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Tom Pinkson, PhD is a vision quest leader, founder of shamanic-based community Wakan,  author of "Shamanic Wisdom of the Huichol: Medicine Teachings for Modern Times" who has worked with indigenous elders from around the world for over forty years translating their wisdom teachings into the challenges of modernity.He is also a psychologist/consultant/author who helped start the second Hospice Program in the United States from where he went on to work with children and families with life-threatening illness for thirty two years at the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito, CA.  He is the founder of Recognition Rites for a New Vision of Aging Honoring Elders.




  • Conscious Aging course (class 8 of 8)

    Intentionality: Create a New Vision of Aging with Tom Pinkson


    Week 8 of the course Conscious Aging.

    The featured presenter for this class is Tom Pinkson of Recognition Rites. This class explores the role of intention and attention in creating a new vision for aging. Participants focus on key values for building a life filled with meaning and purpose, and craft an intentionality statement to guide your actions in your elder years.

    • Conscious Aging
    • 2012-03-07
    • 01:29:57
  • "A New Vision of Aging" with Tom Pinkson and Sue Steele

    Join Psychologist Tom Pinkson and Psychotherapist Sue Steele as they explore how issues of conscious aging impact their lives and their work with clients.  They lay the foundation for some of the essential tasks of our later years, such as:

    • Creating a healthy relationship with our mortality that enlivens our ...

    • Teleseminars
    • 2011
    • 01:00:12

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