Have you had a noetic experience?

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Have you had a noetic experience?

Have you ever had an experience that you couldn’t explain? The phone rings and you know who it is before you answer. You think of someone you haven’t thought of for years and then get a letter or an email from them. How about a moment of clarity that forever changed the way you viewed things? An “event” that you knew was real, to the very core of your being, but could not prove? These are examples of the ‘inner knowing’ that can be defined as a ‘noetic experience.’

Our big question of the month is:
"Have you had a Noetic Experience?"

Please join this discussion by sharing your thoughts and experiences in  the comment space below.

This video features Marilyn Schlitz, IONS President/CEO, Dean Radin, IONS Senior Scientist, and Cassandra Vieten, IONS Director of Research, as they explore the fascinating world of Noetic Experience.

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    dustproduction Mar 28, 2015


    What made it a "noetic" experience?

    noetic = of or relating to mental activity or the intellect.

    The Institute of Noetic Sciences proposes noetic sciences as "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world".[3]

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    dustproduction Mar 28, 2015

    How made it a "noetic" experience?

    noetic = of or relating to mental activity or the intellect.

    The Institute of Noetic Sciences proposes noetic sciences as "how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world".[3]

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    Xristos Mar 28, 2015

    I believe these experiences are commonplace when we relax into the natural flow. I have had many experiences but they vary in frequency and strength (from small Ah Ha moments to profound realisations) depending on my external life and how much I am trusting of universal providence.

    My headline experience however occurred in about 1980 and has been characterised as a NDLE (NearDeath Like Experience) in which I left my body and floated above it. I had an instant life replay in which I saw my entire life flash before my eyes and then again shifted consciousness into an ecstatic state in which I was totally in touch with the purpose of my life - a realisation which left me once I returned to normal consciousness. I have previously written about this in more detail in Shift in Action posts

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    Imagination Mar 28, 2015

    Have you had a noetic experience?

    Well, certain educational books have changed my perception of reality. These books include the Friends and People book by Dale Carnegie (about human relationships) and the Nerves in Collision book by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D. (about neurology).


    I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.

    - Thomas A. Edison

  • James Davis Apr 19, 2014

    About noetic experience, I gave expression to some of mine in an online book "Morphing with Light." Below is a link to it. It's a collection of meditative essays and images I've put together over the last 20 years. I released the book to the internet under Creative Commons so anyone is free to download and share it.

    The PDF can also be downloaded from the dropbox link: http://db.orangedox.com/sJU2mzcGvMH5CSyEGV/Morphing%20with%20Light.pdf

  • DrGlen Jul 12, 2013

    Noetic definition: of or pertaining to the mind.

    Answer: Yes, I am having one: this life! Among the more remarkable experiences of this life, I have met angels (while my body was in seizure) who shared with me through their gifts of prophecy, one about 9/11 (20 years in advance) and the other about my future wife (2 years before meeting, including her given name and state of residence). Many other remarkable non-local, transdimensional (spatial and temporal) experiences lead me to model that there is more going on here than a world machine winding down thermodynamically on a one-way arrow of time... Glad to bilocate into this virtual community of peers!


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    tomdoblack Jul 04, 2013

    Bom dia!

    Eu sou Brasileiro e ainda não conheço o idioma inglês, por isso peço desculpas!

    Eu tenho percebido que no período noturno não muito raro, ao passar por perto dos postes de luz, a sua energia oscila e muitas das vezes até se apagam...
    Não acho ser normal, pois acontece com frequência...

    E há outras coisas mais como:

    Saber o que meu amigo irá falar antes que o pronuncie;

    As vezes me vem a mente uma musica e logo que de imediato a pessoa ao meu lado passa cantando a mesma musica que estava ecoando em minha mente;

    Quando estou perto de alguém sinto suas tristezas e não muito raro até choro. Quando acontece de eu comentar isso com elas as sensações acabam sendo confirmadas.

    Eu tenho dificuldades para entender bem tudo o que está nesse site devido o idioma, mas gostaria que se possível me ajudassem a entender mais sobre esse tema que para mim é muito novo e peculiar dentro da ciência

  • bestearth Jul 04, 2013

    I would suggest breathwork. Maybe screaming your lungs out for a while. If not something like firewalking. Just anything dusto, anything to get that mind of yours out of the way.

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    dustproduction Jun 30, 2013

    Are "noetic" experiences limited to an elite few, or in principle, is it something we all can experience, much like dreaming? And here I find the word "experience" rather curious. Experience in the material sense evolves our senses. Depending on whatever paranormal occurrence one claims to have had, there is only the memory of what may have occurred. See Daniel Kahnman's TED Talk,


    So, to avoid language games, we can only say we remember, or "believe" we "experience" something, and cannot say that we definitively "experienced" something. This would require objective evidence.

    I am certain someone somewhere would be willing to sell me some book or other guidance, for a nominal fee that will facilitate my being able to unblock my inner noetic 'things' so that I'm able to share an experience too.

  • stillwater Jun 28, 2013

    Let me start by saying that I feel enlightened. This enlightenment took place last night after listening to Edgar Mitchell's Visceral experience upon returning to earth from the Apollo Mission. In a nutshell, the phenomena of quantum entanglement very nicely explains many if not all of my "spooky" experiences of which I've had my fair share. I have always pondered if there was a reason or meaning behind these experiences. Why are they happening to me? How are they possible? etc....Fortunately, a few have been witnessed by others otherwise I might think I was going completely nuts. What I found to be fascinating is the fact that almost all of my experiences have involved either electricity (Lights turning on and off by themselves etc) or the sharing of similar thoughts. For years, I was curious as to why I would see lights turn on and off by themselves? Or of the two occasions where I had the same or similar dream as someone else and was able to validate this before the other person spoke out his dream? I knew of the conundrum of quantum entanglement, but until listening to Edgar Mitchell and his explanation of the state of matter at the quantum state including duality though entanglement, coherence, and resonance, did it all start to tie in and makes sense. I never would have imagined that there actually very well be a scientific explanation for this phenomena. Somehow, I was able to experience these occurrences due to a quantum event, perhaps expressed through a form of quantum wave resonance. I feel intuitively that information we receive, turn into our thoughts which we manifest to our visible reality. To quote LeVar Burton, "What we focus on is what we create. When you apply your thoughts in an imaginative way and a creative way, you tap into something that wants to happen, and is waiting to be born." Albert Einstein was known for his great ability to sit think for hours as if through a form of mediation he was better able to experience the quantum state of matter, with less distraction, and interpret it with more clarity. Also, if you notice Edgar Mitchell had his visceral and intuitive experience while in space and perhaps better able to experience the quantum state of reality through less distractions. I could go on more on this, and my experiences, but these are my thoughts that I wish to share for now. In the meantime, going forward, I am going to put more thought into the greater meaning behind this as it is fascinating to think about.

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    sijillian Jun 27, 2013

    I have been having noetic experiences as early as 2 years old. The most remarkable of them being the ability to look into someones eyes and know why they are experiencing the problems they have. I am able to see their memories, down to minute details. I am able to go all the way back as far as infancy in at least one to two cases. I can do it all will with the persons permission, I do not like doing it otherwise. But on occasion I have accidentally seen something in an individual that makes me wonder why they are doing something then, I have accidentally peered inside them. I always approach the individual to share the insight. People have had mixed reactions to this phenomenon. I have been looking for answers to how I am able to do this, my whole life. This is how I found this site.

  • parker Mar 26, 2012

    Human Life 101: Practical Applications.

    Learning how we manifest our daily reality is fun and easy, if tackled with an open mind. Innate wisdom will enable us to manifest and accomplish most anything we desire. Many such things would seem to be “noetic” experiences, if another explanation was not readily available.

    For example, in studying memory related to reading retention, academics using conventional reading methods, were found they could barely retain 30% to 40% of what they read at conventional reading rates of about 150 to 170 words per minute. Advanced traditional speed-readers retained about 35% to 55% of what they read at a rate of up to about 4,500 words per minute. Believe it or not, your mind is capable of easily learning how to retain nearly 80% of what it can read at rates close to 65,000 words per minute. Such a feet, is bound to seem "noetic", yet it is within reach of everyone.

    Or, you can quickly learn to be a successful healer, by which you can effectively help your body heal itself, or help others to help their bodies heal themselves of virtually any disease or affliction. Undoubtedly such "skill" seems "noetic", yet it also is within easy reach of everyone, so long as you are not seeking or attempting to gain some extraordinary or unique powers to heal.

    Likewise, if you desire to train horses or dogs for example, you can easily learn how to become a horse or dog whisperer, so long as you do not expect to be able to ‘make’ a horse or dog do anything. You will not succeed by asking either, rather the truth is in simply allowing the animal to serve you in precisely the manner and by doing exactly the things that you most desire it to do, for this privilege to be of service, is the animals’ purpose and greatest desire as well.

    Or if you wish simply to manifest knowledge or experience the memories of past lives, or to read thoughts from distance in time or space, this also is easy to learn. If you can imagine what you desire to learn, or what you desire to manifest, then you can easily learn what you need to fulfil those desires. What appears now as “noetic” experience, will with modest learning, become your everyday norm.

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    Dallon Mar 26, 2012

    I have a friend who has witnessed me move sizable objects across the floor etc.(like pillows) with no physical contact, I've searched my whole life for answers or gateways into these abilities. It was when I stopped looking that I was able to do some strange things, the problem I have is that when I want to do it, or in another phrasing, approach these abilities from "a place of ego" its pretty much impossible for me to replicate them. Every other experience i may "think" ive had, i cant believe being more than coincidence without some kind of proof.

  • parker Mar 24, 2012

    If everyone were to pay clear attention to their own experiences, it would scarcely seem possible to me that anyone could be found without noetic experiences among them.

    If, as your question postulates, these "noetic experiences" stem from an "inner knowing" of something, then perhaps our communion would be better rewarded by our mutual focus on how to know more of that actual inner self, as opposed to knowing more about the experiences that are expressed from within that inner self.

  • jmatt4lifehoe Mar 20, 2012

    I guess these are my noetic experiences.
    Link: http://www.life-learningitfromexperience.com/l-i-f-e-learning-it-from-experience-stories-tm/

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    burgs69 Mar 20, 2012

    When I was about six years old, I was recovering from the flu & my parents had moved me into their bedroom where they could keep an eye on me from the lounge room. I was bored & my father always used to put the coins from his pockets on his bedside table. I was sitting up against the pillows with my legs crossed under the blankets & a two cent copper coin resting in the 'nest' the blankets formed over my legs. I decided to try & make it disappear, using every 'magic' word I could think of e.g. 'Abracadabra' & 'Open Sesame' (lol), but of course nothing worked. I'd close my eyes, say my magic word, open them & the damn thing would still be there. I have no idea how long I was at it - it seemed like a long time to a six year old - and I was getting tired, so I thought I'd give it one more go before giving up. I decided to go with 'Abracadabra' but this time, when I closed my eyes, I willed the coin to disappear with every ounce of faith, belief & willpower a six year old could muster.

    When I opened my eyes, the coin was gone. I was so scared I screamed out to my mum who came running & told her what happened. I still hadn't moved, so she looked around for it then called for dad, who took it much more seriously and systematically pulled the room apart around me. They couldn't find it. We were due to move out a couple of weeks later, so my parents left the room untouched other than sleeping in it, & when it came time to move they told the removalists what was going on - they carefully picked that room apart as they moved stuff out & my dad was standing there with a huge magnet going over everything. They never found it. My dad couldn't explain it so he told me "maybe it was magic".

    A few years later we were on a family trip to a rural, riverside town & stopped at a public park that had an old steam locomotive in it for the tourists to photograph & kids to play on, sitting on a short set of old rails. As we were leaving, something prompted me to look back to the rail below the front left wheel of the train and sitting on the rail was an old 1870's Napoleonic copper coin from France - ten cents (dix centimes). I assume it had been lodged in the wheel & had for some reason finally dropped out onto the rail. I showed it to dad & after speculating for a little on how it might have ended up there, dad turned to me and gave me an odd smile. "Looks like you finally got your coin back," he said. "It's had quite a trip." I didn't fully understand him at the time, but thirty years later I do - and I still have the coin!

  • Jeremiah Bilas Mar 04, 2012

    "The world is pregnant, and Facebook is its baby."
    My experience was of the holistic kind. It occurred a year ago under the influence of a legal psychedelic (JWH). While under a moderate dose of JWH I gazed into my smart phone, checking my Facebook feed. I was overcome with a sensation that I can only describe as feeling of pregnancy. I understood that our proto collective consciousness was growing in this global technological womb we call the internet. Our communications are accelerating, broadening, and often becoming more intimate. This trend will continue, and will result in one global super organism, so efficient and connected that it will appear as one super consciousness. This is the true essence of the technological singularity. I have been asked how can we merge into one collective conscious if the universe as a whole is already conscious- all is one- panpsychism. My answer is yes, consciousness may easily be a fundamental property of the universe, not an emergent property. Maybe everything has a conscious experience, but does it have a memory? We do, and we can manipulate the universe around us. The end goal of the universe is to become one giant functioning brain. "Epoch 6: the Universe Wakes Up"-Ray Kurzweil I wrote a 3 part essay inspired by this experience, you can read it here> http://www.plusultratech.com/2011/04/world-is-pregnant-13-meet-merge-and.html

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    BECHAMEL Feb 24, 2012

    I know that I have.

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    MichaelRead Feb 22, 2012

    Hello, I'm DreamingGod way down there, anyways, posting on the new account.

    The noetic experience, if you will, that sticks most out in my mind would be my near-death experience (NDE) I had when I was young.

    As a young boy in play, me and my brother decided to try and fly, which required a cord wrapped around the neck. My brother and I settled matters the way little boys do, with rock, paper, scissors, I won (arguably, the worst thing I won in my life, or maybe, it was the best thing I won), getting to go first.

    Standing on the dresser, the window cord on my neck, my first instinct was to leap off as far as I could, but instead... I just walked off. Sitting there, gasping for air, my brother was dumbstruck, I never saw him go get help. After I had lost consciousness, the next thing I remember was sitting in the 'corner' of the room. I could see 'me' hanging on the wall, and I could make out the room, but I remember not being all to interested in my body. I began exploring this new, strange realm. I found myself almost overloaded with information, but I couldn't 'feel' anything, but I kept exploring; I, then, found myself wandering a dark tunnel.

    The light at the end of this tunnel was enticing, I just *needed* to get to it, and so I went there, and at the great light at the end, a figure stopped me. I don't quite remember how to describe the figure, my memory is more clear on how the figure felt. It was warm, caring ,stern, glorious, and it told me it was not my time, there were things to do. It then sent me back to my body. I remember waking up, gasping, and then... I was gone again, into unconsciousness.

    I have memories from when I Was 'floating in the world' the one that stands out is my parents running into the room with a knife, and cutting my body down. My parents described me as not breathing, blue in the face, and unresponsive. They called the paramedics, and waited by my body. I wouldn't resuscitate, but, sometime into the ordeal, I gasped loudly, taking a gulp of air, and then going back unconscious. My mother remembers vividly the strangeness of me being dead on the floor, then suddenly, starting to breath.

    This is my earliest memory as a kid, and consequently, I have never doubted the certainty of the afterlife, nor that there is a purpose to this world. It's the one experience I can truly say, changed my life.

    The faint light on the other end was intriguing

  • Anonymous Icon

    BECHAMEL Jan 31, 2012

    Ive been asked if times Id nearly died-coma. Had been deprived of air,another situation, both alterations in consciousness, also, lost blocks of time following separate accidents; asked if these I consider near death exp, unsure how qualify, definitely registered in consciousness. After accident, recall going towards impact, recall recognition Im going to, then, am harmed, impact itself no recall. Theres a block of time missing between impact,regain conscious. THIS did involve head impact.

    Recalling an incident, years prior, remember from perspective,angle which I couldnt have logically seen it happen. Never questioned until others explained own experiences. Find remotely unsettling. Dont know my experience constitutes certain things, as profound. Just shifted perspective, how I remember. Being a child at time, all years past havent made me forget it. Disquieted by discussing, as events surrounding it were upsetting, worth not reflecting. Contains traumatic elements. Certain occurences WERE near death experiences IF only, WAS NEAR, death.

    Two near drownings another point plus situation I was close to passing out but not lose conscious awareness, as other times. Recall one near drowning like slow mo and light coming through water clear, then choking and breathing. It probably WAS slow motion...was floating without control of my movement, in ocean!

    These are few between. Then the remainder. As to knowing, there are far too many events. Have had others tell me theyd known of events, with me, they were correct, so youd think Id be more open, comfortable with certain things, but am not. I was, but closer I get to people telling me of their experiences, more chicken I get. I've tried writing them all down, splitting into categories of types (predictive dreams, vs. awake, deja vu, coincide-ences, not know what to call it/OTHER/sensing things, shared, non shared).

    If I try connections,to qualify things, generally its not there. More often if Im not expecting or give up, disqualify, it sneaks up and bites. As having been significant, or relevant, after all. But alot undeniably inextricably linked.

    Begins to bother me if ever were to sit down with someone, sort all out, know Ill be classified, categorized, so forth. Named enough and told more people than what comfortable, doing. End up keeping to self what I probably ought not and revealing what I wish I hadn't.

    Id a dream and decided on advisement to write down this one. Felt absurd writing down as it felt cheesy to me, this one in particular...certain elements. I erased it, what I wrote. Few days later got some materials which reflected the content. Other things, in the environ; at times think I only noticed them because Im looking for connection. Other times, disregard something and have the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Goosepimples. When as mentioned, things play out.

    Hesitate to list specifics as have in past, due to reasons noted above!

  • rainforest Jan 24, 2012

    Oh yes, and I have a very strong connection with my mother. I am her only child. She is now on her mid eighties and lives in Florida. I live in Arizona. Every time she needs something, I smell her perfume and immediately call her. It never fails. She immediately answers the phone, responding, "I was just thinking about you." The most interesting part is that lately her memory does not work well and most of the times we talk she confuses me with someone else. But when I smell her and call her, she is always aware that it is me. She intentionally focus on me and knows that when the phone ring is me.

  • rainforest Jan 24, 2012

    I had two near death experiences as a child that opened me to a variety of noetic explorations. One of my noetic experiences was regarding the terrible earthquake in Caracas back in the 60s. I was a child. My parents were going to visit an old couple that were friends with my grandparents in Cuba and had just moved to Caracas, a family reunion of sorts. Although I loved this couple like I loved my grandparents, I kept refusing to go. My parents could not understand and did not pay attention. The night before our trip, I got very ill. My parents had to cancel the trip. As a result of canceling the trip, our friends decided to go out to dinner that evening. The earthquake happened while they were having dinner at the restaurant and we were at home two hours away. Their building was one of the buildings that collapsed. If we would have gone to this family reunion, we all would have died. From that day on my parents were very attentive to all my moods and whereabouts. I am writing a memoir describing these and the many other noetic experiences that followed, like family members appearing before death to let me know they were on their way out. Best regards, Mariel

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    joaosilva Jan 18, 2012

    what you mean by spiritual ?! it´s just a word, you have to explain first...

  • Anonymous Icon

    joaosilva Jan 14, 2012

    yes, i can see in dreams things that happen in the future also (probably because there are multiple universes intercomunicated where little things changes). but that was at first,it´s not the most important since that whatever happen to us have no meaning in a so huge universe, now it´s to much more complex. i think dreams, it´s a little window from where we can escape from this world that it´s already programed,a window to break the rules. but we are already programed to feel and live in orther to procreate and die, so we are programed to be distracted for whatever the true is. so even albert einstein knews a lot, but he died anyway. no loger it´s about understaning, it´s about keep going deeper. and i wont say much more in details because, if we are writting in here, it´s because we can see things that nomal people can´t, but at the same time we haven´t yet come with a way of action to pass and win over the system alone. and beside i just do things alone, because i think no one could keep up with me, it´s useless if you guys just keep writting each other saying how differently you see the universe, without get together to find a new way of passing through. but anyway i think that wont happen, but maybe i´m wrong...

  • Anonymous Icon

    joaosilva Dec 06, 2011

    who can see the future in dreams?

  • TharpaChodron Dec 05, 2011

    I just want to say that my last post is full of typos and I wish I could have edited them. I don't really spell that bad, for the record!

  • TharpaChodron Dec 05, 2011

    I have a lot of expeirinces I'd like to share at some point, but here's one. It all started when I was a young girl and my grandmother gave me a ouijia board. I took it over to my friends house and decided to play a game. We were in the basement, and I wanted to test if it really worked. There were five of us and I said each of us would take turns writing something on our hand with an ink pen, not showing it to anyone, and then while that person stood away from the group at the Piijia board and didn't say what was on their hand, the rest of us would ask the board what it was that was written on her hand.

    The first time, it spelled out what was written on the girls hand correctly. The girl was shocked to show to us that her hand had written on it what the Oijia board had just said. So, to make sure that they weren't cheating, we did it again, but this time another person would be the person who wrote something secret on their hand. Once again, it worked. So, we took turns going round and round, till each of our hands were fairly covered in our little writings.

    Then, at one point, as we were still doing the experiment, I had my eyes closed and hands on the oiujia board when I felt something strange and opened my eyes, only to find everyone else looking at me. One of them said, "You're the one who's doing it," and I said, "No, how could it be me? It's all of us." and they said, "No, it's you." and they all got up and left me there alone in the basement with the Ouijia board. I still didn't ever believe it was just me, but it was the first proof that the paranormal world is very real and it set me off on a journey of sorts to learn what it was that I had experienced first hand.

  • F_Alexander Dec 05, 2011

    It is not uncommon now for my mother and I to have little noetic moments, and for me to take notice more of those little noetic experiences in my life. I find it very cool when these things are commonly acknowledged and even somewhat understood among members of a family, when it moves into the realm of "normal" rather than "paranormal."

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Nov 03, 2011

    To >> Unlimitedfemale's question "if there is a scientific answer to this I want to know, can some please explain?"

    Here is a thought based upon an experience I had going into the non-duality field of infinite blackness of all-ness … a oneness … that I can only describe as an infinite field of loving awareness. Some have told me that what I did was to go deep within and experienced my infinite nature … the oneness that I am with all-ness of the zero point field. That being said ….

    The Infinite Awareness You … communicating (via EMF Induction) with …
    The Super-Conscious You … communicating (via EMF Induction) with …
    The Conscious Mind of the … Human Being You

    Said another way …. “Perhaps” … some aspect of your infinite awareness (that we are all a part of) is able to connect and communicate with your super-conscious “you” … that in turn has the capacity to connect with the conscious mind self. It is as though you are able to alter the frequency range of your conscious mind to read what your super-conscious awareness is able to pick up on. And again I say ... Perhaps?


  • Anonymous Icon

    unlimitedfemale Nov 01, 2011

    I have been able to use my "KNOWINGNESS", since I was 16 years old. For over 46 years I have to use my kowningness to help thousands of people. When I say "KNOWNINGNESS" I mean that I can "SEE, HEAR, FEEL AND READ", people's energy. This includes the energy that they carrry with then, for others like a departed family member and dear freinds. I can't explain how I can do this I just "KNOW" how to do this energy reading. As of the date I have matched 13 couples that their energy matched and, that are married. Just for the record I am a very spiritual person.

    So, here is my question if there is a scienctific answer to this I want to know, can some please explain?


  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Oct 30, 2011

    At >> StephanieRenee1.

    Absolutely you were "totally tuned in" to that knowing noetic zone. Dahhh. :-) Way to go. Now if you can repeat that ability ... and teach others ... wow. IONS will be calling you for its next international workshop. But please do me a favour. Email me first. I would love to be your busieness agent and tax CPA. :-)

  • Anonymous Icon

    StephanieRenee1 Oct 26, 2011

    I'm not sure if my experience qualifies as noetic, but it was so emotional and phenominal, I thought this would be an appropriate place to share...
    The circumstances were so trivial, yet I'm still trying to find an explanation as to why this happened.

    I was in my car on my way to the gym for my step aerobics class, ontalone and without thought. All of the sudden a phrase popped into my head: Don't be a nerd, spread the word, Stephanie for Secretary. Yes, silly... I know. But these words brought me back to a day back in third grade, over 20 years ago, when I was running for Student Council Secretary. My mother and I were making campaign posters to hand on the wall of my elementary school, and that was one of the phrases we used. Odd that this phrase popped into my head; nothing around me should have spurred this thought...

    So these words made me smile for a moment thinking back to that fun time that I had with my mom. But then my smile faded as I remembered another prominent moment during this "election" that was not so pleasant. You see, my opponent was a boy; he had red hair and freckles - an extremely polite, soft spoken boy. He had been handing out little buttons made of construction paper and safety pins with his name on them asking for his fellow students' votes. One of my "friends" at the time said, "You should take one of those buttons and rip it up right in front of his face." Unfortunately, the impressionable, go-with-the-flow type girl I was at the time, I did just that. I simply walked up to him with one of his buttons in my hands and said, "Watch this!" as I ripped it to shreds.

    Instantly the boys eyes welled up with tears and sheer horror enveloped his face; I broke his heart. As I saw the look on his face and realized the pain I had just caused him, I immediately felt guilt, remorse, and pure share... This was an extremely tense, high-energy moment.

    Back to my car on my way to the gym, I parked my car and started my way into the building. This memory was still in my mind as for some reason, I could not remember that boy's name. I could picture him in all phases all the way through high school, but at that moment his name escaped me. So I continued up the sidewalk to the gym still trying to think of the boy's name. I was following a couple and their child walking hand-in-hand-in-hand that looked to be going for a swim; such a cute sight!

    As I got closer to the door, the man of the trio stopped and held the door for me... At that moment, the boy's name came to me. THE PERSON HOLDING THE DOOR WAS HIM!!! So feeling like I had seen a ghost, I simply told the man, "Thank you, Steve."

    Could it be that our energies are connected? When we are physically in the vicinity of one another and our energies meet, that we are cued on the most emotional experience our energies shared? I can think of no other reason why that thought would have popped in my head at that time.

  • capt_infinity Sep 29, 2011

    Lawrence.. I have seen the library as some call it. Others call it heaven. It manifests itself as points of light of all colors. Each of us interpret them differently. I believe that most of the manifestations we see, beyond the lights of all colors, are products of our physical mind. We think with our physical mind and not our spiritual one. Those of us that have seen the library are blessed and have been there for a reason. My reason is to communicate how the relationship between our spirit and ego works and to help people connect to their spirit. In each life we live that connection has to be established and so much of what and who we are is dependent on how well the interface works.

    When I first connected and started writing, much of it was about the universe and who and what we are. It has narrowed down to my true mission which is to help everyone understand how spirit and ego works. There is no mystery. We all are connected in the same way. All that has ever separated us from all truth and knowledge is our egos. There is balance. We are physical beings. We have to be or our spirit can accomplish nothing. We are evolving toward immortality so this constant cycle of life and death will not always be the issue but it is all we have to work with for the time being.

    You did not make this journey for naught and the reason you have made it is there. You may have to meditate or clear your mind in order to let your spirit tell you what your mission is. Don't worry it will. I don't think it is meant to happen quickly. Do what you feel and keep an open mind.
    I have had to go from a Deist, to a Deist with a strong sense of spirit, to a Deist with spirit and knowledge that some things are predestined. I have no idea whether further changes are in store. If they are they are. Such is the power of knowledge when one can push their ego aside and let knowledge guide them. Our ego holds our intelligence, but our spirit holds our knowledge. Read my blog which I have linked in an earlier post and pleas contact me if you want to discuss this further.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 28, 2011

    Dear Lawrence, thank you so much for sharing your journey back to The Library and even back to Source Awareness! It resonates as TRUTH, not as ego or 'craziness'. The Void, the nothingness from which all Light emerges....I understand this with my art, we don't get our information from "nowhere" we get it from somewhere indeed! How might I read your whole manuscript? It is very important that you are sharing this information and I am so grateful to you!
    Thankyou also for acknowledging that there is no greater than or less than, just different...everyone is at their own place on the path and it all has great purpose! love to you from Gretchen Grace

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 7 --- The End = The Very Beginning

    This was the first experience of its kind from which others later followed. I can not begin to tell you how this has affected my life and sent me on a quest to talk to numerous religious and spiritual leaders, to seek out others with similar experiences and to read books on OBE’s, NDE’s quantum physics, psi and the paranormal.

    Who am I to say that I really went to the Cosmic Libraries of all libraries? Who am I to say that I was allowed to see, sense, understand and come back with something meaningful and important to mankind? For some, my saying or even implying the above smacks of egocentricity at its most obvious. Yet deep within lies an incredible and powerful force that will not let me rest. This story is not mine. I don’t own it. My celestial tour guide made that very clear. This experience must be shared. I am either blinded or tied to a very clever, manipulative ego … or am still coherently resonating with something very meaningful and special. This story, its meaning and contents must be shared. But for me its truth is core to my experience. Truth is what truth does.

    Perhaps time and others will replicate my truth … The Awareness of Always … the Always of Awareness … just as the readers will ultimately experience and then decide for themselves. Again, experience tells us truth is what truth does … truth is what life is made of.

    So perhaps, this experience can best be summarized by the thoughts of T. S. Elliot when he said …
    “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started … And to know the place for the first time.”

    Was that where I had gone? Had I just experienced humanity’s indigenous home of origin? Exploration is the means by which we all - at some level, seek to experience, learn and gain an understanding about the truth of who we are … and more importantly … why? To me, experience is a living library of truth, while curiosity, courage and passion are the visas and passports for entry.

    I apologize if I have posted way too much. I just wish when this happened to me that I could have found someone else to assure me … I was not going crazy. Perhaps others may find this reassuring. If this could happen to someone like me I am sure others have far greater stories that I would love to read.

    Blessings to us all and those that watch over.

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 6

    He then asked me, “Larry are you ready to go?” to which I smiled and said enthusiastically “Sure”. When I stood up from the wooden chair and table where I had been sitting, the bottom wooden rungs of the chair vibrated across the hardwood floor and the strangest thing happened. The chair’s vibration energy waves reflecting off the wooden wall some 30 feet in front of me echo-bounced back and entered into my left ear a few nano or femto seconds prior to entering into my right ear. Instantly I was aware the table and chair where I had been sitting were not perfectly perpendicular to the facing wall. The acuity level of my auditory perceptions of that reflecting energy wave was uncanny!

    When we finally left the building, yet still standing on the exit landing of the library, we both watched as a young lady approached the entrance door to the library. He then asked me “Larry, do you think she has read that book?” I responded slowly … “Probably not.” He then asked me, “Larry do you think you are better then she is because you have?” Now he wasn’t smiling, yet I felt no judgment or embarrassment, it was just a simple question. I looked at him and said with total yet polite certainty “No.” Then he commented, “That’s right.” He paused for a moment in time and then said, “Larry, there will be a time when your curiosity will gain you access to the infinite library of the universe”.

    Then, just as he said those precise words, my mind, my awareness, or perhaps it was my Spirit-Soul-Self … immediately (and I literally mean immediately) went into this immense eternal library of the universe … just as and simultaneously with each of his words left his mind. Again … “a oneness of being with” was kinesthetically sensed.

    When I finally came back and rejoined his presence on the library porch he just shared his funny little smile again. I knew I had been somewhere … yet I could not “mind recall” a single thing about where I had just gone … saw … or experienced. I just knew that I had just been there and then blank.

    There was a difference about me. I could sense it. It was sort of like sensing a change in my density , but I could not think, reflect or ponder upon anything tangibly different. Had I been shown something? Had I acquired an inner awareness of something … and if so, what did it mean … and when would my human mind understand? Would my brain ever be able to decipher what I had experienced? How and when was I to begin to understand and use what ever I had received and when would the passport of my curiosity gain me access once again … to the most amazing living library of the universe?

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 5

    It was as though every vibrating string … every glowing bead … and all three concentric community groups … were all unified “IN” multiple sets of “perfect, loving relational patterns”, all relating to each other through an amazing energy interchange. Simultaneously, there were multiple levels of primary, secondary and tertiary energy fields … constructed of multiple emergent harmonic energy frequencies. I felt … no … “I became” the experience of the unity in, with and of them, individually and collectively. I had accepted as a part of me ... that which they were openly sharing. In absolute unity, I was with … and of … each and every micro-particle of energy wave and the loving acceptance of all.

    There was no “me” anymore. It was just a single state of oneness. Yet as the same time, I felt as though they were offering me a gift of incredible understanding. It felt as though something deep within me had awakened by and to their resonance. I was in the middle of … become part of … and had integrated within the very depths of an Eternal Soul … a Cosmic Choir, singing the tunes of angles. Never ever would I be the same.

    Then, just as quickly as I had entered - what I later referred to as - the celestial rock concert, I rejoined my celestial tour guide as we continued our stair-step rise into the library.

    We walked across century old, yellowish brown hardwood floors. I was experiencing the simplicity of its design and architectural beauty. We then approached a six foot long wooden study table and I sat down. He then asked me “Larry would you like to read a book?” to which I responded “Sure.” Turning around while still seated, I noticed a book behind me on the shelf. My left arm literally extended and stretched some 12 feet, grasped the book and brought it back and placed it upon the table before me.

    I then read that book by flashing the pages as fast as I could fan them at an amazing photo-reading speed. Literally, as fast as I could fan-turn the pages, I was aware, grasped and understood – at a very, very deep level – the author’s intention and total book content. It was then that the Guide asked me, “So Larry, did you like what you just read?” He once again had that funny little smile as he asked me the question. He already knew. Speech is redundant at this Meta level of communication. Experience at this level is something that is mutually shared with prior walls of separation that seem to vanish. Habitually however I responded with an upturned intonation, “Yes.” He then asked me if I would like to put the book back and I said “Yes” … and did so with my arm once again extending some 12 feet where I returned the book.

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 4

    Each string was vibrating at alternate yet complementary frequencies separated by glowing pearls that seemed to be adsorbing and retaining musical energy packets. Their energy was being passed back and forth through the various strings of pearls. It was as though the vibrating strings had more energy than they could dissipate so the pearls were momentarily glowing with their excess energy while also serving as batteries adsorbing the excess energy. Yet it was more than that. The strings, while sharing and releasing energy waves with each other … also seemed to be adsorbing energy waves from other members of their “Cosmic Choir.” [2] They were all sending, receiving, communicating and co-resonating within the excitement and harmonic passion of life itself. Everything is living; every “thing” is thinging the music of the spheres.
    [Note 1 - “There is geometry in the humming of the strings... there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” Pythagoras]

    Then an amazing thing happened. The first concentric curtain … of radiating cosmic pearls … called forth and brought up inside its circle … a similar concentric string of effervescent pearls. But this time the second set seemed to be singing different and even more beautiful patterns of energy. And the second set actually created, what I now refer to as a first resonant harmonic field to the first choir. For a few moments, they just seem to sing to each other, to communicate at levels way beyond man’s perception. That first resonant harmonic field and the presence it created … the energy fields induced within me were … well … I just cannot describe it.

    Then, as amazing as the previous two experiences, the first two choirs of concentric strings of pearls called up a third set, arising once again but this time inside the center of the second set. There, right in front of my being note 2… were three separate and concentrically arranged sets of singing strings of pearls … with each set creating resonant harmonic fields of energy … three resonant harmonic fields … from three uniquely unified energy fields.

    [ note 2 - I do not use the phrase “right in front of my eyes” for eyes can only detect a minute fraction of the frequency waves of reality. One’s essence of awareness however can tune in to listen, see, feel, taste, smell, and “get” all of the tones being played within this Cosmic Choir. ]

    Then each of those three 1st level resonant harmonic fields created a second and then a third resonant harmonic fields all Meta to the 1st …where upon they all ... and in unison ... set free the Meta of all Meta Resonant Harmonic Fields imaginable. I had been invited to attend and partake of the Musings within the Music of the Spheres.

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 3

    Continuing, this enlightened personage then asked me a really simple question and by his inquiry it was obvious that he already knew my nature and response. “Larry would you like to see something really cool?” And with that question and my inner smile we both found ourselves walking along a paved path on the most beautiful university campus I have ever seen. I could not help but notice that the waving trees and grass, the fluffy white clouds, blue sky and sun all seemed to be vibrantly alive, singing and sharing the energy of love with the world.

    As we approached a first set of granite stepping stones leading up to the library, my left foot landed upon the first stair stone. I could not help but notice that my foot descended deep within the granite stepping stone, obviously worn into a concave depression over centuries of use by countless others that preceded me making entry into this grand library.

    Feeling this unusual concave depression through my foot, I looked down to support and feed my curiosity and visually noticed the stepping stone’s concave surface. At that very instant, a flash of sunlight reflected off a spec of granite mica that streamed directly into my right eye. Immediately I went into the light beam and, at what seemed to be the speed of light, I went deep within that solid granite stepping stone. What I saw, heard, felt and experienced is beyond the comprehensive capacity of any word map of earth. Our words, much like our fingers are not designed to carry the water that reveals the rainbows of treasures awaiting our Awakening. Symbols, words and maps cannot contain nor carry forth the experience of reality.

    While inside, at first it was like the infinite black void. All I was aware of was a black void of immense peaceful energy. And then, what seemed as a void of nothing emerged a concentric circle of subatomic “energy glowing strings of beads” … long hanging tinny tiny wavy strings connecting lots and lots of energy batteries that looked like glowing pearls. Imagine if you will a concentric set of glowing and singing set of beads … slowly rising … out of a total void … pearl strings by pearl strings … out of nothing. And what slowly rose, was a four foot high, three foot in diameter concentric grouping of glowing and strung pearls emitting unbelievable sounds ... all strung and singing together … like a long set of concentric hippy beaded curtains.

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    Part 2
    And immediately as that awareness occurred, a second and deeper level of awareness arose beyond verbal description. I literally became the Observed. No more separateness, no more me observing the Observed. I literally became the infinite and timeless state of being Pure Energy Awareness, aware of my infinite and timeless state of Always Being … Pure Awareness … of My Pure Awareness … of Pure Always. My limited, first awareness observer self … became one with the Observed. There is no other way to describe this mindful state of personally experiencing the timelessness … and infinite state of infinite acceptance and peace. I was in a state of bliss that is beyond any earthly perceptual experience or explanation.

    Then, far away at an infinite distance there appeared a small speck of light the size of the period ending this sentence. Months later when a dear friend - that had recently had a near death experience on the operating table asked me if this speck of light came to me or if I went to it. He and I both just smiled in resonant silence. We both knew that we both knew. My eyes began to welt up. The question was a rhetorical paradox. The question was senseless yet ironically revealed the very nature and depth of all reality. Einstein was correct. We had both experienced the depth and meaning of relativity. Not a word was spoken. Silence echoed and said it all.

    Then as the speck of light came closer, it began to take on the shape of a small hula-hoop circle that slowly grew to 12 feet in diameter somehow denoting the configuration of a cosmic clock with a white glowing entity, a personage standing outside the ring at the 1:00 o’clock position. This person radiated as an extremely bright glowing white light while the background remained absolutely silent, infinitely deep and black. The bodily outline separating him from the black void was extremely distinct. There were no fuzzy lines of demarcation separating his bodily outline from black background what so ever, just a perfect and separate outline of his glowing, friendly and smiling essence.

    Months later when sharing this experience with my friend he asked me, “Larry were you experiencing the state of light, or were you experiencing the absence of all darkness?” I cannot begin to tell you where his question sent me. A few recalled moments passed as tears of “infinite honesty” came forth. Even now, years later as I am editing this event, my eyes are tearing. Again his question required no answer. It was merely a way to share with me … we both knew. We both had become a part of … where we both had been. We both silently smiled as my eyes and nose once again began to leak.

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 27, 2011

    What follows is taken out of an unpublished 120 page manuscript of a number of very strange experiences … very strange especially for a retired left brain CPA. I just hope it is not too long for this venue and does not bore the readers. My point is … reality is … even if the current “tools of science” cannot measure whatever “it is” we are all experiencing. Is = Is!

    Part 1
    The Story On How It All Began
    I am going to share with you something that most inspired authors and artists rarely reveal. The majority of concepts you are about to read came from a very unusual library, a living library where countless men and women have gone long before I was invited to visit it. Since the beginning of time, artists, poets, and explorers of the like either stumbled upon or were invited to enter an amazing library, and then upon their return to this reality began to paint with oils, compose music, write with ink and quill replicating the master’s grand design. True, some openly acknowledged a moment of ethereal insight, a fleeting memory of having traveled to a place where new beliefs are born of seed and spark and then brought back for display, but rarely do they outwardly admit that their work was a replication of an Original from the Grand Master of All Artistic Creation.

    A few years back I had a most unusual experience. One night while sleeping I found myself awakened in spirit … going extremely deep inside a totally dark black space … an absolute and complete void of everything except for … “Awareness in Always … and … Always in Awareness”.

    All I could sense was this incredibly peaceful … infinite space … a space of timelessness deep within this black void. I could sense its presence all around and within the deepest core of who I was … as it seemed to be embracing me … and I embracing it … in an amazing state of total and unconditional acceptance. (Pause here for a moment. Some part of you may wish to reread that one more time … but very slowly.)

    It was the most peaceful experience I have ever encountered in my entire life! Then my Awareness focused even deeper upon what was the immensity of its size and its infinite history. It was infinite without center, boarder or boundary. It was so dark that nothing could be seen. Yet somehow, I knew at a deeply profound and prophetic level … it was man’s infinite and timeless home of Always … the very core essence from which we sprang ... the very Etheric Nature of life.

    I had entered into an eternally infinite … state of Awareness … and at first … in a timeless moment … I experienced this space as “Other.” It was as though I was a traveling observer observing the Observed.

  • Anonymous Icon

    GottscheeGirl Sep 27, 2011

    I've had several one-time experiences that could not be explained but I've also had an "experience that lasted for several months - it was a sort of enlightenment. Unfortunately I came up with my own stupid ideas and my enlightenment disappeared. I see one other person on here who experienced something for six months and then let her ego get in the way. If you are still out there, I would love to talk with you or anyone else who has had anything similiar. This was a profound peace, understanding and connectedness that came after working on letting go of mind-wandering and bringing my attention to the present.

  • capt_infinity Aug 09, 2011

    Since November of 2010 my entire life has been a noetic experience. It is all documented in two blogs:


    The journey started over two years ago when I developed Trigeminial Neuralgia and was subjected to constant excruciating pain. After trying everything I found meditation allowed me to separate myself from the pain to some degree.

    It was finally resolved with a surgical procedure that involved putting a balloon into my brain stem and inflating it.

    My noetic experience started after the above procedure and hasn't stopped yet. In it's simplest form I see Indigo light and I have conducted experiments that prove what I see is external to my nervous system.

    I cannot get any neural ophthalmologist to try the experiments I have done or use more sophisticated equipment. They insist it is all happening in the visual centers of my brain though they will concede ambient lighting seems to be a component of what I experience.

    Psychologists I have seen do believe I have been sensitized to indigo light but they discount all the information/knowledge I am compelled to write down as potentially being delusional. They are puzzled because I show no other signs of delusional behavior.

    Here is the strange part. No one has questioned anything I have written to date though I invite anyone to do so. Plain and simple if what I write is correct it changes the definition of our universe and introduces a new form of mathematics. It defines our purpose in this universe and it explains the genetic adaptations the human genome is undergoing. It all is in the two blogs I have mentioned above.

    There is another blog I started, when I was in so much pain, after reading about Dr. Tuckers research into reincarnation. At the time I did not understand why I was compelled to do this work, You can read it at:

    I did not understand why I was so interested in the subject at the time and since that time and I have moved way beyond the tools I suggested in this blog. Observing the process is far simpler than I could have imagined prior to my noetic experience.

    There is another reason which I did not know at that time involving why I was so interested in reincarnation. I am currently researching the reason and on a scale of 1 to 10 I am around 3-4 toward proving beyond all doubt reincarnation is happening.

    I have a very good working knowledge of science and engineering so I know how to experiment with this phenomena. My experiments are limited by my personal wealth.
    I am about to start experimenting with black light. I would love to get my hands on a tunable one. If anyone knows of one that is available please let me know.

    If you or anyone you know is experiencing indigo light phenomena similar to what I am please put them in contact with me. The reason is due to the 3-4 regarding reincarnation.

  • sunshineandhaze Jul 19, 2011

    In the fall of 2007 my 44-year-old husband had triple bypass surgery. After returning home from the hospital my husband soon became stir-crazy, and very early during his recovery he wanted to take a ride in the car just to get out of the house. As we were coming back home from our drive, I had to stop at an intersection just a few miles from her house. While I was turning my head to the left to look for traffic, a sudden, succint thought popped into my head - "Father is going to call." This "thought" was remarkable for several reasons that I will explain below. I shrugged the thought off and turned right toward home. Within just a couple of minutes of walking into the house, the phone rang. Much to my surprise it was my father's older sister. My aunt is a widow who lives on a fixed income; she buys prepaid phone cards so she can call her sister who lives out of state. We lived about 50 miles from her at the time, and even though she and I are close, we never talk to each other on the phone. She had not known about my husband's surgery until she bumped into my mother at a restaurant in the town where they both live, and she had called to check on my husband. Because she had only a few minutes left on her phone card, she spent the majority of the time talking with my husband.

    And now for why this "thought" was so remarkable. First, even though I may refer to "my father" when speaking with others, I never call him "Father" - I always call him "Dad" or "Daddy." Second, my father died more than 10 years before my husband's surgery. Third, as I turned my head to the left and had this "thought," I was facing towards the cemetery where my father is buried - I was only about 5 miles away from the cemetery - and I was also facing towards the town where my aunt lives - the town is about 45 miles past the cemetery.

    I have often wondered where this "thought" or "communication" originated. I prefer to think of this experience as my father communicating with me. For all practical purposes I went thought my husband's surgery alone (I am the poster child for ISFJ personality type), and the surgery couldn't have happened at our worse time for us - my husband was without a job and we had a small child in school. It was a comforting moment for me because it made me feel less alone.

    Thanks for letting me share this experience.

  • benjamin villars Jun 15, 2011

    OFcourse, in section 315 of Nietzsche's THE GAY SCIENCE, he mentions "Storms are my danger". the translator, Walter Kaufman then put in the footnotes ALL the letters Nietzsche wrote to his friends concerning his fear of lightning. I have elaborated on this experience in my book "Nietzsche As Antichrist" : http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/nietzsche-as-antichrist/16051304

    & talk all about it on my www.YouTUBE.com/guitaoist channel.. Namaste

  • Anonymous Icon

    wbilly3814 May 13, 2011

    I have had multiple medically documented Near Death Experiences, brought on by a condition related to Prolonged QT Syndrome. I have written about these in a book Eight Years Four Months at Amazon. For IONS people, if you're willing to write a review on the Amazon page, good or bad, I can email you a pdf or ebook copy for free.

    I'm at wbilly3814@yahoo.com

    just put Eight Years Four Months in the message.


  • YARAru May 10, 2011

    In my life was mystical experiences.
    Part of these experiments were caused by psychedelics, but also were the experiments without external intervention. These experiments can be summarized as moving to a different reality in which there is no time in which emotions and energy of the primary, secondary Mother, which is inhabited by the establishment that have consciousness.
    It's an experience that is not possible to convey...

    (Sorry for my bad English)

  • RavenTaoTLC May 06, 2011

    My life was quite changed by my first out of body experience that I had when I was 23 in 1969. I was performing in Europe with my dance partner and a troupe of American dancers in the Casino Estoril in Portugal. My partner and I vowed to not get sick with a virus that was spreading, but after a matinee on a Sunday with two more shows to follow, I felt symptoms I stayed meditating while lying down on the dressing room floor. (In those days I would normally meditate in the bathtub since I knew I'd take a bath daily.)I walked back to my room at the hotel to take remedies and more meditation.
    When I returned to ready for the second show by getting into my first costume and freshen makeup, I sat in front of the makeup mirror with its many bare light bulbs. I thought, I'd just close my eyes and continue with this meditation I got the unusual urge to say the Jewish prayer, ('the lord our god is one') and it seemed to work as a trigger. In a flash, I experienced my cells breaking up into individual particles. I seemed to merge with the Universe! Quite scared, I opened my eyes and told my partner what happened. I heard my voice coming from above "Me". My partner's response was to simply pull me toward the wings where we awaited our entrance.
    In early days of performing, I was wet behind the ears, and often extra nervous and excitable. Fearful I'd forget the routine, I would break out into an instant sweat when I'd get on stage. When our entrance music cued us to appear in our dramatic acrobatic trick, I seemed to be observing myself from somewhere above my physical body. I was performing the routine,ice cold and like a zombie. After the three-minute routine was over,in the wings,I shrieked to my partner, "Bob! I am not in my body!" To make this long story shorter, the Casino’s doctor gave me Librium pills to no avail. I missed that and a third show while remaining in a spare dressing room. Would a straight jacket be my fate? Nothing worked to get back into my body. When the show was over, I was taken to a hospital where they knocked me out with a Librium injection. The next morning I awoke,cautiously opened one eye and voiced, "Am I in my Body?" Hearing myself as I normally do, I was very glad it was our day off. I didn't meditate again for six months.

    A dozen years later,I found the system that trained me to meditate in a way that makes accidental experiences like the one I related here unlikely to ever happen. May we each blossom as we walk our paths.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Lissa May 05, 2011

    Yes, of course!!! Besides a lot of telepathic dreams in which literally I am in the head of someone, and some telepathics "deja vus", I had the experience twice to become ONE with everything. I was in a cab, and suddenly... I wasn´t me anymore but EVERYTHING -the air, the night light...- and the feeling was that some kind of subtle energy of LOVE and PEACE is on everything. I understand that we are made of this energy. And all the problems that we have here in this "reality" are not so important.
    This vacuum is full of Love, but a different kind of love that we experience in this reality or physical world. You feel that you come home again...
    : )

  • Anonymous Icon

    Soulweaver Apr 27, 2011

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the experience that still has me wondering what it was: In 2003 or 2004, I was at a conference, as a listener on nothing related to this discussion, when for about 60 seconds it felt as if Time itself slowed down, stopped, reversed direction and rewound again. As I sat there, my vision blurred, pressure in my head expanded, there was an audible 'gearing down' sound that drowned out the speakers voice, a split-second stop, then a regulated reverse of those experiences back to normal in the span of about 60 seconds. I was fairly stunned by the experience and looked around me to see if anyone else was registering surprise, but noticed no one other myself who seemed to have experienced the phenomena.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Soulweaver Apr 27, 2011

    I have been having them all of my life and have learned that my spiritual guide/overseer/guardian will use whatever is at hand to get my attention. When my children were teenagers, I would hear the doorbell ring during the night. I would get up and find a child still out after curfew or some other action going on that needed my attention. That happened so many times I lost count. This morning I heard my phone alarm going off, at what I thought was the usual time, but when I looked at my phone, I discovered it was turned off. It's gotten to the point where I just say thank you =) Two years ago, sitting in my car in a depressed state, I asked the age-old question Why Me and got an audible answer, as if there was someone sitting in the passenger seat next to me. Visions, dreams, empathic information and other various occurances have been happening since I was eight years old. It's a way of life that I am eternally grateful for. We never walk alone.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Tornfalk Apr 27, 2011

    Noetic experience – causing inappropriate things (sorry, these text came in wrong order)

    Along the long road, which once actually extended even to Himalayas, I naturally encountered also zen stories and some tantric things. I tried some mediation practices individually, and the dropped them for decades. The worrisome question, of course, is, can one really drop and leave something once started? Many years later I have sometimes tried very simple meditation: just sitting, breathing and counting numbers from one to fifteen, and then again – I later discovered the name zazen for this practice. To my surprise, it has worked immediately and produced a powerful lift-up and a change of the perception of time.

    Recently I was attending an international conference in one of the world metropolis – just as a visitor and not as one of the speakers. The place, a kind of tower with history, was good, the midsummer time was right, and the theme of the academic conference was somehow related to spirituality and sexuality and knowledge of the human potential. So at one point of time I stopped listening and making notes, and started my “zazen”-mediation in my backbench position. It worked immediately, I could feel the time slowing/quickening - How can it be, that I am now only at number four, even though I have been doing this already for such a long time. I reached my number fifteen breath and returned to study mode. After this one of the organizers on stage, a prominent and elegant transnational professor of a related field, made some comments on those people who thing that “we (my nationals) are so exotic and mystic”.

    I started again my breath-count. I could see something, even though I was not watching anything. At number thirteen or so I believe I lost one count. I vaguely noticed that the elegant organizer had gotten very red. Anyway, she started suddenly walking on stage. I finished at fifteen – plus one, most likely. One of the front-row professors made a comment: “There are even forms of sexuality, which other people do not even notice” – letting the audience know that she notices. After this the organizer professor made a public “I got an orgasm” –statement, which was at the time accepted and applauded by the academic audience.

    Later, however, there was some criticism by younger researchers arguing that “this is really an academic conference, but now we are having orgasms on stage and all kinds of other things”. The conference video has never been released to the public. However, from my point of view of the probable cause, it is obvious that I did not know that this would be the outcome and I only know that it was because other people say so.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Tornfalk Apr 27, 2011

    Noetic experience – knowing trivial things

    I think that noetic experience is something exceptional, or at a least rare event in the normal continuity of the everyday life. In the experience there is a difference between noetic knowing and noetic causing things. The latter is not necessary always appropriate, or even decent in all settings.

    Hitchhiking on the European roads through Sweden to Central Europe, and often further to Spain or Italy, and then back was my hobby for many years. I came from a quiet small country, which was at the time very closed – not by a Berlin wall preventing people from leaving but otherwise and the other way around. The freedom of the Western roads was my get-away, which I discovered as a young school boy. I travelled alone; I did not mind standing hours at the road side, or walking ten kilometers to a better spot. I was not dependent on any individual driver to pick me up; and I enjoyed being wanderer and migrant, just anybody.

    Anyway, it happened several times that on some quiet country road I saw a vehicle approaching on a distant hillside and knew with absolute certainty that this car is going pick me up. Not that I was especially wishing for it, the knowledge just came from some part of my mind; it had a special feeling and flavor with it, and it never failed. Along the long road, this happened frequently enough for me to recognize the feeling and to anticipate it. I even tried to cause it myself: If I could cause the same experience and feeling myself, then I might probably be able to telepathically force a chosen driver to stop and pick me up. That never worked. Anyway, this experience was statistically rare. In the more than hundred thousand kilometers I have hitchhiked, there must have been approximately one thousand cars and drivers. Only a very small share of these belongs to the category of “noetic” experience.

    The experience might be explained by assuming that driver, seeing a distant hitchhiker, decides to pick him or her up and that I mentally caught this decision immediately same time in the quiet solitude of the local environment. The content of this knowledge was rather unimportant, as one would always get where one was going, or at least to some place.

  • Anonymous Icon

    lifenergy Apr 25, 2011

    Yes I have had several Noetic experiences. Soon after my brother-in-law died my family, wife, son and daughter, were sitting in the living room with two lighted candles on the bookcase. Suddenly one of the candles went out. My wife looked up as the missing flame caught her attention. As she was looking the candle re-lit itself. This sequence of extinguishing and re-lighting occurred four times over the space of about five minutes and each of us witnessed at least one event. Interestingly my wife thought to herself "Bill (her brother) if that is you light the candle again" he apparently did three more times. I also came face to face with a transparent ghost when I was working on an old ship. I was not frightened in any way. In fact I did the reality test on it. OK, the reality test is where you place a finger on one eye and gently push so it becomes misaligned and your vision is out of focus. If the ghost becomes out of focus also it means it is actually there and the light is going through the optic nerve to the visual cortex. If it was a figment of my imagination being imposed on my visual cortex directly in the brain it would not be out of focus. So, you want to know if it was out of focus, right? Yes it was, that ghost was real!!!!! Then there is ny Near Death Experience byt that is another story.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 23, 2011

    All the noetic experiences in life give my life its deepest meaning, second only to the experiences of love. I think love is why our souls are here. The noetic moments remind me that I am connected to everything around me, reminding me that separateness is the illusion. Noetic moments give me hope, especially in times when I do not feel surrounded by love. Noetic experiences continually remind me of the eternal energy of the soul and universe, the mystery and magic of our existence and consciousness. They are things that make me go hmmmmm.... and smile.

  • cprize Apr 19, 2011

    Countless. Enough to write books on the subject. http://www.pacificway.org/printsofpeace.pdf

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 10, 2011

    I had a dream the night before the Japanese tsunami about a tidal wave crashing into a city, low and behold I turned on the radio and find that a tsunami just hit Japan

  • Anonymous Icon

    wildheart Apr 08, 2011

    All the time and in many different ways.

    Are there people who haven't had these experiences? or ones even more profound than those mentioned in the outlined question?

  • charliet Apr 07, 2011

    Yes I have. My family has a history of being intuitive and knowing. I have experienced visual, physical and audible happenings, for lack of a better word. None of this is scary or ominous in any way. Love is felt, information is given, questions are answered. Our spirit, soul, whatever you wish to call it, goes on and exists with personality and memories in place. This has been proven to me many times. My experiences are all personnal and only relate to those around me. I believe that all people are capable of receiving these communications if they are ready to. We all seem to be on different levels of receptivness. This probably is related to our upbringing and beliefs.

  • Anonymous Icon

    finding_grace Apr 05, 2011

    The latest account I will share only happened about a week ago.

    My cousin and I were on an island learning to scuba dive. During that month, I made a trip to the mainland to take care of some business and pick up some supplies to take back to my cousin. My uncle had four children-- two male, two female. As in many families, sibling rivalry was the order of the day. They fiercely loved but they fiercely fought each other. In particular, the older boy, Rick and my cousin on the island, Liz had a very hard time getting along. They fought constantly as teenagers often do. The day i went to pick up the supplies, my uncle asked Ric to go get some hair stuff for his sister at the store. He went in a heartbeat and came back with several packs of hairties for me to take to Liz. We had such a good evening spending time together. The next morning I got a call that seemed to transport me to an alternate universe for a second. It was another cousin, calling to tell me that Rick had died in a traffic accident overnight. He was absolutely serious. Later I found out that Rick had worn a diamond stud of Liz's to a party that night. He had lost the diamond stud and missed his curfew finding it. After his dad and older sister had picked him up from the party and taken him home, Rick had sneaked out to go back to the party to find the diamond stud. He couldn't have Liz get home at the end of the month and not have her jewelry. After all, he had taken something of hers without her permission. He never made it to the party. A pickup truck hit the taxi he was riding in to the party. He and the driver died instantly. Liz felt tremendous guilt about all the fighting they used to do.

    It's been sixteen years since Rickie died and although I have thought about him through the years and I remember that period of my life in detail, I hadn't really dreamt about him. Yet recently, I had a dream in which I saw his sister. I think she was at a dance, and she was sitting at a table. At the same time I am hearing a voice, say she is a female Rick (something to that effect). As I'm hearing this voice, I see a young man come sit with her at the table. They are facing each other. The young man's face isn't memorable but while I am watching this play out, suddenly the young man's face starts morphing. He has suddenly become Rickie. And in that moment, I see them as part of the same. Yin and yang perhaps?

    I am trying to understand, why after all these years? Why have it revealed to me? What is my duty in this? I also question, am I right in my interpretation? Perhaps, this is just a figment of my imagination.

    All in all, I believe there is a message for me. I've been both curious and afraid of all my "experiences" throughout my lifetime. I feel like things are being revealed to me in my own time at a pace I can handle and I think this might have been another piece of the puzzle. But what does it mean? I am still baffled.

  • Anonymous Icon

    finding_grace Apr 05, 2011

    2. Another noetic experience I had occurred on night when my husband and I were still in grad school. Since my experience with his dad's end of life, I had sporadically read literature on the afterlife, the soul, spiritual planes and guides etc. One night after staying up very late working, my husband and I got read for bed. As he shut off the light, I knew instantly that we were not alone. I didn't comment on it but I couldn't sleep. I don't know how I knew it but I just knew there was someone in the room with me. I don't think I actually saw him. If this makes any sense to anyone please give me your thoughts. Somehow it was as if my "mind's eye" saw him. I couldn't see his face but he was clothed in a hooded robe. He didn't say anything, he just stayed there. Because I have always had strange things happening around me, I remember saying, "Not tonight, I'm tired, I really need to sleep." Yet he persisted and I tried to ignore him. As soon as I was falling asleep, the phone rang. Before I could do anything else, I remember telling my husband, "It's for you, answer it." The person at the other end of the line was the wife of my husband's brother. She begged us to come to their house immediately, that his brother was in excruciating pain and she didn't know what to do. We drove the hour it took to get there. I stayed with their kids while my husband and the wife took my brother-in-law to the hospital. Later that day, they removed his gall bladder. The surgeon said if they had waited any longer, he could have died as it was about to rupture.

    I don't know if the two events are even connected but I can't help to think that they very well may be. Am I being used as an instrument for others? I'm still trying to figure out my roles in this life.

  • Anonymous Icon

    finding_grace Apr 05, 2011

    Although I believe I have had many noetic experiences in many different ways, I vividly recall a few of them.

    1. The first occurred when I was dating the man who is now my husband. In dating him, he reconnected with his father, eventually visiting him regularly on the island where he lived. We would go fishing with him whenever possible. From all the accounts through the years I was dating my husband, I had heard how rough life had been with his father never fully in his life for reasons that are not so necessary to explain. But what I gathered from my husband and his siblings is how neglected they felt. Yet, when we visited with this man, he had the kindest eyes and a great sense of humor. He was hardly the man that some of my inlaws had described. I could only past these flaws that were pointed out to me. He was living a simple life on an island; he didn't have much but he seemed genuinely happy. In interacting with him, I remember seeing a very prominent vein near his temple and I couldn't help but wonder if that was normal. A few weeks after the last time my husband and I visited him, he suffered a massive stroke. His family took him off the island and brought him to the mainland where he could be nursed by my husband's sister. In going to visit him and give my husband support, I had moment of what I can only describe as panic. I couldn't help but wonder where do we go after this life. There had to be more. I desperately needed to know that there was more but I didn't know who to turn to or ask. My parents became very worried as I couldn't sleep and couldn't eat. I started feeling like I was being watched when I was alone and at the time I didn't understand why. When I finally came out of this breakdown (I don't recall how it happened) that lasted for several days, my father-in-law passed away. As fast as this period of panic came, it went. I still remember my father-in-law fondly and I have this feeling that he has already paid the price for any way in which he had wronged his family. I truly believe he is now at peace. Perhaps reconnecting with his son was the final task he had to complete. I don't know what ended my panic period but I have had other noetic experiences that I believe are key to what I must learn in this life.


  • Anonymous Icon

    jatinpunera Apr 04, 2011

    Sometimes I even get a feeling dt smthinz gna happen .......nd it really happens......!!!1

  • Anonymous Icon

    jatinpunera Apr 04, 2011

    Oh Thousands of times!!!!!!! Infact it happens with everyone but very few notice it..............Whenever I want something badly.........I get it.....Whenever I miss someone badly ...He or she shows up.......!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    sarahb05 Apr 03, 2011

    Yes, multiple times in my life I have experienced the ability to predict. Not necessary always "what" will happen, but that something tragic will happen. When I was a child, it would scare me. It was as if I would hear/feel a high pitched sound and shortly thereafter something bad would happen. Twice during my teenage years I remember having a horrible dream, once of a plane crash and another of a train wreck, and I swear when I awoke, it was true! No t.v. or radio left on, like a sub-conscious thought. I have always had a very active mind. I have nightmares, literally, very scary dreams at least twice a week. Often more than that. Regardless of going to bed full, stressed, etc... I have come to live with it, as well as my family as it does affect them because I scream or yell for help! I am glad to have found place I can share these experiences as well as read others.

  • Anonymous Icon

    BritinSapporo Apr 02, 2011

    I live in north Japan.
    Thursday March 10th I had a meat-filled/beer-filled dinner with friends.
    That night I had a very vivid dream, which is common if I eat a lot of meat.
    I dreamed of a square building with smoke or gas seeping out of all the openings and swirling around at knee level.
    I dreamed people were moving slowly away from this, and that a middle aged man in front of me fell and I tried to pick him up.

    Next morning I commented to friends on Facebook: "know anywhere I should go to report a terrorist attack?" joke, joke.

    At 2.46pm local time the huge earthquake hit Japan. Then the tsunami.
    I spent the weekend - like everyone else - watching the images on Tv wondering what HAD I seen. Was it the water? Was it the burning buildings? I decided it must be the water of the tsunami, although in the dream I thought it was gas.

    By Monday afternoon Japan was also dealing with the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, The box buildings, the gas/smoke/steam coming from breaks in the building, the people moving away, the ground level problems....all seemed very familiar.

    I've had a few dreams like this, usually more personal and connected to friends suddenly calling to tell me they are pregnant etc.
    This one surprised me.

  • Anonymous Icon

    blissful1 Mar 31, 2011

    Desert Rose

    Thank you so much for responding. How kind of you. I am fascinated by the family connection of these experiences. It is so lovely to come to this site to learn, interact, discuss these topics and compare notes so to speak.

    Be well.


  • Protectingfriend Mar 30, 2011

    i experienced it at a zoo with a monkey. it was in its cage and in my thoughts with the upmost sincereness i said 'if it was destined for me to see this creature then so be ,it if not let it not come out in the next 2 seconds.' the monkey came out with its back facing me. i stared at its back and said again with the upmost sincereness turn around and face me. the monkey turned and it kept staring at me even as i walked away. my friend was spooked and she was somewhat stunned at what happened.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jacqe Mar 28, 2011

    Existence is a noetic experience. We simply choose whether or not to acknowledge it.

  • Anonymous Icon

    outsider Mar 28, 2011

    My mother and I had always had a prickly relationship and my mother was no shrinking violet. She could be outrageous, offensive, terrifying and warm, compassionate and loving. When I was 46 she became suddenly and terminally ill. It was within a matter of 48 hours from good health to being on life support. While holding her hand with her on life support I "felt" conversations with her. I had clear and perfect communication flowing from her hand to mine. Three days before the family agreed to turn off her life support both my sister and I had the clearest understanding that the life force had left Mum. There was no longer any communication from holding her hand. That night I "dreamed" that she was lying in a beautiful white silk covered bed. She was about 35 and I was about 6 (this would be the correct age difference). I stood at the foot of her bed, confused and frightened. At the head of her bed and slightly to the right were two male figures in white suits - almost like dancers on a Broadway musical. They were watching Mum intently and didn't relate to me. My mother sat up, put her arms out to me and enveloped me in an embrace. From this embrace flowed a purity and an enormity of love which I have never experienced the like of. Even when I have held my own children. This was blinding and overwhelming and for want of a better term - not of this World. She said," I have been ill but now I am much better". When I awoke I had experienced such an intensity of love that I couldn't speak of it without crying. In fact, sobbing. And this was 13 years ago and I still can't relate this experience or the incredible beauty of that experience. On that same night my nephews later reported that Mum had visited them in their sleep and asked if they needed any help. My daughters in Australia and overseas also had visits of comfort and love. My mother's best friend received a visit and Mum said, "Ivy we have travelled such a long way together but now I have to take a different road". All of us experienced an intensity of purity of love. But mine has ruled my life ever since. I am unable to bear any feelings of hate or revenge no matter what happens and I feel a freedom that can't be described. This was a gift from somewhere and some source which had the power to change my world, my prejudices, my resentments, my old angers. I always believed it came from the Divine as it was so pure and blazed - the light in my dream was more intense than I can describe. The embrace was as if I was being held by the entire universe. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone comment on this? It was 3 days before my mother's actual death (medical death) but it was on the day that the doctors said that she no longer had any brain function.

  • Protectingfriend Mar 27, 2011

    After reading dan browns ' lost symbol' last year i have always had a certain craving for noetic science.
    i have been doing meditation recently trying to meditate at least 5 times day . During my time in a state of meditation, theories and ideas have been collecting in my mind. and what i have come to discover is that everything in life has a reason, whether those reasons are good or not one can simply find a simple answer to it. Ive discovered that one can actually have mind over matter. a person can actually control the outcome of a situation when that person simply ask the right question.

    My noetic science experience is this. There is balance between light and dark ( religion and science) both which is simply a way of life. a way of life either by a book of guidance for the unseen or by science which is proof by discovery. you choose which one is which for your way of life im not here to judge you on your opinion ;). too much light one is blinded, too much darkness and we are still blinded. As a experiment i have been neutralizing the two out to see the world for what it is.
    for instance the belief of god with science, religion explains that god created the world. science says matter came over antimatter and hence the big bang ect etc. i pondered alot and found a balance. there is a force which science cant explain a force that governs things and causes it to do miraculous things ( miracle, definition- what science cant explain). the force is explained in magnetism, the ruplsion what is it? till today
    we aint found the answer, even Einstein said there is force. even till today theres is still the fight between matter ( all the good that created the universe) and antimatter ( all that opposes it ) or in terms of religion god 'matter' and the devil 'antimatter'.

  • Anonymous Icon

    sheebahraghunathan Mar 25, 2011

    75% of my day is filled wid noetic experiences....... and i do feel slightly odd abt it..... mindfreakin!!!!!

  • desertrose Mar 24, 2011

    Dear Blissful,
    In response to your query: I am the only daughter as well as the oldest in my family. My mother is the youngest of ten. Please, it is not an intrusion at all - quite the pleasure to respond to you.

  • akash Mar 23, 2011

    Hmm...well some times i think of a song and within minutes somebody changes the channel and that will be played...
    it happened more than once not always in tv,outside ie,in restaurants etc...
    And certain things,which i feel that i have already experienced this...
    i dont know if its a noetic experience ,,i just thought it was a dejavu type...

  • Anonymous Icon

    blissful1 Mar 23, 2011

    Hi Desertrose

    I hope this finds you well. You mentioned that you and your mother have been having these experiences for years. I wonder if you are the eldest daughter or only daughter in your family. Forgive my curiousity, I don't to mean to intrude on your privacy, I just sometimes wonder why out of the four girls in my family, I am the only one who seemed to "inherit" the ability and why it has run from my mother to me to my only daughter and no one else in the family.

  • desertrose Mar 22, 2011

    My life has become a "Noetic Experience". I have too many to mention and at times it is very daunting and unnerving especially if I dream or have a "deja - vu" moment about tragedies i.e. - the recent horror in Japan. At other times it is amusing but I i\wish I could know what the reason is for these experiences and if maybe there is something I should be doing that could be productive in some fashion. Odd to say the least and it has been happening to me and my mother for ages.

  • Anonymous Icon

    blissful1 Mar 22, 2011

    Yes, often. For example, a few years ago in July while out in the yard, I was overwhelmed by the smell of baby powder and blurted out excitedly to my husband and daughter that my sister was pregnant and was going to have a boy! I called my sister to ask if she was pregnant and she said no, she thought she might be but the pregnancy test was negative. She thought it was weird that I would ask because she hadn't said anything to anyone. I assumed maybe I picked up on her thinking she might be pregnant and really didn't give it much more thought. Two weeks later she called to tell me she was pregnant. The following March, her son was born. For those who do not believe, I have to ask - how did I know that? How could I possibly know that? We live in different states, hundreds of miles apart. No one can explain to me how I "know" the things I do. I can't unravel the mystery nor do I care to. I simply accept that I can receive information from sources other than my five senses - so I do. It is really that simple. Adults have a maddening way of complicating simple things. Spend time with children and you will learn the importance of imagination, the power of pretending. It doesn't matter if its true or not - it's what you believe. Think of it this way, you may not be able to convince someone who hasn't seen a ghost that ghosts exist. But if that person later see a ghost, you will probably never be able to convince them that that didn't see a ghost. You have to experience it for yourself and to experience it, you have to open yourself up to the possibility. To my way of thinking, the universe is pregnant with possibility.

    By the way, I have noticed these abilities seems to run in families. My grandmother read tea leaves and tarot cards, my Mom is quite gifted and my daughter too. Anyone else have these tendencies run through their families? Is it typically the females? Do you think it is because it was "accepted" within the family, the ability was encouraged rather than feared, suppressed or disbelieved? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Curious...giggles, always curious. Such a fascinating subject!

  • MEPHISTOPHILES Mar 21, 2011

    all the time...

  • JeanetteGordon Mar 20, 2011

    Yes, I have had many of all kinds throughout the years. I know Spirit is ever present and communicates with us in many different ways. It has had a profound effect on the way I view the world, my personal role and humanities role in it.

    See: http://web.mac.com/jeanettegordon1/iWeb/We%20Are%20All%20One/Welcome.html

  • DyckDyck Feb 20, 2011

    I have a dependable ability of knowing when a customer will call, who is in the midst of a remodel or repair. I know this to within an hour or less as it has happened lots of times over the years. I feel it is incumbent on me to call before they call me to demonstrate that I am involved and communicate well and when needed. This ability is built-in and is especially useful in that it reflects my truth that I am indeed very involved and intend to be transparent and thoughtful.

    It is also very frequent that a difficult problem is laid out and solved in an instant, at some unexpected moment when I'm NOT thinking about the job or problem at all. It comes when my conscious attention is on something else. This phenomena is also quite apparent during my regular activities with adult play. I belong to a international community of "InterPlayers" (www.interplay.org) who play for no reason, except to have fun and be yourself. In this affirming atmosphere of excitement, humor, testing, showing off, experimenting, etc., there is lots of opportunity to 'notice' and stumble upon vast treasures.

  • Sunshadow Feb 16, 2011

    (Part B):

    The video here asks, Have you known who would be calling? Felt prompted to take something with you when you were going out though you had no reason to think you'd need it and later needed it? Felt someone watching you that you could not see? Yes, yes, and yes! In particular I had an experience where I had my back to a kitchen window while I was washing the dishes; felt a "boring of energy" into the back of my head, a totally creepy feeling, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I "knew" someone was watching me from the window, but I could not see out the window due to a lamp that was on at the window. I got up the nerve to walk over there and switch the light off. There, just a couple of feet from me on the other side of the window, was a man in a trench coat, scrunching up to try to hide behind the shadow of the curtain that was drawn into the center of the window! There was no way I could have known this by my 5 senses. But I "knew" it. And the knowing was accurate.

    Likewise, once when backpacking, we hiked out to the car and drove off to another trailhead to hike with others. When we came back and left the car to hike back into camp, I was overcome with a sense of dread and just *knew* that someone was going to break into my car. Against my better judgment we hiked in. The next day when we hiked out, we found that someone had used a Slim Jim to get into the car and taken my pocketbook, a cooler, a camera, etc.

    I have always said, "I may not be the smartest person but I have a good sense of intuition." I *always* regret it when I do not listen to that voice....*always.* My mother says it is "the voice of God." It may well be! I believe there are 2 main ways of knowing: knowing with our brains and 5 senses, and knowing with our spirit. We need *both* because we are spiritual beings in a physical body. There is no need for science and spirituality to clash. They will, though, when people limit themselves to only one way of "knowing" and when they fail to honor the many, diverse paths by which humankind can seek and find the Answers, and Spirit. Our earth home, Gaia, is resplendent in her diversity! Why would we ever think that there is only *one* way of knowing, or *one* path to Spirit? That is the ultimate arrogance, to me.

  • Sunshadow Feb 16, 2011

    Yes, I've had noetic experiences. I'd like to expand my awareness of the Spirit-that-moves-in-all-things and my focused attention on this has led me to this website. Reading the experiences of the folks on this site remind me of some of mine; too many to repeat them all here. Thank you, all, for your sharing. I feel like I've found a new group of friends!

    Here are a couple of my experiences:

    The post by oldlady reminded me of one striking one. About 20 years ago I was thinking deeply of my former boyfriend, with whom I had had a deep spiritual connection, though we'd gone our separate ways about 5-6 years earlier and not spoken in about 5 years. There was a huge, beautiful, vacant horse barn on the property where I lived at the time. I went out into this barn one night and began to speak to him, to Spirit, to send him well wishes and hopes that there would be peace between us. I found myself spontaneously performing a kind of "ritual" of dance and incantation. As a result I felt the presence of something bigger than myself watching and listening, and I felt satisfied that I had been "heard." Three days later the phone rang and it was the former boyfriend! He said he'd just been thinking of me and wanted to call me and let me know that it was all good between us. He'd called my older sister and tracked down my phone number that way. I still get goose bumps when I think about the beauty of this event. It brought me great peace and instilled hope in something so much bigger than our physical knowing.

    (Part B to follow)

  • DyckDyck Feb 14, 2011

    One experience I became a dog. I describe here what I recall from memory afterward, not inside this other state. I could be more descriptive if I could use more than words here, if I could move, vocalize, put some of this in my affection for you, or in a stir fry, or a parody... then it might be more mytho-poeic. So, here's my paltry words:

    It was rural, a 30 year memory ago. There was utter tranquility within me like nothing I've experienced since. I looked about seeing with Labrador eyes, shapes and textures without names or meaning. A wild, connected, comforting earth feeling overtook me. My feelings of peacefulness seemed to emanate from freedom from any and all responsibility. The sounds and smells were not remarkable, not obtrusive. My visit lasted about 5 minutes & I've not returned here.

    Taking me to, or setting up this state was my remorse, repentance, for naively having beaten my dog.

  • Anonymous Icon

    oldlady Feb 05, 2011

    I've had several experiences in the past fifty years. In the early 60s I lived for nearly two years in a haunted house. We would often hear footsteps go up the stairs to the third floor apartment at night. One time a cup and saucer moved across the dining table 8-12". Pictures would never hang straight and one was removed from the wall.

    I experienced a feeling of dread and a pre-cognitive dream before my young son died in an accident in 1974.

    About 5 months after my husband passed away, I had a vision of him over the foot of my bed, healthy and smiling. A few weeks later I was awakened by the feeling that someone was sitting on my bed looking over me. A few days after his death, I had a dream that he was walking away with a woman holding his hand. When he turned and saw me he said that I could go with them and he asked the lady to wait but she kept dragging him along and they disappeared. I believe the woman may have been his mother who died when he was 12.

    Forty years ago I was involved in a relationship with someone who was very special to me. We separated two or three years later and saw each other from afar a few times but only spoke briefly on one occasion. Recently, I didn't feel well and had pressure in my chest so that I thought maybe I was going to have a heart attack. Then three words popped into my mind "___ is dying" and then the pressure went away and "___ is dead" popped into my head. I didn't believe it but decided to check the internet for his obituary but it wasn't there. I found out a couple months later that he died on that day. Then I started remembering that I'd had other psychic happenings that involved him. I experienced chest pains and his name popped into my head thirty years ago when he had a serious heart attack and was about 2000 miles away. I went to the emergency room at the time which is why I can remember it now. I ignored intuition when I thought he was going to be in a grocery store and he was there. I had his name pop into my head when I had the sense of being stared at and later found out it was him. Also about six years ago I entered a restaurant and felt his presence inside the front door-something about the "air" was different. I know this sounds impossible and I didn't see him and couldn't look for him as I was with my husband, but I feel absolutely certain that he was there or had been there, in that spot, recently.

    I've been known to say that I don't believe anything that I can't see (excluding the ghost in the haunted house) but I've changed my mind. This last incident, which explained what was happening (who explained it?), ___ is dying, has caused me to search for answers and it's why I'm on this website.

  • Anonymous Icon

    milanchettri Jan 29, 2011

    i have this very a bit of dreaming something at one time. i would forget the dream the very moment my eyes open. but after a few moths or even a year or two...i would be at a particular place or in a situation and at that moment it would take me less than a second to realize that this situation was something i had dream t of long before....it's been on several occasions... i have dream's of people's death and a year later or so when the person would actually pass away i would remember the dream i had a long time ago....i don't know what is this? is this noetic experience? or is it something else

  • Anonymous Icon

    Freakmonkey1 Jan 10, 2011

    I'm new to all this and am not even sure if my "experience" fits in this catagory. Something happened when I was 18 that I've never understood. I was shooting pool with my uncle at a local bar when I had this "vision". I was sitting at a table at the end of the pool table drinking a beer. I envisioned the cue-ball jumping off of the table when my uncle broke. The cue-ball came flying right at my face and broke my nose. Seconds later my uncle broke and the cue-ball came flying directly toward my face. I reached up and grabbed the cue-ball before it could hit me. It had happened so fast that people around me looked at me like I wasn't normal. Stuff like this happens to me quite a bit, and yet I can't explain it or even put it into words that make sense. Any ideas or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I try to explain to my wife my "strange thoughts" but they just don't seem to make sense.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Sunjewel Jan 05, 2011

    I have had many noetic experiences but I would rather share the experience of a man that I was fortunate to meet when I was fourteen and who sparked my interest in self knowledge. His name is Justin O'Brien and here is his experience I think you will enjoy it.

    Justin O’Brien’s Beyond-the-Grave Message From Swami Rama

  • Anonymous Icon

    DreamingGod Jan 04, 2011

    I have had many unique experiences, the latest of which is really my fiancee's experience.
    I was reading in bed next to her when she was taking a nap a couple of nights ago, and when she woke up I had a feeling to ask about her dream (which I did) and she told me, "Well, it was a very weird dream but I can't seem to recall it exactly..." and a couple of seconds pass and then she exclaims, "Oh, now I remember!" and she starts telling me of her doing things in Cairo, Egypt.
    It's very weird because she said Cairo, Egypt, she didn't just say 'Egypt.' This is strange because she isn't a real big Egyptian buff. The weirdest part, however, is the fact that the scenario in which she described was what was happening in the book. I was completely shocked.

  • Mackenzie148 Jan 01, 2011

    This Noetic Science is extremely interesting - and I'm so glad that I've found this site.
    I've had many noetic experiences - and the ones that stick out most in my mind are the ones that consist of me escaping my fears.
    Ever since grade school, I've specifically feared things like: public speaking/speeches, and occasional social events. (That sounds totally sad, I'm not completely anti-social now.) But, I've always found, that if I feared it enough, or just literally thought in my mind that I would not have to do something, it would be possible. It is simple, but it really stands out to me.
    Another thing, I've always dreamed of moving to a different country (preferably in Europe), and guess what? That happened a couple years ago. Now, I am a Christian person, so I do believe that this is a miracle of God, but I also believe that because I wanted it so much, that my family, out of all the others, were chosen for this one position. Either way, I've been blessed.

  • Anonymous Icon

    workinprogress Dec 21, 2010

    I have had many of what you call Noetic experiences, from precognitive dreams, to out of body travels, including entering the body of my child, to the awake viewing of concurrent events, to the physical act of touching someone and getting the answer to a question I had just asked them that they were trying to conceal. I have just discovered this website and joined in on these discussions. I am feeling very blessed to have found the Noetic group. It is so comforting to finally have a group of people who understand the experiences I have been having for so many years. Thank You.

  • Anonymous Icon

    rgd_noetic Nov 28, 2010

    I was about almost 20 years ago I had a NDE (Near Death experience). It was for me a profound experience since it was not a typical NDE. I felt total contentment. I felt no internal struggles In the to go back or move forward. In that state of consciousness, I was fully aware of everything connectedness with a life source (that is the best word I could find). There is more that I had experienced but I will leave it at this. One thing I know for certain, what I learned in that moment was we are so much more than we realize and that we all have receptive and expressive energy signatures that communicate on a kind of network system, whether it is on a micro or macro level.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dallwright Nov 03, 2010

    I have had a couple of interesting experiences while practicing martial arts. Many years ago I was practicing the standard attack/defense exercises with a friend. One day at practice our instructor had us turn our back on the attacker and try to anticipate the defense. One time I turned and knew exactly when my friend was going to attack. It wasn't just a coincidence. I actually knew. This has only happened to me one time in many years.

    Sometmes in Aikido practice you have moments of complete fluidity with all your defenses. I have noticed that they can occur more frequently if you are feeling a little unwell. It's almost as if your concious mind shuts down and you just become who you need to be.

    I agree with one of the other commentor that these feelings appear more prevalent when we are young. I was much more trusting in my decision making when young. Recently I have started a serious yoga practice which has helped me to open up to this more trusting side of my self. Thinking more from the heart


  • Badger Nov 01, 2010

    I spent a year in Baghdad from April 2006 - April 2007. At the time, we did not know it would be considered such a difficult time to be there, but the news likes to call it one of the worst periods of the war. In anycase, during the year, I would get feelings that things were wrong with friends and family back home. Physical problems, emotuional problems, etc. I would picture each person in my mind, scrolling throguh the faces, until I knew who was having the problems, then send a email to ask about it. I was always right, there was a problem.

  • Anonymous Icon

    aura Nov 01, 2010

    I have had Loads of noetic experiences,many a times it happens that i know something and it happens if i don't tell anyone but the moment i tell my intuition,it does not occur. It also happens that few people,places feel familiar even if we are seeing them first time...it also happen s with event that is deja vu......can anyone explain.....?

    It happened once i saw my granpa two days after his death saying bye to me........but it is hard to prove......

  • Tdrulard Oct 22, 2010

    I was flying a small single engine airplane over Lancaster, Pa when i looked out and took notice of the world i had seen all my life. The roads, rivers, buildings, farms, etc. All appeared to be a part of a much larger system that i was only a tiny yet invaluable part of. I immediately thought of a printed circuit board and how the solder traces on the board were eerily similar to the world i was viewing at altitude. I felt a strange sense of abandonment as i realized the world does not know me nor do i know it and i fear that i will perish before ever being properly introduced.

    I believe the negative experiences are equally as important than the positive ones.

  • Marlene Oct 22, 2010

    There was an appearance in my room, an old man, when I was very ill earlier this year. His face was not very clear. I had just asked for euthanasia in hospital. He appeared three times in a week time. The third time a strong crystal clear voice resonated inside of me and asked: "What is essential to you Now?"
    My body started to heal a few days later.

    Recently I was awake and lying in my bed when a strange force pulled my - I will call it my soul - out of my body. I left every cell. My body was nothing but a packing.
    A woman took me at incredible speed too various places like a deja-vu; it was magic. I saw one my children as an adult with a cigar and we talked, I saw the red spot of the heat in his mouth, I could see through his body. The woman made do the most complex calculations I did not understand, my deceased grandfather felt very present all the time.

    Last week I went to the cemetery because of above experiences. I felt overwhelming joy, warmth and love like a shower although I did not visit the place in years. A butterfly followed me till my car.

  • Anonymous Icon

    tbt Oct 17, 2010

    Guess everyone has seen Being John Malcovich, but has anyone ever experienced feeling they were looking through someone else's eyes? Having the sudden feeling "what am I doing here in this body?" And it's an uncomfortable, confining feeling. Does anyone know what this means?

  • frequencytuner Oct 15, 2010

    Sorry I should calculate that: Get a calculator and try it:

    (3 + 4 x 5) is the key to the earth = 23 divided by 3 = 7.666...

    It is explained on the Language of Symbols page.

  • frequencytuner Oct 15, 2010

    Here you go johnmage:

    ******* ******* ******* WHOEVER CAN DISPROVE THIS CAN TAKE CREDIT FOR IT BECAUSE I DON'T ******* ******* *******

    I just discovered it. Number is a trinity that behaves like the Yin Yang and moves like the Swastika.

    Salt = 3 (Water, Earth, Air)

    Earth's Natural Harmonic "Schumann" Resonance is (23/3) Hz. Mathematically: 7.666...infinity.

    Mercury = 4: (Water, Earth, Air, Fire)

    Sulfur = 5: (Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Ether)

    SCALE: (3:4:5) to the power of Z. Z = 0..infinity.

    Z root of (3:4:5)

  • Anonymous Icon

    johnmageee Oct 09, 2010

    Hi Everybody, I've had a few very profound noetic experiences, if some1 in IONS or this forum is an "offical" enlightened/mystical person i'd love them to give a bit of confirmation as to the full nature of some of these experiences. They began approx 2.5 years ago with a deep meditation where i went down a virtual "rabbit hole" in my minds eye to a massively large cloudy sphere shaped caved and landed on a plat-form in the middle of the sphere. A few weeks later i felt for the first time Kundalini which reached to the top of my chest at which point i stopped meditating as i was started seeing swirling energy in my peripheral vision and I got a little bit freaked out so stopped.
    The most profound were yet to come as i had heard of the above experiences but one sunday morning a month or so after i was meditating and i seen the "All Seeing Eye". It was a gaseous ball about 4/5 inch across with an eye in the middle and as i got deeper into the meditation the ball became sharper and i had control of it as i stared at the ceilling. The monent i pondered could this ball come down to my forehead, it flew towards my head in a split second and the ceiling knocked/clicked as though some1 had walked on the flour above and the ball vanished as my concentration was broken. A few days later i read in a taoist .pdf that when one sees this eye they have seperated their 3rd eye from their mind and if they can turn this eye 180 degrees the other side of this ball is a mirror and they can then move this ball anywhere in the world and they can see in real-time what is happening somewhere! Since seeing the All Seeing Eye i've tried to get deep enough into meditation again to see it again but to no avail.
    The next experience was again a few weeks later and while meditating i saw a green ball flashed infront of me and after it flashed i left a strong tiredness pass over me. I continued meditating and later that nite i saw a white ball flash at me and again i was "zapped", but this flash was hot and it hit me in the lower stomach area and the hot sensation quickly spread downwards and upwards through me. The hot sensation moved so quickly that it went through my "meat and 2 veg" and i grabbed them with a bit of worry as this was a strong and hot feeling.

    I've had a few other experiences but this was the beginning of my mystical experiences and if some1 has had something similar or if this is normal experiences for them, i'd love to hear from you:) seanmacaoidh@hotmail.co.uk.

  • Anonymous Icon

    elettra Oct 08, 2010

    Salve,mi sono appena iscritta.
    Ho avuto molte esperienze anomale,ma l'unica di cui sono stata terrorizzata é la paralisi del sonno. Una ventina o trenta secondi di completo terrore,con il mio corpo paralizzato e la mente sembrava che girava nella mia stanza.Osservavo tutto,ero cosciente e consapevole che la mia mente era fuori dal mio corpo.

  • cameronjcw Oct 04, 2010

    I believe it! I definitely think as we get older we lose something a lot of the really weird experiences I had as a child all sort of stopped around the age of becoming a teenager. The last year or so my life has really been turned upside down but I think being in my own company so much has really opened me back up to things like this again.

  • Anonymous Icon

    jellyscout Oct 04, 2010

    I've always had strange feelings that I've known something before it was supposed to happen, even if it doesn't quite occur the way I originally see it. Most recently, I had a dream that my mother's boyfriend died. In it, my overriding feeling was how sad I was because I didn't know how my mom could support herself otherwise. The next day, I thought about the dream a bit, but mostly put it out of my mind thinking it was silly. Around 3 pm, I got a call from my mom in tears. She told me she had just been laid off. It didn't happen the same way as my dream, but the feeling was exactly the same.

    The first time I had a feeling like this, I only know about it from stories my mom has told. I was 3 1/2 years old. My mom and I were staying at my grandfather's house while my grandmother was in a nursing home very sick. One night, I woke up around 4 AM after having a nightmare. I don't have any recollection what the dream was about, but I woke up my mom to comfort me. While we were both awake, we got a call from the nursing home saying my grandmother had passed away in her sleep.

    Some may call them coincidences, but I refuse to believe it.

  • cameronjcw Oct 02, 2010

    PART 2

    Get lots of really really weird syncronicities that I put down to coincidence but how many coincidences can there actually be!? I am not religious at all and don't believe in god but I do believe there is some kind of cosmic oddness going on. In the last few months Ive been just feeling like things are weird sometimes I re read things that Ive written for instance on facebook because people seem to react oddly even though theres no real reason for it. Maybe I am losing my marbles who knows? Maybe will find out when I get my appt at neurology and my MRI scan but seriously everythings just so weird.

    I also always had a feeling that I would die young in my early thirties and always felt there was something not quite right with me or off balance? Maybe not just me being off balance but off balance in the universe a bit like a jigsaw piece that looks like it should fit but theres one little bit thats stopping it from fitting, really strange.

    And again coming across this site and noetics today, now in my life just seems like a huge cosmic message screaming at me that I should be here!??

  • cameronjcw Oct 02, 2010

    Hi I'm new to the site and also noetics, really find it weird that I found this website at this time in my life and not before?

    I'm more than 100% sure I have had lots of noetic experiences. I used to have lots of weird experiences and feelings as a child and recently now as an adult I feel like these experiences are coming back. I am having some health issues recently some of which are neurological so its really complicated but I really feel like my life and the way I feel recently is strange to say the least.

    Experiences I had as a child which seem noetic are a couple of dreams which were premonitions, my dance teacher was pregnant and I dreamed she had a little boy and called him Liam and then it happened, also had a dream coming out of school and boys were teasing us which was really really weird because when it happened it was exactly as it was in the dream!? I used to get strange experiences in the middle room of my mothers house one time when I was sick that there was a presence at the end of my bed and it was coming towards me (it was like death or something) I found out only last year that my younger brother had the same experience in the same room. I used to have dreams of being able to bend my whole body over completely horizontal and parallel to the floor bending at my ankles, found out last year I have hypermobility syndrome/ehlers danlos syndrome. I also used to get the feeling that I was levitating when I was falling asleep and then woke up and had fallen back down, used to sleepwalk.

    Now I am 33 almost 34 (was 13 on friday the 13th) I have a daughter who is now 16 and we seem to have some kind of telepathy and often say the exact same thing at the same time or are thinking the same things or If Im thinking about something and she will say it and vice versa. I even try not to think of something Im trying to avoid discussing in case she picks up on it, sounds crazy yes!! But true! In the last year Ive had experiences of someone sitting down behind me at the edge of my bed and same experience having a nap on my sofa in my last flat, my daughter also had similar experiences. Last year I was sitting in the living room facing the door and my daughter was standing in front of it. I seen a dark shadow clear as day go past the door into the kitchen and then the dishes moved!? Was really spooky!! I also get creepy experiences as if someone is with me and my cat often looks behind me as if he sees something.

  • Anonymous Icon

    noeticka Oct 01, 2010

    I come from a long lineage of psychic abilities, some of which reach into the roots of the native-american culture. My paternal grandmother could read tea leaves, and everyone descended from her has inherited a gift in some form or another. On my mother's side are the roots of the old traditions, and now by chance I have married into a very old dianic clan family. I should explain first that my username for this website was dicovered long before I found IONS. I was simply looking for a new email username one day and happened to pick up a dictionary and the word I came upon was "noetic". I appreciated the definition as being simply "that which relates to the mind". I was certainly amused but not surprised as this has been my path since I was old enough to remember. I have seen things happen before they occurred, can find lost objects for others, can find my way around using my "inner compass" and have been distracted by the "radio in the other room" for as long as I can remember. Earlier this year, I had an astral projection experience where I met my twin soul. This was foretold to me in a Tarot reading. She gave me an important message and I have been trying to remember it ever since. She has visited me once since then and we tried to contact a friend but he was not ready for the journey. I can not meditate or astral project on purpose though I have tried many times. This frustrates me because it leaves many messages that I get on a regular basis hanging in the ether because I can't connect them. Recently I have noticed my children beginning to experience our family trait. My 5 year old son has nightmares uncommon for his age and hears things when he wakes, he has told me to ask them not to shout. My 2 year old daughter seems to be able to pick up on physical illnesses felt by others. When someone close to her aches, she feels their pain. Toddlers are known to mimick but this is different, she knows it's not her pain that she feels and she instinctively wants to heal the hurt. They are both very advanced intellectually and I want to do everything I can to help them on their own spiritual paths, this is why I joined IONS.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dave_ancon Oct 01, 2010

    Yes, one telepathic, one mind-blowing contact, and a third thought-provoking prediction after studying TM. The telepathic experience was with a friend who also experienced it. We both exchanged emotions, thoughts, ideas in an instant that was so scary, we immediately left each other in a hurry. We talked briefly about it later, but this marked the beginning of my openmindedness, if that is a word. No longer a skeptic, within two years I met someone who proved to me she could read my mind. The three buzzes from her mind to mine corrected some defect within my brain, she said. I've often wondered if she was an extraterrestrial. After all, how can one know for sure?

  • Anonymous Icon

    Barth9126 Sep 30, 2010

    I am kinda new to the thought of Noetics. But it begins to explain many things I have experienced in my life. Namely the fact that I have random dreams, dreams that have no consequence on my life or the lives of others, that months down the road will will occur in my daily life. These dreams often involve people I have never met, or places I have never been. I guess some would call it Deja Vu, is it possible that I am creating these situations for myself via my dreams/unconscious mind? Am I alone in this? Has anyone else experienced this as well?

  • Anonymous Icon

    Lieberstein Sep 28, 2010

    In the past 40 years I have had words spoken in my mind, words that have guided me in my quest to find God, i.e. "Be still and know I am God". I have been led to find books, retreats, people that helped in my development of my spiritual understanding and abilities. Guidance that has helped me to reform bad habits, visions of reality seen within my mind that helped me understand concepts of how "God" is in everything, connects everything, is in me, too. I have experienced energy flowing through my body when I felt compassion for a person or situation. This led me to train as a Shiatsu Body Therapist so I had a methodology for laying on hands and letting that energy do its work of healing. I discovered that the energy reveals where there is distress in the body, gives relief to pain and facilitates healing. I have had words and music come into my mind both when asleep and awake, poems and songs, without having had training in these areas. They seem to be connected in part to times of need for healing in me or in others. I have "known" when my family members have been in mortal danger and went into prayer/meditation to hold them in the Light, times that were later confirmed by phone call, or message that someone had had a heart attack, or was in an auto accident, hit by mortar, etc. at the time of my distress. I have been visited by the spirits of my recently departed relatives or close friends at least once per person. I have received messages from my dog, from trees, and from an unknown source that "informs me" of things I need to know to grow as a person. I have read historic accounts of events and places and know that I recognize things, places. I am grateful for all these many blessing though I have suffered in the beginning for many years fearing I was "crazy". Now I know I am (according to the conservative, traditional western mindset) and I am happy! It is good, GOOD, to find this place and this work.

  • frequencytuner Sep 27, 2010

    so hard to even find words for.

  • Shea774 Sep 27, 2010

    I've been able to 'see' things before they happen since I was a young child. I dont discuss it often, it's a blessing and a curse (at times)... I can use emapthy as a channel and find it takes me anywhere - allowing me to be able to meditate and find answers for myself, or to connect spiritually with others (living or deceased) in many ways as well as figure out answers (logically, physically, and spiritually - ie on many planes of thought).

  • frequencytuner Sep 27, 2010

    I figured it out. How do you get through to people when they are not ready for what you have to say? I let my mind loose and it came up with a theory of everything, well it's actually describing a really funky shaped crystal organism. I don't understand the mathematics, but I can interpret it and I know it is right.

    I need people who know about quantum physics, DNA, astrophysics, geology, psychology, anatomy, anthropology, zoology, history, war, finance, politics, law, culture, religion, art, industry, volcanos, hurricanes, earthquakes, energy meridians, chakras, meteorology, astronomy, medicine, botany, biology, chemistry and the list goes on.

    I am beginning to try and make sense of it here:


    It's new.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ommadevaki Sep 26, 2010

    Response to laurieann...I was amazed by how similar your experience was to mine. My father died when I was six. I felt like I talked to him in my mind...but I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination. Then one night when I was 13 years old, I was sitting on my bed and my father's face appeared to me floating near my ceiling...I said, "I want to come with you," then my ethereal self started moving out of my body...But my father said, "I have to go, but you have work to do." Many years later I'm still trying to figure out what my work is...

    I went to an elders gathering at Dhyani Ywahoo's Peace Village in Vermont. During a ceremony some of the elders looked around and agreed, "There are good spirits here!" I couldn't see them. Another time a Seneca, a Native American student, walked into my classroom and looked around and smiled and said there were good spirits in the room. Studies in perception have demonstrated that we are able to perceive those things that have been valued by our cultures. I believe these wonderfully affirming paranormal experiences are reopening our eyes to dimensions that have been hidden because of lack of consensus about what is valuable.

  • jimdun9241 Sep 26, 2010

    I just remembered another noetic experience. After my mom passed (I lived with and took care of her the last 2 years), I was going thru a bag of her documents. I already knew about her will where she left everything to my brother because he had never left our hometown. I went off and became a monk for 10 years. When I left there, I moved far away. After I finished going thru the documents, I set the bag down, and saw a piece of paper on my lap. It was a handwritten "will" leaving everything to both us. I just said, "mom how did you do that?"


  • triangulator22 Sep 26, 2010

    Yes. Many. My most recent was in a state beyond the dream state. For four nights in a row I attended with the deepest gratitude I've ever felt, a gathering of many buddhas from past, present, and future (in fact, the experience negated time as we normally know it). These buddhas taught thousands of us (I was one) what needs to be done if we are to save the Earth and all its creatures. The event, however, was not simply trickle down wisdom from the superior buddhas, but lovingly, and compassionately included the "students" input and suggestions.

    The first noetic experience that really shook my world, was in 1979. Just days after finishing Jose Silva's "Silva Mind Control" training, I was preparing to meet old friends for dinner. These friends knew I had spent my time, energy, and money I didn't have at the time on studying what my friend's wife called a "nonsensical waste of time."

    While in the shower before leaving for the dinner, a voice -- a REAL VOICE -- said clearly and distinctly in a deep, male timbre, "The Eight of Diamonds will figure prominently this evening." I hadn't heard a voice before, nor have I since. I didn't freak out, however, because I had just gotten through a week of many "strange" occurrences during the Silva Mind Control Method.

    At dinner, Lenny's wife Fran, then an executive at NBC in Burbank, scolded me for wasting valuable time and living on food-stamps. She degraded so-called paranormal activity as just a bunch of hog was. When I asked, rhetorically, if she then didn't believe that such experiences are a part of life on earth, she said, "Of course I don't believe in that nonsense." It was then I knew why the voice said what he said to me while in the shower.

    I said, "OK, Fran. 'Tell you what. You think of one card, any card, that is in a deck of cards. And, don't tell me what it is."
    "Fine," she answered with an attitude of humoring her husband's old college buddy.
    Without hesitation I said, "The Eight of Diamonds."

    Fran turned totally white. She was noticeably disturbed and flummoxed. She had, indeed, selected the Eight of Diamonds.

    The voice helped prove in the existence in noetic experiences not just to Fran (who probably rationalized the strong evidence in favor of), but more importantly it allowed me to continue on a path I'm still on today with absolutely no regrets.

  • Sandstone Sep 25, 2010

    Among other things, I've had an NDE. I suppose that counts.

  • frequencytuner Sep 25, 2010

    My mind disappeared last week when I first started reading about Tesla. It is still gone. In a way there are no words to describe, I began writing down a theory with the most radical, complex mathematical equations known to mankind. Words, symbols and concepts like Holometry, Monople Inductor, Isotopic dipole, Perturbation Theory and Epigenetic Convariant Unity Transformation, Crystal wormhole and Amygdala.

    All I need is to translate the theory to this world and apply it. I will need help.

    Xiakathy - good question - "What are we going to do with our potentials if we avoid blowing ourselves up with them?"

  • Xiakathy Sep 25, 2010

    Oldman, Gary hopefully as it was he who illustrated for me the connection between gravity and love - speaks as others do of As Above, So Below and surely therein lies the circumpunct, the whole point of order, for it is a quantum world we live in and finding each other within the chaos is a tall order but a given certainty, and such are the paradoxes we love so much, the ones that draw us together. Love and faith are fuelled by passion and we are so lucky that our passion is a blind quest for reality. Dark matter - we haven't even scratched the surface. The big They have only just got round to neutrinos and that's only because they've got nefarious potentials ....

    what are we going to do with our potentials if we avoid blowing ourselves up with them - at least before the sun has finished playing with Goldilocks..... as the centre of the galaxy thrums itstrings lightly.....


  • Dhyana Sep 24, 2010

    There has been a steady stream of noetic experiences in my lifetime, some more striking than others. For more than two decades I have had spontaneous past life recall. Now, no matter how you might feel about that phenomenon – it simply is not something you can understand without experiencing first hand. My ability to tap into this information stems directly from a moment when I asked to know more about a certain relationship I found myself in – no holds barred. I simply wanted to understand what brought me to this place, to an interaction with this person. And I wanted to have greater understanding of what lesson I was supposed to take away from this experience.

    My desire to understand was profound and heartfelt. And, apparently the cosmos was paying attention as I instantly found myself viewing what can only be described as a Cecil B. DeMille version of a lifetime so fantastic I couldn’t have made it up, had I tried. In panoramic, 3D, living color full of sound and emotion … the story unfolded in only a few seconds, although it depicted a lifetime of many years. After that experience which answered my questions of the moment completely, I have been able to tap into the stream of past lives at will – as long as my desire to know is to gain understanding – there is no delay in retrieving the information.

  • Heidi Fuller Sep 24, 2010

    When I was 18, I was hit by a car. I remember the flight as I sailed through the air to the top of a lamp post. From there, I watched my body drop to the asphalt and skid 60 feet before my head hit the curb. I remember feeling sad when I came to, stood up, and looked up into the lamplight.

    I was sitting at my desk typing, when my head suddenly snapped back like whiplash. A few minutes later, my phone rang. It was my daughter's preschool telling me she was all right, but she fell backwards off the jungle gym and hit her head.

  • Jimsterr Sep 24, 2010

    Yes. There have been various shifts in consciousness lasting up to 30 minutes. There would be this experience of the "oneness of everything" and and a general loss of "the me". Odd thing is that there was no seeking going on or special circumstances. I'd just pop into it while sitting in my living room or while driving a car.

  • Anonymous Icon

    peacewalker Sep 24, 2010

    When I was a child I looked endlessly at the stars,I could feel their brilliant cold light. When Bob Colhoun died I saw him standing looking up at my window.I told my mother but she said I was lying. Perhaps I was just seeing things, imagining? If you tell someone your vision they discount it and what do you do then? Especially if your a child. I would say my "cosmic self " opened up when I first entered a healing inipi with a teacher. Perhaps because the element of rock, fire ,water and earth were present,perhaps because we were in a womb like structure...like the elder Mr. Mitchell we saw really big.
    If the stars are part of the great existence then we are part of it. Growing up simple in Ireland we felt connected to this earth. Growing up under the wide open sky and close to the river and the stream,where we got water,we built with stone.That is why coming to Canada I connected with the native people here.They prayed with stone,not to stone but to the great mystery. Who am I - I am but the breath of existence in the now,as Deborah Robinson said "I am a nano second in time and space" ( why does this computer have to question nano? ) I am a light in the world.
    I can tell you my journey in life,or rather my disconnect and it would explain why I trust the great mystery more then humanity. I am the last of my tribe.
    I came here to tell the children of this blue planet that we have another home to go to,if this world is destroyed. Roberta Blackgoat said the coal is the liver of the earth and the uranium is the blood, she was a Deneh Elder who fought Peabody Coal Company. I recently asked a well known scholar to please prove this point as I believe everything on this earth is so in need to protection. The earth is our mother and her sacred ground we walk on.
    I am the earth the moon the sun the stars the water the wind i am stone. as a human being I am part of the sad lot that is ours these days. I try to help others but I drown in my own sea of grief. The wise person would say we are all on our own path and do not interfere with another life. What is wrong with us on earth why are people hungry and being punished and not cared for. We are so far from our tribal mind set that we have forgotten each other forever.
    Cosmic awakening is what I hear these days,and maybe I am on the wrong wave length,but my heart is so heavy these days.
    The way I see it is we have to become one with this earth to hold on as we go thru these passages of time and space. Maybe I am afraid to die or to awaken. To live a pure life is to be close to our creator. To live as close to nature as possible. To be aware of each other as we have one beating heart between us.

  • Theoldman Sep 24, 2010

    Blessings to you all.
    Lets take this up a notch before this topic disappears into the archives. I have read all of your comments, and thank you from my heart for your courage to speak openly. The events you presented have one thing in common - they are singular, from your own points of view, are unconfirmed, and without proof. PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENSE, I trust and believe what you have stated is real for you. This raises the bar of the cognition mind. The issue is - belief and experience - Belief is a symptom of not knowing and faith is the medicine we take to rationalize it. Experience is the shedding of preconceived belief systems, realized in your experience of a glimpse of the divine within.

    AS ABOVE - SO BELOW - we walk between these understandings. The "noetic experiences" described herein are all REAL - and your moment in unity applies to the exigencies of both your personal view, and the reality around you. Therefore the issue is confirmation - the never ending discussion between scientific theory of repeatable evidence - and the perpetual question postulated by spheres of influence called religion and spiritual cognitive states. Both of these fields of study - are so vastly different and limiting compared to the understanding attainable through authentic oral tradition. There is around our world people who are capable of shifting energy and matter - through volition, or the moment before a thought is realized.

    It starts and stops here - "Great Mystery" - the "Holy Ghost" and the "unknown". The doorway to these understandings is summarized in the following. THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE - this phrase is a paradox, and yet it is the only truth - the singular truth in all of creation. This phrase has been translated in every oral tradition around the world. The reason why is, not only is it a paradox, it is in humor called a "brain fart" A VOID MOMENT it makes no sense but it is true - yet called a paradox. It is an and out moment of our perceptive awareness to see all changes simultaneously, because we are fixated on ourselves trying to achieve a unity experience - when the whole point of coming into physical awareness of reality - IS TO EXPERIENCE IT - FROM A FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE - and not to doubt your experiences. That is the pitfall of a belief system - being dualist, it has it's incumbent doubts at every step. This never comes to the edge of the spring board of experience - as you dive into the "see of being" - and it is only a question away.
    Blessings friends - lets have more fun!

  • Anonymous Icon

    batistinha Sep 23, 2010

    Batistinha Sep 23,2010

    A very strange fact did occured to myself in the middle of 1986: as geologist , right after I´d finished the day job on surveing a quartz bearing deposit , my samplers colleagues and helpers and myself , all of us went to the lodging to rest. I laid down on my bed for some minutes before taking a shower. On entering like in a hypnogogic state (not sleeping yet) , suddenly I looked to my right hand and amazingly I just saw through it as an " X Rays" plate: no skin, no tissues, nothing.... but only the bones frame for every fingers so far , like a skelekton.!! Since then I could never figured out how sort of vision was that.

  • Mindlink0 Sep 23, 2010

    Yes, I have been having noetic experiences since I was a babe-in-arms, before I learned any spoken language. They have included sensing and influencing experiences with people, pets, plants and insects; psychokinesis; accessing the visual, intellectual and emotional memories of other people from any time (1 second ago to 5,000 years ago); sensing and influencing the probabilities of future events; manifesting relationships, situations and material goods, and accessing and interpreting 'seeing' and 'feeling' information at any point in space (distant viewing). Einstein is quoted as saying, "Space and time are modes in which we think, not conditions in which we live." If anybody would like to discuss this concept, drop me a line at cocreativity@shaw.ca.

  • Anonymous Icon

    kannibalkiwi Sep 22, 2010

    i wouldn't really call it a 'noetic experience' or 'paranormal experience' but for as long as i can remember, I've had an insanely good nact for guessing things. from about the age of 6, i could guess what people were about to say when they were mid sentence and finished it for them (which started to get on peoples nerves so i stopped) but unfortunately now the 'effect' has worn off.
    another thing which i guess i class as 'noetic' is de ja vu. i mean sure, everyone gets it, but i get it so often and clearly that it takes the mick. after the 'vision', i'll be able to remember exactly where i was and what i was doing when i first saw the thing that i'm de ja vuing (once again, it seems that most of these visions were first seen in my childhood)


  • Anonymous Icon

    niceast Sep 22, 2010

    I have been able to talk to my Past (younger) self and Future (older) self. This is very empowering because when in direct contact with your Future self you get encouragement and when you talk to your Past self you can give encouragement. This closed-in meditation is a key to gaining perspective on your life process. It has been said that "Time allows us to savor the experience of living so that it all doesn't happen at once".

    If, in meditation you can contact your Soul Matrix, you will be able to come into contact with the information stored there from other encarnations Past and Future. It is quite surprising what you can learn when you open yourself to the possibility of communication of this sort. Using these types of meditation, I have learned that the Soul is a vast terratory, the architecture of which takes mant lifetimes to experience. Also, I have found that the Human brain is just barely able to hold only a small portion of the Soul's experiences. It may be visualized like an air-filled ball floating in water with the part that is above the surface being "Life Experience". Interestingly, this "Soul-Ball" may be rolled about in meditation exposing other encarnational information to your conscious awareness.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 22, 2010

    We all know what we know because we have experienced it, we didn't read it in a book.
    There are as many ways of knowing as there ways of being. How many times does someone say
    "wow, my dream was SO REAL last night"?? (maybe because it was real)..How many times does a person's
    pet turn around and look at something that the human can't see? When I was four I was in a brief coma
    from a severe head injury and I went straight up and sat in the corner of the room observing everybody.
    When I was little I had an "imaginary" friend, as lots of children do. It's all good. There are messages everywhere.
    Universe is trying to let us in, not keep us out. I am very grateful to IONS for giving people an open forum to speak the truth and for finding a way for each of us from all around the world to find each other!! much love to you all!

  • RoomInEight Sep 22, 2010

    Hi there. I've so enjoyed reading through the amazing experiences above, I'm grateful to all who have been so generous in sharing. My noetic experience is not particularly impressive, not linked to a passed loved one or altered state of consciousness. It's just something a little bizarre which is constant for me. It happens at least once a month. A television series which I grew up on and have never missed an episode of "The Simpsons" provides stimulus for many memories for me. Watching it as a child, watching it to relax after studying, watching it on a break at my stressful new job, watching it to distract myself after a break up, while I'm sick, when I've just received good news, etc etc. At least once a month, for the last ten years, I unknowingly predict what the nightly episode repeat will be. A scene from an episode will run through my head and I'll have a giggle and remember what I was doing or what stage of life I was in when I watched it last. The week after that, guaranteed, the episode re-run will air. And I will be gobsmacked that it's happened AGAIN. In Australia the Simpsons doesn't screen previews for the re-runs anymore, nor do we get a summary of the episode in the TV guide. The episodes are not always aired in order. It just randomly happens.

    Simpsons ESP??? Like I said, not especially mystical or astonishing. But it's such an ongoing thing for me, it makes me wonder why? Is it because this particular piece of pop culture is so ingrained in so many aspects of my life for such a large portion of it, that I have some odd connection to it? Is it something that can be harnessed and applied to other areas? What else is a mind capable of, if enough thought stream and energy is focussed? This is why noetics appeals to me. Then again it could be a fluke. A constant, repetitive, baffling fluke... ~ J

  • Theoldman Sep 22, 2010

    ommadevaki - Thank you for your thoughts. I respect the intent of this thread for each of us to speak to our personal Noetic experiences. I have spent many years in ceremony with traditional medicine and holy people and have been honored with the opportunity to hear and experience first hand some of the elders teachings. They are of an oral tradition for a very good reason. This ensures continued accuracy and privacy of their understanding. Over the years I have struggled with the notion of bringing these ways to others who are "not in culture" or experienced out of context - unless someone asks. That in it's own way is a form of "calling" and who is to know what can come from honest inquiry.
    The Blue form has a very specific geometric form. What I have come to understand from my experience and research that this form is also a very well know symbol throughout most cultures. Lets just give you a riddle - What burns brilliant blue? Is the hardest form of crystal on this planet? Fire is the element of creation using this substance? We are a life form dependent on it for energy to live in the physical. It is a crystal of 6 sides and when you cut this crystal at 33 degrees if gives you a very specific geometric form. This geometric form is the symbol I was shown as per the event I posted earlier. To my understanding when a person such as your relative settled their affairs on this side - they turned to "Home" and at that moment you can see our pure form just briefly before it disappears. I saw this very form of my deceased daughter a year to the night of her death - when closed "The Keeping of Souls Ceremony". She appeared to us all (about 24 people) as a tiny brilliant Blue form, presented herself to her mother - then vanished straight up. So I ask you - what do you think this Blue form to be?

  • Anonymous Icon

    ommadevaki Sep 22, 2010

    I'd love to know more about your knowledge and experience of the Blue form.

  • Anonymous Icon

    ommadevaki Sep 21, 2010

    I wrote my last entry before reading any of the discussion responses. There were so many stories that confirmed by experience. I was delighted to feel I had found a spiritual family where I might see and hear and be seen and heard. I felt very blessed to have been seen and heard by theoldman. We have, I am certain, been called to come together to birth a new paradigm. We are, indeed, the ones we have been waiting for.

  • Theoldman Sep 21, 2010

    ommadevaki There are two very interesting parts of your wonderful story - the use of the words - "energy signature" and the geometric form around her as she stood in the doorway, seen as a Blue square as she returned 'Home'. These are both parts of the story I just told and once again I thank you for sharing. I have heard of this Blue form, seen it myself. I think when people feel comfortable openly speaking about what they see they will realize many of us are seeing this - and it is a very different paradigm of thinking - It is liberating to be able to let it out and speak openly- i think it is vital as the shift in our being washes over us in a wave of change. Thanks :)

  • Anonymous Icon

    ommadevaki Sep 21, 2010

    My son, Greg, who had a PhD. in genetics, passed five years ago. I was staying with Greg, my daughter-in-law, Darsie, and my two grandchildren because Greg had cancer and Darsie and Greg graciously asked me to help out. The morning of his death I took a call from Darsie's dad who told me Darsie's step-mother had died unexpectedly that morning. I told Darsie she needed to take the call. Greg asked me what was going on. When I told him, he turned chalky white and said, "I knew that. JoAnn appeared to me in the doorway last night. She was surrounded in blue light. The light turned into a blue square, and then she disappeared. Greg passed that afternoon. His last word was, "No!!! When the family had left the room, I kissed him on the cheek and told him we (my younger sons and I) could never have thrived without him. I felt him smile and release. About three months later, he came to me and told me, "I've been thinking about it and I've discovered my energy signature for earth." I've been thinking hard on what an energy signature is. This year he came to me when I was at a North Carolina writer's conference. He told me he had discovered bioplasmic regeneration. I stepped into a translucent room and his image was projected on the walls. He asked me to tell his daughter, Abbey, to remember he was her father. Everything about these experiences felt authentic, what was said, the way Greg used scientific terminology. I appreciate this opportunity to share.

  • Anonymous Icon

    izzy1 Sep 20, 2010

    I am so glad to have found you all, I have always known there is much more to us than skin and bone, and that while brain is one thing the mind something else entirely.

  • frequencytuner Sep 20, 2010

    Oldman, If you know who I am then I know who you are.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 19, 2010

    I am getting my information visually. I was channeled to do these beautiful yet strange brain dendrite-like
    gel ink drawings, approx.one a week, for SIX YEARS!! I would draw them separately at my drawing table but
    when I hung them together on my wall THEY WOULD CONNECT AS ONE PIECE!!! The thing is, is how
    much LOVE they radiate! People coming through for studio crawl become still, in like a hushed, awe filled silence
    in front of only 33. I have put out my intention all year to show all 333 and I was "told" to do it in the round,
    as a sanctuary, SILO, meditation piece, so that people can stand inside it and be immersed, ("Inside the
    Species Mind"!!!)....I have also painted a silhouetted, big shouldered man for over 30 years...("My Entity Luciano")
    feel free to look at them on my webiste, (any of you beautiful awakened people), at www.mnartists.org/Gretchen_Dreisbach
    The line details are hard to see on my "Web of Life" drawings but you can double click to enlarge..be well all!

  • Theoldman Sep 19, 2010

    Part B

    My postulation is - that we are life force - each of us - with our own unique signatory - or presence of "being" in existence. This unique signature of our being remains constant ; like a shard of a crystal - we each are a part of the Creator (life force), as each shard of crystal is a small exact replica of the "whole" crystal. When circumstances in "conscious" reality call us to this world - ( and that is meant in the sense of "a calling"), our awareness to these circumstance brings us into this reality - borne again to continue with the thread that "called" us to come here in the first place. This "thread or calling" is about what is occurring at this time in this world. Consequently, many people who have any knowledge of "theoldman" (and you are not the first person to speak to me of theoldman) talk to me about ;
    1- they have seen the oldman,
    2 - he is an elder statesman or noble,
    3 - he appears to have the manner and language of a person of Celtic background (the reddish hair and beard),
    4 - he appears to be a person from the period between 1122AD and 1300AD,
    5 - he had something to do with an event in Jerusalem around the end of the 11th century 1196-1205AD.
    The question is - Do you know who I am? This question is the very basis of all our personal journeys until we remember or awaken to a greater picture of our existence that combines - Above and Below. This last statement from my point of view, implies the approaching collapse of dualism or polarization and some form of unity experience is about to occur to all of humanity, and is occurring now around this world. This also fits into the physical shifting of our poles on the planet (presently underway) and the alignment celestially of our solar system, with the center of our own galaxy, also presently occurring. The ancients say - as above so below - this is so evident in the ancient architecture of the pyramids around the world and their celestial alignment in accord with the deities of these peoples and constellations of our own galaxy. As above so below - we walk between these worlds and a Noetic experience is a glimpse of the path between these worlds - as we all awaken to unity and who we truly are. Each step a heart beat - every breath a prayer - of world in peace and unity.

    Blessings - Eamonn

  • Theoldman Sep 19, 2010

    To Spitfire83052 and others following this thread and story - here is more for us all to consider. Please help bring more focus to this inquiry and experience. ...........Part A
    This visionary experience I presented in IONS set me off on a very profound and amazing journey. I went on to discover that -"theoldman" has been seen by many people around the world and when they are presented with an actual picture of him - they have confirmed it as the same person. Upon deeper exploration with these people (thanks to the internet) I also found that at some point in our lives we have crossed paths in this actual physical world. Remember the "six degrees of separation" between us all, states in a room of 7 people, somewhere the paths of at least one of these people intersects with our own; either through a person or place they know or and event they have in common. I take this to the next level and ask - Have you seen "theoldman?" This question has connected me with people from around the world who have and continue to see "him".
    I do not believe in death as it is understood with our present consciousness. This was confirmed for me when I returned "Home" in the vision experience I described in IONS. When I asked - "Do you know who I am?" the answer was - "Of course we know who you are!" The only way this would have been possible is that at one point in my existence, I either came from or visited this place called HOME before.
    Reincarnation, specifically from the Hindu - and the Vedas, speaks of Karma and Dharma - and the journey of the "soul" as an evolving of the Divine from within that can take many "lifetimes." My personal view is that "life" or "source" cannot be destroyed, only transmuted through consciousness in the dance of energy and matter. This being said, how then would a personage reappear through different times in our recorded history - specifically - "Theoldman". This oldman is not a Jungian archetype - it is an actual person. Much the same as Melkezidek who is said to be an ancient that returns through our recorded history - Buddha is another example of this repeat as is Jesus et al.......con't- Part B

  • frequencytuner Sep 19, 2010

    We have found each other.

  • Xiakathy Sep 19, 2010

    I have just joined IONS. My 'path' began in 1997 and has brought me here. My daughter bought me a book at a car boot sale a few days ago, Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol", which is how I learned of your existence. I finished the book yesterday and signed up to IONS today.

    During the course of the last twelve years I have been introduced to and taught much on quantum mechanics, synchronicity, and what I now know to be 'noetic philosophy' from someone who doesn't live in this dimension. I'm not a scientist, and much of what I was being asked to research had never entered my head before - I had trouble understanding a lot of it in the early days, starting with quarks. Talk about the deep end. Prior to 1997 I could say I've had a few noetic experiences, but nothing prepared me for what I have been taught since that year.

    The clearest message I had from the beginning was 'just trust'. The universe, I soon learned, is a complicated place. Even pedigree scientists have trouble getting to grips with it. At a cosmology conference in Paris last year I discovered that most of the world's top cosmologists presently believe the universe is flat. I questioned this, and was told I didn't understand the topography. Well, okay then. The view from the top of the Observatory was nice.

    I asked one of the hosts after his presentation whether the concept he'd spoken of, being the nature of infinity in the universal state, could perhaps be linked to the fact that the current model of the atom reverts to infinity when gravity is added to the equation. He looked at me as if I was barking mad, and snarled, "different science, different science."

    We're all mad, I suppose, in what we trust, and one day I trust noetics will bring sanity to the chaos. Order appears to look after itself.

  • frequencytuner Sep 19, 2010

    Or think of something with intention and create, Camlou.

    Spitfire, like all of us, we are only beginning to understand this. As a collective we are at a point where we "want" to believe it, but we have been so self-conditioned to be in ignorance and be unwilling to face our true being that our thought patterns and core understanding of life and existence are wildly obscured.

    This is an evolutionary path. Like a cancer cell "turns on" within a human body to break the conditioned pattern it used to follow, the same reflects on the higher organism of the earth. Each one of us is like a 'cancer cell' of the earth body that has broken the conditioned pattern.

    Take it as you will, but in truth, the physical existence we know must be broken down entirely. This is the process of evolution and it requires every cell of the organism - every human mind on earth - to break the self-conditioned ignorant state of existence.

    This is why we try so adamantly to help each other. Self help to remedy self-conditioning. I try to convince other because I am still trying to convince myself.

  • Anonymous Icon

    camlou Sep 19, 2010

    I have had some experiences throughout my life, but the one I had a couple of weeks ago was different. I was leaving work and grumbling because, when you turn out the light, you still have to walk 7 or 8 feet to the door, through a foyer that is in absolute darkness. I thought to myself, "There needs to be a light here." Immediately, the door handle ahead of me was illuminated. I checked all around me to see where the light was coming from, and it appeared to be reflecting off my glasses. However, since I was in total darkness, there was no light to be reflected. I had crossed this darkened room many times and had never had this experience before. Of course this time, I had thought to myself, "There needs to be a light here." Ask and you shall receive!

  • Anonymous Icon

    laurieann Sep 19, 2010

    About 6 months after my brother died, I was just drifting off to sleep one night when it seemed like something shifted and I "saw" my brother's face appear before me, even though my eyes were closed. I felt my spirit leaving my body, sort of flowing out like steam, and could see and feel the body becoming more and more limp. I felt emotionally detached from that happening, it was just a mental observation of mild interest. My brother began to drift up, and I started to follow him. I believe he came to get me, and my spirit was leaving my body to join him. AT that moment, everything - EVERYTHING - turned into particles of golden light and all the particles swirled and danced together. My spirit, my brother's spirit, the bed, the walls, everything that "seemed" to be solid material, was really just light particles that our minds turned into substance for our own purposes. At that point, I telepathically told my brother "I'm not ready to do this yet". He said "okay!" and disappeared and my spirit abruptly returned to my body with a jolt. Ever since then, I don't take anything too seriously, nor do I look at "things" or possessions the same way. And having had that experience, I'm not at all afraid to die. I just feel like I'm not finished doing what I need to do on this earth yet. Since then I've given birth to a wonderful interesting boy that is already having profound changes on the people and things in his life. So there's more work for my soul to do here.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Spitfire83052 Sep 19, 2010

    I have had these all my life, the thinking of someone and the phone rings, they appear at your door. When I had cancer, was really sick, it was time for my teacher, Wananeeche (One who the people needs) to enter my life. I have Native American Heritage as most of us do, . Through his teachings, the sweat lodge in the back of his home, the group and much meditation, shamanic music, I learned I am a combination of 3 (White Owl, White Eagle, and Walking Elk) I learned how to shape shift in my dreams when I was in much pain, into White Owl and search for "lost souls" to bring them home. As the Eagle I was the protector of the "one". As Walking Elk, I am the healer. I have a "spirit" guide called The Old Man, he's ancient. At one point I was in so much pain, tired, sick, I just wanted to go home. I shifted as White Owl, journeyed, got the door to go the other side, The Old Man was blocking the door, would not let me thru the doorway, I begged, pleaded, in tears and he still said NO!! Now here it is 14 years later, I have learned much, understand more, and am only now understanding the "true power" we really have.

    When I was sick I was able to heal myself when I was at my strongest. Not overnight but over time. I did not recognize that we manifest our life events, good and bad until recently. I've done it all along and not understood that is what I've been doing. When I came across the article of all of "US" concentrating as ONE to heal our world, it made a lot of sense. I would like to know if there is going to be on-going specific days/times of this enormous concentration. I want in on it. When I got to the point where I could shape shift at will, I discovered I have tremendous power when I center it, and it's freeing. I'm not much for exploits, I do this quietly. So let me know please. In the meantime I'm sending out waves of healing thoughts, first for our country here in America, it's such a mess!!,

  • Anonymous Icon

    Blydys Sep 18, 2010

    I like what frequecytuner said, i merely suggest that all humans are connected through a collective universal mind. And that Mind can be strengthened to explain the current parapsychological phenomenon and discover even more. All we need to do is start thinking as one.

  • Anonymous Icon

    gaines Sep 18, 2010

    Yes...all my life, I've felt that I've had major intuition. One example was while driving through Texas on a sweltering day, my almost new car would not start after I had stopped for lunch. There was a gas station next door. I walked over and talked to the owner who then came over and lifted the hood of the car and tried to start it. After a few tries he said it was electrical and he would have to order a part and I would be in that town for about a week. I sat calmly in the car, not upset at all and not believing I would be in that town for a week. I looked up and two older men, dressed in overalls, came out of the restaurant. I got out of the car and approached them and said, "I think you two men can fix my car, it won't start". They looked at each other and one said, "I don't know much about cars". The other shook his head and said, "Me neither". I said, "Well, I think you can start it". They lifted the hood and 'fiddled' under the hood. Then one sat in the driver's seat....in a matter of ten minutes, the car started. I thanked them and drove over to the gas station and reported the success to the owner. I started talking to a man getting gas and found he was the editor of the town newspaper. I told him the story. He asked my name and the where I lived. About a month later a woman in my town, Ojai, California, called me and said there was an article about the incident. She had grown up in that town. I felt so connected, not only to my inner intuition, but to all humanity.

  • ankora Sep 17, 2010

    Yes, of course I have......And, I think noetic experiences should be a normal part of everyone's path.

  • Anonymous Icon

    swatiphoenix Sep 17, 2010

    Hi celestial,

    it happened to me in 2001 as well and lasted for 6 month. How can I reach you?

  • Anonymous Icon

    san_sa_rocky Sep 16, 2010

    thats what i was trying to convince him.
    sometimes convincing someone using eye vission, or writings is also noetic. a perfect answer for Nino. thanks to freqency

  • frequencytuner Sep 16, 2010

    Noetic, as defined in Greek as 'Nous', meaning "Mind", relates to every experience whether it be mental, emotional, physical or other. This includes analogical visions of aliens, lucid dreams, telepathy, paranormal, OBE, ESP etc. If it originates within the mind it is noetic. In truth, the fact that you imagine being born, have created a log of memories, relationships, created an identity and an avatar and are sitting here reading this right NOW - this IS a noetic experience. This is THE noetic experience, experiencing the mind.

  • Anonymous Icon

    san_sa_rocky Sep 16, 2010

    *they occur often..

  • Anonymous Icon

    san_sa_rocky Sep 16, 2010

    well, what obout mine? my point 1,3,5 arnt co-incident to me... the occur often....

  • Anonymous Icon

    ninosk66 Sep 16, 2010

    Reading through these comments I can see alot of confusion between noetic experience and neurological issues or even psychopathic.
    some people here described talking to the dead as a noetic experience others mentioned aliens.
    you need to realize that noetic science exist on levels different than your knowledge level or environmental conditions.
    I wonder if someone with no knowlege bananas would see bananas in a dream!
    not everything odd is noetic. not every coincedence is noetic.
    you need to find out more about noetic science before describing random things as noetic.

    the only comment that well describes the noetic experience is the one that mentioned that we are all here now.

  • Anonymous Icon

    san_sa_rocky Sep 16, 2010

    i had many [ i dont know if these are noetic]
    >Right Hand scratching... >> sign for money incoming
    >left hand scratching >> sign for some thing bad incoming
    >i can almost imagine my account balance [not exactly the same.. but round] of my own phone no.. right now i imagined 20BDT/ the result came out 24BDT
    >i can sometimes tell future of people... i had many experiences. i.e once i told my parents not to buy properties in DHAKA[capital of BANGLADESH] city. you will loose... 12 years passed after payment.. and yet there is no result of that land properties. there are many stories like this happened in my life.. happening now..
    >i once woke up in the afternoon and was almost filling like a drunk! though in my whole life i never took any alcohol or any sleeping pills.
    >sometimes i see some futures in my dreams. and they happen exactly like i seen. like some raw video playback. but these dreams i only remember when it happens.. and i almost can imagine what is going to happen next.
    >i dont know if is a matter of joke... but i can sometimes feel evil and goodness in men/women...


  • Anonymous Icon

    Blydys Sep 16, 2010

    Maybe you guys don't realize it because it doesn't hit you in the face, but you have experiences with the external mind everyday. Simply the odd effect of looking at someone and them knowing you are looking at them, so they turn to make eye contact. The science behind this is something called mirror neurons, when two individuals have the same nuerons firing in the same place at the same time. This happens when they are thinking the same thing, either by visual, physical, or mental influence by the surrounding enviorment. I like to think that we are all connected by our minds, yet we are all individual people. in this theory we all have our own like thought spheres or bubbles surrounding our person, these have been reffered to as many things but above all you can htink of them as "aura's". When two minds come in contact each other they automatically interact with each other. When the two aura's or sphere's are near each other many thoughts will bounce around and many will be shared. The strange phrase "i was just going to say that!" or "jynx, well that was weird." prove that mental influence is real.

    And if that doesn't maybe this will. If your mind interacts with another mind enough they both become very familiar with each other. I was once dating this girl for a considerable amount of time, we had a beautiful bond together and only lived 2 or 3 miles from each other. One day i was in my kitchen and my stomach turned sideways, i fell to the floor in a heap of unexplainable sickness. I called her immediatly fearing the worst but she claimed everything was ok. I later found out that on that same very minute another guy had asked her out on a date, and she said yes. This, to me, proves the higher and invisible bond humans have with one another.

    Gotta Jet! Blydys

  • frequencytuner Sep 15, 2010

    I studied a NASA research paper on the construction of a Schumann Resonance receiver/antenna. Telsa was the first to experiment with this but he was shut down because the world wasn't ready.

    In a moment I realized that this journey of research and development will inevitably end with the creation of a global-scale transmitter. The global transmitter device will be the pyramid we - today - gaze in awe at standing timelessly outside Cario, Egypt.

    Remembering that time has no beginning, no end, and no definitive reference point to give you a sense of true direction, it is my opinion that what we understand as "high technology" from the ancient past is nothing but our own future that we are unknowingly creating with a reversed sense of time direction.

    It is from this point that we understand truly how "hindsight is 20/20" IF "as above, so below". Jesus said 'let him who has has the ears understand!' and I say be it so.

  • joyclough Sep 14, 2010

    Yes! I just wrote about my most extraordinary noetic experience in my blog.
    Please see: http://rootedinrangeley.com/more-places-and-people/come-and-meet-those-dancin-feet-part-one/

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    One last comment - The question I asked when I was in the "see of souls" at Home; Do you know who I am? This was a very important question and I only realized it later - the only way they could have responded - "Of course we know who you are", is that I once was in this "see of souls" and that I and all beings are connected to this place. Blessings - you can contact me at hornbyhealing@telus.net

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    Part "F" He reached into his inner pocket and took out a folded piece of paper. I asked him to pause and took out my journal and handed it to him as he passed me the drawing he made those two weeks ago - the same evening I had the journey . The symbol was not only identical on both papers it looks as if you pulled a napkin apart -his drawn on the top and mine drawn on the bottom. He is right handed and did it with his left and I am left handed and did it with my right hand. We shared a few more personal details and I told him I would be going to find out what this symbol means and why this entire event happened to us. I bid him farewell and realized my journey to the north was over and returned to my home.
    The next step was to open a web page and preform a ceremony on a global level - like dropping a pebble in our "see of consciousness" our collective. I opened the web page as an experiment on Aug.11th at 11:11gmt, and had it posted/opened by a friend of mine who was in attendance at a ceremony at Stonehenge. Unbeknown to me at this total solar eclipse which peaked directly over Stonehenge at this precise time. A friend sent me a very interesting diagram of the astrological configuration of our cosmos during this Grand Cross at the precise time I opened my experimental web site. The symbol was outlined exactly in the Grand Cross diagram and was one more confrirmation - As above so below - we walk between the worlds.
    Sorry this took so long but it is a very important story and I would like you to realize that there is a book being released very soon called - the Lost Symbol - by Dan Brown. I hope to speak with Dan shortly to let him know the sysmbol has not been lost and is one the Fire Clan of the Hopi have been awaiting. Blessings to you all - Eamonn

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    Part "E" We sat across each other while the radio announcer say to the side. He began. "A few weeks ago..." I immediately interupted and said affirmatively; "Be exact please when you tell me this story." He shocked and immediately told me that h8is elders told him the first thing I would say to him was "Be exact when ...." I suddenly realized this man also sought out his elders wisdom and was told to come to see me immediately. He continues with his story. 'Two weeks ago on a Thursday evening at 8:33pm, I went out to get fire wood for the cabin. I looked up into the clear sky and overhead a blue star slowly moved overhead. It was not a meteor,satellite or a shooting star. As it passed over my head golden specs drifted all around me and then a voice spoke to me and said the following words - this voice seemed to come from everywhere and the voice said- "When you hear my voice again come to me and show me this symbol so I shall remember." I immmediately went inside and drew the symbol. I was stunned listening to his story - I didn't know what to a say. Then I asked him why he was telling me this. He said it was my voice he had heard that night two weeks ago and he had heard me speaking on the radio and was equally shocked to hear that voice again so soon. I asked him if it was my voice what language did you hear it in. He paused as if he not thought of that and replied. It was in Taltan - my language. I speak a number of native languages but Taltan is not one. I have though expereinced this before being able to understand indigenous languages when elders speak to me. Now I turned my attention to the symbol and asked him to show it to me......Part F

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    Part "D" I could not shake the feeling so decided to travel north to the area I saw in my returning. I knew a native woman in the area that ran a radio program called "the Talking Stick". We were friends and I thought maybe I would find my answer there. I set off over 800 miles on a whim. When I arrived my friend suddenly developed laryngitis, and she had to do her radio show in the morning. She asked me to do the show for her - so I agreed not speaking of why I come north or the vision experience I just had. I conducted a show on the 7 sacred directions that was broadcast over the entire northern region between Canada and Alaska. The show lasted for three days with three hours per day. Throughout the show there were a number of phone-ins one of which stopped me in my tracks. A man from Dease Lake asked how long I would be in the region. My response to him was as long as it takes to finish my affairs here. He came to see me immediately and it took him two days to arrive due to nasty snow and ice. He arrived at the radio station and entered the sound booth and presented me with a bundle of tobacco. This is a traditional gift and request - a calling to listen and respond to the person asking. I accepted his gift and sat and listened. I asked if the native announcer could serve as witness - he agreed.
    This man was fierce in his spirit - pure with coal black eyes. I knew he did not like being in this situation especially with a non-native. This was his first "vision" event in his life. The reason I traveled all this distance on a whim was about to be realized......Part E

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    Part - C The very first words that were spoken to the people in the room - this was March 1999 - " An Arab will come from behind your back and cut your throat and the towers of Babylon will fall from fire in the skies." There followed a series of what I now know were predictions - 42 in all, each of them have since been realized. The oldman spirit told the story of creation to those in the room and spoke of many things. During his discourse he requested - "a writing instrument". His language and mannerisms were that of a noble person of the late 1100's. (my family history is recorded back to 1122AD in Western Ireland. Where I was originally borne.) I am a left handed person - theoldman took the writing instrument in his right hand and his hand moved about the paper like a computerized cad program - outlining a symbol. Shortly after that I returned to my full presence in the room exhausted as four hours had passed that felt like 40 minutes. I thought this was the end of this but little did I know what was about to happen to me next.
    I returned to my home but for some reason I could not shake the feeling that I had not fully returned to my inner self. I remembered a teaching I received while studying in Mexico, that warned me about being in these states of consciousness - one mind - unity. The problem was when I entered over Alaska, I was of two minds remembering my other time being there split my perception of reality and caused the uneasiness I was feeling.......Part D

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    Part-"B" Once I entered this place the first thought that crossed my mind was where am I? The answer came from every where - Home! It was a place of the most brilliant ice blue light I have ever seen and I had a sense I was in the "see of souls". I knew they would realize very soon I was not supposed to be there so I tried to raise a singular question to my consciousness. I was aware I would only have one chance before they realized my presence. Thoughts like, is our world going to be alright, the notion of zero point energy, world peace and unity flashed through my mind. The question that came from my mind was - Do you know who I am? The answer came from everywhere and through my entire being - in the most compassionate voice I will ever hear - "Of course we know who you are."
    I was immediately whisked away on my return journey through the cosmos. The journey back to this Blue planet was beyond description and I watched everything. I entered over the earth and sped around it a total of four times descending lower on each turn slowing down over Alaska and NW Canada. As I passed over this area I suddenly remembered the years I spent in this region working with the native people. I returned to the room where my body was lying on the floor surrounded by attendants. But I did not return alone - a spirit returned with me or what I have since found out was a previous incarnation of myself - as theoldman. I felt as if my personal essence was in a jar in the corner as this spirit spoke to the people in that room for the next four hours....Part C

  • Theoldman Sep 13, 2010

    I will share one of the events that occurred to me that has changed my life. Unfortunately it is long so i will have to break it up to share it. I call this event - "The Blue Star".
    Part "A" - I was conducting a ceremony in Slocan on the border of USA and Canada. During the ceremony I suddenly left the room and speed straight up and out of earth's orbit. My journey continued out past our own solar system and directly through the center of our galaxy. Beyond that the vastness of space was a river of red and green and blues - then I entered "the void" . A place of absolute nothing - no reference point for your consciousness. It hit me like a punch to my solar plexus as I realized this was the place to leave all fear and any notion of shadow. The black was then very peaceful, I could sense that I was still moving. My perspective turned as I could hear a sound emanating from every where - a massive heart beat. I was confronted with the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was a blue crystalline like structure of such proportion - I would be the equivalent size of a grain of sand next to our own earth. Its enormity astounded me as I move toward it - I rotated slightly and intersected like a shard of crystal to the surface of this place. At that moment I saw another departing this place and for a moment I was connected to this life form - and it was not returning to earth.....Part- B

  • SharMa Sep 13, 2010

    I've had a few of varying types. The one that I've never heard of before happened one night when I was in bed, awake but with my eyes closed and looking at the blackness. Usually all I see are little travelling white spots. But on this occasion I saw something very odd, then thought it looked like huge veins, then was very shocked to realize that I was seeing my eye...from the inside!!! I don't understand it at all, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that we see in our dreams and don't use our eyes to do it.

  • Harvey Austin Sep 13, 2010

    Yes, several times over 20 years. All occurred in a group setting designed to enhance the possibility of entering non-ordinary states of reality.(NOR's), They were powerful enough to permanently ground myself both 'in the world' and as both a part of - and the whole of - the whole.

  • Abhijith Sep 12, 2010

    Many times..but not so big or noticeable at macro level as the ones before me had said ...but in my daily life i used to have different sorts of Noetic (a kind of) experiences.Like ..(sort of deja vu, but not exactly) like i could just predict some thongs before its about to happen..wild guesses one might say, but i don't like to view it like that...its like my strong trust in my mind is just making things happen as i desire or see...Its not a kind of Final destination(Hollywood movie) effect.No not exactly.!! a mere example is like...i guess that a person say,my co-passenger, is about to act in some special way. strangely he does as i guessed..would've ignored if it has happened just once but..WASN't!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Tharinda de Silva Sep 12, 2010

    Yes.I've once answered my mom before she even called me .also some places and events and random events happen and the next moment i know i've been here before like i've already saw this happen .The angle that I'm watching from is always the same.

  • AainaA Sep 11, 2010

    My Awakening started {literally} when I was three {as far as I can remember - it could have been earlier}. "I" was caught between "Worlds" - the apparent, and the non-apparent. Therein, much like Melchizedek on his journey amongst journies, "I" discovered the Universal lattice, and how forms were formed from the minute pinsized stars to the forms you would perceive if you were gazing in the night skies, from planet Earth. I understood the Universal Breath, and spoke to many in the non-worlds {form}.

    Up until I was nine, nobody, my Father nor my Mother understood my speech. My grandmother, whom to this day, I know is with me still, understood every word, for these 'words' weren't words of a common child, rather 'imageries' which were formed as 'speech'.

    Through knocks, falls, acc-idents, pains, tribulations, and utter sadness one beyond any comparison whatsoever, I was "reminded" of, and still is caught between "worlds". Many experiences from visions, to clairvoyance through telepathy and meeting with formless and formed savants throughout my journey hereon Earth before my numerous passing on key-years that marked humanity's "evolution" so to speak. As "my" heart became conscious of every single fiber of the Universe, "I" have noticed changes in the apparent world., and there upon the 'Tablet of Time' knew without a doubt, what "I" truly "AM" and where "I", "Am Not".

    Be Still. And Remember What YOU IS

  • jgrimm73 Sep 11, 2010

    The first time that I truly perceived and knew to be true our inter-connectedness would be for me my latest "noetic experience". This is a fun experiment that I came up after watching "What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway" (great primer on quantum physics / mechanics if you haven't watched it yet). There was a part in there that talks about an experiment this Japanese physicist did with jars of water on the street which proved the molecular effects of positive and negative energy transmitted from actual people, unknowingly, as they walked by. Watching this and thinking about terms like "You can't observe something without changing it" and "I could feel his / her eyes at my back" I decided to come up with my own experiment to prove the existence of this inter-connected energy that flows between us.

    The experiment was to pull up to a red light but far enough back that the person next to me could not see me out of their peripheral vision. I would then stare at that person, putting all of my focus on them and basically asking them / willing them to turn around and look at me. It sounds silly, but you know what, it worked the first time I tried it and it generally works about 80% of the time going forward. I even do controls where I don't look at them at all and only about 10% of the time do they glance back at me. Anyway, when this worked the first time the guy must have thought I was crazy because my jaw dropped open and my eyes popped out and I had one of these "holy crap, that guy and I are connected on some level that I can't explain, but I just sent him something and he reacted to it".


  • Anonymous Icon

    celestial Sep 11, 2010

    In 2001 after a major life shift and a year of meditating I AWOKE exactly the way Ekart Tolle explains his experience. I was not trying to become enlightened yet IT HAPPENED and it lasted for six months. I was aware that it was profound but had no one to talk to. I would really like to talk to someone about it and my theories as to why and how. I had no teacher then or now all of my work has been through reading. I had such profound insights and when I attempted to share them with people around me they did not understand. I know this can be of great importance to IONS because of your reseaarch. I don't know if it will matter but I met Edgar Mitchell years ago when he was dating a friend of mine I mention this because I have known about . IONS for years through Edgar and my friend. I am no longer in contact with either of them so any feedback or help from you would be life changing for me just to be able to share it and the insights I had and still am having. Unfortunately because of my ignorance my ego brought me back down brutally the way it has always done. I would have to discuss this more on a personal level. This was a gift of grace and I know I have to talk to some one about it. Thank you and please respond. Celeste

  • Anonymous Icon

    overnormal Sep 11, 2010

    It seems I've had a "knowing" since I can remember. When I was younger I was forever saying "it feels like I have the keys to the kingdom" . Not realizing that I was and am living a "noetic" life. I've had many synchronistic experiences and I still marvel when they occur. I too believe, like Mike, that life is one big noetic experience!

  • MikeNelsonPedde Sep 11, 2010

    "Have you had a noetic experience?"

    Of course. We're here, aren't we?


  • jimdun9241 Sep 11, 2010

    I have had many noetic experiences. Some of them I call synchronicities. I also had an out of body experience. The main focus of my life now is a kind of noetic experience. A healer that I don't know sent me an email of testimonials for a new healing tool. I was sure it was a scam because the testimonials seemed too good to be true, but I checked with my friends, and one of them had experienced healing with the tool. Because I am a healer and a caregiver I decided that I had to have the tool. I had to borrow money to buy it. I have had a dramatic personal experience with it as well as helping many people to heal themselves. Thousands of people are getting relief with it. The company has a mission to heal the world. The tool is called a wand. The company feels that they have discovered how to put zero point energy into their tools.

    I just read a book by a famous scientist about zero point energy. I would swear it was written by a mystic, not a famous scientist. He provides proof for all of the noetic experiences. He includes information from the people of IONS - Marilyn, Dean Radin, and Edgar Mitchell.

    The book is, "Science and the Akashic Field" by Ervin Laszlo. I am now reading his sequel, "The Akashic Experience". It is the story of noetic experiences of 20 well-known people.

    web site for the zero point energy tools: http://www.wandtheworld.com/products/?go=kryon11


  • Anonymous Icon

    dragon57 Sep 11, 2010

    Todays event: my father in law died just over a year ago. Although I drive past the cemetery several times a week I have never visited his grave, nor felt the need as I am quite 'connected' to him in other ways. As I drove past today I had a overwhelming urge to park and visit his grave. I did so to find that his plaque has been vandalised and almost removed and is just hanging there on the last bit of glue! Also noticed his birthdate was incorrect, guess he isn't impressed with this state of affairs and I'd better see something is done about it! Some events are 'small' like this, others are beyond my ability to describe adequately.
    May divine love light all your lives,

  • Anonymous Icon

    Whatif Sep 10, 2010

    I believe that we are entering a period of time where spiritual learning and understanding will happen at a faster and faster rate. The pendulum has started to swing away from materialism and towards spirituality. But in order for that to happen as IONS has stated, it will be a collective consciences that seek to bring this about. We must re-tune our minds and our spirits to communicate this to others for reformation to start to begin. But I also believe that spiritual knowledge which might have taken some of us years to learn will be imparted to those who are just seeking spiritual knowledge only months or days to learn so that we are all operating at same level of knowledge. We are living in an exciting time for this time in history.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Racheld Sep 10, 2010

    I have had one experience which stands out in my life - I was in bed but not asleep, just drifting and relaxed. Suddenly I was aware that I had shifted consciousness, and became aware that I KNEW absolutely everything - whatever question I put out was instantly answered. What ever direction I 'looked' in, the answers and resolution was instantly there. After a time I realised that I was in an altered state and must remember something to take back into ordinary consciousness. I think this realisation brought me out of the altered state. I tried to hang onto what I could, some concept or thought - but when I returned I had only one thought to bring back - that LOVE IS DIVINE.
    It does not sound much, but on another level, it addresses everything.
    I think this altered state affected me deeply, in the days afterward I would cry repeatedly, but from joy not sadness. It has informed my life, and made me really sure that there is MUCH more to life than what we see. It is the best and most amazing thing that I ever experienced.

  • Anonymous Icon

    grandma415 Sep 10, 2010

    OH, YES! After Tom, my soulmate of 36 years, died at home in 2001 I was alone for a few days. Then his presence became vivid and intense in our apartment for the next several months, the animal energy he had always had. I could feel him watching me with love, seeing me brush my hair, put on makeup, prepare a snack in the kitchen, or some other mundane event. I "saw" him dance an Irish jig, to show me that every part of his body worked now. He had had a bad knee for most of his physical life, but no longer.

    I visited an intuitive friend, Pat, who channeled Tom and we had wonderful conversations through Pat. He told me his guides were clear, that he could stay with me as long as he wished and they would be ready when he chose to move along.

    Very gradually, his energy field became less pronounced and it was gone after several months. But he's still with me, and many little things work out just fine with his gentle nudges. I still visit Pat about once a year to say HI to Tom, and I've heard from him some absolutely amazing things that he has done/learned/experienced. He'll be waiting for me when I leave my body. He has never used the word God, the purpose of everything is to become part of Universal Love and learn absolute acceptance and non-judgement.

  • Noneophyte17 Sep 10, 2010

    Somehow I have been getting what I want most of the time. At first I thought it was pure coincidence when my aunt gave me that pretty baby dress for my daughter (which I saw at a very posh shop, didn't buy because it was too pricey!). Then I just noticed that most of the stuff that I secretly wish for would just arrive as gifts, or freebies from purchase, just when I have forgotten about it! I tend to have a very high success rate in achieving my goals, even with matters of the heart!

  • Anonymous Icon

    dragon57 Sep 10, 2010

    I wouldn't even know where to begin! Actually that isn't true, preschool would be a good place to start. I have had so many such experiences in so many different areas. It has really only been in the last year or two that I began to see the sense and the order and the connectedness of all my experiences and when someone recommended to me that I read Prof John E Mack's work a few months ago I finally found someone who had come to the same general assumptions as I had about such experiences. I am deeply saddened that Prof Mack is no longer with us as I would have loved to let him know that I am forever indebted to him for his views on the subject of alien interaction, he managed to validate in print who I am, what I always sensed inside me but couldn't share.
    I do have an experience involving missing time that I would like assistance with, very hard to find people who you feel safe with and can trust with such things. There is one lady here, ( in Australia) that does excellent work but she lives at the opposite end of the country...story of my life really! Everything in its' own time I suppose.
    Just for the record,I am a middle aged lady with no history of mental illness, don't take any medication, do drugs or drink ( maybe a drink or two every 3 or 4 months). Work at a university as an invigilator ( rather appropriate I decided! ) I am enrolled to start a degree in Psychology next year.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Chester Sep 10, 2010

    I am fortunate enough to have had many noetic experiences.The one most outstanding was in England 5-6 months after my mother died in 1970.I was walking out of the bathroom after washing my hair. As i opened the door hot steam gushed out onto the uptairs landing well lit. Through/in the steam My mother appeared with what seemed to be coloured bubbles blue and Violet bubbles surrounding her figure. the colour I have not ever been able to reproduce in brightness as if they were neon lit. She looked incredibly healthy. A beautiful feeling of calm, and love surrounded me,She spoke telepathically, sound just going into my hearing, no mouth movement, telling me that my younger sister who was pregnant was in hopital and she,[ Mother ] was going to take the baby with her and she should call him David.Sister Susan was indeed in hopital and having had an epileptic fit the baby died. she called him David. Susan was 15 at the time.I never spoke to Susan about the event at the time and only many many years later mentioned it. Susan apparently had a similar experience to me at the same time of Davids death. I spent many years keeping this experience hidden untill about 1995. I have since concluded that the bubbles were some sort of wave form and I could see the ends of them pulsing with the message.. I do wish I could fully understand how this could happen. Susan died three years ago in Ireland. At the time of her death she appeared to me saying she was leaving now and that everything was alright, then she faded out. No Bubbles here. Distance then is no object as I live in Australia..

  • Anonymous Icon

    Ha123 Sep 10, 2010

    I have had numerous so called paranormal experiences. The intensity and frequency seems to increase with meditation, being in now and my numerous habits evolved through years of spiritual commitment and guidance by a mentor. I am of the opinion these occurrences are sign posts to our evolvement and are a natural occurrence . I see our conscious being like our own unique radio . We naturally have , figurativel speaking, FM and AM waves to tune in on.with countless stations . It is all part of our gift of "Duality"

    Having stated this my most unusual experience was as an eleven year old. Upon falling asleep I would travel through a tunnel similar to those described in near death experiences. As an adult my mentor advised it was a portal to other dimensions similar to death experience but not a death experience.

    We are so much greater then we what we project.


  • Anonymous Icon

    Whatif Sep 10, 2010

    I have had out of the body experiences, these episodes happened while practicing TM. It allowed me to see and experience the spiritual world that coexists with the physical world. When you meditate you allow the mind and body to reach a certain vibrational rate that allows the spiritual body to separate from the physical body. We are spiritual beings and when you separate from your body the real you recognizes the physical you but all of your physical feelings,emotions,thoughts are in your spiritual body. Seeing the physical you laying there is like recognizing your favorite sport coat, you see it and even feel an emotional attachment to it but it is not you, it is just something you wear. In the spiritual world things are controlled by thought, say you want to go to the other side of the room, you think it and you are there. A note of warning should be mentioned here, if you are not good a controlling your thoughts you shouldn't try to have an out of body experiences. I speak from experience, not all things in the spiritual are pleasant, and you should have a very strong faith before going there. To make a long story short, I opened some doors that I shouldn't have because I wasn't well grounded at the time.(no pun intended:D) But since then I have closed those doors, and only have had an out of body experience a couple of times. But believe me there is more to this world than just the physical and we should be sensitive to that world also. Because what we experience in the physical has already taken place in the spiritual and that is why we sometimes have dejuvu or aha moments. Remember control your thoughts and your mouth and you control your world. God Bless!

  • Anonymous Icon

    GAYF123 Sep 10, 2010

    I have had several "aha moments, signifying connection to the All, as I term it.

    My first memorable one occurred sometime after I began to explore non-traditional ways of being. The beginning was sensing my dead mother in an ethereal moment, alone, after I'd been playing the piano for about an hour. I've said since then, that she returned to kick me into awareness, as I had pooh-poohed her non-ordinary experiences years before.

    I found myself being drawn to and engaged in several non-traditional experiences for a year or so.

    I sat in my family room, alone. Suddenly, the space around me became charged with a different energy. I glanced to my right to see a tiny translucent spider-like creature at shoulder level. At that instant I realized that the tiny creature and I are one and the same. The moment ceased, the impact remains. Not as profound, but indelible.

  • Telepath Sep 10, 2010

    Yes I have.
    I have been able to initiate telepathy twice in my life.
    I can only prove the one that I had with my wife if a lie detector test could be used as proof.
    She is the only one available to corroborate what I swear happened.

    If not then I have no proof of the experience.
    I am quite aware that without some tangible proof, these experience are not provable, nevertheless, I offer two anecdotal renderings.


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