14th International IONS Conference

Wednesday Pre-Conference Institutes
9:30am to 4:30pm

You can register for these whether or not you are attending the main conference. Each one lasts for the entire time period. Note that W4 is free.

W1 Skills for Engaging the Spiritual Dimension in Psychotherapy and Healthcare Settings (CE units available)—David Lukoff, PhD; Richard Miller, PhD; Lee Lipsenthal, MD; Shelley Scammell, PsyD; and Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Richard Miller David Lukoff


Shelley Scammell Lee Lipsenthal


Cassandra Vieten

For most people, spirituality is a fundamental part of the human experience. However, few psychotherapy or healthcare programs include advanced training in how to integrate the spiritual domain into their work. This workshop focuses on concepts, attitudes, and skills that together make up spiritual competencies: taking a spiritual history, understanding the role of spiritual practices in health and wellbeing, differentiating spiritual issues from physical and psychological symptoms, and working with spiritual or religious problems. In this workshop, you will learn what these competencies are, how you can apply them in your setting, and specific ways to appropriately engage the spiritual dimension in your work.


W2 Town Hall Meeting on Transformative Education: Cultivating Capacities for the 21st-Century Student—A gathering facilitated by the IONS Transformational Learning Team

Grounded in decades of research, noetic scientists are translating their findings into transformative learning programs for the 21st century while supporting the work of others in the field. Join us as we assess best practices, promote collaborations, and inspire new ways of inter-relating that celebrate the meeting of consciousness, science, and education in promoting whole-person education.


W3 Back to the Future: Evidence and Implications of Precognition—Daryl Bem, PhD; Dean Radin, PhD; and Jonathan Schooler, PhD

Dean Radin Daryl Bem


Jonathan Schooler

Are our thoughts, actions, and behaviors influenced by future events? Accumulating scientific evidence suggests that the answer is “yes.” This workshop will explore the nature of this evidence, what it might mean for our understanding of consciousness and our personal decisions, and if it is possible to learn how to become more sensitive to future events.


W4 Engaging the Noetic Community through The Worldview Literacy Project™—Free Pre-Conference Institute


The IONS Member Council invites all conference attendees to a free workshop. This experiential day will offer participants an opportunity to engage in IONS’ transformative learning programs, focusing on The Worldview Literacy Project. This curriculum is for people of all ages and is built upon the Institute’s 40 years of research into consciousness and worldview transformation. The day will explore how who we are shapes what we know and how we can examine and exchange our unique perspectives in ways that allow us to become more deeply connected to ourselves, the world, and each other.


W5 The Power of Integral Transformative Practice—Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins Pam Kramer

Each of us has an infinite capacity for creative evolution. An effective path to our latent powers lies in a long-term practice that cultivates all dimensions of our being: body, mind, heart, and soul. Drawn from ancient wisdom and developed by human potential pioneers Michael Murphy and George Leonard, Integral Transformative Practice® (ITP) invites us to open to the further reaches of our potential with simple, well-researched techniques that have been shown to produce complex and creative results.


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