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  • Spiritual and Religious Competencies for Psychologists

    by Ingrid Ammondson, David Lukoff, MD, Kenneth I. Pargament, Ron Pilato, Shelley Scammell, and Cassandra Vieten, PhD

    The field of psychology has already included religion and spirituality in most definitions of multiculturalism and requires training in multicultural competence, but most psychotherapists receive little or no training in religious and spiritual issues, in part because no agreed-on set of spiritual competencies or training guidelines exist. In response to this need, we have developed a proposed set of spiritual and religious competencies for psychologists based on (1) a comprehensive literature review, (2) a focus group with scholars and clinicians, and (3) an online survey of 184 scholars and clinicians experienced in the integration of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices and psychology.

    • Scholarly Papers
    • Online First Publication July 2013
    • 61 pages

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