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BARBARA McNEILL holds an MDiv in religion and psychology and a PhD in economics. In 1980 she joined the IONS staff and has also served on the IONS Board of Directors. For more information on Edgar Mitchell, go to You can also read his book, The Way of the Explorer (Putnam, 1996).


  • Edgar Mitchell

    Cosmic Activist

    by Barbara McNeill

    Thirty-five years ago Edgar Mitchell walked on the moon. Two years later he founded a research institute, IONS. This profile pays homage to the legacy of a man who is still exploring.

    • Articles
    • September - November 2006
    • 2 pages
  • Beyond Violence?

    by Barbara McNeill

    It’s chronic. It’s pervasive. It’s almost normal. But is violence a necessary part of the human condition? One school of thought sees violence as a natural factor in evolution, pushing the dynamic of diversity between and within groups. In this lead feature, Shift’s editor McNeill presents ...

    • Articles
    • December 2003 - February 2004
    • 3 pages

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