Michael Beckwith

Michael Beckwith

In 1986, Michael Bernard Beckwith was gifted with the vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors would be open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation, and selfless service to humankind. He founded the Agape International Spiritual Center upon his faith in that vision, which has now grown to become one of the nation's largest multicultural spiritual movements of its type with a support base of 10,000 local members and 1 million friends from across the U.S. and around the globe.

Recently described in What Is Enlightenment? magazine as a "non-aligned transreligious progressive," Dr. Beckwith shares his powerful conviction of creating the Beloved Community through his participation on international panels with other peacemakers, policy-makers and spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Dr. Robert Mueller, Dr. T. Ariyarante of Sri Lanka, and Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi. He is a co-founder of the Association for Global New Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation.

Dr. Beckwith is the originator of the Life Visioning Process, which he teaches throughout the country along with meditation, scientific prayer, and the spiritual benefits of selfless service. He facilitates retreats, workshops and seminars. His books include: Forty Day Mind Fast Soul Feast , A Manifesto of Peace: Light on the Path of an Emissary of Peace, and Inspirations of the Heart. His latest book is Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

Together, Drs. Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith have written lyrics and music performed by the Agape International Choir in concert venues worldwide. Always in demand, their performances inspire peace and goodwill in the global community. They share their lives with their four adult children and six grandchildren.