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Sequoyah Trueblood was born in Stroud, Oklahoma. His father is Choctaw/Cherokee/Chickasaw, his mother German/English. Sequoyah grew up on a self-sustaining farm, learning to work the land to survive. He spent many years in residential boarding school, which let him into the army at the age of seventeen. As a Green Beret he was part of the Special Forces Operational Detachment "A Team," and eventually became a major. He fluently speaks Thai, Korean, and Japanese. In the service he was a code breaker for military intelligence. In Southeast Asia he was involved with "Master," the development of intelligence technology.

He lives on the Kahnawake reservation in Canada with Marilyn Kane, one of the originators of the Native Women's Association of Canada. Sequoyah has worked extensively with Indian youth wilderness programs, the unity regional youth program for substance abuse, and Cherokee Challenge in North Carolina. He is currently creating permaculture programs in Kahnawake, Akewasasne, and Cherokee. Sequoyah shares his teaching of global unity and compassion. His is truly a remarkable being who emanates light.


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