14th International IONS Conference

W5 The Power of Integral Transformative Practice—Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins

Each of us has an infinite capacity for creative evolution. An effective path to our latent powers lies in a long-term practice that cultivates all dimensions of our being: body, mind, heart, and soul. Drawn from ancient wisdom and developed by human potential pioneers Michael Murphy and George Leonard, Integral Transformative Practice® (ITP) invites us to open to the further reaches of our potential with simple, well-researched techniques that have been shown to produce complex and creative results.

Pam Kramer

Pam Kramer is a senior ITP teacher and president of ITP International. A student of George Leonard and Michael Murphy, she presents ITP workshops at Esalen Institute and other venues in the United States and abroad. She is a performance consultant, career advisor, and executive coach specializing in helping people realize their potential.


Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins is a leading ITP teacher and vice-president of ITP International. A student of George Leonard and Michael Murphy, he is co-founder of the first and longest-running ITP group. A nationally-ranked athlete with a 30-year background in yoga, Barry is a frequent workshop presenter at Esalen Institute and at other venues around the country.


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