

    The second half of the text puts this unique defintion back into Quantum Theory, and describes the physics as the founders had saught to do, but didn't live to do, because they could not find this definition for cosnsciousness suitable within the framework of Quantum Physics, the Religions and Philosophies of Man.

    If you would like a copy (free) email me at wbilly3814@yahoo.com, put IONS Memebr in the subject line, and let me know if you would like a pdf, kindle, or epub.

    thank you

    william joseph bray

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    dustproduction Oct 14, 2013


    With the cameras in hot pursuit, Derren faces his toughest project yet, going in search of an unsuspecting member of the British public prepared to adopt the guise of a pastor and miracle worker.

    His chosen one then has six months to learn the trade and flourish across the pond as a convincing pastor.

    The final phase of the volunteer's extraordinary challenge sees them attempt to perform faith healing miracles live in Texas, but will Derren's new recruit be accepted as a faith healer or cast away as fake healer? (from http://derrenbrown.co.uk/blog/2011/04...)

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 12, 2013

    I'm not going to debate home remedies with you. It is what passes for science among those with limited knowledge.

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 12, 2013

    Talk about faith. "The mind is in the brain." " The universe was created by the Big Bang." "Materialistic medicine is the only one that works". "Drinking raw milk is dangerous" "The government always tells us the truth" "the tooth fairy will leave some money underneath my pillow."

    “Should science be a fundamentalist belief system? Or should it be based on open-minded inquiry into the unknown?”

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 12, 2013

    A placebo is a self induced remedy. When one looks at homeopathy trials the results are far above placebo effect. However it is necessary to look with an open mind.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 12, 2013

    A "limited knowledge" ,but an abundance of faith. Perhaps, that is how the "thoughts" work to heal. Perhaps it is all placebo?

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 12, 2013

    "What work better thoughts or Homeopathy? Why do we need both?"

    Different situations require different tools and it also depends on who is using what. I personally have only a limited knowledge of Homeopathy and thought healing so it is difficult to say which is best. Radionics which is related to thought healing uses homeopathy in the form of rates. So in that case both are employed.

    Why did you ask?

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 10, 2013

    What work better thoughts or Homeopathy? Why do we need both?

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 06, 2013


    Thanks for the video post. I had not see this before.

    One extremely interesting point he brings up is the EEG reading of no electrical activity in people who were having a near death experience(NDE) which was gathered by the Dutch scientist. The brain was not functioning at all and yet the person was having this NDE.

    Once again the evidence of the extended mind. Learning how intentions work in healing should be high on the scientific investigation list because of the economy implications alone. National health services are going broke and this type of healing should be very cost effective.

  • bestearth Sep 05, 2013

    I like Sheldrake, the afterlife investigations is also good material to highlight how science won't deal with the obvious phenomena that point to the existence of a connective field. He's got a standout mind, him being banned by TED shows how threatening true thought can be. To my mind he is totally on the ball. A very finely balanced, principled, virtuous and beautiful man. I just found another hero.

    Dusto, you took my comment about Jobs a little literally. I was trying to use your way of dismissing things. It's interesting how you chose to dismiss Braden by bringing up some obscure point about his past. Anyhow, I respect that you have your own point of view. If we all agreed there would be nothing driving discussion. Cheers.

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 03, 2013

    In this video Rupert Sheldrake discusses the evidence of the extended mind and the fact that the mind is not the brain. He discusses the sense of being stared at which seems to be ignored by many scientist or treated as "paranormal". This is strange since most people have had this experience which would make it normal.
    I have a friend who is a retired special operations soldier who also affirmed his training and ability to know when someone was staring at him. It is a normal part of the training and tool of security people.
    Sheldrakes research indicates that the mind has an ability to effect others which could not occure if it was only in the brain.


  • Anonymous Icon

    Otto Krog Sep 02, 2013

    Our thoughts are the opposite energy to the energy we know in the physical universe. I think that consciousness is outside the brain in the form of anti-energy. That idea gives a whole new theory about physics and consciousness. Read about it at www.crestroy.com

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 02, 2013

    Re: Bradenn

    You seem to not know very about someone you've describe as, "A hero of mine." I think it is reasonable to ask where Braden got his influences from and whether he has any formal training in the areas his lecture on. Otherwise he merely parroting a complex array in alternative explanation that he is profiting from. He attracts those people that want to believe in an alternative "something." And he delivers in spades overwhelming people with his version of the "truth." But in the end, it is just another BELIEF system.
    I did listen to the a great deal of the presentation and found no shortage of factual errors or instances where Bradenn is stretching the facts.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 02, 2013

    Regarding Jobs: it is easy to find his connection to electronics.

    " As a boy, Jobs and his father would work on electronics in the family garage. Paul would show his son how to take apart and reconstruct electronics, a hobby which instilled confidence, tenacity and mechanical prowess in young Jobs.

    While Jobs has always been an intelligent and innovative thinker, his youth was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling. A prankster in elementary school, Jobs's fourth-grade teacher needed to bribe him to study. Jobs tested so well, however, that administrators wanted to skip him ahead to high school—a proposal that his parents declined.

    Not long after Jobs did enroll at Homestead High School (1971), he was introduced to his future partner, Steve Wozniak, through a friend of Wozniak's. Wozniak was attending the University of Michigan at the time. In a 2007 interview with ABC News, Wozniak spoke about why he and Jobs clicked so well: "We both loved electronics and the way we used to hook up digital chips," Wozniak said. "Very few people, especially back then had any idea what chips were, how they worked and what they could do. I had designed many computers so I was way ahead of him in electronics and computer design, but we still had common interests. We both had pretty much sort of an independent attitude about things in the world. ..."

    But it is also ironic that you would bring Steve Jobs up in a thread on whether thoughts have the power to heal.

    Having worked in critical care for over 15 years, it has been my experience that some patients who choose 100% alternative therapies over any traditional Western medicine do so either out of fear or because of a desire to control an out of control situation. Some research supports this premise as well. Walter Isaacson, the author of Jobs' biography, said, "I think he felt if you ignore something you don't want to exist, you can have magical thinking. It had worked for him in the past and he would regret it." As a man who led a multi billion-dollar organization and one who was used to making tough, independent decisions, it didn't surprise me that Jobs chose only alternative therapies for his initial treatment. He was more comfortable being in control and extreme dieting gave him the illusion of control. However, Steve was also a calculated risk taker. He chose to pursue alternatives despite the lack of evidence. So why did he do it? Research supports that many restrictive diets, disordered eating patterns and ardent alternative therapy practices stem from a strong desire to control, particularly in response to diagnosis of a life-changing disease.

    Steve Jobs, his decision, upon initial diagnosis, to completely favor one type of treatment over another may have done harm, but his cancer journey is a valuable example of courage, humility, strength and the power of decision.


  • bestearth Sep 02, 2013

    Steve Jobs was a drop out and therefore not qualified to talk about IT. He did a calligraphy course , what on earth has that got to do with computers?

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Sep 02, 2013

    What qualifies Bradenn as an expect on "ancient wisdom" or anything that he lectures about and I ask this as an honest question since his bio only includes the following:

    "Following a successful career as a computer geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis, he worked as a Senior Computer Systems Designer with Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the final years of the Cold War. In 1991, he became the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems."

  • bestearth Aug 25, 2013

    I watched this video of Greg Braden's 'Divine Matrix. I'm sure it will elevate anyone's understanding. One of the most compelling presentation I've seen from him. A hero of mine. It's more than 3hrs long. A must watch for people interested in consciousness.


    Billy G, I think ROS's word for it 'Universal Core Truth' may have a number of equivalents. Stephen Hawking called it' The mind of God', also goes by 'Nature's Mind' or Sheldrake- The quantum hologram, or 'the matrix' and has been termed in the early days the 'aether'. When the ether was dismissed in 1886 by the Michelson/Morley experiment, turns out they made an assumption. They didn't detect any movement so they assumed it doesn't exist because their equipment couldn't detect movement. A bit like going outside when it's calm and saying air doesn't exist because you can't feel it on your face.

    I was amazed to find out that in 1996 the USAF repeated this experiment with more modern, sensitive equipment and concluded it does exist and published the results in the prestigious journal 'Nature' in august 1986, journal#322. So why is science so slow to catch on?..momentum, fear of change and all that. I guess they don't want to find out that the books they wrote on the assumption space is empty are pretty much outdated.

    It's also called "The Field" like in Lyn McTaggart's book of the same name.

    ROS, according to Braden a feeling is the union of thought and emotion and this feeling resides in the heart from which it is possible to speak the language of the field, what you call "Universal Core Truth" probably. Prayers that involve words, petitions, expectations are ineffective. The key he says to communicating is hold a coherent feeling in your heart as if your prayer has already been answered. He used many examples such as the China hospital healings and native american rain-making 'prayers'. It's not the words that do it but the heart waves emanating from a coherent judgement-free, ego-free state where the healing has already happened. The healing occurs because the field aligns itself with the heart state producing what most would call a miracle and some would call 'impossible'.

  • Billgreenjeans Aug 23, 2013

    I am apparently the only ignorant contributor here because I do not understand what or who is "Universal Core Truth". Please enlighten me.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 23, 2013


    Science has NOT "proved the existence of God."

    Science's "The God Particle" has nothing to do with conventional perception of "God." The physics behind the concept of "God" do NOT begin at the Universal Core, but rather at the point in which humans get distracted and lost. Hence, the convenient Divine Projection.

    "The God Particle" is science's attempt to discover what first caused mass to become matter. Playing on these metaphors (mass, what matters), they nicknamed that spark they seek after the conventional deity.

    The world not wanting to "let go" of their deities, for Higher Truth, is like their settling for having to swim around the world, battling sharks, when they could have taken a boat.

    The Answers are there, waiting to be discovered, but people want the fight instead. They want the subjectivity, because they think it gives them power, but with it, they get consequences of relentless war!

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Aug 23, 2013

    Thoughts don't actually heal, neither do feelings. Nor prayer, as a religious context.

    What heals is...balance. The body is aware of Universal Core Truth, including the brain. Sentients try their darnedest to throw everything out of balance with their misperceptions and inventions, that causes stress that the body and brain have to deal with, and the stress becomes illness.

    Meditation is like sitting "in the middle" of a circle, as if at the Core, trying to draw everything back into balance. The more that balance is achieved, the closer to wellness of body and brain.

    When people put their hands together in prayer, that is similar to meditation, but the outcome has nothing to do with religion or a deity. It is simply a parallel to the relinquishing of control, which helps the already-realized (of Universal Truth) body/brain shed the stressors, and hence return itself to a more a balanced state.

  • bestearth Aug 23, 2013

    In this video Greg Braden describes that very definitely thought or more precisely a feeling can heal. It shows a hospital in China where apparently thousands of these type of healings have routinely occurred. A hospital without medicine. And also the US army's repeat of the Michaelson/ Morley experiment with more modern equipment which proved in 1986 that the 'field' exists, that the ether exists and connects all things in it. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter. Watch the tumour disappear before your eyes. I am inspired.


  • Anonymous Icon

    Alihaider Aug 16, 2013

    Through my personal experience I agree, but still unable to understand how and why. I guess that's the reason, religions got rituals which apparently seems weird.

  • Joseph Smith May 20, 2013

    Notice that mine is the last word in most of these discussions. Tea Party Patriots barred me because I became the last word. The Tea Party Patriots founder is now crying in her beer before Congress. She says the IRS singled her out to pick on. In December 1986, The Palm Beach Post printed a story about me and the IRS, the IRS admitting that for eleven years it had been mistaken about the tax it collected from me. The story told about the IRS twice violating court orders. It's all a game. Every now and then Congress, to let us know it is for us, puts the IRS on the carpet. Do our thoughts have the power to heal? My thoughts healed me. Did my thoughts heal you?

  • Joseph Smith May 19, 2013

    Yes, ultimately, everything boils down to energy, E=MC2, Einstein's magic formula. Before there can be any "thing," however, there must be a field of psychic energy, proven by Bell's theorem, with which Einstein was unfamiliar. The cutting edge of science understands that the physical domain, which is governed by immutable laws, leaves open a range of happenings that are left to the selection of the mind--with the power to determine the state of events. In Genesis 1:26, "And God said, Let us make man in our image." Our image existed before man was here. Our image is inextricably connected with the Supreme Consciousness of the universe. We have no idea of the power that exists within us. Some say that the cutting edge of science is trying to smuggle god into physics. Science has now proved God, but it will take a long time to get this proof generally accepted. .

    When I was age 71, my doctor told me that I was a candidate for open-heart surgery. I'm not consciously aware of my heartbeat. It's automatic. Involved with my sick heart was stress, something else I don't control. In the nick of time, at age 73, I cut out, left my stress-filled city life in favor of a life on wheels. Home was wherever I was. And that was my choice. My heart condition disappeared without open-heart surgery. It was mind over matter.

    Sadly, most people trudge through burdensome lives not knowing that they can will any life they want. Government is behind this. We better wise up. Obmacare is going to make your health more your responsibility.

  • Anonymous Icon

    iamonesoru Aug 09, 2012

    Everything is energy. All kinetic energy is thought projected or energy in motion. Thought is responsible for, not only healing but for, the necessity of healing, or disease (dis-ease). All healing is simply the correction of errors of thought, or the transformation of thought from a state of dis-ease, which allows the body to follow suit.

  • A I Jul 12, 2012

    I read a few of the comments. The one point I liked was that thoughts don't heal. They are tools. Intent adn emotion move energy, one can call it will, but will is a combinations of things often, adn implies more active part on the person who sends healign energy, which it's more a momentum and total action, part of a larger event which we take part. It's a semantic point but meanings help in conveying understanding.
    We are energy, various levels, and as well vital life, so thought is energy that is focused an assigned value. same energy peraps tha moves our hands, can be converted by the mind into thought. Bu the emphasis, life is an event....a total event and all inclusive.
    We use our own energy at times, or what we can call our own or we can pull streams of energy through us.
    We observe and even adn lets say we have compassion, that sends energy. It's eve more subtle that thought, it's more intellgience, the act of observation and action as one fluid motion. We can pray. Visualize in so many ways, or even just know....without any action other than that, that healign is being sent and go on about the day.Oddly, as other have noted, life energy heals on it's own. One whom we send healign can with low self value or shame block that healing. Or we can waste energy, or exhaust ourselves ....often we use our own energy rather than conduit more subtle streams.....
    Thre is a saying that life is prayer. All acts are a form of prayer.
    Certain healing in non linear formats is in my experience actual. But that, as we are selves are living energy, we heal naturlly all of us with love, and soemtimes just by beliving in someone can effect the course of thier lives, albeit mildly, if tehy doubt themselves. It does sound odd. I imagine to read this to some.
    Often that any positive thought causes change at some level. SO to adress the idea we are living beings, this implies so much more that we understand as a species. Animals too, heal. A walk in nature can, as it changes ho we see oureslves and also the vitality in forests, in vegitative life is extremely potent.
    But healing and thought. Thought is a teriary tool. A nifty tool so we can commmuncaite with each other and at times, pull together concepts more easily. I suppose. We are an odd species. deeply beautiful albeit.
    To see or feel the energy of another life form, it extends, puls back, can form walls, in both linear and non linear ways.....weather we are aware or not.
    We often underestimate who we are.
    Hope this was of some value.
    Peace to you all.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ForsureYunome Jul 12, 2012

    All you whom I would of chuckled at but a week ago...
    iamonesoru, Kyrani, frequency tuner..... these fuckers are down right visionary mentals. I wouldn't of shook a stick at the thought of anything psi or psychologically relevant just days ago before I stumbled into alot about frequencies and DNA the other day. I have now collected much from the more establishment friendly realm of dissertations, patents and other research articles as well as circumstantial research that suddenly makes sense from this new perspective on reality i have just attained. Check out the collection of bookmarks in my pearltree above and help me put this all together.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ForsureYunome Jul 12, 2012


    Idk how the heck I ended up on this subject but Take a look at my link above which is my pearltree collection entitled DNA Magic i began about two weeks ago. I found this site about an hour ago but I seem to have been collecting some info you might be very interested in.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Dathan Jul 10, 2012

    This is something that should be tested. Surely there can be attained definitive evidence. How difficult can if be to set up an expiriment and gain funding, if even needed...

  • Anonymous Icon

    iamonesoru Jun 11, 2012

    Our thoughts most definitely do have the power to heal. Unfortunately they also have the power to create disease. All disease in the human body is created as a result of the state of dis-ease that exists between our intellects and our emotions.

    Because we have been taught to repress our emotions, we have basically been taught not to understand them. What are emotions? Why do we have them? How important is it for us to come to understand them?

    Because our emotions are meant to be processed by the right hemisphere, feminine, intuitive half of our physical brain, our repression of emotion has caused this half of the brain to atrophy, somewhat like a muscle that isn’t exercised.

    Contrary to popular opinion, thought does not originate in the physical human brain, it is simply processed there. Thought is basically an energetic signal that carries information, somewhat like a radio wave.

    This signal is being broadcast in two different formats that we perceive as light, and love. We receive the signal in the format of light through the body’s five physical senses. We receive the signal in the format of love through what has been called the chakra system.

    The chakra system is very real, and much more important to our understanding of neuroscience than we can even imagine. It is much more than just the esoteric eastern concept that we ridicule and assign to the imagination of yogis or avatars, and Buddhist monks.

    The Chakra system is also referred to in the Christian New Testament book of Revelations as “the seven churches, which are in Asia”, as well as the seven seals.

    These seven receiver/transmitter energy transformers, or bio-transducers are the interfaces that connect the meta-physical parts of us with the physical body through the glands of the endocrine system.

    These glands secrete chemicals that produce chemical reactions that are in fact a communication of information or data, in the format of love, received by the chakras, and a practical rather than esoteric understanding of this process is not only possible, but essential to our further evolution as a species.

    Because we have repressed our emotions and ignored our energy centers, our emotional “bodies” have not evolved in step with our mental “bodies”. We have become mentally and emotionally unbalanced and more and more unstable as a result

    Emotionally, we still exist in the mental state that allowed the behaviors of the dark ages, and intellectually we now exist in a state of “science fiction”.

    We focus our attention and intent on creating new technologies, regardless of our responsibilities, with little or no awareness of the ramifications of these technologies, nor the destructive uses to which they may, and probably will be put.

    Our physical dis-eases as well as our societal dis-eases can be healed by the power of thought, but not so long as we ignore the power of Love.

  • parker May 07, 2012

    @ dedanoe:

    The IONS STAFF posed the question "Do your thoughts have power to heal?" Perhaps they are currently distracted, or otherwise uninterested or unable to ask you what your discourse means, or how it relates to the question, but I would surely appreciate your explanation in that regard.

  • parker Apr 28, 2012

    It seems we are skirting the issue that "healing" exists within the intelligence coded within our DNA, this being the ability for the body to physically heal itself. We cut ourselves or break a leg by accident, the body heals it. We see this, therefore we accept it.

    We also suffer from emotional disorders and psychological stresses that we do not see, thus is is harder to accept the negative influences of these things. Likewise simple negative thoughts do not pose an immediate perceptible damage, yet we have learned to accept that negative thinking can be harmful in many physical, emotional, and perhaps spiritual ways.

    If we had never experienced a physical injury and the subsequent automatic healing of it by our body, perhaps we would be less likely to simply accept the body's ability to physically heal itself. But we have indeed witnessed the body's remarkable physical healing abilities. We do not "think" or create these abilities, they simply pre-exist within us, and automatically kick in when needed.

    Likewise if we can do physical, mental, emotional or spiritual damage with negative thoughts, which we know we can, then we can also do physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing with positive thoughts. These capacities to damage or to heal by process of thought are not due to our superior ability to think, they simply just pre-exist within our being, just like the ability to physically damage or heal the body pre-exists within us too.

    When we accept that it is our physical body, or our metal or spiritual being that is healing itself, what we really first need to learn, is to stop interfering with the design - to get our ego out of the way, and let the human construct heal itself the way it was designed to do.

  • Anonymous Icon

    goddess22 Apr 22, 2012

    The mind is a transmitter and receiver. We receive thoughts or influences from many outside of self resources. This is why group consciousness can have such an influence upon our health, beliefs, fears, and perceptions. There have been scientific studies about group consciousness by a German scientist, I am sorry I don't have his name. He measured the data of group thoughts from such major events as Princess Di's death. Thoughts are so important tot he welfare of all life on this planet. Our negative or positive thoughts influence everything. Emoto's research on water shows this. Hatred destroys the water molecules and love heals them. Just based on this research, and since our bodies are 90% water, it is conceivable that our thoughts can certainly infuence our health. If you believe or in fear of becoming sick, you will. We bring to us what we fear or believe.

  • parker Apr 15, 2012

    If I have expressed something related to my observations of thoughts influencing healing, it is not to challenge "your" point, rather to share what I have experienced in a manner that I hoped may be helpful for others with less than perfect understanding of the healing power of these thoughts. For many of these other people, there remains a learning curve in order to fully appreciate what you say you agree with in my last paragraph below.

    Again, I apologize for my less than perfect ability to put my experience into words that meet with your satisfaction. Nonetheless, my experience with using the the energy inherent to thoughts, beliefs and intentions, for purposes of physical and spiritual healing, remains as testament to its effectiveness, for a great many that have been helped to heal themselves.

  • KYRANI Apr 15, 2012

    in your last paragraph you got it. There is no mention of thoughts and beliefs etc. That is my point. While ever you talk about energy you bring up concepts that influence how a person thinks and what they perceive and that can affect their ability to heal.

  • parker Apr 14, 2012

    In the sense of "Thoughts having the power to heal" - the intent of this thread, your response to mine is non-responsive and counter-productive.

    It is irrelevant and immaterial to declare a Wikipedia definition, or a scientific opinion of what energy is, as being more valid than the knowledge of what the energy is, as expressed by the Creator of the energy itself.

    You already agreed: "We do not know what is not expressed, or by what manner He expresses all things, except by perceiving those patterns of energy that He expresses as all things for us to behold." Therefore any further definition of energy is meaningless. The "thoughts" or the "energy" within them that enables healing is the issue.

    I am not a "New Ager" - far from it. You make irrational claims such as thoughts and ideas traveling faster than light, yet you do not even know for certain if anything including light actually travels. Science has long established that space and distance are relative things, hence there is no such thing as traveling, only the perception of it, and speed is even more relative, since even time is a subjective temporal perception.

    There are great many more aspects of the power of thoughts, beliefs and ideas that may be beneficially applied to healing. The practical application of these things for actual healing, does not justify or even require an uninformed argument about their unknown make-up.We do not need to agree on why gravity causes the apple to "fall" from the tree, but if we accept it does, then we can simply enjoy the fruit.

    Likewise with Healing. There exists power of some sort, somewhere within our thoughts and beliefs that can strategically, and fairly easily be directed by virtually anyone willing, to enable healing of physical, mental and spiritual dis-eases. Sufficient explanation of how and what is also easily obtained via direct communion with the source, thus also eliminating the need for any ego-competitive attempts to explain it.

  • KYRANI Apr 14, 2012

    @parker cont.
    What is life? What sustains life? Just because live matter and dead matter move differently doesn’t say that life is energy. We don’t know what life is, we can’t say what the difference between life and death is. There is no definition. Yes it is fashionable, very New Age and all that to call “it” energy but that is an arbitrary call!

  • KYRANI Apr 14, 2012

    E=mc2, where
    m is the mass,
    c is the speed of light in vacuum, (c2 is c squared)
    E is the rest mass energy. (This is from Wikipedia, but other people call this frozen energy, rest energy etc).
    This equation says the amount of energy is directly proportional to the mass of body

    When we look at subatomic particles like for instance electrons they appear to move but they are not moving, at least not in the way we understand motion. They are popping in and out of existence. We could say that a definition of energy associated with mass, mass energy or rest energy is the oscillation of information between a state of being known and a state of being unknown.

    Yes, on top of this we may have vibrational energy in crystals etc.
    The Problema: What I am objecting to is this statement. You said “Each thing that exists, exists as a distinct pattern of organized, intelligent energy. Whether the thing is the thought, the belief, the intent, the moon, or the particles that make up the moon, the earth, or gravity, etc”
    You are equating thoughts, beliefs, intents with material objects and even gravity. You and many New Agers pluck the rabbit out of the hat, but we, the rest of the world, have no evidence that these are made of the same stuff. Thoughts, beliefs and intent are non-material! They travel faster than light, far faster. That is why I say if we had a definition of energy then maybe we could say something intelligible about this relationship that you are insisting upon. What is mind? Yes you can go on about it being energy but we have no evidence for this. The problem is that we can’t think outside the “physical box” really as hard as we try. Everything around us, our normal perceptions are associated with mass and energy. So what is thought? We can’t say. We can observe/ perceive thoughts, we can use thoughts, we can look at brain scans and see physical activity (as in blood flow and energy generation by the cells in certain areas) but what does that mean? We can’t say what all these things really are. And by the way emotions are NOT non-material substances, “emotions are the rational changes to whole body function in order for some work to be done in or by the body” –my definition. And this is not hard to see. You can sit in meditation and observe the occurrence of ideas and when those ideas are significant or relevant in some way and you get “hooked” by them then you will find rational changes to whole body function. It is simple observation. Sure the doctors want to call them psychological and “brain functions” and as stuff stored on virtual hard disks in the brain or generated by the brain but that only helps them sell drugs. They know their summations amount to naught. It is a simple low down con of an ignorant public.

  • parker Apr 13, 2012

    It is unnecessary to have a "definition" of energy, to know that it exists. Matter is NOT total rest energy. All things that we perceive as matter are in motion. The smallest known particles, when magnified sufficiently, are first, never stationary, and second, of no quantifiable or measurable substance, and third, completely invisible. The only detectable difference between the energy found and stored in a chip of cedar wood, or in a fragment of brain matter, is the specific pattern of motion that the energy maintains while in that form of substance.

    Physicists have descriptions of this patterned energy, and know that only the variation of the patterns of movement of this energy, determines the way the energy is perceived, or what the energy is perceived as being. This applies to the energy patterns inherent to everything known to exist within the universe. In gold the energy patterns are denser than in air, but they are clearly evident as being organized patterns of the same invisible energy.

    "Life", is known to exist in the universe. It presents itself as an inherent component of otherwise inert mass, rendering that mass "alive". The main apparent difference between the living matter and the dead matter, is the change of the pattern of motion that the energy maintains. When the "life" leaves the matter, the pattern of motion of the energy changes.

    For example, the patterns of motion of the energy in a living plant cell, change, but do not stop - ever, even when that plant cell is dried out and long dead. For further example, the weight of a fertilized chicken egg changes as the life within the egg matures and just prior to hatching. This is measurable, yet nothing measurable can either get in or out during the process, except life energy.

    Thoughts, beliefs, and emotional feelings are also patterned energy expressing itself in both measurable and perceptible manners. Doctors possess many means by which they can observe the changes in brain energy patterns simply by evoking certain thoughts and feelings, or by having those thoughts or feelings expressed.

    We can observe these variations of the energy patterns in all things, whether those things are of apparent material substance, or whether they are of non-material substance, such as thoughts, beliefs, or emotions.

    In the strictest sense, the energy that is "patterned" and thereby expressed as all these things, could be labelled intelligence, and this intelligence, simply expresses itself through myriad patterns of organized energy. If the original energy is not intelligence, then the energy itself is sufficiently intelligent to express itself as all things. We know this because all things are.

  • KYRANI Apr 12, 2012

    @ parker.
    Maybe I should not have said "travels" because the mind is not like the 3d world we are accustomed to. The mind is most probably a singularity, which has a one to one corespondence with every point in the material /illusory creation. So once it is upheld in mind then whatever /whoever is relationally entangled cach become aware. And they become aware to the extent that the information is relevant. So for instance information that is highly relevant is very easily observed, while information on the other hand that is irrelevant to the other person is not observed or so faintly it would not become conscious.

  • KYRANI Apr 12, 2012

    you seem to be very free and easy with this word 'energy'. Firstly we don't have a definition. No one has come up with a formula to say what energy is. Matter is total rest energy, but that still does not say what energy is. You also don't appreciate that what we call energy is still part of the material world. It is elusive, yes, but it is still of the material realm. It is what matter is made of. Thoughts, belief, intelligence and so on are not material. We cannot say what they are because we cannot observe nor study them directly, at least not at present. We can see that they are non-material because one person in relationship with another can, under certain conditions, present an idea to another person and that other person can perceive it, transcending space. It travels faster than anything known, eg it travels faster than light. But we can't really say what it is, not even to say that thought is a "higher form of energy". All we can really say is that it is made of the "mind stuff" whatever that is.

  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    Each thing that exists, exists as a distinct pattern of organized, intelligent energy. Whether the thing is the thought, the belief, the intent, the moon, or the particles that make up the moon, the earth, or gravity, etc., every thing is an expression of the same intelligent energy, and every thing is expressed as a variation of patterned organization of that energy. This energy is also intelligence, but it is the expression of the intelligence, or you might say, it is an intelligent expression of the energy.

    Free will, intent, and belief, are also just organized patterns of the same intelligent energy, or intelligently organized patterns of that energy. And you are correct, inasmuch as thoughts that are not expressed, remain much like thoughts that are expressed without intent, or thoughts that are expressed without any faith in the concepts behind the thoughts, therefore thought, intent and belief are all of the same original intelligent energy, but they are very different expressions of it, that have very different yet distinct effects one upon the other, or upon other things.

    A key to comprehending why thoughts, when coupled with intent and belief, appear to have power to cause other things to change, or bodies to heal for example, is the knowledge that all thoughts of healing are of this intelligent energy that is connected to all things, because all things are an expression of the same intelligent energy that is the healing thought.

  • KYRANI Apr 10, 2012

    @ parker
    I agree with what you are saying and I didn't mean to change DNA totally, only a bit. And I sure do commune with that inner power/ intelligence/ higher self whatever we are to call it. It loves me, protects me, guides me etc., it is my All.

    However with thought and intent.. thoughts are information but I experience intent as a directive or instruction if you like that sets things into motion. They may well both be thoughts but intent has power in it where as thoughts are mere information. Also belief is having confidence in the thought. You can't have confidence in all thoughts. You have confidence in those you may choose or those you see evidence.
    Thoughts, information, intelligence, belief and intent may all be made of the same "stuff" whatever it is but they are also different in some ways. At least that is my experience. When I make mental prescriptions I don't get results from just thoughts, there needs to be intent and belief.

  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    Thoughts and intents are one and the same. You cannot have an intent, without first having "thought" of it. Intelligence, is energy in motion, and energy in motion is intelligence, or at least it is intelligent enough to express itself as all things including thoughts, intents and the free will to engage any of them.

    Commune with your true inner self, not your inner ego, and it will reveal these things to you, It has no agenda aside from revealing all truth to you as fast as you are able to accept it.

    Of course we can deliberately, accidentally and even willfully change our DNA in moderate amounts, but you cannot for example, change your DNA totally to what you want - you cannot suddenly become "superman", or a duck, there are any number of very real and actual limitations that are pre-programmed into what and who you are.

    There is much nourishment found within the wisdom willing to be revealed to you from within one's inner self. This Spiritual refreshment of the temporal mind and body is perhaps the most powerful and easily evidenced method of improving physical health and maintaining a healthy temporal body. When you commune with your true inner self, you will then learn from that source of all knowledge, what is truly healthy and beneficial for your temporal body. We tend otherwise to waste tremendous time and energy relying on our puny little minds, trying to second guess what is good for us.

  • KYRANI Apr 10, 2012

    I don’t see thoughts as energy, I see them as information/ intelligence. To use a thought you have to apply intent. If there is no intent and belief then the thought is useless. I suspect there is a subtle difference between information and energy. However there has to be a will to use the thought.

    I would also differ with you on the statement of “limited to a set of pre-programmed instructions within our DNA”. It is well known that the various genes can change expression but the DNA can be changed and changed using the will and thought.

    I would also beg to differ with you on this point, “There may be better things to focus on than health of the temporal body - perhaps the health of the eternal life essence, or Spirit within us for example.” The temporal body is a temple and to gain the greatest level of spiritual awakening we need to look after the temple and make sure it is sound. Health is a very important issue. As for the eternal life essence” it is eternal as you rightly say but it is also incorruptible. It cannot be burnt, it cannot be wetted, it doesn’t decay etc., etc., etc., We need to fully awaken spiritually, which is to come into a greater and greater awareness and identification with that essence.

  • parker Apr 09, 2012

    The specifically organized patterns of energy that are thoughts, may be expressed with the intent to help in the healing of one's self or to help with the healing of another. And yes, there absolutely is some form of power, or energy embodied within all thoughts, which is why a thought can be both expressed and perceived - it is a known thing within the realm of all things.

    There are other subtle but nonetheless actual limits to our thoughts. We have limited free will for example. We are not free to create more life energy or intelligence, we merely have the free will to re-organize some aspects of the life or living energy that exists and is expressed as all things, into new patterns of thought to be expressed by us as the new things they are.

    Further we are limited to a set of pre-programmed instructions within our DNA. some that affect lifespan, physical or behavioral characteristics, general health and well being and many more things beyond our level of comprehension. No matter how effectively we may be able to use our thoughts to improve or enhance our health, we will all still have this temporal life experience come to an end, undoubtedly as a consequence of health related issues, not the least of which is simply old age.

    There may be better things to focus on than health of the temporal body - perhaps the health of the eternal life essence, or Spirit within us for example.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dinesh_dhadwal Apr 09, 2012

    Our ancestors have long ago clearly proven the power of our thought. Todays humans are focussed on the external environment & only believe anything materilistic. Unless there is a major shift in human awareness of our inter connectedness with the universe, the world will continue to go in self distructive path

  • parker Apr 05, 2012

    I agree with you, that the power to heal does not lie in the thoughts, and there is a field of energy and intelligence that is moved by thought. I would simply add that the influence of thought, or the ability of thought to cause a positive influence on health, is contingent upon the thought being expressed or visualized with a proper intent.

    As you also rightly stated, thoughts (or even actions) that are negative can often block the body's ability to maintain healthy "energy fields". This is because the negative thought energy causes a harmonic interference with the body's collective cellular energy, which is typically expressed and measurable in multiple energy fields within a whole. Likewise the energy of positive thoughts can help maintain a harmonious balance of these same energy fields.

    The same negative (or positive) influence of the harmonic balance of the body's energy fields, is most often unwittingly accomplished by repetitive (+ or -) thinking patterns, or repetitive (+ or -) actions, which can and do lead to many common dis-eases. This influence of our body's energy harmonics by the nature of our thoughts and actions occurs automatically, thus learning to pay attention to ourselves is paramount.

    I find English language to be limited. In this discourse, I have used the word "energy" to denote whatever it is, that is all things. For example, we know that "mass", virtually regardless of what the substance is, has a root component of energy, nothing more, nothing less - just energy. And this energy that is the mass, like the mass itself, because it is the mass, cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed from form to form.

    The energy obviously preceded the mass, because the mass in its various forms, is comprised of it, not the other way round. The perceived mass of everything that is, is speculatively perceived as having its beginning as a concentration of energy, yet there are many possible forms of this energy that we do yet fully perceive, notwithstanding that whatever these forms may be, they also have their beginnings from that same concentration of energy.

    Thoughts and beliefs are constructs of this same energy. Consciousness is also a specific construct of this same energy. In the strictest sense, the energy that is all things, could be labelled intelligence, and this intelligence, simply expresses itself through myriad forms of organized energy. If the original energy is not intelligence, then the energy itself is sufficiently intelligent to express itself as all things.

  • jdarrellg Apr 05, 2012

    The power to heal does not lie in the thoughts, but there is a field of energy and intelligence that is moved by thought. Its natural tendency is to create wholeness (i.e., to heal) and this inclination may be blocked by thoughts - therefore it may be unblocked by the appropriate thoughts. The role of thought is to be directive, to generate feelings of sufficient intensity that the surrounding field is allowed to perform its natural function - to create, to heal. Some choose to call this field God, if they wish, although this brings into play all the myths and misconceptions that have arisen over millennia. Thought can break the bonds that create our dis-ease.

  • KYRANI Apr 05, 2012

    @ Parker
    can we sort out some terms first. What do you call energy? Energy is not something that is defined by science but that doesn't mean that you don't have some definition that is valid. So can you tell me what you define as energy please?

  • parker Apr 05, 2012

    Healing in a physical sense is pre-programmed into each of our cells; we can do very little to change the program. For example, we slip and cut ourselves, the damaged cells automatically initiate a healing process. We can aid this process with intervention to clean and dress the wound, and if we accept it, we can stimulate a faster healing process with the proper expression of our thoughts and beliefs.

    Thoughts are simply a specifically organized pattern of energy; that energy which is the essence of all that exists. Beliefs are nothing more than a slightly more complex grouping of thoughts, meaning beliefs too, are simply specifically organized patterns of the same energy. Neither thoughts or beliefs hold any power, simply because they exist as thoughts or beliefs. Power, is merely another name for that same energy that is the essence of both the thought or the belief pattern.

    When the energy pattern(s) that is the thought or the belief, is expressed, by being stated, written or even visualized, it then has the ability to change or alter other things. (Things being energy patterns also.) It is by this "communication", or expressed communion of organized energy, that can cause things to be changed, influenced, improved or enhanced, whether for good or bad, and whether individually or collectively.

    Each human cell is sufficiently intelligent, at least so far as we are able to perceive intelligence, to create an entire human construct of billions of inter-connected cells, wherein those billions of cells communicate with an efficiency that enables the host construct to remain operational and in good health, while that host construct does not even fully comprehend how this can be. Obviously, the human construct is less intelligent than a single human cell, let alone the entire collection of billions of cells that reside within it.

    Therefore the elusive "power" that humans erroneously seek to heal themselves with, is not found within their puny little minds, it is found already existing within the intelligence of each tiny little cell. Thus learning to commune with this source of virtually unlimited knowledge is key, and quite simple actually.

    These cells commune with one another continually, and they yearn to commune with us at our conscious level. In fact they exist in a manner that is not just contingent upon our behavior, they are obedient to our conscious behavior in recognition of their being solely purposed to commune with and serve us, otherwise they would use that near infinite intelligence to do something other than serve us.

    We are each free to commune with our cells collective; our inner self, yet most are unwilling to accept this simple and easy reality, and rather persist with futile beliefs in struggling to learn "unique" abilities held only by a "special" few.

  • KYRANI Apr 05, 2012

    It is not our thoughts that affect our lives but our intentions and beliefs. A thought of itself has no power. Only when we add belief does the thought become empowered. However we also need to see how belief works and take into account that there are others in the world besides us and their behaviour has to be taken into account too. Your view of the world around us is a projection of our own inner world” is certainly the New Age view but this is very simplistic. We can see wars and oppression in the world on a massive scale and sure we can put our head in the sand by saying look the victim’s thinking brought it into being. Inevitably this view also says “don’t lets blame the aggressors”. All this does is help perpetuate violence and nothing else.

  • DenisGorceBourge Apr 05, 2012

    I think that our thoughts are shaping everything around us, our health, events, relationships...
    If we don't realise the power of our mind, we are just victims of life, unaware that it is simple cause and effects at work.
    The world around us is a projection of our own inner world. If I believe that the world is horrible, I will see it that way. If I believe that the world is a friendly place, it is the kind of experience that I have. It is a big mirror effect.
    Mind can heal the body and the world.
    I just wrote an article in NewsBlaze last week called "impact of Thoughts on Water" http://newsblaze.com/story/20120331105754dgbl.nb/topstory.html

    Warm wishes


  • jmatt4lifehoe Apr 04, 2012

    Yes! Thoughts have the power to heal, but not completely or soley of their own accord. When coupled with the healing properties found in nature, our thoughts can acutely enhance those natural healing powers. Modern medicine is missing this piece of the puzzle. Modern medicine took a wrong turn when it abandoned Hippocrates' principle about letting thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. Genuine healing does not have negative side effects, as do the synthetic antibiotics on which doctors and pharmaceuticals thrive. But anyway, not that it will change anytime soon. Just a thought!

  • parker Apr 04, 2012

    The power to heal is nothing more than one expression of energy. All is energy. Energy exists and is expressed in myriad forms. Whether a thing is perceived as innate or living, it is merely a different expression of original energy. There is no thing, including "power" that is not made up of this same original energy that comprises all things, including thoughts that heal, and thoughts that disable .

    The unique characteristic of the human construct within the creation of all things, is that humans have been endowed with free will. Free will simply means we have a conscious mind that is capable of making limited free will decisions regarding the organization of this same energy. The conscience mind is also just another expression of the original energy. The original energy can express itself as innate or living things, or as living things with conscious minds endowed with free will, because the original energy has the free will to express itself according to its will - all things provide proof of this.

    We can of our own free will, organize our thoughts and keep them secret, or we can share them. The thought, as we give birth to it, becomes a very specifically organized pattern of original energy. Yet only when we express that thought, does the energy become a "thing" unto itself, and only as it is being expressed, does it have the power to influence other organizations of energy.

    The power inherent to a thought, is not in using our free will to organize the energy to create the thought, nor is there any power in simply recognizing or knowing the thought (or idea), the power comes as a result of using our free will to express the thought conceived or stumbled upon. For example, let's pretend I know your loved one has been harmed in an accident. I have already organized the original energy within my conscious mind, formulating this information into a thought, yet it has no impact upon you until I express it to you, then it has the power to drastically affect the way you feel, think and act.

    Likewise healing. The energy organized and embodied as each cell of the human construct contains sufficient knowledge to create the entire human being, including replicating that knowledge innumerable times. That amount of knowledge is sufficient to heal the human construct and to maintain perfect health. Yet these cells are made obedient to our sub-conscious will. Science has established this - it is no great mystery. Concentrated thoughts can deliberately change the individual's cellular vibration, either positively, or negatively.

    When you lose the science long enough to think about it, you quickly realize that when you change the vibration of your cells by "thinking", it is because they are responding to the expression of your free will. You are communicating with them. Humans communicate, and everything humans do originates in the knowledge contained in each little cell. To heal then, is simply to do more of that with that purpose.

  • KYRANI Apr 03, 2012

    From my experience I have found that thoughts of themselves don't have power, neither to heal nor to create illness. I found that we have to have belief, maybe that empowers the thoughts, I don't know but I know that belief is necessary, belief either in something beneficial or something harmful, and our reactions then to the thoughts empowered by belief. So for instance evil people will create conditions of potential danger/ injustices etc in a person's life in order to make the ideas they present seem real. Thus when a person reacts thinking those ideas are real they become sick. Furthermore I use mental prescriptions for all of my health needs, which are few these days as I enjoy much better health than ever before, I can empower the thoughts knowing what the truth is, knowing what sort of foul play is being attempted. The mental prescriptions are certainly made up of ideas but they are backed by belief both in knowing the truth and understanding how conditions in the mind can be altered by ourselves. We offer up no auto suggestion as many propose, we offer up statements because we know them to be true or we know them to have the power because we can choose.

  • parker Apr 02, 2012


    Thanks for your comments. I agree that free will may indeed be somewhat subjective, and would therefore have been better if I had written free will to express our thoughts, as opposes to free will to choose them.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 02, 2012

    Regarding: "Otherwise our free will to choose our thoughts would be pointless."

    Free will is philosophical term. How much free will we actually have is very debatable. These thoughts, and many here in our comments, focus largely on the conscious part of the mind being our controlling part of the brain, and I will suggest that the conscious part is not the part that controls the executive functions. There is evidence that points to the fact the conscious mind merely rubber stamps the choices of the other parts of mind. From a developmental point of view this makes sense as well; we are the product of our parent, culture, and environment, the nurture side. We cannot chose a choice that is unavailable to us. Similarly, we cannot have thoughts that are unavailable to us. So choosing our thoughts is choosing from a very small pool of thoughts. Add to this our own predisposition in any circumstance, and the manner of a simple choice of whether to have desert or not is complicated, especially if we are dieting; the happiness of the cake eater in us is weight against the dieter we try to be. Free will? Whose free will? It is a manner of self regulation and short term and long term rewards.
    It is as a popular song writer put it, "Guess based on what each set f time and change is touching"
    And this is neroscience and not philosophy.

  • parker Apr 01, 2012

    In simplest terms, we are an expression of thought, thus thought can indeed express healing, but no more so than it can express illness. The "power" is not expressed with the thought or by the thought, it is rather expressed as the thought, therefore it is not the power of thought that heals, but the power that thoughts are, that heals. The thoughts are the energy in organized form, thus disorganized they will express illness, and well organized they will express healthfulness. Otherwise our free will to choose our thoughts would be pointless.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    I was recently at a conference and heard Dr. Roulette Wm. Smith do a presentation. I will share some of his thoughts about placebo here:

    The group at Harvard Medical School operates under the name "Harvard-wide Program in Placebo Studies & the Therapeutic Encounter" (PiPS; see <http://programinplacebostudies.org/ >).

    I have been following the research and reports of two of its interdisciplinary investigators (i.e., Ted J. Kaptchuk and Irving Kirsch ... the Director and Associate Director, respectively). Although Kaptchuk and Kirsch are not MDs, a number of PiPS staff persons do hold MDs and other earned doctorates.

    In regards to Professor Kaptchuk's research, I would note that some of it focuses on several stress-activated EBV-associated disorders (e.g., irritable bowel disorders). His research raises the profound question of whether his observed placebo findings represent responses mitigating stress-activation of EBV et al. His research also poses a question of whether placebos with or without neurofeedback could be beneficial.

  • parker Mar 29, 2012

    Kyrani: - I agree with you. I have nurtured an absolute faith in the creation, and as such, I have long ago forsaken any quest for "how" or "why" something that is obvious, is so. ESP is obvious in and of itself, so too are the potential "good" or "bad" applications of it.

    Likewise I agree that we have been blessed with being able to call upon, or to at least experience, some portion of that intelligence that you reference as governing all of creation (nature). The ambition I speak of is not to simply be as "smart" as the intelligence implanted within each cell, or microbe within us, but to learn to communicate with that intelligence at even that level.

    If we start at the least of these, we will then learn much while shortening our journey to the greater. Even at the cellular and microbial level, existing intelligence yearns to express itself to us, and earnestly yearns to do our will, if we would only express ourselves to it.

    We hear of many Yogis, Monks, spiritualist gurus, and other "enlightened" peoples, that spend entire lifetimes on a race or quest to connect to a "higher" intelligence, or to the "inner wisdom", through various forms of expression, yet we rarely hear of those humble individuals that were willing to start at the bottom and work up.

    Learning to trust the least of these constructs of intelligence - the intelligence expressed within our very own cells for example, begins a powerful training that enables us to dispense with all fears, which fears otherwise remain the only obstacles to communion with the higher levels of intelligence.

    Our tiny little cells are the portal to all other intelligence. Communion with the "highest intelligence" - that place where we can indeed learn of all knowledge, begins with expression through this portal of inner wisdom.

    This we can know, without knowing the how or the why of it. And this we can all do, without the unnecessary pretence that wisdom may only befall "special" individuals, or be the result of a lifelong burden for the rest of us. It is ours for the asking. Ask through the least, and the greatest will respond.

  • KYRANI Mar 29, 2012

    The "problem" is not "just another thought construct" because if it was we wouldn't get stressed. The problem lies in the interaction of people and more particularly when the other person or person are toxic and play foul games. Certainly thoughts simply are thoughts but their source is also of concern here. Yes it is true that all thoughts arise out of the void, in the mind. However it is possible for us to choose thoughts as to reason or make observations or choices in our lives. It is also possible that the thought that we become aware of are perceptions of ideas that have been presented to us by others. ESP is a reality and it can be used to good cause or bad. You are welcome to visit my blog at wordpress to find out the nitty gritty of how that happens, why it happen and what we can do about it.

    As for the microbes in my body. I did say they enter at their own risk and I stand by that. If they are good guys and they assist me then they will suffer no harm and indeed I will be most congenial towards them BUT if they have any ill-intention whatsoever then I will not hesitate for a second to destroy them and I make no bones about that.

    As far as their intelligence is concerned I am rather confused by you reasoning. You speak about them as if they had some personal identity and I can tell you true that not even human have personal selves.. egos are an illusion and nothing else. All of nature is governed by an intelligence alright and to be as smart as your cells you only need to trust in the process. Be as a newborn carefree and value being fed by the mother.

  • parker Mar 27, 2012

    You speak of the "problem", as if the problem were not merely another thought construct. It may or may not be significant to know how thoughts become whatever it is they are, or where this occurs, but it is known at least by both of us, that thoughts simply are. Thus this problem you mention cannot itself be anything but a construct of thought. You have expressed it as your one of your thoughts herein.

    You reference micro-organisms that "enter you body at their own risk". Is it that these microbes actually assess the risk, or make a choice, as you imply, or is their entering in, simply an unfortunate accident?

    And are these microbes distinct from those several billion living microbes that dwell safely within your temporal body? Your temporal body, like all others, hosts nearly ten (10) living micro-organisms, for each living human cell, meaning if your normally healthy body is made up of roughly 8 Billion human cells, then it hosts about 80 Billion micro-organisms that enable it to remain healthy, and in fact are essential to its good health.

    If you and I can share thoughts and ideas with each other, and we can, because here we are doing just that, then surely we are sufficiently more capable than any of these micro-organisms. Yet how do we explain that they possess sufficient knowledge to work harmoniously and in unison with each of our living cells and to enable our whole body to maintain its good health? Could we not also know these things?

    These individual human cells and near single-cell entities possess immense intelligence and hold the capacity to communicate and to engage in mutually beneficial activities. We are multi-billion cell constructs, with each cell containing this vast intelligence, yet our perceived human intelligence is obviously distinct from theirs, and in at least one way, inferior to theirs.

    My mind and yours, can learn to communicate with these mini-entities within us. Our intelligence, masked as our mind, can ask the intelligence of our cells and receive information from them about many things, such as past lives, for example. Our intelligence masked as our mind, can also ask our cells and they will obey our requests for healing. We can also have our intelligence ask the intelligence of the micro-organisms within us to increase their performance, and they will, because it is their purpose to serve us.

    Our cells and the micro-organisms residing within us, are obedient to our will. When we experience poor health, it is simply because we do not properly express and direct our will to our obedient servants. We confuse them further by not consistently distinguishing and directing the conscious and the sub-conscious wills, both of which they are bound to obey. This is not difficult to learn if one is willing.

  • KYRANI Mar 27, 2012

    @ parker
    If you meditate and be pure awareness and thus the dispassionate observer, there is the observation that thoughts arise out of the Void and after a time dissolve again back into the Void. They are information and yes information is energy. Thoughts are not created. Thoughts exist.. somewhere???? We can't know where.. somewhere within the Void. Thoughts can be called up and used or simply perceived if they are due to someone or something else.

    With regard to the question that Dr Radin made, that being "What do those viruses know that we don't?"
    I would like to say that even asking this question is not a good idea. It give the viruses "equal opportunity" and while that is nice in the workplace it is bad news in your body!

    I always say "microbes enter my body at their own risk" because after all they get killed in my body.

    The problem that happens to many people is that they are stressed at work or over relationships of one sort or another and that is why they get sick in the first place. Stress usually means anxiety of some sort and it is a mix of emotions, if it involves fear and worry mixed together then immunity is affected. The danger that triggers fear in the body may not be serious but may be simple and related to work or social situations, eg getting something important done or experiencing problems with some equipment etc. Danger that is perceived to be external always declines the immune system while danger that is perceived to be internal may increase it catastrophically. The danger does not even have to be real. It may be a perception that something might not go the way we would like it to go. If you understand the problem of stress /anxiety, then you can re-instruct your body with a mental prescription. Simply stating that the immune system is back on track, (even in the face of danger) and working at its optimum capacity, that the viruses have been killed and that health has been restored. A mental perscription must always be stated as having happened already because that instruction to the universe brings the changes you want. This will shorten the flu/cold episode and it can even stop it in its tracks.

  • parker Mar 26, 2012

    Let us first understand what it is, that we refer to as the "thoughts" that may or may not have power to heal.

    Do we create thoughts or do we recognize them? If we create them, from what do we derive our creation? When will a thought we created or recognized, come to an end? If we create it, why can we not quantify it? Will we run out of the components to make more thoughts?

    It is universally held that thoughts are energy, and that they have power that may be expressed or directed to useful purpose. This energy and this power then, must originate as intelligence. This intelligence is limitless. It does not depend upon us, and it pre-exists and supersedes our comprehension.

    We cannot create this limitless intelligence, or even any aspect of the energy or power that it is comprised of. We must also conclude that our thoughts and the power of our thoughts originate from that which we do not comprehend, and therefore cannot create.

    Therefore we are merely capable, and then barely able to recognize useful thoughts from within the pre-existing and superseding intelligence residing within, or otherwise accessible to us. Then we must learn to express these thoughts as we are able to recognize them, while directing the power of these thoughts, to useful purposes, such as healing.

    Neither the thought, nor the power of the thought, is capable of healing of itself, notwithstanding they both pre-exist and supersede us, within this limitless intelligence.

    Healing is possible because we first recognize it as a possibility from within the limitless intelligence. We call that recognition, a "thought", which when we "have it", we then express it, while directing its inherent power to the healing, or to such other useful purpose as we may determine.

  • KYRANI Mar 26, 2012

    In my experience I have found that thoughts of themselves have no power. They can however be used powerfully, either for healing or as weapons but there needs to be choice and the right conditions to employ such choice. I have used thoughts through choice as is appropriate for a given situation to heal my body and to keep it safe from harm and that includes disease.

  • parker Mar 24, 2012

    It is well known that sufficient intelligence resides within each living cell to replicate the entire human being, intelligence and all, and in multiple copies if needed. Surely if one cell can do so much, the multi-billion cell human construct can do exponentially more, like for example, to maintain perfect health, or to enable perfect healing.

    It is not my "thoughts" therefore that are capable of healing me, it is the innate intelligence implanted within me that holds such awesome power. This wisdom to "heal" then, resides within us, but is not because of us. It is not some special, unique or exclusive power to seek or to search for, or to gain or to master and be proud of, nor is it obscured by some mystical division of conscious and sub-conscious concepts of mind. This inner wisdom is universally constant to each of us and universally available all of us. It is, because we are all endowed with it. It is also called life.

    The harmonic resonance of this intelligence that resides in each of us, is multiplied exponentially upon physical communion, not simply because "touching" is nice, rather because we are social creatures by design. (We know this, so explanations either in favor or against it are futile.) The point of communion in matters of healing is this; when implementing our innate ability to heal, that ability, like all inherent intelligence, is multiplied exponentially by physical communion. This applies when healing one's self or when helping others to heal themselves.

    When we learn to embrace our innate ability to heal, it shall be because we have already learned to embrace our mutual experience of communion with this all-knowing and omni-capable intelligence existing within us, that merely awaits our request for the healing we need.

    Fortunately for us, we are not burdened with learning so much wisdom as to be able to "think ourselves healthy", we simply need to learn to ask of the wisdom already implanted within us.

  • desertrose Jul 20, 2011

    To "The Old Man" I hope that you feel better soon. Your anger and rage is what does not belong here. I think that YOU need to find another outlet to direct your closeminded opinions.
    Is it safe to bid you "Peace?"
    - Desert Rose

  • Anonymous Icon

    Makra_use3 Jun 23, 2011

    I belief it can, I am attending NLP Coaching very soon and from the material I read so far, I am sure our thoughts can do magic!

  • DyckDyck Jun 18, 2011

    Do you think of yourself as having intellectual power? Perhaps this is what is keeping us away from what we seek. (btw, what I seek is to be heard, engaged, and challenged sincerely?)

    There are so many assumptions & presumptions embedded in "Do thoughts have the power to heal?"

    What does it mean to heal? Does the intelligence of the body adhere to our definition when it actually heals? We seem to know that we are a chemical factory responding to multitudinous stimulii, external and internal. Would that not include brain? How does conscious thought differ from other thought? Does anyone want to understand what is consciousness, or do we think we know?

    What I'm asking here is, isn't it yet obvious we must start an inquiry from the most simple premise... and then go slow. Shouldn't we be aware by now that we are frought with bias, arrogance, anger, ego, insecurities, ignorance.... that stand in our path? Should we start from the premise "I don't know anything for sure?"

  • Anonymous Icon

    merababa Jun 17, 2011

    I have read somewhere that "thought create destiny", so if it is to be believed then thoughts does also have the ability to heal.
    I myself have got lots of positive result. I practice RAJ YOGA MEDITATION ,by the Brahmakumaris.The whole meditation concept is based on controlling your thoughts and creating positive thoughts,which does effect you in every aspects. It is what we think that we feel and it is what we feel that we turn into action. So if we have this positive thought of healing then it can truly manifest. But the only concern regarding this is how focused our thought is? Thus it requires regular practice to be positive and to control your thoughts.

  • PonsAnimus Jun 17, 2011

    Life experiences influence our physiognomy, which in itself is a proof for thoughts being able to affect dynamic biochemical interactions ! - And this is happening without any meditation or certain rituals. For me the basic of activation and deactivation of cell functions is based on the correct visualization of what shall happen. This is another point where it is usefull to gather a lot of knowledge in the classic science way to be able to visualize a certain process more detailed.

  • E. R. Jun 10, 2011

    Yes! Through prayer or meditation or any form of communication thoughts can improve the well-being of anyone!:)

  • Anonymous Icon

    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011


    The statements you see below in this string I need to clarify – the examples I use in the text are completely not ambiguous or open to interpretation. They represent ‘impossible,’ either beyond the scope of modern medicine, or where no medical intervention was applied, and ‘impossible’ to occur spontaneously. There is no room for debate or interpretation. There is no tangible process occurring. There is no application of statistics or shift in probability, the probabilities are in every case zero.

    It is not a game or speculation. If you read the instructions and practice, you will do it, reproducibly.

    And the answer is ‘Yes,’ it will require a change in what you believe and your belief system.

  • Anonymous Icon

    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011

    I am a Physicist who has worked over 20 years in Neuroscience Research and Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry in FDA controlled environments.

    In ‘Eight Years Four Months,’ I clearly display the medical x-rays and data on a dog, whom I chose as a subject for the demonstration based on the premise that one can likely eliminate the dog’s belief system as playing any part in the mechanism, and perform a healing which is defined by three separate veterinarians as impossible to do, and show the data, and provide the veterinarian’s references for contact.

    I call it a ‘demonstration’ because in FDA environments we say, if you can’t reproduce it, it didn’t happen. I go out on a limb and publish the raw data demonstration on the dog. The healing involved a clear break which had partially calcified as a bony mass, would require re-breaking, being pinned for 6 months, with no hope of 100% recovery of length or function, over a period of 1 week, with no medical intervention, and subsequent re-examination by the same 3 veterinarians who were unable to find any evidence that an injury had ever occurred, despite the unambiguous x-ray data.

    I do this every day. I have accumulated a lot of hard data, as well as lesser ‘qualified’ but still meaningful testimony and statements, over hundreds of human and animal subjects. I teach others to do it, I don’t make any money at it, or teaching it, and they do it, successfully, after some practice. I wrote about how to do it, and I give it away.

    If you would like a copy of it, email me at wbilly3814@yahoo.com, put ‘Eight Years Four Months’ in the subject line, specify pdf, epub, or kindle. Just promise to read the entire thing, it can not be done in part. And if you love or hate it, you can look it up on amazon and write a review.

  • PonsAnimus Jun 07, 2011

    @manuga hehe, I am the curiosity in person, so pls...shoot !

  • Anonymous Icon

    manuga Jun 07, 2011

    Hello PA,
    I have my idea but I have no proof. curious?

  • PonsAnimus Jun 07, 2011

    @frequencytuner [quote]Of course, the increased energy activity in the hands creates heat - warm hands[/endQUOTE]
    I agree on that. Hands gettn really warm, sometimes even really unusal hot, which can be felt by others, but maybe you can explain to me why my hands turn really cold when doing the same concentration on material things like glass, stone or metal ? If energy flow in general turns them warm, why do mine turn cold on material things (and i mean really uncomfortable cold) ??? Erm, maybe I should also mention that this does not happen when concentrating on wood. Btw. wooden sticks are an interesting thing when additionally used in a therapy.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Astrogal Jun 06, 2011

    Yes, I believe our thoughts have the power to heal. Years ago, Norman Cousins inspired many people by writing his classic book, Anatomy of an Illness, documenting his successful fight against a crippling disease. In the book, Cousins talks about using vitamin C and laughter to heal himself. But he also said, "Deep down, I knew I had a good chance and relished the idea of bucking the odds."

    There are many documented cases of recoveries from so-called incurable diseases. The most important first step toward recovery is to stop worrying. This is easier said than done, I agree, but it can be done. Stress and worry only makes things worse. Secondly, do something that you feel will help you recover. I don't think it matters whether it's vitamins, exercise, or changing your diet. What matters is that you're doing "your part." This will start to make you feel that you have control over the outcome.

    Most of all, I think all healing is spiritual. If we have a childlike faith, and put the problem in God's hands, anything is possible.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Shankar Narayan Jun 05, 2011

    We used to tell someone that he/she looked healthy that day... and in a few hours our "specimen" would be having the best day ever!!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Shankar Narayan Jun 05, 2011

    Definitely! We used to play pranks in school... targeting someone and saying he/she looked sick that day... everyone in the group would mention that to him/her randomly... and lo! by lunch he/she would go home feeling sick!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    manuga Jun 05, 2011

    Placebo and nocebo (negative placebo effect) exist. This proves that our mind and thoughts deeply influence the way our body works.
    Our cells, organs.. the whole body listen to every single thought we have. If the thought persists, then they will start to react congruently
    In the ''what the bleep we know'' we see how our thoughts determine hormons production and how cells interacts accordingly ..and sadly how you can damage, weaken or dramatically distort and lose their first nature if your thought persists for years.
    The question is: how we can get rid of these thoughts or certain rational conclusions which seem irrefutable to the common logic?
    And also: When I get aware of that power, how can I shake that sub-mechanical 'thought' from the mind?
    A lot of people have now opened their eyes (me included), but it seems there is a stronger mechanism that keeps you there...
    archhh these mechanisms..

  • frequencytuner May 15, 2011

    Husnisse, about the 'warm hands'.

    It is commonly known in oriental practice as cultivating chi. Basically it works on the energy meridians within the human body: acupuncture points. Not getting into too much detail, but these meridians are pathways for energy, or chi, to travel around and animate the body. Cultivating chi is done primarily through breathe techniques and visualizations. Once the energy has been cultivated - flowing freely and abundantly within the body - it can be utilized.
    Chi is an electromagnetic energy. If you don't know the basics of electromagnetic energy it is dual-dual natured. In other words it has a male and female (electric and magnetic) quality and each of them have their own unique polarity (electric +/-, magnetic N/S). These forces, electric and magnetic energies, work perpendicular to each other. When you have a magnetic current it will - by it's nature - also have an electric current perpendicular to it. Obviously you cannot see this with your eyes and that is why visualization is so important.
    The human body is polarized this exact same way. The left hand has a negative or South charge while the right hand has a positive or North charge. If you relax your mind enough and allow your body to sense magnetic energy you can easily feel the subtle energy radiating from your hands as you slowly pass your palms over each other. With practice and instruction comes the ability to send energy outward or absorb energy inward. Of course, the increased energy activity in the hands creates heat - warm hands.

  • frequencytuner May 15, 2011

    wbilly3814, many of us would like to hear your stories. If you want them to be heard, by all means share them. Like THEOLDMAN said, this is a discussion board, so please feel free to share some of your stories. Relating this to the discussion, you may have something to share that one person needs to hear at that moment for their own personal healing or journey. Hopefully this is one of those posts for you right now.

  • Theoldman May 13, 2011

    TO WILLBY 3814 - Do you mind? This is a discussion board - your asked to speak to the subject not advertize or solicit your sorrow, your wares, books, blogs et al. You posted the same message on each board you entered, and I counted at least three until I realized your just SPAM!!! Not just you but others that DO NOT STAY OF SUBJECT, solicit their wares, profess enlightenment - CAN you not understand the title of this section of the site - DISCUSSION - you have something to say on topic...then bye all means do it - or go spam a NEw Age site somewhere please. I will speak to the subject in a later post - but I am expressing what I am hearing from other members on this site - stop spamming and start speaking to THE SUBJECT! Thank you for your future efforts! - Eamonn

  • Anonymous Icon

    wbilly3814 May 13, 2011

    I have had multiple medically documented Near Death Experiences, brought on by a condition related to Prolonged QT Syndrome. I have written about these in a book Eight Years Four Months at Amazon. I go into a lot of detail about Healing. For IONS people, if you're willing to write a review on the Amazon page, good or bad, I can email you a pdf or ebook copy for free.

    I'm at wbilly3814@yahoo.com

    just put Eight Years Four Months in the message.


  • cprize Apr 19, 2011

    What a curious question. Maybe you might want to look at neuroplasticity and work that Milton Erickson did, and a guy who used to wander around the Galilee a couple of thousand years ago who used suggestions for some of their healing. The method was old 2000 years ago. The Celts in Ireland had been using it for more than 6 centuries by then, and the Greeks for 300 years on the island of Thera and Chios (and several other islands around the Mediterranean). I can show you how it is done. Do you want to learn, or just watch someone else use it? (I saw a child in PK who had suffered from MS cured of it in a very short time, to the point where he was running after a soccer ball with his peers.) He was bent up way worse than this http://www.medicalsymptomsguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Vitamin-D-Deficiency-Symptoms.jpg before the healing was done.

  • PonsAnimus Apr 08, 2011

    Yes. Not only heal, but also hurt. It initiates a reaction and the "receiver" works it down "wraped" in a biochemical reaction or resists it. A wrong impulse, if not resisted, will lead to even more problems.

  • Anonymous Icon

    jatinpunera Apr 04, 2011

    I believe We can heal through our mind.....I have personally experienced dt many a times when I have malign thoughts about somebody who is ill....the result is not always good but when I have benign thoughts about sm1......the result is 90% positive........I have personally experienced it with my cousin brother who was suffering from cancer.......and he recovered...

  • Anonymous Icon

    Husnisse Apr 04, 2011

    I know a man who has healed over 50000 persons. He has what you call "warm hands". He is able to cure many different kinds of pain juste by touching the person who will feel warmth from the hands of the healer, while these remain cold when you actually touch them. He can also touch the floor and ask the person to stand on the spot, then the person would feel a warm energy climb through the feet and up its body. He can also heal someone just over the phone. The man has visions and would come to people who need his help, they would fall on the floor and suddently he would be there and help them.
    This man has had these gifts since he was born. He is 81 now and a celebrity in our country (Norway). He just would like to know, to understand how his hands work and why he and none other can do this? Does any one have an answer?

  • Anonymous Icon

    iasag Apr 03, 2011

    I have developed Logosynthesis to work with words – as an instrument to activate the field, to focus thoughts and therewith intention. The results are amazing, again and again. Feel welcome to download the primer and experience it yourself – especially for disturbing memories and fantasies: http://www.logosynthesis.net/docs/logosynthesis.primer.pdf.

  • DyckDyck Mar 31, 2011

    What's the basis for this Big Q... that most of us Want to be healthy... and to live long? Or is there another reason to have a drive to understand?

    To begin this inquiry consider some observable phenomena:
    1. Death and Birth are necessary to sustain life.
    2. For earth to sustain life, living things must have limitations and progeny.
    3. Need for food and self protection (we are also food)... hence diversity, is necessary for macro health.

    For one species or life form to gain even a slight advantage, indicates diminished diversity and food... without equal compensatory adjustment by other species. Any advantaged species would soon overrun the earth in numbers and hence the earth could no longer sustain it. This is fundamental Darwinism as you can see.

    So, as one of the species of the earth we must (primitive instinct) always be working to keep our place, our footing, competing for food and condition, and fighting to stay alive and to pro-create.

    Within this larger picture, I can begin to consider "Do our thoughts have power to heal?"

  • Anonymous Icon

    jamesduncan Mar 30, 2011

    Our thoughts have the power to heal, but they also have the power to cause illness. I am an Aussie hypnotherapist studying spontaneous remission, German New Medicine, and "A Course in Miracles".
    It is clear to me that illness, in whatever form it presents is the result of an unresolved conflict.
    "A Course in Miracles" states all illness is a result of an unforgiveness The nature of the illness is closely related to the nature of the unforgiveness. (p14, paragraph 5 of the Psychotherapy supplement)
    Is an unforgiveness the same as an unresolved "conflict"? Yes. Different words to describe the same condition.
    German New Medicine is a "careful study of the form a sickness takes", and it points quite clearly to the form of unforgiveness that it represents.
    I conclude that the conflict or unforgiveness is the "cause" The illness itself is the "effect" of that conflict.
    If this is true, it should be provable by applying German New Medicine to identify the "cause" and by using the principles of "A Course in Miracles" to resolve the "conflict"
    The forgiveness process seems to be the same as reframing.
    The way to prove or disprove these theories is to test them. Have I used these theories in the real world? Of course.Did they work? Absolutely.
    Examples: A client with bone cancer and prostate cancer advised that he would be lucky to live 24 hours.Still going strong a year later.
    A 73yo woman with multiple myaloma and kidney failure. Gone into remission. Her kidneys seem to have mysteriously improved.
    A 57yo woman with MS in both legs. Been in a wheelchair for years. Also had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm and shoulder. She regained full movment of both her legs and her right arm and shoulder. Still in the chair though. I guess that is to do with her weight. 170 kg and only 5 feet tall.
    An elderly woman who had major depression for 35 yrs.Fixed. A man in his 70's with a headache for 40 yrs...get that...40 years with a headache...fixed!
    The 23yo bipolar woman. Fixed. The woman who had been 8 years trying to get pregnant. Now expecting her first child. The guy with bone cancer who mysteriously went into remission..(doctors suggested he was misdiagnosed...that was after he had endured months of chemo...seems to me that they didn't expect the chemotherapy would work!)The woman in her 40's with Chrones disease and Psoriasis.Fixed.
    As far as I can tell German New medicine is true and so is A course in Miracles. When you combine them with Hypnotherapy you have an incredibly powerfull healing tool. These stories may seem miraculous, but they are true. The real miracle is the power of forgiveness.

    The mind certainly has the power to heal, but it also has the power to harm. I hope this has been a constructive contribution to your discussion. Have a fantastic day.

    James Duncan
    (email: james@robinbanks.biz)

  • Anonymous Icon

    Kerian Mar 29, 2011

    It is not an easy question. Francis Bacon, Georg W.F. Hegel, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels caused a huge split in science by laying the foundation of dialectical materialism as opposed to metaphysics. Basically, their are two main currents in any science: one states matter over mind, the other states mind over matter. My personal approach is more careful: mind over matter or matter over mind.
    Some excellent scientific examples of ideas that influence the body are the ideomotor effect and Carl Jung's collective unconscious. But the best scientific example that ideas can heal is the fact that ideas can make one ill, this is the basis of Freudian psychopathology. Some people suffer from physical disorder caused by mental illness. If ideas can make you ill, it would be very unlikely that they would not be able to cure you. Some doctors actually use humor as a remedy [http://www.laughterremedy.com/]. Mmm, I have a back ache... probably my lack of a sense of humor lol
    Most people would agree on all of the above. Personally, I would take things one step beyond. Thoughts have chemical residue and since decades studies have been done investigating alpha-waves produced by the brain. This has convinced me that one's person's thoughts can influence an other one's. Telepathy is most definitely a fact according to many nuclear scientists and meditation is possibly an excellent tool to stear telepathy. A funny movie about this topic is "The men that stare at goats".
    Thoughts of love and happiness to you all. Feeling better, already? :)

  • desertrose Mar 29, 2011

    I certainly do believe that we have the power to heal on many levels; ourselves, the planet and even our animals. I am a Reiki Practioner and have seen healing in my life and others that I know. I am currently working on healing my cat who has just been diagnosed with Feline Hyperthyroidism. I believe that we must KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that healing is possible and I also feel that a firm belief in a higher power of any postive source also aides in the healing process. There is not a doubt in my mind that we are our own "Great Physicians"
    If energy cannot be destroyed well then in my opinion we are vibrating within the same energy that the great healers did. We need to become one with that same univeral healing energy and use it for good. If it could be contained we would be in trouble because of course mankind would get a hold of it and buy stock and use it for evil. It is there we just need to KNOW that it is. As the great Jesus said "your FAITH has made you well"

  • Anonymous Icon

    goldenwings Mar 28, 2011

    When the mind is at rest and not thinking, in other words when we are being in the moment, listening and observing, my experience is that this is when healing takes place. If healing is love without judgement, without attachment, then perhaps love is something other than mind?

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jacqe Mar 28, 2011

    Our intention has the ability to create healing, both in ourselves and others,this is more than just thought.

  • Anonymous Icon

    aura Nov 01, 2010

    I completely agree with the statement that thoughts have a power to heal,i have experienced it in my own life. Whenever i m sad or upset , i try to think about good things,peak experiences(spiritual) etc. in any sense....be it religious,love,help etc. I overcome my gloom. Thia was the abstract aspect but thoughts even heal physical pain,i we divert our mind to something good,think about all good things as i mentioned earlier,think that I m fine,i m happy,full of life, believe that i m fine without any pain,believe in the thing that does not exist,be positive i definitely can overcome pain and i have done it many times.......i don't believe that thoughts can harm if you don't make them harm you ...they can only heal but for that we have to believe dear friends........

  • RedDog Oct 22, 2010

    I see it differently than most and do not mean this comment to inflame.
    There is no healing from death. We are born here with a fixed timeline, thus
    we are born dying.

    There is no escape, or need to escape from the temporary
    nature of these bodies. I do not buy into the illusion that it serves any purpose
    to use personal energy from myself or others to extend my fixed timeline.

    My body/brain, if allowed the freedom from well meaning people, knows this truth
    and does what it needs to do to survive to the end of my fixed timeline.
    Intervention is not needed or desired.

    This is not to say that the use of personal energy/consciousness does not impact
    the health of the body. Of this I have no doubt. I've seen amazing examples of life,
    when death was not only expected but allowed to happen, yet did not.

    What is amazing is how the expectations of others can impact your health, both
    positive and negative. One does not even need to be open to it.

  • Tdrulard Oct 22, 2010

    Our thoughts are subjects of our beliefs.

    If you believe you are sick, then you are sick.
    If you believe you are not sick, then you are well.

    We can't comprehend we are powerful in our current evolutionary state so we continue down this path of being lambs rather than lions.

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 14, 2010

    The range of possibilities become more clear as we expand our minds, particularly into subtler realms, which are always vaster than the previous realms of mind. As we do, we should also trace from the myriad variations of form to the simplicity and centricity of the singularity in which all the variations have commonality and point of origination. That point is dimensionless and from which all things originate -- both material and subtle -- including the capacity to heal, both self and others. Healing either is a process of reframing, no matter how it is arrived at, and maximizing such opportunities, once understood, is through the exercise of "dharana" to transcend the dimensionless point and access other dimensions -- particularly the fifth dimension -- and systolic vistara, from the dimensionless point to the maximal perimeters of the Universe, our home and operator, in a rhythmic conjugation of continuous systolis.

    Whether an inanimate object [seemingly], or a living being, core factors of any and all actions include three factors, with an additional factor for living beings.

    1) form or instrument
    2) vitality -- more accurately chi/ki/prana
    3) movement and direction

    Living beings invest the additional element of:
    4) sentiment

    These factors constitute what is referred to as "mudra" in Sanskrit.

  • Anonymous Icon

    kimaz22 Oct 12, 2010

    And now to the subject of healing thoughts....
    I would like to start with an example of the world of animals... We all consist of energy. If a lion for example hunts dear it would be a lot easier for it to catch a wounded or weakened object than one that has a bigger level of energy left.
    The same must be with diseases...
    here the example would be this.... an already weakened immune system is easier to be attacted or completely destroyed if its already weakened/ has less energy to defend itself. As we all experienced, positive thoughts give us energy as negative thoughts do the opposite.
    I am just not sure if it does make a difference if the majority of thoughts are negative or positive as both would destroy the balance and gives bacterias/viruses a ground to attack as they need to restore their own balance/energy.
    I like to give an example with negative and positive stress where stress is always negative.
    But if you have negative stress ( which means stress with something you have a negative feeling about) your balance is destroyed...( negative energy two times)
    If you have positive stress ( which means the negativity of stress but a positive feeling behind) your balance is still intact
    That is why positive stress is experienced as being healthy.
    My point is that all people are under stress given to our nature. even birth (one of the most natural things) is stress to our bodys. and the majority of people has negative thoughts ( disbalance)
    So i think that our thoughts can heal or at least prevent us from getting sick, because the energy of a virus can not interfere with the healthy/neutral energy of a host.
    Its exactly like the neutral condition of an atom or molekule.... if its neutral it is in its perfect condition. a balance between electrons and protons. it wont be attacted from the outside. nothing its going to interfere with it because its perfect. then you have an ion which isnt yet balanced. it has either too many or not enough electrons, which makes its ebergy either positive or negative. Now to get to the perfect condition it needs other ions that are going to change/neutralize his current formation.
    i think viruses might have a bigger number of positive energy and feed from negative energy to neutralize.

    Ok first of all i need to excuse my english as i am from germany and secondly i just yesterday experienced this side and since that my brain is on a fulltime overload so things i say might not make sence :)

  • Anonymous Icon

    kimaz22 Oct 12, 2010

    what we should be asking ourselves is.... why is there such a huge increase of deseases and bacterias/viruses....
    I beliefe that the human being destroyes the balance of nature and energy. instead of naturally giving back recources and energy to our enviroment we mostly keep taking it away. Our enviroment has to find a way to restore this energy by 'turning us down.' if human beings wouldnt exsist there wouldnt be a matrix for many bacterias/viruses. nature transformes energy in a specific way to keep it's balance.

  • frequencytuner Oct 09, 2010

    Be wary of 'good' and 'evil'. Sometimes healing requires 'evil'. If you have ever seen a heroin addict going through withdrawals you will understand. On the flip side of that coin have you ever heard of a junkie rob and murder some innocent person to get a fix? This may not appear to you to be the product of thought, but put yourself in the junkie's shoes. A chemical addiction is telling his brain that he NEEDS his fix. Murder is a 'good' thing if it get's the money to get the drugs. Rehab is an 'evil' thing because he is deprived of what he NEEDS. These are thoughts and in his mind, reality. It is the very same thing you would do if someone tried to drown you - fight for your life. These are direct examples but equally apply to indirect situations. A perfect example of this is placebo's and nocebo's.

  • Anonymous Icon

    young_one Oct 01, 2010

    I new to IONS and apparently considered young to take a interest in such matters, i do believe that our thoughts do have the power to heal, provided our thoughts are not tainted with unjust thoughts that could harm the person or thing we are healing . The main problem with relying on our thoughts to heal is that no one is perfect, sooner or later in our life we have had at least one evil thought, and this thought may have effected the way we think. In conclusion i would have to say it is possible to heal that way, but it also carries great risk.

  • Fallensoul Sep 28, 2010

    In response to Dr. Radin's question: What do those viruses know that we don't?

    Suffering through disease a fundamental design element of this material world. Viruses are one mechanism for dispensing disease. It is designed and controlled by universal managers who are endowed with higher intelligence and they know alot more than we do!

    An nice appreciate of the design of viruses is explored in this lecture from Berkley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhE2LJTT0-o

  • frequencytuner Sep 19, 2010

    This not only applies on a personal level, but on a global level as well. Collective paradigms shape the foundation of our reality.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ninosk66 Sep 16, 2010

    "feeling good" is a brian signal as well as "feeling bad."
    now it all depends on how we define good or bad. but I do believe that we can overcome a feeling by thinking the paralal opposite.
    they way we think is the way we are!

  • frequencytuner Sep 15, 2010

    If one conceive in the mind one can manifest. Thoughts can heal, but they also injure. They create and destroy equally.

    The real question is not 'Yes or No' but How and Why.

    Positive thought can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. Wishing only "good" and "positive" for your self will reflect back "bad" on someone else.

    Humanity does not have to capacity to fully understand and appreciate the power of human thought.

  • Anonymous Icon

    msmuffintop Sep 12, 2010

    Some people heal with positive thoughts, yoga and meditation, and some people die with the same. The audience likes to judge that the ones who died somehow weren't "enlightened enough." I disagree. Dying is a natural part of life. So surely no matter how advanced you are, you wouldn't be able to cure every issue. One day you will die.

    Why do some people make remarkable comebacks? Every disease has some ratio of unexplained spontaneous remission. When this occurs at the same time as an abundance of prayer and positive thinking we enjoy connecting the two events.

    What is true of positive thinking? That you can control your experience no matter what. It is still valid to have a happy death as opposed to rounding the last corner of your existence in fear or misapprehension.

  • Anonymous Icon

    alexjohn Sep 09, 2010

    Definitely yes.. And I'm not any of those learned guys like above, well this is my experience, hear, I was suffering from acute breathing trouble (asthma), my doctors had advised me not to do hard jobes or so.. It troubled me a lot especially since I was a student and more because I was a teenager and if I hadn't taken any exercises I won't be having a good figure or so (no girls would look at me). Then I met a doctor who practised homeopathy, she gave me a lot of +ve energy unlike others who treated me as a born patient, and I started to see things differently and do some tough exercises since I had a strong feeling that once my body was stronger I would develop a confidence and I would fight the disease and so did it happen.., now I'm really happy for having met a doc. who really inspires her patients and also for having the troubles out of my life.

  • Anonymous Icon

    asdima1 Sep 06, 2010

    In response to Dr. Radin's question: What do those viruses know that we don't?

    Those viruses know, they and I are one! Their consciousness is closer to the consciousness of Primordial God/Zero Point Field (PG/ZPF) than my consciousness. My mind never stops creating perceived boundaries, barriers or differentiations. Man's ultimate goal is to go back to PG/ZPF. To do it, I need to totally renounce/remove all traces of humanness, including my consciousness. Hopefully, I can do this in a million lifetime since I don't feel any need for urgency. Of course, this state of oneness is incompatible with human life (body/mind/soul). My current oneness, is oneness in perception, in illusions and in delusions. In this life, this oneness is okay and it is a wonderful hell.


  • Anonymous Icon

    KathyM Sep 05, 2010

    Yes, I truly believe that our thoughts not only have the power to heal us on a physical level, but to transform us as well. I have been working with energy kinesiology for 17+ years, first as a client, and then as a practioner. From my own personal experience I have found that it isn't only our conscious thoughts that affect us on a physical level, but our subconscious thought patterns as well. Through muscle testing, detrimental thoughts patterns or words can be unblocked, allowing different choices to be made. Often the words that pull up during a session evoke deep (and sometimes surprising) insights for a client. It seems to me that we are each, for lack of better terminology, subconsciously "hardwired" to think or react a certain way. When we are able to change the programing it's as if new pathways open up, allowing us to react differently. These thoughts also often cause physical illness or distress, so when they are cleared, the body is very often able to heal. Some scientists have actually been able to measure the frequency of various thoughts and emotions. I feel like we are just scratching the surface in understanding how our consciousness affects and creates us physically. An excellent book on the subject is "Power vs. Force - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior" by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Anonymous Icon

    leonardM57 Sep 03, 2010

    As I recall it has been shown many years ago that thoughts have the power to influence plants. Whether ohealth practitioners would r not we understand the mechanism it is clear that an energy (?) exchange takes place. It is known that the ancient Egyptians used laying on of hands for healing. That is different from thought but may be related. And, I believe that health practitioners would concur that good thoughts have a healing / theraputic effect.
    What would be nice is a controlled study to validate the notion.

  • Anonymous Icon

    rohr1976 Sep 03, 2010

    I am not yet sure if ones thoughts impact directly on ones illness, but speaking from experience from the healthcare industry, I have always found that those people who have a positive attitude and lconcentrate of feeling better, cope more easily with their illness and decrease their morbidity, than those who dwell on the negative aspects of their illness (chronic and acute illnesses). This may sound obvious, but I have seen significantly quicker and smoother recovery from those positive thinkers. Again, does this positive thought power impact directly on our physiology on a cellular level? or does it just help us cope emotionally?

  • Anonymous Icon

    Bliss Sep 01, 2010

    I truly believe that my thoughts have the power to heal.I can never remember a time in my life (until now!) that I have not experienced the pain of reflux.After being officially diagnosed with severe reflux about 20 years ago (I am 54) I began taking 5 medications a day.To make a long story short I decided to do energy work instead of taking these medications.I did deep breathing and visualization every time I experienced pain.It did take quite a bit of time but I am now pain free! I also healed myself of a painful,itching rash and warts that I had for over a year (medication did not work!). We are powerful beings.More powerful then most of us can comprehend at this point but I know that we are very close to remembering who and what we are.When that day arrives I believe that either there will not be a need for any type of healing because we will know that we are the perfect manifestation of our creator or for those that believe that they have a need to be healed,their healing will happen in an instant!

  • Anonymous Icon

    jenny0964 Sep 01, 2010

    Dr. J Sechler
    Coming from traditional medicine as a NP and now being a chiropractor and using energy work to identify and remove blocks in the mind and body I have seen the power of thoughts Every thought produces an emotion which produces biochemical reactions in the body affecting our behavior every day. As we examine our beliefs and shift them to better serve us, that biology will also change and our attraction will change to more of what we want and we will serve at a higher level. I have found it is important that when in energy medicine an old belief can be identified and released there's the opportunity to now develop a new and more empowering belief. If that space is not filled, something will fill it whether positive or negative so I would prefer myself and the clients I work with to choose and then reinforce those new beliefs strengthening them and see the results from that practice. It is a rewarding process to say the least!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Kumeyaay Aug 31, 2010

    I know my energy has the power to heal. I projected my energy to Shanghai last fall where I healed a young man. His Mother had asked for my help. The Chinese physicians didn't know what was wrong with him. When he returned to the US, he told his Mother that he felt me in the room with him.

    I projected my energy to Argentina the beginning of this year and healed a friend. She has come here to visit and learn more about energy and healing.

    II come from a long line Shamans, Holy Men and Women. I feel very blessed to have these abilities.

  • Anonymous Icon

    JoyfulDiabetic Aug 31, 2010

    There is no question that thinking is a key component both as a trigger for poor health and fortunately as an aid in healing. I've had diabetes for 31 years and can say with certainty that my attitude is the most important element in achieving self-care mastery. The medical community does a great job in educating some diabetics about the characteristics of the disease as well as recommendations for self-care. Due to time constraints, behavior is rarely discussed. Such people who do not follow recommendations are branded as “non-compliant.” That pejorative term offends me and my work focuses on the reasons people are unwilling or unable to follow known procedures (diet, exercise and meds). I believe that if we diabetics stick together and help each other, we can have an enormous, positive impact…and it all starts with attitude.

  • Anonymous Icon

    HandrickD Aug 30, 2010

    Do our thoughts have the power to heal? I say YES! This is a simple matter concerning "state of mind" and the strength of the belief in that. I read about a study that showed patients on medication were given identical looking capsules/tablets with none of the same properties or chemicals that their medication consisted of and these "fakes" had the exact same, if not better results on these patients. If the belief is strong enough it affects the reality in the desired manner. The mind has the power to make or break you, a mental state of absolute positivity while facing something like, lets say, cancer is not easy to obtain but certainly attainable if surrounded by the right people, given the right motivation and with practice. Just like people can get motivated to the extent of walking over red-hot coals without getting burned, I believe any individual can overcome an illness by harnessing the power of their mind.

  • Verderouble Aug 30, 2010

    I worked with a Russian biophysicist for a while examining energy domains (EDs) in normal cells and cancer cells. He showed me maps of these domains and pointed out that the EDs in normal cells appeared quite chaotic, but when carcinogenic initiation had occurred the EDs lined up in that which appeared a crystalline array. His physics background was in polymer structures, origins and development. Viruses are very interesting as they often have clear crystalline structures and clear affinities for types of organs and tissues. One day he said to me: "It is not viruses that cause cancer, but cancer that causes viruses." At the time a famous physicist had suggested that viruses come from outer space. The notion of an origin from inner space remains more cogent for me.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 30, 2010

    Maybe viruses do what the trapped Spirits do...they float around out there waiting for someone
    to let their vibration down, (through anger, fear, anxiety, etc.), and then they POUNCE and attach
    their uninvited selves! The stronger our light the greater protection we have against all of these
    barnacle energies.

  • Dean Radin, PhD Aug 29, 2010

    I accept that thoughts can heal, or harm. I experience this daily when I see how I respond to mundane daily stresses. I can let events tear me down when I'm in the "wrong" frame of mind, or I can transcend it all and flow without stress. This is mostly modulated by the attitude that I maintain.

    But when I get a cold, as much as I try through my meditation practices, use of herbal concoctions, etc., it doesn't seem to make much difference in how long the cold lasts. So perhaps the cold viruses have their own "thoughts," and they want to thrive as much as I do. So now my body becomes a battleground of wits between the couple of trillion cells I call "me" (plus those extra ingredients we call consciousness, various not well understood energies, etc.), vs. a very large number of viruses.

    I can imagine a far future where we have all sorts of incredible energetic medical technologies that keep us ridiculously healthy, and yet we will all still get colds. What do those viruses know that we don't?

  • TheIntentionalSage Aug 29, 2010

    Thoughts have the power to heal... and/or, our thoughts create our reality. This is something that I have to believe is possible. In fact, it is the main reason that I write a "Daily Imagining" at "Imagine Into Being" (http://imagineintobeing.wordpress.com).

    There's no reason NOT to be intentional about our thoughts as they DO create our reality... and the reality of those around us.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  • Marlene Aug 29, 2010

    I don't refuse the idea of healing thoughts, on the contrary!

    However, I wonder how many of the people who wrote the comments above experienced serious illness and faced death won't ask for a painkiller and a miracle pill to heal and to end the nightmare.

    In those circumstances it is even more difficult to survive without love and these vibrations are healing for the mind. It lowers the stress level of a patient who is totally dependant of others.
    When you're in the death zone, your body can take over control, no matter how your mind thinks, if it is still able to think consciously.

    Thoughts do have the power to heal even though they cannot kill a bacteria instantly. They can improve your immune system over time.

    Compassion towards others and yourself is a key element. It lowers the level of "agression".

  • Anonymous Icon

    CarmenHironimus Aug 28, 2010

    We are light and as light we behave as waves (energetic or lighter body) and particle (physical denser body). We move and have our being in a dance of vibrations. Our physical body is the manifestation of the quality of our thoughts and feelings. Healthy thoughts coupled with love will raise our vibration and health. Lower vibrations are detrimental to our health.

  • GoldenStateTouch Aug 28, 2010

    Based on my own personal experience, I would say the answer is an unqualified "yes."

    I was daignosed with a bulging disc in 1991 and the doctors advised surgery. Soon after the diagnoses, I read "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno. The book encouraged the kind of thinking I needed to recover without surgery. Fortunately, I chose physical therapy, reflexology, massage and deep breathing techniques. Within about 5-6 months after the symptoms appeared, they were gone.

  • Anonymous Icon

    imwarriortru Aug 28, 2010

    Yes. When our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are in harmony, we are an integrative presence, an energetic force that is transformative in nature. Transformation begins within us, at the cellular level, and quantuum physics supports this through so many studies. I do believe that when we allow ourselves to fuel this energy with intent, healing can occur at many levels. The key is the harmony, or congruence, of the energies. I recently experienced an extremely uncomfortable tightness in my back muscles; I was aware of the stress my thoughts were creating in my body, and stopped what I was doing, did some deep breathing, and brought light and a golden rainshower into my body....a very simple exercise, and the tightness and accompanying discomfort in my body vanished. My thought was to change the energy in my body, my belief and the accompanying feelings were recognizing the outcome, an energetic shift, and my intent was to facilitate a process that would allow this. If we are energetic beings, and every thought, feeling and belief is energy, are there any limitations to healing?

  • Anonymous Icon

    richmanja Aug 28, 2010

    Absolutely our thoughts have the power to heal ... and destroy, at least from my own personal experience. I know that when I have an epiphany of any kind, whether it's about a personal issue I'm contemplating or a problem I'm looking to solve - there's a euphoria associated with that solution, even if the answer is not necessarily to my liking. A certain amount of trepidation and stress is lifted along with the fog, replaced by a clarity of truth. And that clarity rushes through my body with a warm, soulful hug and an immediate feeling of joy. Likewise is true with a destructive thought. I just experienced a somewhat surreal episode with a very dear friend whose distorted interpretation of a shared event has utterly destroyed our friendship. Somehow the version of truth that she could accept involved twisting reality so that she could become the victim and everyone else the hated perpetrators. No amount of outside interpretations could offer her solace. This is an ongoing MO in her life where she meets new people, makes them instant friends then finds ways to manipulate her thoughts so that their actions can give her cause to discard those friendships. Her life consists of taking anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds whose dosage she manipulates as needed. Do thoughts heal and destroy? You bet!

  • Geoff Hindmarch Aug 28, 2010

    Take a faith healing gathering with say 5 000 "believers" each singing\chanting\praying.... they are all creating energy which they "believe" will make the blind see etc. This energy is directed at the sick person who also "believes" and his physical body "believes" it will have a positive reaction which it does. The easy cases such as the usual aches and pains will remain healed whilst the serious ones such as "discarding your wheelchair" will reverse because the mind cannot accept it long term because it has not experienced it before.
    To test this out try and levitate a matchbox from the palm of your hand - you can't do it because you mind tells you you have not experienced it before, but take the lightest feather you can find and start with that - you will eventualy move it just a fraction, and then 2 and then you know you can continue. Healing works the same way - once you have experienced it you can do it. The faith healers of old did it, although they didn't know how - they just believed God was on their side.

  • smartzone Aug 28, 2010

    I will have to go along with Dr. Bruce Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between your mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. The book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts. Dr. Bruce Lipton demonstrates how the new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species.

    No belief, no way.

  • Anonymous Icon

    midhunsekhar Aug 28, 2010

    of course it does.that even is the base of every religion.in fact prayer is a belief held in mind or just thoughts that recur.
    it is clearly evident from a lot of miraculous healings that we hear from around the world.
    Dr.Murphy in his book "power of our subconcious" mind"clearly states his research on thoughts and
    healings happened to him and his patients.its just not healing ,thoughts control much more;wealth,happiness,success,good relations..
    i guess everyone should read it if they get a chance.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Mickvanschot Aug 28, 2010

    Clearly the answer is YES. The placebo effect is a good example. A publication on the healing powers of placebo's has been one of the most requested papers of the highly esteemed medical journal The Lancet. Apparently the medical profession is waking up and starts to react! Our thoughts have through the, and reenforced by, the zero-point field unlimited possibilities of realisation. Let us use as much as we can for the benefit of all.

  • Anonymous Icon

    puresilence Aug 27, 2010

    I have read everywhere that thoughts are absolute and they are complete atomic bodies even they posses colors (refer swami sivananda book on power of thoughts) and you can almost anything using thought as power. Frankly speaking, I tried myself either I lack 100% concentration or someone in me don't want to believe it works, for my it never worked. Period. if they didn't work for me does it matter what others say. Or What I require to build a complete optimism on it they will work and keep on acknowledging that they will work.
    In case anybody has experienced that they did work with examples. I read The intention experiment as well, however the book is too theoretical, I guess there are other books on Occult science but thoughts really works I still have to witness.

  • MikeNelsonPedde Aug 27, 2010

    I used to do workshops with a high school group, over several years, that dealt mostly the topics of living with the earth - what many people think of as 'wilderness survival' - sometimes with a partner and sometimes not. However, we also branched out into other areas, including awareness, consciousness and the like. One exercise we always did was to get the largest guy and the smallest girl/woman in the class to stand up. I'd ask the guy to raise his right arm - shoulder to elbow straight up, and elbow to hand in the air (the classic muscle man pose). I'd then ask the girl to pull his arm down. It was obvious that she could not - to the point of suspending her entire body weight on his arm. I'd then ask the rest of the class to focus as much positive, loving energy toward the young woman as possible, and/or as much negative, dark, menacing energy as they could toward the guy. After giving them a few moments, I'd ask the two students to repeat the procedure. Without fail, the man's arm came down easily - much to his surprise. Afterward we had the class send the guy positive, loving intention in order to 'build him back up'. One may argue whether this was due to the transmission/receipt of energy from the rest of the group, whether it was the power of suggestion/ mild hypnosis or something else. In the end, it doesn't matter. The fact is that a physical change was effected with no physical stimulus. We achieved similar results by having the guy close his eyes and, with his eyes closed, having him hold a pink rubber ball with this other hand. Again, a physical change in strength with no overt physical cause. Some people in holistic medicine use a similar technique known as 'muscle testing'.

    There was one time where this experiment backfired, to an extent. On that occasion the largest male was a part-time teacher who (I found out later) wasn't overly liked. It would seem that when I asked the class to send him positive, loving energy to build him back up, they were less than inclined to do so. Later that night he confided in me that as a former rugby player he was feeling like he'd been tackled. My partner and I quickly assisted him in regaining his sense of balance and strength.

    Anecdotal? Certainly. True experience? Definitely.


  • Kellia Ramares Aug 27, 2010

    Yes. But they also have the ability to create illness and it seems that we can more easily create illness thoughts than healing ones. Why that is the case and how we can overcome that negative tendency are the more important questions. When we can master that skill, we won't have to ask if thoughts can heal. It will be all around us.

  • Anonymous Icon

    farrellkitty Aug 27, 2010

    Indeed, thoughts have the ability to heal.Therefore , also the ability to injure,consequently, we as a species have purposefully rejected this notion in order to soften our guilt. Leading the masses to believe we cannot heal by thought so as not to feel the guilt of injuring by thought.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ErikH Aug 27, 2010

    At first sight it is easy to feel the influence thoughts have on one's body, but this places ones again proud thinking at the head of the whole process. Once again we fall into the trap of a vertically organised "society" where thinking is higher than emotion, and emotion is higher than instinct. We still make the cut between body and mind, where mind can objectively, this is: without influencing, observe the body.

    Thoughts do influence the body, of course they do, just like the body influences the thought processes. And the emotions, and the dreams etc etc. It is not the thinking in itself that influences, but the way we bring ourselves as a whole in contact with that which is beyond thinking. Not a higher or deeper self because it has got nothing to do with height or depth. Only a mystery that is.

    Let's also not forget that, luckily, we don't have to think to make the body function. The body has more wisdom than thinking. In fact: often, not thinking (sleep) is better for healing than thinking.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Azidan Aug 27, 2010

    Mind body medicine , reflects that soul body and mind are interrelated and it's mandatory to be iin balanced and harmonious fashion , with the brilliant approach of noetic science , I wish as a practicing surgeon that in the near future medicine will be concerned more of well-being rather than bieng well in other words our patients deserve to be treated as a whole , simply be teaching them how to heal themselves , through establishing the link of body , sole and mind
    This is my mission in life is to spread the message of further exploring the science of faith and consiousness

  • lovebug Aug 27, 2010

    In order to prove that a healing treatment is effective, the medical sciences have to use double blind studies where the administrators of the study & the patients don't know whether or not they have received the test substance or a "placebo" - sugar pill etc. This is because they know that many people will get better with "only the placebo"! The amazing ability of the mind to effect the bodies' healing!

  • Anonymous Icon

    jfc99 Aug 27, 2010

    I do indeed believe that our thoughts heal us. In my case, re-establishing a feeling of heroism heals me. I highly recommend a book, "How God Changes Your Brain" by Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman. It is an excellent resource to add to this discussion.

  • Piercarla Aug 27, 2010

    Yes certainly, but I think it is important not to fall into the trap of the ego 'I heal myself'. I have been studying for a while two techniques which come from the same teachings of Lester Levenson, but are two different techniques - Sedona Method and Release Technique. In my understanding the mind/emotion not only causes the problem but it can hinder the healing, in that it always tries to figure out how to heal ourselves which only keeps the problem in place. But when we let go of wanting to figure out and let go of the negativity, we allow healing to take place.

  • goale Aug 27, 2010

    Our thoughts provide the focus or the control but the power comes from our emotions (e-motion = energy in motion). Distant healing is a combination of the two. Prayer has always been about what we think and we feel. We are always praying and creating our experiences. Back in the time of Proverbs, they didn't have a word for feeling and the phrase was used, "As a man thinketh in his heart."

  • JAK Aug 26, 2010

    The research of Allan Rechtschaffen clearly shows the detrimental effects (death) cause by sleep deprivation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Rechtschaffen). Additional research indicates the cause of death is a non-specific bacterial or viral infection starting in the gut. Since it is non-specific (whatever happened to be in the gut), then the lapse must be a general weakening of the immune response. Thus, prolonged wakefulness (including all conscious thought) must be detrimental to some degree. Minimizing such mental activity should reduce the detrimental effects. Research at the U. of Illinois indicates that meditation enhances immune functioning which appears to validate the relationship of immune response and level of conscious activity. Further, beta-CCM has been tied to stress, yet it appears to enhance memory and learning in rats. If beta-CCM can be related to analytical thinking, or dealing with complexity, as well as immuno-suppression, the U. of Illinois research and Rechtschaffen's research all seems to fit together. The conclusion would be that thought is directly related to health.

  • Trustingourradiance Aug 26, 2010

    Depends on how "thought" is defined. My understanding is that we are fundamentally One comprised of Love (Coherent Light/Divine Thought Far Beyond What We Can Possibly Imagine In Our Veiled State). When our Love/Coherent Light joins with another in common purpose healing occurs naturally to the degree that is for the highest good of all for the awakening mind, i.e., we don't have full knowledge here and cannot "see" fully what is best for any individual case. Feeling the intensity of Love in the magnetics of our heart and throughout all our coherent particles and frequency field and then moving into the Still Core beyond time/space and consciousness and healing inside the dreamtime always occurs, we're just asked not to be attached to what "healing" looks like.

  • Anonymous Icon

    raghava1221 Aug 19, 2010

    Everything in this world is interrelated, and the energy is whole. Which means the energy can be processed from one substance to the other as easily as heat transfers from hot body to cold body. Like this when the energy of the healer is more efficient than that of the healed, I think it is possible to heal by simply concentrating on the surrounding energy and passing the worldly energy from the environment to the body of the sick.
    As energy of the universe is constant, it can be simply transferred from one body to the other. It is the power of concentration that matters.

  • jimdun9241 Aug 15, 2010

    Our thoughts are powerful! They are NOW. I am a healer. There are now tools that remind our cells of Source. They are infused with zero point energy. I see these tools helping people to heal themselves every day.




  • rainforest Aug 14, 2010

    Do our thoughts have the power to heal? Absolutely yes! I have used both art and poetry as healing tools among youth and feel that these modalities include thoughts and emotions.

    As an empath, the heart/love essence is my conduit. My experience is that my healing practice is stronger when my soul, heart and mind harmonize. When I do this in a group, there is even more power to it. Awareness of intent and consequence are also essential for me. As I move from mindfulness to heartfulness, the power of healing increases, expanding into an altered state where I can tap into the pulsating intelligent energy that makes up the universe. When I am capable of maintaining this sense of oneness, my healing energy flows. For me, from an early age, this often happens in the dream world, sometimes in a conscious way, other times in an unconscious way. Either way, my thoughts and feelings must be in harmony for healing to flow. For me it is important to harmonize/integrate body, mind, heart and soul.

    I imagine that the term "thought" may encompass both a mental and an emotional response. I do realize that there are as many diverse modalities as there are human beings and feel that learning what works for others helps me further refine my awareness. Regardless of modality, thoughts are very powerful.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 14, 2010

    Of course they do!! Just as toxic thoughts have the ability to cause illness.
    It is very important to practice mindfulness and not send soul darts to others or ourselves.
    This includes our planet and all that is.
    LOVE is the strongest power in the Universe and the glory is that it is in our power
    right now to be co-creators in healing!

  • Anonymous Icon

    zabskaia Aug 14, 2010

    Thoughts ? In my experience healing really happens when all aspects of myself are aligned towards the same goal. If and when I only "think" with my intellect that I want to heal (be it physical, emotional or other) nothing moves. When I check in with other facets of my personality and soul I can find the parts that don't believe I can heal, or the parts that know the benefits of being unwell and want to keep it so. Until I can have a congruent "inner team" I cannot heal.

    That is why I find it easy (as a healer) to align for others and help them move into healing. When it comes to myself ? Well, let's say that miracles haven't really happened yet.

  • Anonymous Icon

    auggieiam Aug 13, 2010

    Quantum physics teaches us that we are all bundles of energy.
    We know that when we have certain thoughts and feelings certain physiological and chemical reactions occur
    in our bodies, which surely change the energy that embodies our being.

  • Anonymous Icon

    yusheng Aug 13, 2010

    Yes, thinking moves the brain, then phyiscally moves the body, then moves the environment , then the people. though the way is not easy to detective becaues there is other system which can convey the power and information and which can be sensed by those who practise special meditation.

  • kathleenk Aug 13, 2010

    Clearly our conscious and subconscious minds send off signals for health and wellness or illness and distress, or some other cocktail of sensations. The rising awareness through the work by many good minds disciplined in the field, like Bruce Lipton's, Biology of Belief give us substantial material to share with colleagues and friends. But even more profound, we have the opportunity to revisit our own practices and look at the evidence, that is our lives, for the degree of harmony we are creating with our minds - brilliant or not! Not only do our thoughts have the power to heal ourselves, we can help heal others. There are no limits except for those we self-impose. Oh to be unshackled and to be living in the truth of our interconnectedness!

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