14th International IONS Conference

Friday and Saturday Breakout Sessions
3:00pm to 5:00pm

All of our Breakout Sessions take place twice—once on Friday and once on Saturday. Please pick two breakout sessions for your registration. If your first choice is full on Friday, you can try Saturday as well!

B1 Use Your Mind to Change Your Brain: Tools for Cultivating Happiness, Love, and Wisdom—Rick Hanson, PhD, and Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Cassandra Vieten Rick Hanson

Join IONS Director of Research, Cassandra Vieten, and Rick Hanson, author of the bestselling Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom, to learn tools for well-being, grounded in cutting-edge science and the wisdom of the world’s contemplative traditions.


B2 Quantum Mind-Matter Interaction—Daryl Bem, PhD; Dean Radin, PhD; and Jonathan Schooler, PhD

Dean Radin Daryl Bem


Jonathan Schooler

The “quantum measurement problem” refers to the well-accepted fact that an observed quantum object behaves differently than an unobserved quantum object. There are various interpretations of “observed” in this context, but one strong possibility is that it involves conscious awareness. Hundreds of experiments conducted over the past half-century have tested whether this idea is correct. The cumulative evidence suggests that it is.


B3 Collective Intelligence: The Inside Story—Mickael Drouard and Saleem Ebrahim

Saleem Ebrahim Mickael Drouard

Collective Intelligence can be defined as “the capacity for a group of individuals to envision a future and to reach it in complex situations.” This capacity requires internal fine-tuning and deep connection to our inner architecture, posture, and parts. In this presentation, Drouard and Ebrahim will offer tools to empower our consciousness to be a powerful mirror of our individual strengths and the collective soul.


B4 Transformative Media’s Next Evolution—Sandra de Castro Buffington, MPH; Dana Klisanin, PhD; Ed Lantz, and Kate McCallum (A panel moderated by Matthew Gilbert)

Dana Klisanin Sandra de Castro Buffington


Kate McCallum Ed Lantz


Matthew Gilbert

Join these pioneering creatives as they discuss trends in media’s social impact, strategies for education and dissemination, and development/promotion of next-generation “entertainment that matters.” You’ll learn about the emergence of new immersive technologies, a global futures think tank that recognizes the power of media to change people’s lives, and the enduring value of effective storytelling.


B5 Wisdom and Optimal Aging—Carolyn Aldwin and Rick Levenson

Rick Levenson Carolyn Aldwin

The greatest demographic challenge facing the world in the next 50 years is the “silver tsunami”—the huge projected increase in the number of seniors worldwide. Learn how optimal aging, including physical, cognitive, psychological, and social health—along with wisdom—can be harnessed to help individuals and societies face this problem.


B6 Revisiting Slavery’s Legacy: What Would Healing Look Like?—Belvie Rooks, Thomas Norman DeWolf and Dan Booth Cohen, PhD

Thomas Norman DeWolf Belvie Rooks


Dan Booth Cohen

Thomas Norman DeWolf was astounded to discover that he was descended from the most powerful slave-trading family in US history. When Senator James DeWolf of Rhode Island died, he was reportedly the second richest man in America. Belvie Rooks stood in an Elmina slave dungeon in Ghana, trying to imagine what reaching the “door of no return” must have felt like for an enslaved African ancestor. This session will include Dr. Dan Booth Cohen leading an experiential Systemic Family Constellation exercise. This will encourage participants to perceive the morphogenetic resonance with victim and perpetrator energies that reside in their family of origin and, by extension, themselves. Acknowledging the depths of the trans-generational wounds we all carry allows for deeper dialogue and the possibility healing and of reconciliation. Dr. Cohen is author of I Carry Your Heart in My Heart.


B7 Noetic Learning: An Introduction to The Worldview Literacy Project™—Worldview Literacy Team

Please join us for a dynamic and experiential introduction to The Worldview Literacy Project. You will receive an overview of the project, engage in a multi-generational activity that will capture the essence of project-based learning, and receive tools you can use to facilitate a dialogue with your family, your community, or your students.


B8 Lucid Art: A Vehicle to Explore the Mind—Fariba Bogzaran, PhD

Fariba Bogzaran

Consciousness research in meditation, lucid dreaming, and art led to the discovery of Lucid Art—an approach to art as an important visual methodology for exploring the mind. Vice versa, exploring the mind through dreaming and contemplative practices can offer creative inspiration. In this presentation, Bogzaran explains the history and background of this research and offers practical tools—through automatism and sonic entrainment—to creatively enter into the Lucid and Creative Mind, both while awake and while dreaming.


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