Beverley Kane

Beverley Kane, MD is a Program Director for Medicine and Horsemanship, a course that teaches interpersonal skills to healthcare professionals at Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA. In 2003 she founded Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & Therapy (HEALTH). She has conducted biomedical, parapsychological and psychospiritual research and clinical practice since 1978. Her personal somatic practice included Centered Riding™, Somatic Bareback Riding, and Tai Chi on horseback. She is the author of The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship—Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning and editor of Silver Threads: 25 Years of Parapsychology Research, revised in 2010 and released as Radiant Minds—Scientists Explore the Dimensions of Consciousness by Jean Millay, ed., Russell Targ, and Dean Radin.