Dianne Arcangel

Dianne Arcangel

Dianne Arcangel, MS is a former hospice chaplain, psychiatric hospital therapist, and Director of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center of Houston. She is the author of the highly acclaimed books; Afterlife Encounters: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences, Life After Loss: Conquering Grief and Finding Hope, and many journal articles. Dianne Arcangel's groundbreaking five-year international survey, the first of its kind, revealed the positive effects afterlife encounters have on witnesses. Her book, Afterlife Encounters presents more than 90 real-life reports from Arcangel' growing database of over 10,000 accounts in addition to her research findings.

As an international spokesperson, Dianne has appeared on numerous talk shows, such as Oprah, Geraldo, Sally, Rolanda; and she has been featured in national and international television documentaries, such as NBC's Ancient Prophecies, the Learning Channel's Forces Beyond, CBC's Man Alive, and many more.

She served on the executive board of directors at the National Institute for Discovery Science and the Rhine Research Center, where she also lead trainings and conducted research.

Her affiliations include; International Assoc. of Suicidology and Prevention, American Assoc. of Suicidology, Assoc. for Death Education and Counseling, the Society for Psychical Research, Forever Family Foundation, and Rhine Research Center.