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Maureen Venselaar, PhD, is a teacher and independent researcher and, for almost 20 years, has been a “spiritual/mental” coach in an institution for elderly and sick people in Delft, The Netherlands. For five years she has been president of VGVZ (in the region of Rotterdam, The Hague, and Leiden), an organization that supports spiritual/mental coaches who work in caregiving institutions such as hospitals. The NDE study took ten years. You can contact Maureen through her website at (via the webmaster).

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  • The Physics of Near-Death Experiences: A Five-Phase Theory© Mar 10, 2013

    From the author:

    I want to say thanks for all the compliments/feedback etc. I'll give a general response:
    My book/the five phase theory/the ten new features/the article, are all protected by copyrights (by publishers). And a priori:I don't want any trouble for me or anyone else.
    This article is only about a new NDEexplanation. So: the awe-feature is not mentioned (but nevertheless: the NDEfeatures I summarized, reveal inherent how amaizing the NDE is).
    This article concerns a complete hypothetical NDE, based on the NDEconcept of well-known NDEexperts. So indeed,f.e.: not every NDE has the feature of the tunnel. But it is worth pursuing what kind of images people use in other parts of the world, like Asia. And even more: what kind of images kids use. F.E. one kid told me he saw a huge diabolo (= a toy which looks like a "hourglass").
    Furthermore I presume that features of the OBE are part of the NDE, but that the OBE can also occur in different kind of circumstances. But nevertheless I presume also that the NDE is not quite the same as a OBE ,or as experiences of super consciousness etc., although there are many simularities.
    The distortion of time/watches is a well known aspect NDEpeople sometimes experience. May be these kind of sensitivities are related to the changes in electromagnetic values, as reported by dr.Chawla, in the first phase of the NDE.
    Finally, I do really hope this theory is a plausible idea worth pursuing, so we will find all answers concerning the NDE phenomenon. Especiallly because this theory does indeed resonate deeple with personal experiences, as NDE'rs told me, during my lectures.
    I'll hope to publish my book in english one day. Nevertheless, this article with a summary of my NDEtheory can already be a indication for new multi-disciplinary NDEresearch, charactrized by a fruitful open learning process between different kind of specialists like NDEpro's, (astro)physicists, medical doctors, and also i.c. life after death: specialists in world religion.
    For example: Hindoe teacher Krishna tells us more or less the same:"I now travel from planet to planet faster than elektromagnetic waves"; And Mohammed travelled back from heaven by: Al Boeraaq (this means: flash of light). And old communities f.e. the aboriginals and american natives, describe also life after death as a journey to the stars; And even more: not only astronomers assume that there are 2 universes. Hindoeism as well as Islam (and Taoism) assume the same).

    Lastly, above all: I'll hope this new NDEtheory supports NDErs and their families: the NDE is not anything wird, but is an undeniable part of nature as a whole and of our human nature (which gives us insight in life after death, for everyone on earth).

    Well, again, many thanks for all your reviews.
    I wish you and your loved ones, lost of love.
    With utmost respect,
    Email: contact(at)

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