Walter Link

Walter Link

Walter Link is a former member of the IONS Board of Directors.

An international businessman and social entrepreneur, he has engaged in not-for-profit projects and socially responsible business ventures throughout Europe, the Americas, and South-East Asia. His activities reflect his desire to understand the complexity of global life and to develop practical approaches that support the evolution of a more aware, humane, and sustainable world. Walter grew up in a German family of business leaders and diplomats, who were “bridge builders” between cultures and continents, a tradition to which he adds building bridges between disciplines and communities. He speaks fluent English, German, French, and some Spanish.

Walter’s activities and accomplishments include: Completion of a License en Sciences Commercialles et Industrielles at the University of Geneva, studying business administrations, economics, law, and political science. Walters’s summa cum laude thesis researched the complex interactions of Brazilian healthcare systems with its economic and social conditions, participation in a number of training programs ranging from multi-product production and commerce in France and Chile to international banking at the Midland Bank in London, to working on an assemble line in Thailand.

He was a former partner of B. Grimm, a 125-year old South-East Asian Industrial Group with roots in his native Europe. B. Grimm grew from a traditional Asian trading house into a diversified industrial group of more than 20 companies operating in the fields of health care, telecommunications, engineering, infrastructure, and construction. The company’s partnerships and join ventures include major European and US corporations such as Carrier, Merck, and Siemens.

Currently, he is an investor and venture capitalist providing funding for technology companies and companies pursuing social and environmental goals. Examples include Nature & Discover, the products of which are both educating and enchanting people with nature, and the assisted living companies, Juniper Partners and Edencare, which provide the elderly with dignified living options. Walter is also the managing director of an organic farm that offers an alternative model for successful farming.