14th International IONS Conference

Saturday Evening Activities
8:30pm to 10:00pm

Evening activities do not require pre-registration and are included as part of conference registration. Just pick the activity that appeals to you most and attend. Locations will be available on site at the conference.

Saturday Evening Movie—Wake Up

Wake Up

Wake Up is the real-life story of Jonas Elrod, who is normal in every way until he suddenly starts seeing things—visions and apparitions that come from nowhere, show up anywhere, and challenge his very sanity. Determined to find out what is happening and supported by his loyal but skeptical girlfriend, Mara, Jonas embarks on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Featuring interviews with Roger Nelson, Joan Halifax, and Stephen Schwartz, among others, and a rare peak behind the curtain of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Jonas’ transformation from a state of baffled overwhelm to spiritual liberation is authentic and touching. Elrod will be present for a Q&A.


Sacred Storytelling—Luisah Teish

Luisah Teish

Our ancestors sat beneath the full moon around a fire and explained the sacredness of life, nature, and spirit though the art of storytelling. Their stories provided the guidelines for inner peace, spiritual education, and communal action. In the African Diaspora, myths and stories were housed in the body of cowrie shells, stones, seeds, and bones. When these are cast, the voice of the Divine is heard, and the community contemplates the mystery of creation, applying to contemporary life the wisdom that emerges.


KI and Your Inner Magic—Mickael Drouard

Mickael Drouard

The study of KI (life energy) has a profound impact upon our ability to connect to our highest consciousness. Through simple, fun, and powerful Aîkido exercises, we instantly connect to the power of centeredness and access deep calmness, coordination, confidence, and clarity. Join us for an insightful mind and body experience!


Life Changing Sounds: How Sound, Mind & Matter Converge—Stacey Lawson

Stacey Lawson

Sound vibrations are the building blocks of mind and intelligence, and also of matter. The yogis of ancient India knew how to influence matter with their own minds. To put it simply, mind and matter are synonyms. Today, both quantum physics and yogic science agree that the “observer” is an important factor in the organization of the material world. The mind of the scientist can bend reality. Stacey Lawson will share powerful teachings and sound meditations to invoke a direct experience of the mind-matter connection.


An Evening of Music with Indigie Femme

Indigie Femme

Opening pathways through artistic expressions is at the center of Indigie Femme’s collective musical journey. The Northern Hemisphere from the Navajo Nation and the Southern Hemisphere from Aotearoa (New Zealand) has formed “Indigie Femme.” Song, dance, and the arts bring people together for entertainment, hope, fun, connections, and networking. The messages in Indigie Femme's lyrics take people to their inner voices calling for individual and collective change for the sustenance of humankind living on the earth. Based on community support and involvement we can participate in this shift of consciousness! Join 'Indigie Femme' for a rich evening of song, sharing and story telling!



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