Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller brings together professional and graduate research in eastern and western medical traditions, neuroscience, psychology, child development, literature, philosophy, and noetics through powerful presentations and conversations on the experience of education, healing, and what it means to be human. She is a storyteller who weaves science and the arts with imagination, creating even more beautiful and authentic ways for becoming human in the natural world.

Elizabeth has worked with numerous organizations including the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota and the Integrative Medicine Foundation of New York City. She has been an educator and speaker in a variety of settings including schools, universities, health centers, nonprofits, and social institutions for over ten years. Inspired by the power and healing potential of narrative, conversation, and creative and embodied inquiry, she is a published author, a celebrated editor, and an innovative curriculum developer dedicated to the spirit of exploration and the realization of wisdom.


Schlitz M., Vieten C., Miller E. (2010) Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies; July-Aug 2010; 17(7–8): 18-36.