Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh is the author of the acclaimed book: Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution . Steve is an independent scholar and long-time participant in progressive culture. He is an original member of the Integral Institute think tank, and has taught integral philosophy to a wide variety of audiences, including lectures at Naropa University and workshops at Esalen. What Is Enlightenment? Magazine recently featured an extensive interview of Steve entitled: "Integral Politics Comes of Age," and referred to him as “integral thinker par excellence.”

Steve is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and the University of Southern California Business School. Today, in addition to his work in the field of integral philosophy, Steve is also president of Now & Zen, Inc., an international manufacturing company marketing “natural lifestyle products” which he has invented, including the world famous Zen Alarm Clock. (

Steve has traveled extensively throughout the world and has had a variety of successful careers, practicing law with one of the nation's biggest firms, and working as an executive with Celestial Seasonings tea company. He is married with two sons, and lives in Boulder, Colorado.