What conclusions have you drawn from your search for inner wisdom?

Posted Sept. 7, 2011 by IONS Staff in Big Questions

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commented on March 28, 2015
by Imagination



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What conclusions have you drawn from your search for inner wisdom?

In the September 2011 issue of Noetic Now, there are three articles that address in their own unique way different paths for accessing deeper truths and sources of personal transformation:

In “Disembodied Wisdom: Exploring the Phenomenon of Channeling,” professor Jon Klimo evaluates the latest book on channeled material and affirms the powerful and positive impact such messages have had on many people’s lives.

Elliott Dacher, MD, (“Ancient Wisdom and the Perfection of Health”) finds solace in timeless teachings that are grounded in study and contemplative practice.

And in “The Guru Question,” psychotherapist Mariana Caplan cannot imag­ine “why one would dare to cross the shark-infested waters of the ego without a boatman,” in her case a spiritual master.

Which methods have worked best for you?

What conclusions have you drawn from your search for inner wisdom?


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    Imagination Mar 28, 2015

    In my view, reading very old texts like the Psalms and Proverbs provide profound insights into the meaning of the word: wisdom.


    Charles Fillmore (New Thought, spiritual metaphysics).
    As a Man Thinketh book by James Allen.
    The Secret (2006) - film.

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    Jim Centi May 28, 2012


    Your two posts were a pleasure to read. How can one comment upon such intelligent and comprehensive posting.

    I look forward to reading your comments in any topic.

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    iamonesoru May 25, 2012

    I have found that the universe is, among other things, a vast well of information and that every "body", whether heavenly or human, is a receiver/translator/ transmitter that receives information encoded in the consciousness energy we call light, translates that information according to its own distorted beliefs, and transmits its distorted beliefs into its own and lower dimensions via the projection of thought.

    What we call light is a signal that is projected from some infinitely intelligent Source that we have misunderstood as "God", and what we call a black hole is actually a perfect transmitter and receiver of all energy and information in the universe. The "Singularity" is not a massively dense object whose gravity is swallowing light, but an opening or portal to all potentia, or unlimited potential energy in a state of potential, or at rest.

    The Event Horizon is the point at which potential energy is translated to kinetic energy and radiated outward as the signal we misunderstand as light. The energy of light coalesces to form what we misunderstand as stars that are outposts of the Source which receive/translate/transmit the signal out into greater and greater states of distortion that we misunderstand as dimensions.

    We have been taught to misunderstand the "first" three dimensions as basically height, width, and depth, however these are simply different directions in space and in this context a dimension is nothing more than a potential measurement in one direction in space. How can this erroneous definition of dimensions possibly lead us to an understanding of a Unified Field of Energy?

    Everything that appears to be real is a result of the movement and rest of Intelligent Energy, and the dimensions are densities or a kind of spectrum of vibrations akin to a bandwidth. We see what we call visible light in a very narrow spectrum. Is it possible that what we call the absence of light is simply the absence of our ability to see or detect it?

    Why do scientists look through an electron microscope and choose to identify themselves with the .1% energy they call matter, and completely ignore the 99.9% Unified Field of Energy they call empty space?

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    Sungon9 May 24, 2012

    I wish I could have a search for inner wisdom be successful. But I don't know where to start, or if it will be even rewarding. I have meditated only once in my life and based on that experience I'd say this search is worth it. I just don't know which religion to begin with. Buddhism? Hinduism? Or not a religion at all?

  • charliet May 18, 2012

    Hi Stiggy7

    You are not alone, there are many people like you, skeptics will say its imagination, chance, whatever, but its not, its real. Jim's suggestion is a good one, watch the video.

    You may benefit from working with EVP communication. If you type my user name into the search window at the top of the page it will bring up a post on EVP, in there is a small tutorial on how to go about it, there is also info in this post about how to reach me for further help if needed.

    Good luck on your search, take care.

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    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    Thank you, Jim Centi. Sorry if I sounded a little off when I posted before. Just fed up with not getting anywhere with it. Sick of being told I must be mistaken or worse, making it up. If I could interface my mind with a TV monitor the music would change instantly. So Cheer's Mate. Appreciate that. Watching now.

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    Jim Centi May 17, 2012

    Here's an interesting video related to what you are talking about.


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    Stiggy7 May 17, 2012

    OK. I've just joined up. I am not a "Learned" individual and have no academic training and to be blunt, I'm just a bloke. When I was a 9 year old kid, back in 1977, I was nearly killed in a road accident. I was run over by a car. I had an O.B.E. I'd be happy to describe it but thats not what this is about. Well, the experience, anyway. The thing is, I've had a number of Premonitions. I didn't KNOW that's what they were until they happened, thinking they were just very intense and vivid dreams. To get straight to the point. I want to know HOW that can happen. My rational side is saying "Absolutely no" but my experience will not be denied and says, emphatically, "Absolutely Yes". I've tried to understand it from a scientific viewpoint but keep coming up against the stonewall of science's own "arguement from personal incredulity" in the form of the Sensorium Theory. My "Nutshell Review" of which is "A pile of old kack". Slight of hand in my personal view. Answer's nothing. But SOMETHING is going on and I really want an explanation. I feel like a completely useless early warning system sometimes. Akin to that Radar Station on Pearl Harbour that picked up those enemy planes but was not "ALERTED" to the ensueing danger. Anyway, that aside, I think MY search for inner wisdom on this subject has been wholly unsuccessful. Merely MENTIONING premonitions has people and science running for the hill's in what I can only describe as "Arrogant Panic". People say they want to investigate these things but to be honest, I don't really think they do. I think they like to play with things they find interesting but actually attempting to nail stuff down seems to me, not the real point. So to answer your question, it's been a very negative experience that I'm very close to slamming the door on. Thanks for reading.

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    Asteroth May 05, 2012

    The inner is the only real source of truth but even there it often has to be extrapolated from symbols and images presented. Interestingly today I wrote something also about this..http://asterothsdomain.com/?p=210 as I believe that it is becoming harder and harder to obtain truth outside of yourself and we must all increasingly learn to seek the truth inside of ourselves...

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 29, 2012

    the Tao is
    the Dream is dreaming us
    We are dreaming ourselves
    The value of my soul = the love in it

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    Searle88 Apr 26, 2012

    My evolving project maybe of interest.


  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    If not first, I would be right up there in agreeing with you that it is the inflated ego that prevents almost all human beings from accessing the deep & profound inner wisdom.

    In response to the thread title, my "search" for inner wisdom ended abruptly, once I found my ability to commune with my inner self - then my true journey began. Our cultures have systematically destroyed our collective willingness to accept ourselves as we are. For centuries we had accepted our ability to commune with our inner selves, the ancients having left much evidence of this.

    Then our egos decided that "we" must know better, and so set out to "discover" whatever it was that we erroneously believed was "better". Thus we slowly and surely lost sight of our natural abilities to access our inner wisdom - that which is the knowledge of all that is. Now, when occasionally someone does it, they are held in some esteem as if they were near god-like - such are all the references to Buddhas, Christs, Mohameds and other gurus.

    The search is futile, because we need only look within, which is not far, and which is also what our ancient forefathers knew well. Then the journey of true purpose can begin. That journey starts with an acceptance of our ability to commune with the knowledge of all that resides within us, and then to accept all that it desires to reveal to us according to our individual needs.

    I find that the state of mind required to do this is not extraordinary, rather it is totally ordinary to the point of being too simple for many to grasp. The required state of mind is just that - purely a state of mind, just mind, absent of all ego and all fear, then communion with all knowledge prevails.

    I cannot just think my inner knowledge is greater than I, I must believe it absolutely, because so long as I delude myself by thinking my own intelligence is anything, I remain nothing. When I concluded that I can learn nothing of my own intelligence, then I was instantly granted communion with the inner knowledge of all that is. Now I yearn to accept all the more of it, that it yearns to reveal to me at every opportunity.

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    thoromli Apr 10, 2012

    * Reality is THE STORY *

    Information = In Form @ Ion


    Once Upon a Time... what was and what is creates NOW.

    Change the story (InForm@Ion), the unobserved will In Form the observed.

    The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify one’s conscious awareness, a few know to practice in daily life. The transformation into full realization of unity is apt to take place at any time. Moment-by-moment companionship with the great is a realization of Oneness. Deterrent for the cosmic consciousness is the feeling far away instead of being within, we can´t reach oneness through sources outside of ourselves and if we are one created by one´s alone it is our story right here, right now, who is.

    Easy thinking, what shapes the self? What is I? what happens in the process of all? what is a process? What start the process?

    The Story, creates reality.
    All that is, is a fairy tail.
    It creates out of zero intelligence one.


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    dinesh_dhadwal Apr 09, 2012

    Our inflated ego is what prevents almost all human beings from accessing the deep & profound inner wisdom. Only few people such as Buddha, christ , ancient vedic philosphers were able to actually percieve the true vastness & potential of our mind & its inter connectedness to the universe. It requires very deep contemplation observing our minds to reach anywhere near the hidden inner wisdom in us. It requires years of focussed meditation in any form, which in todays world is something very few can devote time to. Basically the priorities of todays world are drastically misplaced and a paradigm shift in focus from materilistic to spiritual thinking of mankind is required. Individually, we can all contribute by undergoing our own Human revolutions and by encouraging those in contact with us.
    @ Parker.. I agree apples fell & lightening struck even before Newton and edison, but the whole point of giving that eg was that even to discover something unknown or to float a revolutionary idea, one has to reach a certain state of mind which is significantly higher than average & can be quite different to contemparary thinking

  • parker Apr 09, 2012


    Lightening flashed and apples fell from trees long before any man recognized what we now call "electricity" or "gravity". None of these alleged scientific things were ever "discovered", they have been systematically recognized over time. Merely naming any of these observations did not make an enlightened man out of the likes of Newton or Faraday.

    These and others like them simply learned how to recognize the things that exist, and in some instances, how to make beneficial use of that existence. An enlightened man does not challenge the norm, rather he accepts that common perception as being the current characteristic of man within all that exists. Then he learns to recognize the various aspects of all that exist, such that he may then attempt to improve or expand the common perception of some things.

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    dinesh_dhadwal Apr 09, 2012

    Laws of gravity, electicity or any other major discovery made by man over the centuries only prove one thing.... There are lots & lots of mystic principle & facts out there in the unfathomably vast universe yet to be explored or understood by humanity. Most of these discoveries were made by these renowned enlightened scientists by elevating their life states and awakening to their inner wisdom rather than relying solely on current scientific evidence available. In other words, All major breakthroughs in science have been made by inner realizations by the individually enlightened minds who dared to challenge the normal, evidence based contemporary thinking

  • parker Mar 24, 2012

    I have concluded that one does not need to search for inner wisdom, but acquire learning to accept it.

    If indeed what is sought, is wisdom of the "inner" self, or of the inner being, then such wisdom is by virtue of the very question, known already to exist there. Hence the ability to achieve acceptance of what is known within us, is the substance of the things and of the knowledge we search and hope for.

    I have also concluded that this inner wisdom is universally constant and universally available, yet we each have a unique need to reach out to commune with others, which communion is among other things, the catalyst enabling each of us to discover and to learn our equally unique and individual means to accept that wisdom.

    Whether we commune with known or unknown gods, with ancient writings, with friends or alleged gurus, or some combination thereof, there is no higher purpose for our communion, than to achieve our own acceptance this inner knowledge. It is our inherent curiosity satisfied.

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    Authorharb Mar 24, 2012

    My conclusion is based on my own what I call First Experience of Oneness and vision following it some 12 years later http://harbbook.blogspot.in/2011/06/my-first-experience-of-oneness.html.

    And it is this: That the universe along with its evolution is perfection incarnate. Everything in it though eternally changing is as it should be and is necessary to lead everything again to Oneness from which it begins with Big Bang. Continuing thus in eternal cycles each cycle of it has the seeds of destruction of itself and birth of the next. (More details in the first chapter of my book here if one is interested: http://selfdesigneduniverse.blogspot.in/

  • jmatt4lifehoe Mar 19, 2012

    My search for inner wisdom leads me to conclude that "Our purpose in life is to leave behind our best possible imprint on the timeline of eternity". SG

  • Saudade Jan 16, 2012

    I have quickly glanced over some things here. I would like to say that I have drawn many conclusions about wisdom, not only inner, spirit, understanding. The key is to be in humility, if you are proud then you will miss many things. You have to have love, without it, your spinning your wheels. Many times I feel like I can write on many things or add to works that some intelligent minds have worked on in the past. Even if we find wisdom, my question is what do we do with it. If you try to explain it, will people listen? Is wisdom meant to be given freely to another? I often ponder the idea when a leader of a company or nation passes, how will the legacy be carried on. The expiriences and wisdom that one gains in his/her life is not easily transferable. The passion is lost many times. If you look to the past with Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece, each time a new leader is made, the spirit is lost. Sometimes the next individual can cause much damage. I think the issue is can someone absorb the wisdom and understanding one gains and add to it with her own future expiriences without tainting the original mission. I don't know if I am making sense, but I hope you understand. I feel I know much, but when you think you know much, you figure out that it's only like a grain of sand in a dessert.

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    Sylvyrwyng Nov 28, 2011

    When it comes to my own search on inner wisdom, I have tried lectures, sermons and prayers, all of which left me looking for more. More understanding, more knowledge, more answers. I have read on the Wiccan path, Shamanic path and still was left looking for more. Until I realized that no matter how many books, lectures or people I spoke with, I had to find the inner self before anything could begin to be answered. Meditation is something that I use but like sharon said, the working stiff has little time for that as do single parents. Writing and journaling didn't work for the same reasons. Reflection of my own mind has started working along with the realization that there are those put in our path of life to teach us lessons that we have agreed to learn, during this lifetime, with the Universe. How we tell which individuals are there for us or for themselves is irrelevant. We both learn from the other. What I find interesting is how we allow those not on our path to walk by us without them touching our lives. The strangers we walk by each morning and nod to, the homeless person on the street bench sleeping. These people have lessons that we can learn as well. How do know when to connect with the lesson giver and to pass by those that have nothing to teach us?

    My conclusion is this: in everything and everyone there is a lesson to be learned. what the lessons are is what we are here for and why we interconnect with others. To learn, expand and become more. To integrate with the universal web of energy that connects us all.
    Even now as I type my first answer in the IONS site, I KNOW there is something here for me to learn. The energies I feel here touch a chord deep inside, setting off a vibration that has been growing for a while now. My awareness is expanding and looking for growth. Each of you have placed your thoughts, feeling and energies here. Unique, challenging and beautiful to see and touch. Once more I am called to the path of inner findings through touching others.

  • Saoirse Nov 23, 2011

    Sharon, I'd have to agree with that! One thing that makes me cynical about a lot of it is that most of them start wealthy to begin with and then exploit others by hawking books, CDs, DVDs and seminars at insanely high prices. Not that I object to people selling CDs, I just object to the idea of selling them at four times the normal rate, just because most people are desperate for anything that will get their mind off the daily grind. Enlightenment isn't for the working stiff! It's a lot easier to be tranquil when you know the rent's paid, and you're not facing down a 12 hour shift on two hours of sleep.

    I'll stick with the rattlesnakes -- sitting on a snake den for a couple of hours absolutely beats paying $100 for someone to teach me to tap myself on the nose and tell myself not to be stressed. :-)

  • Sharon Tenney Nov 23, 2011

    That it's really hard to find! When I get on boards like these, I suddenly feel so tiny with so many people having these far-reaching experiences, teachers, opportunities. I think for me, I need to get above the bottom level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The people I have noticed who seem to have the time, energy, freedom, and ability to self-actualize, are those who are not still struggling to survive. I guess the only thing that ever propelled me into thinking about inner wisdom was learning about Edgar Cayce. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back next time as a Trust Fund Baby -- they seem to have the most opportunities to spend on inner wisdom searching and finding - lol.

  • frequencytuner Oct 21, 2011

    I learned that it is like water and our thoughts disturb it, the cause a disturbance and distort our perception. When the mind is still and the water is calm, it becomes like a transparent mirror that you are not looking into, but out from within.

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    Noeticviewer Oct 12, 2011

    My search for inner wisdom began with the desire to know how remote viewing worked--having experienced it first hand, viewing subjects in the past and future and over vast distances. The physical science I studied in college offered no answers. Then I began to look at the "problem" in reverse, i. e., what has to be true for remote viewing to work.

    My first conclusion is that all things have to be connected, far more connected that we have imagined. After a bit I realized that there is a way for all things to be connected--elliminate time. Hawking once joked that the concept of time kept everything from happening at once. But what if everything IS happening at once and we only percieve that things don't happen at once. Perhaps what we call time is only a construct of our consciousness.

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    Drhirschcordeiro Oct 09, 2011

    I believe a guru is just another word for a spiritual teacher or guide. A guru might be able to manage guiding lots of people. My experience regarding spiritual teachers has been that they just "show up" in an individual's life as a natural part of the journey. I never looked or would have imagined considering such a thing. I consider two people in my life such guides. One is a Chiropractor who healed me after a terrible horse fall. Another is a friend of my husband, who had a near death experience which transformed his life. I hope be of similar assistance to others ......confident that if the time is right it will present itself.

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    typo Oct 05, 2011

    I read here, a mention the world we interact with is a projected hologram within a region of awareness. I agree with that. That the depth of certain phi phenomenon placement within levels of conscious affect differnt areas' of the brain.
    That brian wave activity from beta down the spectrum to delta could be reflected metaphorically as the same as an iris or spihincter opening or closing.
    As for gurus, come people do better on their own, others with sadguru's and others a mix. It depends alot on one's evolved concept of trust, and we can't disentangle the self concept from world veiw, it is one in the same, since how we see ourselves is through interaction.
    The Guru in the end, I wil mention, all things, as well as the self. So, nomatter what we think, Guru is always there. Evolution, consciosuly may, in my opinion[always its opinion], merely the transformation of self concept and how that effects flow externally adn internally....as they cannot be separated. Not actually, abstractly and intellectually yes, but not de-facto.
    Reality is one cohesive event, form and awareness and all spectrums in between. No comminication can take place unless a common source is shared between constituents.
    The issue is with what is concsiosuness? Are we, actually individuals? Or is consciosuness, a quality or effect, derived from the interaction of time space placement of a information tool, upon intelleigence or awareness that is universal and creates sort of eddies, like smoke in air, that create semi autonomic-sympathetic subsystems, that are both context and contextless, based on point of veiw. We are all differnt due to we are in a differnt place within time space and the sum result of all other places at that point, and which coheres a series of concepts of who we are and affects energy flow based on concept patterns, in a way creating a mental body that is an extention of the autonomic and sympathetic systems in phsyiology. Where there is a small variable for free will. But it is small.
    That this event is happening collectively, as a unitive, collective and individual event.....all at the same time and is very efficient and happy being so. That as self concept changes, as we evolve our sense of self, from individual to become more and more aware we are part of cohesive unity, and collective, our ability to sense changes, because the mental body directs its seeing. In a way, we have a bubble prehaps at the start, shaped liek our bodies, that is a series of learned concepts of who we are and as that changes, so the bubble reacts and so our capacity to hear seems to change. So being said, its not what we think that is so important, its what we beleive. And that changes, evolves on its own and is interdependent adn reacts and also affects its envirornment directly and indirectly.
    Good lord, I can go on, but ill stop there as I feel im close to my word limit.....

  • ARUN PRATHAP Oct 03, 2011

    Human beings at the present stage of evolutionary process ,we have only a feeble access to a small portion of our mind and we percive and feel it as material universe . The material world thru space and time is projected like a 3 D filim in our consiousness not from outside but only from another dimensions deep inside our being ,Which(OURSELF) are tunnels from physical universe towards the omipresent. So the things and every thing we see in our physical cosmos are not placed in space but ,space& time itself we experience is a projection from our deep consiousness..

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    dwoodmar Sep 21, 2011

    For me, learning to feel and move energy helps me connect to my soul and energy body. It helps me realize my body is not me but mine. While in this state sending out love into the Universe seems to open more channels. I had a teacher to learn about energy and how to access it, and move it, (to dance with it).
    Now I am without a teacher and using this time to be still (more often) and allow the love to take me wherever. I found great comfort in reading David Hawkins and his books.
    I have come to the conclusion that if we are meant to reach "enlightenment" it will happen on its own. Simply believing it is possible is enough. Our journey may or may not lead us there. I have stopped searching and simply continue my daily practices, the most important of which (I believe) is having intention to send unconditional love into the Universe throughout my day. Like Santhip Krishnan Kanholy said in this blog, "full focus on the practices will naturally lead you there." Love is the key.

  • truthseeker999 Sep 16, 2011

    my conclusions in the search for inner wisdom are: there is more then one truth and you just have to pick one that works for you. You can live only using your own brain energy and it is not right to rely on someone else all the time. Teachers are great on a certain level, but you have to evolve yourself and find your own path, the one that is right only for you. You are (your own spirit) is the only right GURU for you. You can only help others by giving knowledge.

    Compassion is NOT the right way (there is a good word in Russian: sostradaniye - it means Compassion, however if you divide the word - "so- stradaniye" it literary means mutual-suffering). If you feel compassion to the one who is suffering you both begin to suffer. Most people begin to think only when they are in trouble or something bad happens to them. Overcoming difficulties is the part of evolution and if you want to evolve you can only do it yourself (you can of course ask for help in knowledge, but not for someone to give you energy or pray for you). By feeling compassion towards someone else you are not letting this person evolve, you are doing this person's homework for them, especially if you are on a much higher level of your "journey to enlightenment" than the other person.

  • Copperhead Sep 13, 2011

    The Taoists have the whole picture without the husk of dogma. The "Hua Hu Ching" of Lao Tzu provides the vision of what's going on and what is possible. From chapter 78: "In integral self-cultivation, it is possible to achieve a complete metamorphsis, to transend your emotional and biological limitations and evolve to a higher state of being." Taken from Brian Walker's "The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu". Much easier said then done, but I'm convinced it's possible.

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    Alicemarie Sep 09, 2011

    I have not experienced the good fortune of finding a true spiritual teacher (guru). In fact I have had very difficult, negative experiences with teachers. But my desire and seach for enlightenment continue. The methods that I have found that work best for me are meditation (TM), which is a life saver for me. Also, I study astrology (which is an ancient text of consciousness), Hermetics and remain open to contemporary teachers and writers. Reading about consciousness from the ancient Hermetic perspective is both humbling and fulfilling. I also find journaling and guided writing to be great assets.

    I think the only conclusion that I have drawn from my search for inner wisdom is that I have to get out of my own way. This is not so much a chastisement of ego as it is an acknowledgedment of pre-conceived notions. Expectations get in the way of the quest for inner wisdom. But, I have found, that an open heart and sincerity lead to the path of inner wisdom. Inner wisdom is a jouney, not a destination.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Sky Walker Sep 07, 2011

    Having a real and authentic guru IS the difference. I have been a student of a Kundalini Satguru , and I am sure I wouldn't have progressed in my journey without her guidance. I would have easily got caught in all the intellectual ideas and concepts and have chased different lifestyles all the while being trapped in my own confusion. The realized being or a real satguru sees things for what they are and will give the necessary guidance whatever it takes, how much ever your "ego" cant accept it and which may be bitter at first, but a million times more rewarding than what you would have thought was the solution. Without a guru, I would have been in clear deep shit.

    My conclusion is this - the only thing one can focus on in a spiritual journey is the path one must follow .. for me it is the practices, which is to be made part of my daily life .. the practices or the path is the final point of the journey .. not the final point of the journey which is " enlightenment " .. full focus on the practices will naturally lead you there .. And of course, this is only because I have a guru in place, who is able to judge my progress and tell it clearly not to be afraid of going into the unknown and to explore ..

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