Byron Belitsos

Byron Belitsos

Byron Belitsos is an author, editor, journalist, and book publisher as well as an experienced political activist. Currently he is the CEO of Origin Press, a publisher of trade book titles on spirituality, politics, and esoterica based in Northern California. Origin's world-renowned authors include Peter Russell, Charles Tart, Timothy Wyllie, Ralph Metzner, Phillip Krapf, and Jim Marrs.

Belitsos has extensively studied world history and world religions, as well as political theory and philosophy. In addition he has had a long entrepreneurial career, having started a number of businesses, including a highly successful software company.

Byron has been politically active since 1969 in a variety of venues and contexts. His involvement with the world democracy movement started in 1986 when he joined the World Federalist Association; he is now a board member of one of its successor organizations, the Democratic World Federalists. In 1988 Belitsos wrote, directed, and produced the acclaimed educational film, Toward a Governed World (1988) and has just completed an updated new edition, a 90-minute DVD entitled Toward a Well-Governed World (Origin Press: August, 2005). In addition, he is the coauthor and publisher of One World Democracy: A Progressive Vision for Enforceable Global Law (Origin Press: September, 2005).

Belitsos founded Origin Press in 1996 in San Rafael, California. He is also its principal funder and stockholder, and is the publisher of its two imprints, Wisdom Editions and Celestia. Origin's eighteen titles have so far been recipients of three national prizes.

Belitsos was also an inaugural member of Ken Wilber's Integral Institute, in its business branch. In this connection, Byron launched in 2001 the website, known as the Portal for Cultural Creativity. This pioneering website has comprehensively covered the key ideas and books of the integral movement.