14th International IONS Conference

Robert Thomas Browning

Robert Thomas Browning

Robert Thomas Browning is program director for HeartMath Health Care. He has lead heart-based education developments at Duke University, UCLA, the Mayo Clinic, and Stanford University Hospital. Browning’s presentations on the power of the heart in collaboration with Jean Watson, PhD, draw out the essence of heart-centered care. He graduated from UCLA, magna cum laude.


Presentation by Robert Thomas Browning

Thursday Pre-Conference Institute:

T8 (formerly W6) Caring Science/Heart Science: Methods and Healing Modalities for Self/System

This pre-conference institute will integrate the latest work in Caring Science/theory/philosophy, featuring the science of the heart and methodologies and modalities for restoring love and opening the heart to deep human-to-human caring. Healing techniques will be introduced and experienced for self-caring and heart-centered living.

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