14th International IONS Conference

B3 Collective Intelligence: The Inside Story—Mickael Drouard and Saleem Ebrahim

Collective Intelligence can be defined as “the capacity for a group of individuals to envision a future and to reach it in complex situations.” This capacity requires internal fine-tuning and deep connection to our inner architecture, posture, and parts. In this presentation, Drouard and Ebrahim will offer tools to empower our consciousness to be a powerful mirror of our individual strengths and the collective soul.

Mickael Drouard

Mickael Drouard is a seminar facilitator, participative management trainer, and a pioneer in developing collective intelligence in organizations. After working in human resources and management consulting in Europe and China, he co-founded Awareness Consulting, a consultancy firm in Brussels dedicated to managing change toward a meaningful and sustainable future.


Saleem Ebrahim

Saleem Ebrahim is a certified NVC (nonviolent communication) trainer from Paris. He has worked in corporate settings for over 20 years, facilitating executive seminars using NVC, Aïkido, and IFS (Internal Family Systems). Ebrahim is also president of the board of the Institute of Non-Violent Communication India, which he co-founded in 2008.


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