Roberto Vargas

Roberto Vargas

Roberto Vargas, DrPH is a visionary cultural activist, organizational planning consultant and ceremony leader. A nationally recognized trainer in leadership and organizational development, Roberto works on behalf of people and organizations that seek to create a healthy world. Drawing from his indigenous spirit tradition and his activist commitments, Roberto’s talent is engaging people to create a porvida culture--living in affirmation of our ability to be “for life and love.”

Roberto’s early commitment to social justice led him to co-found several counseling centers committed to advancing individual and Latino community empowerment. With this, he discovered that the language and practices for healing and empowering the disempowered was yet to be invented. Over the next 35 years, Roberto used his family life, community service, and professional work experience to invent language and practices to facilitate spirit and family connection to advance cultural evolution and social change.

Roberto is known for his facilitation style that aids participants connect with their deeper wisdom, community connection, and shared vision. His projects often involve bringing together diverse leaders from various cultural and activist orientations to clarify common vision and strategies. He authored Family Activism: Empowering Your Community Beginning with Family and Friends. For this book, Roberto draws from his personal experience to provide valuable tools for use among our close relationships to foster love and action to serve each other and advance the change we desire in our society.