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Artwork & Photographs

IONS is deeply grateful to the artists and photographers who donated their work for use on this website.

Steve Uzell and Susan Lambert photographed the IONS campus in November 2009 and generously made their images available for use on the IONS website. Their photographs appear as the banners at the tops of many pages and are prominent in the EarthRise Retreat Center section of the site, where they showcase many beautiful aspects of the retreat center. These images are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Contact information is available on their websites: and

Fariba Bogzaran and the Lucid Art Foundation generously made some of their artwork and photographic images available for use on this website. Paintings and photographs by Fariba Bogzaran and paintings by Gordon Onslow Ford were the source for many of the beautiful banners at the tops of pages on this site. These images are copyrighted, all rights reserved. Contact information is available at the Lucid Art Foundation website, The Lucid Art Foundation also collaborates with IONS on a special program of art exhibits at the EarthRise Retreat Center.

Additional photographs were provided by:

• Judy Loken
• Claudia Holt


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Jason Norris

Special Thanks

Almost everyone on the IONS staff contributed to the development of this website in some way, including working on the content and functionality related to their areas of responsibility at IONS. Special thanks to these IONS staff members who also worked on the production of the site as it was being created:

Jeffrey Kihn
Lindsey King
Jenny Matthews
Graham McLaughlin
Tiffany Mitchell