Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey

Caroline W. Casey is a the Conjuror of Coyote Network News - the mythological news service dedicated to pragmatic mysticism, that we may understand and collaborate with the evolutionary forces suffusing the culture, and be ever more effective payers on the Team of Creation.

She is the Creator-Host etc of The Visionary Activist Radio Show, dedicated to the alliance of spirit juju and ingenious social action, that we may grow the culture of reverent ingenuity from the compost of tyranny on KPFA (webcast podcast, replayed on KPFK in LA, archived at where you can also find out about personal astrological readings, key note addresses, and innumerable venues whereby to cultivate the Compassionate Trickster.)

Her audio book, Visionary Activist Astrology is published by Sounds True. She is the author of Making the Gods Work For You - the astrological language of the psyche(Harmony Books/Random House or Random Harmony) The audio version, a theatrical presentation of the material in the book, is also titled Making the Gods Work for You.

She offers Visionary Activist Revivals at a wide variety of conferences all over America as well as in South Africa (presenting at the Parliament of World Religions), Sweden, England and New Zealand. A rousing and frequent keynote speaker, Caroline invites us to imagine, conjure, and implement a more lovingly ingenious world

At the change of Seasons, Caroline produces astrological-political-spiritual-ritual-lecture-theatre-council of all creation, the tapes of which are sent all over the World--the latest of which you can check out in the Catalogue.