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Byrne has 25 years of writing experience in nonfiction and popular science, and currently works as a technical writer for Pfizer. His most recent article combining science and spirituality appeared in Quest magazine earlier this year. He received a MS degree from MSU, and is also a consulting winemaker to Michigan wineries.

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  • Nothing Is Forever Oct 14, 2010

    You've obviously given these kinds of things a lot of thought. My email address is: We could continue our conversations there if you'd like. MB

  • Nothing Is Forever Sep 30, 2010

    Thanks Neon. I very much agree with what you've said -- especially about humanity bridging between the infinite and the dimensional; and that "once consciousness returns to common ground then the differences will simply cease to exist.". Heaven or God, or spirituality, or returning to common ground are all about perceiving oneness or unification.

    What I meant in my earlier comment was that if we focus on what we have in common rather than our differences, then this is an act of unification. In negotiations of all sorts, spelling out at first what the parties have in common many times makes us realize that our differences are relatively minor. And this can help to bridge the differences between people. if we spend our time emphasizing what we have in common, this can bring us together. And this is something we can do right now while we're waiting for better states of consciousness to be realized.

  • Nothing Is Forever Sep 22, 2010

    Thanks -- glad you liked the article. I agree with you about the word choice. I tend to think of "religion," "spirituality," and "mysticism" interchangeably, which is probably irresponsible. Although, I tend to think that mysticism, and religion are both subsets of spirituality as the over-arching concept. So I would rather say that we’ve developed two ways to deal with the world, science (the "normal" realm of dimensions), and _spirituality_ (the realm of the infinite). This article and my previous one tried to show that everything is only seen as being separate _from here within the world of dimensions_. In the world of the infinite, all things are at-One. I also try to be inclusive, so the term "religion" would include all of the disparate spiritual organizations -- religions, mystics, noetics, theosophicals, etc. This is true in our lives as well. If we could see where we have common ground together rather than where we have differences, we'd all be a bit better off.

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