Bridget Duffy

Bridget Duffy

M. Bridget Duffy, MD, is a consultant to healthcare organizations throughout the country; including, Medtronic, Inc. and the Earl and Doris Bakken Foundation. In this capacity, she is currently a part of the team guiding the development of The Heart-Brain Institute at the Cleveland Clinic as a member of the Steering Committee, developing innovative delivery models for medical technology, and creating a leadership institute dedicated to training the next generation of America’s healthcare leaders. Prior to this role, Dr. Duffy served as Medical Director, Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. There she led the development and implementation of patient-centered chronic disease initiatives, physician education, and leadership programs that sought to foster the convergence of information, technology and a humanistic delivery of that care. In this capacity she identified and funded nationally recognized health care institutions and physician leaders who were committed to change the face of chronic disease management.

Dr. Duffy also serves in a volunteer capacity for several international healthcare initiatives. She has collaborated with Children’s Heartlink and other non-profit organizations to develop the healthcare infrastructure in India to better serve the health needs of Indian children. Her work has included the development of hospitals, clinics, and the training of doctors and other health care professionals. She also led the development of strategic alliances with the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry, and medical professionals to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery to the Indian population.