Personal Retreat at EarthRise

Personal Retreat at EarthRise

Following ​the ​conference, ​IONS ​is ​offering ​attendees a ​one-time ​opportunity ​for ​a ​personal ​retreat ​at ​EarthRise, ​our ​beautiful ​194-acre ​transformational ​retreat ​center ​just ​one ​hour ​from ​Oakland ​and ​San ​Francisco!

​Your ​personal ​retreat ​is ​an ​opportunity ​to reflect and ​integrate ​while ​you ​stroll ​the ​paths, ​walk ​the ​labyrinth, ​relax ​in ​the ​hot ​tub, ​hike ​the ​rolling ​hills, ​and ​take ​in ​the ​beauty ​of ​nature.Learn more about EarthRise!

Your Retreat

This ​offer ​is ​for ​​the ​​night ​​of ​​Sunday, ​​July ​​23, ​and ​includes ​one ​room ​in ​our ​chalet ​(single ​or ​double ​occupancy) ​for ​$150.00. ​ ​The ​price ​includes ​dinner ​and ​breakfast ​for ​one ​person. ​You ​may ​add ​meals ​for ​a ​second ​person ​for ​$40.



Optional ​one-way ​shuttle ​transportation ​is ​available ​from ​the ​conference ​location ​to ​EarthRise ​after ​the ​conference ​ends ​(around ​4:30 ​p.m. ​on ​Sunday). ​Cost ​is ​$40 ​per ​person. ​Please ​note ​that ​you ​are ​responsible ​for ​arranging ​your ​own ​transportation ​after ​your ​stay ​at ​EarthRise. ​

Zero Balancing Workshop

Embody ​the ​IONS ​Conference ​experience ​further ​through ​Zero ​Balancing.

As ​part ​of ​your ​personal ​retreat, ​you ​may ​opt ​to ​sign ​up ​for ​an ​introduction ​to ​the ​Zero ​Balancing ​Program, ​which ​is ​geared ​toward ​the ​concept ​that ​skilled ​touch ​engages ​consciousness ​and ​is ​a ​powerful ​tool ​for ​integration. ​ ​This ​optional ​program ​begins ​after ​dinner ​on ​Sunday. ​ ​On ​Monday, ​the ​program ​resumes ​after ​breakfast ​with ​guided ​meditation ​and ​a ​sharing ​circle ​in ​which ​we ​can ​further ​our ​noetic ​realizations ​in ​an ​empowered, ​supportive, ​and ​intimate ​environment.

Attendees ​will ​learn ​the ​principles ​of ​Zero ​Balancing ​and ​simple ​fulcrums ​designed ​to ​share ​new ​ways ​of ​connecting ​to ​friends, ​partners, ​or ​children ​through ​skilled ​conscious ​touch. Program ​fee ​for ​the ​Zero ​Balancing ​workshop: ​$170.00 ​per ​person ​(includes ​lunch ​on ​Monday). ​ ​The ​workshop ​takes ​place ​Sunday ​7:00 ​– ​9:00 ​p.m. ​and ​Monday ​9:00 ​– ​5:00 ​p.m. ​Workshop ​attendance ​is ​worth ​6 ​CEU’s, ​available ​for ​many ​healthcare ​professionals. ​ ​For ​more ​information ​on ​Zero ​Balancing, ​please ​go ​to: ​ ​


​​Sunday night, ​​July ​​23.


  • Room ​(single ​or ​double ​occupancy), dinner and breakfast for 1 person: ​$150
  • 2nd ​person dinner and breakfast​(if ​double ​occupancy): ​$40 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Optional ​items:

  • Shuttle ​from ​the ​conference: ​$40 ​per ​person
  • Zero ​Balancing ​workshop, including Monday lunch: ​$170 ​per ​person


Your personal retreat is independent from the conference, and requires separate registration.

First ​come, ​first ​served, ​as ​there ​is ​limited ​availability.

If you have questions regarding the personal retreat, please contact:

Holly Wright
Event Coordinator, EarthRise Retreat Center
(707) 779-8205
[email protected]



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