Nina Meyerhof

Nina Meyerhof

Nina Lynn Meyerhof, EdD, President and Founder of Children of the Earth, has made a life of advocating for children and youth. As her vocation, she served as the Special Education Coordinator for a ten-school district in southern Vermont. Dr. Meyerhof has extensive background in the needs of all children, with Master of Arts degrees in both Special Education and in Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Psychology. She also holds a doctorate in Educational Policy, Research, and Administration from the University of Massachusetts at which she developed a self-esteem model to be used in schools. The co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom, she is recognized as an innovative educator committed to global responsibility through authentic learning. Having received many awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizen's Department of Peace Award to The International Educators Award for Peace, Nina continues daily to focus on altering world views for creating a better future.

Her origins in dreaming the possibilities into reality began with the establishment of a values-oriented children's community for children in the pristine setting of a farm in Newfane, Vermont in 1970. This program, widely recognized and highly regarded, was on the cutting-edge of educational philosophy emphasizing self-esteem and right human relations to self, others and the environment. It is these concerns that foster the development of a global family and sustainable world.

Nina has now traveled and worked in about 50 countries assembling adults and young people to focus on the potentials of bringing ethical living skills into world consciousness. Her present focus is on the realization that peace must come from recognizing our spiritual unity and scientific knowledge that we are all interconnected. Her programs reflect this potential of understanding and focuses on the youth movement for spirituality in action for peace-building.

The World Spirit Youth Council is the cutting edge formulation of the ideas percolating that will activate youth around the world to unite as a movement in the face of bringing spirituality as the positive force of world peace. The time has come to go beyond individual rights, tolerance, peace, conflict resolution to the understanding that in higher consciousness we are all one. In that living understanding religious differences are only an outer garment for recognizing individuality like name, culture and national identity. If youth today can begin to focus on their inner calling of their personal destiny and remembrance that they are part of a greater tapestry of life, then we will being to develop models that work for equity and understanding and universal compassion for all.