James Johnston

James R. Johnston, PhD, demonstrated in his early work in physics the equivalence of coherence in laser radiation and macroscopic quantum coherence in superfluids. Johnston worked with Dr. Joe Kamiya doing research in EEG feedback at Langley Porter Institute, University of California at San Francisco. During that time he completed a post-doctoral interdisciplinary training program, provided technical support for research in alpha and other brainwave biofeedback and conducted research on EEG synchrony within the alpha frequency band. He returned to his work in biofeedback and, beginning in 2006, developed a practice using EEG and peripheral biofeedback for enhancement of attention, improvement in responses to stress and other issues involving autonomic regulation. In 2007, Johnston became a research associate with Erik Peper, PhD, at San Francisco State University, where he supports a class on the introduction to biofeedback and self-regulation.