Ruth King

Ruth King

Ruth King, MA, is a respected voice on transforming rage. President of Bridges, Branches & Braids—an organization working with negative emotions in positive ways—and home of the Celebration of Rage™ retreat. King is the author of Healing Rage--Women Making Inner Peace Possible and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of Rage—Meditations that Educate the Heart and Transform the Mind.

King specializes in life coaching and team development, and is recognized as a consultant to consultants. King emphasizes self-awareness, compassion, and choice. Training designs focus on collaborations that foster aliveness and workplace integrity. King shares: "I'm interested in egos reducing, hearts opening, and in tenderly examine what is possible instead of what is feared."

For years, King provided The Leadership Development Academy—a unique study opportunity for women leaders from diverse backgrounds, offering a process for understanding the ways that rage, spirit and consciousness work together to unite emotional and leadership genuineness. Her Apprentice Training program supports mental and holistic health practitioners become more skillful and comfortable in facilitating discussions and study groups on transforming rage.