Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is one of the leading names in UFO research today. He was a Rhodes Scholar finalist, earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in History, and received a Certificate in Political Theory at Oxford University. In 2000, he published what has become a classic in the field, UFOs and the National Security State. This 500 page history lays out in meticulous detail not only the major UFO cases of the early Cold War era, but the attitudes and policies toward UFOs by the military and intelligence community, as well as the fascinating development of the citizen movements to end UFO secrecy. Since publishing this work, Richard Dolan has written many articles and spoken at conferences around the world on these and related themes.

Mr. Dolan frequently provides political analysis of the UFO phenomenon, frequently discussing the destruction of political liberties as a result of the coverup. More recently, he has speculated on the possible nature of the extraterrestrials themselves and what their presence here means for our civilization. This has led him to take a fresh approach to the topic of “Exopolitics” and develop unique insights into the practical challenges and opportunities for a true disclosure of the UFO phenomenon.

Mr. Dolan has also done a great deal of television work, having appeared on many documentaries for the History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, BBC, and elsewhere. In 2006 he was host to a six-episode series for the Sci Fi Channel, called SciFi Investigates.