14th International IONS Conference

Ed Lantz

Ed Lantz

Ed Lantz is CEO and co-founder of Vortex Immersion Media, Inc., an entertainment technology company developing large-scale immersive and interactive experiences. He is also an interfaith minister who believes that music, art, and storytelling are powerful transformative modalities that have the potential to awaken and guide our evolution of consciousness.


Presentations by Ed Lantz

Friday/Saturday Breakout Sessions:

B4 Transformative Media’s Next Evolution

Join this group of pioneering creatives as they discuss trends in media’s social impact, strategies for education and dissemination, and development/promotion of next-generation “entertainment that matters.” You’ll learn about the emergence of new immersive technologies, a global futures think tank that recognizes the power of media to change people’s lives, and the enduring value of effective storytelling.

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