14th International IONS Conference

Indigie Femme

Indigie Femme

Indigie Femme, the dynamic folk duo, lavishes a compelling twist of world beats by tapping into their matrilineal indigenous roots. Their magical weavings of Navajo and Maori/Samoan cultures, magnified by their powerful voices, combines thought-provoking, uplifting traditional and original compositions. Enjoy the magnificent and mystical experience from these 2010 NAMMY & CAMA music award nominees, Indigie Femme! Learn more at their website: indigiefemme.com.


Performances by Indigie Femme

Saturday Morning Plenary:

Music by Indigie Femme

This dynamic folk duo plays as part of the Saturday Morning Plenary Sessions.

Saturday Evening Activity:

An Evening of Music with Indigie Femme

Opening pathways through artistic expressions is at the center of Indigie Femme’s collective musical journey. The Northern Hemisphere from the Navajo Nation and the Southern Hemisphere from Aotearoa (New Zealand) has formed “Indigie Femme.” Song, dance, and the arts bring people together for entertainment, hope, fun, connections, and networking. The messages in Indigie Femme's lyrics take people to their inner voices calling for individual and collective change for the sustenance of humankind living on the earth. Based on community support and involvement we can participate in this shift of consciousness! Join 'Indigie Femme' for a rich evening of song, sharing and story telling!


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