Spotlight Talks

Spotlight Talks

Noetic researchers, scholars, community leaders and enthusiasts -- both emerging and those established in their fields -- submitted abstracts on their consciousness-based projects. Nine presenters have been chosen from over 50 submissions, and were selected for diversity of topic, age, experience, and for holding perspectives in both personal noetic experience and science. Preference was given to those who have not presented a prior Spotlight Talk.

Many thanks and much gratitude for all who applied and brought forth their noetic consciousness work. (For those not selected for a Spotlight Talk, and others interested in presenting their consciousness work, there are still openings in our posters presentations Friday evening from 6-7:45 pm.)


Following are abstracts of the 10-minute Spotlight Talk presentations that take place in a no-host breakfast room before the morning general sessions, Friday through Sunday.


8:10am - Judith Sullivan & Michele Doucette
Zero Balancing:  Engaging the Fabric of Consciousness through Touch

Judith and Michele will discuss and demonstrate how skilled touch can facilitate an expanded state of awareness by accessing and engaging both the structural and the energy body, the particle and the wave, simultaneously and consciously. Using Zero Balancing (ZB) as their example of a body-mind therapy they employ skilled, conscious touch to elicit a change in self-awareness and consciousness. Using the bones as the “great tuning forks” of the body to harmonize energy flow, they propose that conscious touch enables us to engage a person both locally and non-locally, and that personal growth, health, wellness, resilience, and happiness are facilitated at such a confluence.  They will offer current scientific evidence and theory supporting the role of touch receptors in self-awareness and behavior modification, as well as fun and lively demonstrations and interactive exercises that give participants a body-felt sense of expanded awareness through touch. To learn more about the mission of the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation visit

As an expert practitioner and teacher Judith Sullivan has over 40 years’ experience helping adults, children and infant heal from any painful physical issues.  Combining CranioSacral Therapy, Zero Balancing and Visceral Manipulation, Judith treats the whole mind/body matrix of each individual to correct imbalances and restore optimum homeostasis in the body.

Michele Doucette is a certified Zero Balancing instructor and a doctor of chiropractic. She also has a degree in biochemistry. She is a passionate mystic, grounded in scientific knowledge, who remains open to the endless possibilities of life, learning, love, and healing.

8:30am - Susan Eirich
A Multispecies Perspective

Living with rescued wild animals over their lifetimes, Susan has witnessed paradigm-shifting events that throw new light on their capacities. Teton Totem, a 1,000 lb grizzly, became crippled/ Penelope Smith, a medical intuitive, worked with him telepathically long-distance and his healing began the next day. Five years later he is still healed, and so loving people often cry upon meeting him. An art student naive to the possibility of telepathy was painting Huckleberry, a black bear.  She felt sadness and the thought came, “ I miss my brother.”  But she didn’t have one, and didn’t know that Huckleberry had lost his. Human-centered interests make our frame of reference too small. As we increasingly use the astounding capacity of our brains, reaching to understand the workings of the universe, it is critical that we not lose direct information and perspectives from the natural world.

Susan Eirich- Founder of Earthfire Institute Wildlife Sanctuary and Retreat Center, Dr. Eirich is an inspirational voice for all Life. A licensed psychologist and biologist living with rescued wildlife, she works to bridge scientific and spiritual understandings of wild animals and share the wonder. She has lived and taught around the world.

8:50am - James Redenbaugh
Let’s Design Brighter Futures Together with Digital Intelligence

The coming waves of technological developments could help us to create Heaven on Earth, or it could lead to hell for us and the planet. It’s up to us, today in 2017, to design what it’s going to mean. Many changes have already occurred. We can leverage the tools we now have at our disposal to help steer Spaceship Earth towards brighter futures for all of us.  We can re-imagine our ways of human being to invite greater possibilities and opportunities. We all live in structures of language, meaning, media, and habit; we can re-design these structures with more purpose, connection, passion, and love.

James Redenbaugh, Oakland: Co-founder: Being Design inc, Curator: The Emergence Network, Creator: In The Place Between Us. I see design as a constant process of re-examining, re-inventing, understanding, and creating how we live, see, feel, share, experience, and market for our world together. I live in this question, and help others find new questions for themselves and their businesses.


8:00am - Wendie Colter
Medical Intuition: The Inside Stories

One of the main tenets of energetic medicine is the principle that every manifestation of imbalance, illness or disease has a traumatic event at its root. This event may be obvious, but can also be deeply hidden from conscious awareness, and is often a result of early life experiences. Unresolved trauma energy can manifest in acute or chronic health issues later in life.

Through the use of Medical Intuition, the original traumatic events are brought to conscious awareness.  When these events are examined, people have the opportunity to resolve the root causes underlying their current conditions. This allows their permission levels for health and healing to rise, which creates more opportunities to access and maintain balance. Medical Intuition also gives the practitioner a truly holistic point of view, which can address issues not only affecting the body, but also the essential connections between body, mind and spirit.

Wendie Colter - Certified Medical Intuitive, Master Healer, CEO of The Practical Path. Her accredited program, Medical Intuitive Training, has been pivotal in training healthcare professionals to develop their inherent intuition. She has taught at prominent health centers including Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, Guarneri Integrative Health, ISSSEEM, and ACEP.

8:20 - Mikki Morrissette
Speaking to the Frailty of Human Arrogance

How might we put the universe back into society? Humankind’s unique place is as a thinking structure of cells — yet we live in a cosmos that consists of much more than what our minds measure, observe, analyze, invent, discover and put on a store shelf. Dark energy/dark matter, for example, is a friendly slap of reminder that centuries of science have only given us a glimpse of what the universe consists of. David Bohm, Max Planck, Carlo Rovelli, Robin Wall Kimmerer and founding Humanist minister John Dietrich are some of the guides who help us become stronger storytellers about human limitations in a universe in which all matter is invisibly interconnected and entangled as interaction. In this talk, I’ll discuss how we might reduce man-made fragmentation and human arrogance by sharing with a mainstream audience the science and story that connects us. I invite your insights and participation.

Mikki Morrissette is a long-time journalist and writer/website creator in Minneapolis, where she has raised two kids after an 18-year career in New York City. She is developing and a book of essays about the science and story of what connects us. She moderates an IONS community circle.

8:40 - Matthew J. Zylstra, PhD
Synchronicity as a Meaningful Nature Experience: An Affective Pathway Toward Connectedness

Synchronicity is characterized as the striking and seemingly unlikely concurrence of two or more events that appear inexplicably connected. Synchronicity with non-human nature is often overlooked in literature as being distinctive in itself or the important felt experience of the encounter is bypassed.

This research examined the phenomenology of synchronicity as a meaningful nature experience and found it to provide a numinous sense of insight, flow, knowing, interconnectedness and appreciation of the agency of the species involved in the interaction.  The event may be interpreted as a form of interspecies communication and invite explanations of intentionality and telepathy.

Synchronicity enables a ‘collapsing of boundaries’ between an individual and the world and may powerfully draw one into deeper affective relationship with ‘the other’. The experience invokes awe, wonder and is linked to heightened nature connectedness. This form of synchronicity allows for a re-imagining of our relationship with the animate world.

Matthew Zylstra is a conservation ecologist and enabler with a passion for immersive nature-based learning and integral leadership.  His transdisciplinary PhD (Stellenbosch University) focused on meaningful nature experience in transformative education. Matthew is founder of EarthCollective, research associate with the Sea-Change Project (South Africa) and coordinates (“consciousness for connectedness”).

9:00 - Lou Marincovich, PhD
A scientist’s Out-of-Body Experience

I received a traditional scientific education while earning a PhD in paleontology from the University of Southern California and never gave a thought to anything “paranormal.” However, in the course of 30+ years of remote wilderness fieldwork in Alaska, Siberia and Arctic Canada, I experienced several episodes of enhanced levels of consciousness, most notably an out-of-body experience during a terrifying storm. In a state of detached consciousness, from a vantage point 200 feet overhead, I observed my terrified body quaking in fear on the treeless tundra; I was unable to communicate with it. For several hours I was in what I call the Foyer of Heaven: at peace, enveloped in a profound sense of love, serenity, oneness and knowing. I was at the edge of some unimaginable immensity that was ever-present but just out of my everyday grasp, and somehow I knew I had been part of it my whole life.

Lou Marincovich, PhD, is a paleontologist who has authored more than 100 scientific articles on fossil mollusks of the past 65 million years in the Arctic. His major accomplishments have been determining when Bering Strait first opened, documenting ancient northern climates, and showing that many Arctic mollusks survived the “dinosaur extinction event.”


8:10 - Josephine Laing
A Permission Slip for Psychic Ability

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability, even though most people don't acknowledge it. A sense of inner knowing is a part of being human. We think of someone and minutes later, they call. Many of us know when loved ones are in trouble. We just get a feeling. The good news is that our extended capacities of mind can be awakened and developed.  In this talk Josephine will encourage you to feel comfortable with the idea of developing your own extended capacities of mind. Knowing that different people favor different skills, Josephine will offer practical strategies for awakening and trusting in your own unique perceptions.

For the past three decades, Josephine Laing has served as a clairvoyant healer and spiritual mentor.  She has used her psychic perceptions to help thousands of people from around the world to find relief from hard-to-diagnose and chronic health issues.  She is a highly accomplished psychic ability and intuition trainer.

8:30 - Parker Kennedy
A Personal Account of a Near Death Story

About two years ago, I became very interested in the structure of reality. What do we know about the the cosmos, our minds, and the laws that govern them? Most of my free time was spent watching videos, doing research, and talking to my parents about my findings. For one of my final research papers my senior year, I wrote a paper titled, “Being, Within the Equation” This was referring to the power we hold as an observer, or being, and how that can manipulate or effect certain experiments and reality itself. Then, one year ago, during a track meet, my javelin plunged through my eye and went about half way through my head. Before this event my interests had shifted more into the spiritual side of things but during and after this event my spiritual connection with the world strengthened and I have learned so much since then.

Being raised in a 100-year-old fruit farming family in an amazing hometown has allowed me to establish a great work ethic and have rich, character building, experiences. With that, athletics has been a major part of my life. I am currently a student-athlete at UW. I love people and helping to create a more awakened world.

8:50 - Gary Preuss
Science Morphing with Spirit

If you are intrigued by the magic of spirit, miracles, psychic intuition, and life after death, Gary shares a wealth of evidence that these “woo-woo” phenomena are scientifically real.

The notion that consciousness dies with the brain is tackled in light of contradictory evidence from verifiable out-of-body and near-death experiences. Yet few people converse with loved ones who have passed away. Why? Research has clearly uncovered the reality of psychic phenomena, yet psychics rarely win lottery jackpots. Why? Repeatedly, fewer people board commercial aircraft that crash than is typical for a particular day. Yet most of us do not consciously recognize our intuitive hints to avoid serious misfortune. Why?

Gary weaves personal stories of his psychic and spiritual guidance into a travelogue that is both spiritual and scientifically disciplined. Exploring the real evidence can inspire us to hone our intuitive skills and pay attention to them. Come aboard.

Gary Preuss is an economist, scientist, dachshund lover, and spiritual visionary.  He had a rural childhood, experienced a month of silence as a Jesuit novice, and worked for 30 years analyzing probabilities.  He earned a doctorate in parapsychic science and is fascinated with the links between science and spirituality.


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