14th International IONS Conference

Jane Hughes Gignoux

Jane Hughes Gignoux

Jane Hughes Gignoux, a native New Yorker, is the author of Some Folk Say: Stories of Life, Death, and Beyond, a collection of stories, myths and poems from cultures around the world and throughout time, with commentary and original color illustrations. She gives workshops, "Embracing Life, Death and Beyond," and "Visions and Stories for the Afterlife: Remapping the Journey," based on the material in her book for those interested in exploring end-of-life issues. Gignoux has a private practice in Stress Management counseling and since 1987 has been a volunteer play therapist with the HIV pediatric patients at Harlem Hospital. Learn more at her website, lifedeathbeyond.com.


Presentations by Jane Hughes Gignoux

Morning Practices


Learn Tslagi, a Cherokee practice of alignment and balance. This simple set of movements is repeated in each of the four directions. Each round deepens the practice, taking the practitioner into an ever quieter and more appreciative space.


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