Trecey Chittenden

Trecey Chittenden

Trecey Chittenden heads the EarthRise Kitchen with inspirational leadership, managing all aspects of the kitchen with an easy manner that comes from her extensive culinary background. She values spontaneity, joy, and imagination—reflecting each in her meal planning and preparation, as well as in her interactions with the exceptional kitchen team, staff, and guests. Trecey attended Waldorf Schools in Hawaii, England, and New Hampshire, thriving on their inherent creativity. She worked the “front and back of the house” at many restaurants, and cooked for a youth camp her son attended in the Utah wilderness. The challenge and inspiration of improvising in these settings infuse her artistry as she creates the acclaimed EarthRise Kitchen meals that integrate flavor, quality nutrition, beauty, and dietary needs. She arrives at work each day knowing it’s the right place to be.


EarthRise Executive Chef