Marc Micozzi

Marc Micozzi

Marc Micozzi, MD, PhD, executive director of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and former director of the National Museum of Health and Medicine, is emerging as a major figure in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Trained as both a medical physician and an anthropologist, Dr. Micozzi was the founding editor of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and now serves on the editorial board of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. He edited the landmark 1996 textbook, Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, published by Churchill Livingstone, and is the series editor for a group of textbooks on various aspects of alternative medicine.

Dr. Micozzi served as co-chair, with Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, for the WORLDMED conference, held in Washington, DC in May 1996.

He has been a frequent speaker on these topics nationally and internationally, as well as an effective spokesman with the print (New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times) and broadcast (Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, CNN, C-SPAN, NPR) media.