14th International IONS Conference

Rick Levenson, PhD

Rick Levenson

Rick Levenson, PhD, is an associate professor of Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University. He received his PhD in personality and social psychology from the University of California, Irvine. His recent work has been devoted to a long-standing interest in higher levels of adult development. Levenson has spent the last 40 years studying and practicing contemplative psychologies with a personal commitment to Sufism and Buddhism, and the last 10 years heading a wisdom research project at UC Davis and Oregon State University. His most recent research focuses on adult development among contemplative nuns, both Christian and Buddhist. He has more than 50 publications.


Presentations by Rick Levenson

Friday/Saturday Breakout Sessions:

B5 Wisdom and Optimal Aging

The greatest demographic challenge facing the world in the next 50 years is the “silver tsunami”—the huge projected increase in the number of seniors worldwide. Learn how optimal aging, including physical, cognitive, psychological, and social health—along with wisdom—can be harnessed to help individuals and societies face this problem.

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