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  • Living Deeply course (class 8 of 8)

    No More Floating Clouds


    Week 8 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week we rejoice in the tools we have learned that have grounded the insights realized in this course and we celebrate the ways in which our lives have transformed. Featured presenter – Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-06-27
    • 01:08:05
  • Living Deeply course (class 7 of 8)

    Everything is Sacred


    Week 7 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week we explore the realization that in the course of positive consciousness transformation, life becomes filled with meaning and everything becomes sacred. Featured presenter – Tina Amorok, PsyD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-06-20
    • 00:57:47
  • Living Deeply course (class 6 of 8)

    From "I" to "We"


    Week 6 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week moves us into a worldview that nurtures connectedness between ourselves, others, and the world itself, and triggers a natural emergence of compassion. Featured presenter – Tina Amorok, PsyD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-06-13
    • 00:59:33
  • Living Deeply course (class 5 of 8)

    Life as Practice, Practice as Life


    Week 5 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week is a discovery of the ways in which we are bringing our journey of self-discovery into our everyday life. Class leader – Angela Murphy.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-06-06
    • 00:47:35
  • Living Deeply course (class 4 of 8)

    Paths and Practices / Why Practice?


    Week 4 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week we investigate aspects of a transformative practice that works for each of us uniquely and individually, and we consider the role of practice in the cultivation of transformation. Featured presenter – Cassandra Vieten, PhD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-05-30
    • 01:16:37
  • Living Deeply course (class 3 of 8)

    Preparing the Soil


    Week 3 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This week we acknowledge the seeds of change that already exist within us and we start looking at how to provide the ideal conditions for transformation to occur. Featured presenter – Cassandra Vieten, PhD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-05-23
    • 01:12:04
  • Living Deeply course (class 2 of 8)

    Doorways to Transformation


    Week 2 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    In this class we look at how every occurrence has the potential to become a life-changing event. Featured presenter – Cassandra Vieten, PhD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-05-16
    • 01:02:34
  • Living Deeply course (class 1 of 8)

    Seeing with New Eyes


    Week 1 of the course Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

    This first class focuses on the pivotal moments in our lives that broadened our perspective. Featured presenter – Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD.

    • Living Deeply
    • 2012-05-09
    • 00:57:50

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  • Death Makes Life Possible Feb 20, 2013

    So happy to hear people are enjoying the course!
    Jane Gignoux, who is participating in the DMLP telecourse and was interviewed for the documentary film, has a website that might be of interest: Life, Death and Beyond

  • Awakening To Truth Jan 16, 2012

    Sybilla47.... you aren't the only one! At the beginning of each class (before the recording starts) we asked how many people got their homework done, and many hadn't. We're all so busy, it's challenging to do. But even without doing the homework, you could participate or just listen and I'm sure you'd get something out of it. Tonight is the last class... join us! And/or you can listen to the recordings of each class and read the chapters of the book that correspond to the lessons in your own time. Personally, I found the book to be inspirational, even though many of the ideas were not new to me, they were presented in a way that offered many "ah-ha" moments.
    Don't give up on yourself!!! When you're ready - the recordings will be there for you. And I'm encouraging the class members to continue the discussions even after the live classes are done, right here! Hope to chat with you again.

  • How the Noetic Sciences Contribute to “Conscious Aging” Jan 04, 2012

    Really looking forward to the "Conscous Aging" class starting on January 18th!

  • Awakening To Truth Dec 10, 2011

    It will be available as an audio self-paced course in a few months, after the live course is finished and we edit out the personal information that the class members share. I'm not sure if or when we'll offer this as a live class again. The next live (over the phone) course that we're offering is "Conscious Aging" starting on January 18th. You find get more information about our course offerings here:

  • Is Consciousness an illusion or is it a real phenomenon? Apr 22, 2011

    Very interesting points have been brought up in this discussion. If you haven't heard the teleseminar, you can listen to it here:

    Marilyn Schlitz welcomes differing opinions in the exploration of consciousness and does a wonderful job with this interview (in my opinion).

  • experiences in Dan Browns book Apr 20, 2011

    When The Lost Symbol first came out, we created a 15 part audio series to address the actual science behind the Lost Symbol. The package of this series is available in our store with transcripts here:

    You can also get this series as a thank you gift for becoming a supporting member of IONS:

    The link SeVryn provided is not from the Institute of Noetic's just someone using 'noeticscience' as their we can not verify that claim.

  • Films for Meetings Mar 01, 2011

    Matthew Gilbert wrote an article on "Transformational Films: A Genre on the Threshold" which offers some wonderful suggestions for movies you might want to share with your community groups!

  • Noetic Sciences in the UK Dec 13, 2010

    Hello Ereedy,
    Have you looked at the list of IONS Community Groups in the UK? There are two groups:
    There is a London Group and a group at Swansea Metropolitan University, I'm not sure if either one of these is close to you, but they are very active and might be able to assist you.
    There is also a lot of information on this website. If you haven't listened to the teleseminar series "Exploring the Noetic Sciences" and the "Essentials of Noetic Sciences" series, many of the interviews provide a lot of information on noetic topics:
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • How has integral healing improved your life? Dec 06, 2010

    Thank you E.W. and Gretchen, for venturing into this rather large question. I agree it could take hours to provide a complete and comprehensive answer to the many ways integral healing has improved my life too. Perhaps just recounting a specific incident might stimulate discussion or assist others who might want to explore integrated healing.

    For me, personally, I'd like to share an experience that happened 18 years ago. At that time, one of my sisters and I both had gallbladder pain. She opted for surgery and although a doctor told me she was scheduling me for surgery the following day because the pain was so acute, but that solution just didn't seem right for me. So, I elected alternative healing methods instead. I went to an acupuncturist who put me on a strict macro-biotic diet for 6 months and I got acupuncture treatment three times a week for the first couple of months and then weekly and eventually reduced to monthly treatments. I have never had a recurrence of that kind of intense pain. Although if I eat too many fried foods (which I rarely do) I get a small reminder twitching kind of pain to change my diet. However, my sister still experiences the pain often even though she had her gallbladder taken out.

    This experience improved my life because it caused me to be more aware of how I eat, and to take more responsibility for the condition of my gallbladder. I'm not advocating going against doctor's instructions - but if we listen more to the inner guidance that helps us heal, we can use a combination of integrated healing methods to provide the right path to health which may be different for each individual.

  • None Nov 23, 2010

    Sorry to hear you do not like the new website. We spent a lot of time trying to make this more engaging for our members. Sometimes it takes awhile to get used to something new and we are happy to listen to suggestions from IONS members. What would make this site more user-friendly for you?

  • What are examples of your extended human capacities? Oct 11, 2010

    Dear frequencytuner,
    In an earlier post you said, "The greatest human capacity we possess is the ability to function as a single unified whole. All we have to do is harmonize with a common vision."
    How can you harmonize or create a common vision if you are critical of others posting in this discussion?
    If someone finds a way of expressing their own extended human capacities utilizing a particular method or instrument, why is that wrong in your mind and is it in anyway helpful or harmonizing to condemn them for their discovery and sharing?
    Your comment, " I am beginning to see that everything here is a very deceptive way to reiterate the same old stuff..." is an unfortunate perception. If this is the 'same old stuff' to you, perhaps you can share your positive insights with others who are just learning about our abilities.

    I really liked your suggestion, "The question should be something like: how close have you been to human being?" One of our long-time members often brings up the question, 'are you a human being or a human doing?' Most of us are so busy doing, we don't have time to 'be' and experience the potentials of our being on this planet at this time.

    At IONS we are constantly conducting experiments to scientifically measure our Extended Human Capacities. Recently, I was invited to participate in an experiment and just the process of participating gave me greater insight into my own abilities and ways in which I might explore expanding those abilities. I'm sure we will be posting results after the experiment is concluded...(but these experiments take a long time).

    Part of the value of sharing our experiences in a discussion like this (and after the teleseminar calls during the Community Discussion time) is to realize we are not strange if we have had an unexplained experience. The sharing can offer strength and further exploration on our part, rather than dismissal and the feeling that our experiences are not valid.

    And thank you for the information you shared about your friend with MS... a family member has MS and I will certainly pass this's important to explore all possible healing options.


  • Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell! Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar! It's been such an honor and pleasure to support the vision you had 38 years ago. IONS is a great place to work and sharing the research and educational materials to help make a difference in the world is a joy! Thank you for all that you've done.
    Angela Murphy

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