Tahlia Van

Tahlia Van was on the IONS 2012-2013 Board of Directors. Her creative expressions cover a wide landscape. She has been a clothing designer in New York for high-end women’s and men’s ready to wear clothing, a clothing buyer, and women’s clothing store owner for ten years. She has owned and designed a greeting card line and owned and operated a restaurant. Her photography has been offered in the retail stores of The Wheelwright Museum, Millicent Rodgers Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, The Heard Museum, and the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art. Her photojournalism has been published in The Boston Globe, The Albuquerque Journal, The Santa Fe Indian Market Edition of the New Mexican, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Tahlia’s art represents a great freedom of thought. Her brush strokes demonstrate her feelings and expectations at any given moment. She follows her impulses and, by doing so, she quite often throws her viewers a twist of spontaneity. One of her impulses brought her to buy 201 San Antonio Road with her partner, Sam Kinnard, as she was searching for the word “noetic” one morning; it led her to the house that is at the bottom of EarthRise campus.