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John Freedom, CEHP, is a long-term student of meditation, consciousness, and the healing arts. He currently serves on the board of directors and as research coordinator for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. A former radio talk-show host and magazine editor, he teaches seminars in EFT, EP, and related topics throughout the United States and Europe. Learn more at

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  • Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy? Aug 23, 2011

    Dear Lidoscurr,

    Re: TFT: Yes, TFT (and EFT, TAT, and many of the other EP's) often produce astounding results very rapidly. One of the reasons for the resistance to EP from the mainstream therapeutic community may have to do with cognitive dissonance; reports like these (about the efficacy, rapidity, etc) of EP simply don't fit in their paradigm; therefore, to maintain cognitive consonance, they dismiss it.

    Re: Surrogate Treatment, i.e., treating people surrogately, at a distance: again, this is one of the more astonishing (and for skeptics, unbelievable) aspects of EP. I did not discuss Surrogate Treatment in this article, as its focus was on published research; the only published report we have on this is the one by Wendy McCarty, cited above. However, we've had many anecdotal reports like yours re: the efficacy of surrogate work, and would like to begin conducting studies on this aspect of EP as well.

    Thank you for writing,


  • Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy? Aug 20, 2011

    Dear Hypno1992aha,

    To continue:

    4. You wrote, ".... EFT, EMDR or other such energy therapies allows release of the feelings of these events which clears the need to have the addiction..... the preventative from doing so has been the triggering event that caused the feelings has gone, but the energies (feelings) are still in the body needing release."

    Yes, one of the issues re: EP vs 'talk therapy' is that we literally 'hold issues in our tissues;' we hold pain, trauma, cellular memories in our bodies and tissues. Talking, analyzing and rehashing old memories does not necessarily release and resolve them. These memories sometimes surface during rolfing, cranio-sacral therapy and other somatic therapies. EP modalities have been found to be effective at addressing and shifting the cognitive, emotional and somatic aspects of trauma.

    You wrote that "... the preventative from doing so has been the triggering event that caused the feelings......" In my experience 'the preventative from doing so' often includes both the triggering events (plural!), as well as PR, discussed (very briefly) above.

    5. You wrote, "..... I don't need a double blind study for something that I see works so obviously in my practice. And my clients find their way to me normally when all other avenues have been exhausted ...." Yes, those of us who are clinicians and practitioners may not 'need a double blind study for something that works so obviously." However, there are many people in our society who will try something, only if it's been investigated scientifically and demonstrated to be therapeutically efficacious.

    One of our goals is to bring EP and EM into the mainstream: into schools and college classrooms, into clinics and hospitals, into counseling offices and athletic events, to battlefield and disaster recovery, and into the Red Cross, the VA, DOD and HHS. We wish to see EP recognized as 'therapeutic first aid.' To do this, and to gain acceptance in the mainstream, we need quality research and RCT's: randomized controlled studies, documenting the efficacy of these modalities. Conducting quality research studies is both time-consuming and very expensive. If you would like to support these efforts, you may contribute by visiting, and marking your donations for research.

    Thank you for writing, and raising this discussion.


  • Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy? Aug 20, 2011

    Dear Hypno1992aha,

    I will respond to several very interesting points you made:

    1. Yes, it is certainly true that the mind responds much faster than the body, and that dramatic healing is possible in one session. In EFT & TFT, these have been called 'one minute miracles.' Rapid and dramatic healings and corrections occur using hypnotherapy, guided imagery and related techniques which communicate with, and engage the subconscious mind as well. This is part of why I suggested that we can heal at the speed of Light.

    2. You wrote, "...'not wanting to release a habit' comes from the benefits of not doing so for the emotional mind (subconscious)....." What you're referring to here is secondary gain, and is but one form of what in EP is termed PR, Psychological Reversal. PR is a block to healing where the energy in the meridians is literally reversed, i.e., flowing in the opposite direction (from the normal flow). Major forms of PR include safety, possibility, identity, doubt, and secondary gain.

    PR is a fascinating subject in itself, which I could not address in an already very long article. Roger Callahan once referred to PR as 'his greatest discovery;' it is, for example, one of the main reasons why some people are chronically ill, go from one doctor to practitioner to another, and do not get better. For further discussion, see

    3. You wrote, ".....All addiction (even weight or gambling etc.) is fulfilling a coping mechanism by using the addiction as a band aid or medication for past events (not always remembered on a conscious level)." Yes, addictions are defenses (against the pain of past trauma); they are ways of self-medicating ourselves against the pain of the past. This is why Gary Craig (among many others) emphasizes going back and treating (tapping!) the traumas underlying the defensive behavior.

    I will continue to respond in another post.

    Thank you,


  • Energy Psychology: The Future of Therapy? Aug 20, 2011

    Dear Jeyre,

    Yes, I have studied Psych-K myself, and you are correct re: Psych-K being another very powerful and effective EP modality. One of the amazing things about EP is that the field includes over 30 modaities, such as Psych-K, and continues to grow and expand.

    The reason why Psych-K was not included: as this article focused on research studies, Psych-K was not 'on my radar' at the time I wrote it, because there is not (to my knowledge) any published research conducted on it.

    Part of ACEP's (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology) mission is to include and represent all the different forms of EP. I have written to Rob Williams re: joining ACEP, and presenting Psych-K at our annual conferences, and have gotten no response.

    Perhaps you might suggest this to him? I personally would love to see Psych-K represented at our conferences and forums.


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