Robert Olague


Robert Olague has lived in Hawaii for over 20 years. Now on its tenth year, Robert is the founder and executive producer of the award winning organization Hawaii Student Television (endorsed by the National Academy of Television) which inspires, educates and gives financial support to students and schools statewide. Robert is the president of the board of directors for Hawaii Youth Services Network, one of Hawaii's largest youth support organizations and is also a world-care-giver traveling around the world to help third-world countries working with orphanages, refugee camps, and street families.

Robert is a practitioner, consultant and speaker on epigenetics (changing the physiology of your body through your perceptions - Science of the West, Wisdom of the East) and gives lectures at Tripler Army Medical Center, Chained University, Hawaii Pacific University, Leeward Community College, Kapolei Community College, Hawaii Forgiveness Project, and others. Topics range from epigenetics and the unified field, epigenetics and peace, epigenetics and forgiveness, to epigenetics and post traumatic stress disorder, epigenetics and cross cultural psychology, epigenetics and prenatal development birth and genetic environmental foundations and more.